100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Royce Gracie - 89.6
2. Jason DeLucia - 89.4
3. Ken Shamrock - 86.4
4. Trent Jenkins - 84.4
5. Kevin Rosier - 84.3
6. Pat Smith - 84.3
7. Zane Frazier - 83.0
8. Gerard Gordeau - 82.9
9. Teila Tuli - 64.0
10. Art Jimmerson - 61.5
UFC 1: The Beginning
Location: Denver, Colorado
Elevation: 5,410'
-Fight of the Night-
Jason DeLucia vs. Trent Jenkins
Fighters & Matches 80.5
Top 10 Fighters 81.0
TOTAL 80.8
(Head Kick)
     The first UFC fight ever, and it was over in just a few seconds... Quite possibly the most boring quick fight I've ever seen... The fight starts with Teila Tuli charging at Gerard Gordeau sumo style, then he falls down on his ass due to lack of balance... With a quick kick to the eye by Gordeau, Tuli started bleeding, and they stopped the fight... G.G. moves onto the next round of the tournament...
      This fight started off with both guys sort of brawling with each other... But it eventually slowed down after about a minute, since neither fighter was really in shape at all... Zane Frazier had my vote during the match, but eventually Kevin Rosier knocked him to the ground, and stepped on his head a few times, until Zane's corner threw in the towel... Pretty lackluster match for the most part...
(Smother Choke)
      Art Jimmerson talked some shit about how he's so fast that Royce won't even be able to see him, let alone pull off any sort of offense... Well, Art Jimmerson's only moves, were the ones he used to dance around in a circle, while Royce just stood there staring at him like he was stupid... Eventually, Royce broke out a nice wrestling takedown, and kept him stuck to the mat for a minute or so... Jimmerson eventually tapped, I GUESS because he couldn't get back up? I don't think there were actually any submission moves in place, Jimmerson just didn't feel comfortable laying on the ground apparently...
(Heel Hook)
      This was the best match so far... The match starts with Ken Shamrock slamming Pat Smith to the mat, with a wrestling style slam... Once they were on the ground, it looked like Smith might be able to pull off some sort of Jiu Jitsu defensive submission move (like a triangle choke maybe?) but eventually Shamrock grabbed ahold of Smith's leg, and made him tap by locking on some sort of ankle lock... Pat Smith didn't stand a chance...
(Corner Stoppage)
      Gerard Gordeau finally gets a chance to show off some of his skills, by beating the living shit out of Kevin Rosier... One good hook shot from Gordeau knocked Rosier to the ground, and then Gordeau pretty much had control from that point on... He stood back for a few seconds, and he took his time picking his shots, and ended the fight with a stomp to the kidney of Rosier... (Rosier's corner threw in the towel)... If I'm not mistaken, Gordeau fought this match with a broken hand as well... That's mighty swell if you ask me... (no pun intended)
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The match started with Gracie going straight for the legs of Shamrock, and he took him down... Shamrock displayed some great wrestling skills, and he held his own throughout the majority of the fight, but Gracie held on like a fuckin' pitbull... The match ended after a very physical grappling session, with Gracie choking out Shamrock... The referee didn't see Shamrock tap at first, and was going to let the fight continue, but Shamrock admit that he tapped, so he lost the match... You have to give him credit for being honest, as well as being one of the best fighters in this tournament...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      I've been looking for this fight for (literally) over two decades, and finally I found a copy of it a few minutes ago, and was able to watch DeLucia throw side kicks at Jenkins, until he was able to get close enough to wrap his arms around the waist of Jenkins, where he was able to trip/takedown Jenkins, DeLucia immediately got on his back, locked on the rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission. The crowd didn't like the stoppage at all, because they apparently didn't understand what a rear-naked choke was yet, but yeah, really nice debut for Jason DeLucia.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This match ended the same way the last one did, but with a lot less struggle from Gordeau... Gracie took him down with the quickness, and he made him tap with another choke, that looked surprisingly similar to the one that he used on Ken Shamrock in the previous fight... Gordeau didn't really stand a chance in this one, and Gracie became the first ever, Ultimate Fighting Champion...