100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Glover Teixeira - 95.1
2. Cain Velasquez - 93.9
3. Jamie Varner - 93.7
4. Mike Thomas Brown - 93.0
5. Stefan Struve - 92.7
6. Junior dos Santos - 92.6
7. Dan Hardy - 92.2
8. Stipe Miocic - 91.9
9. Daniel Pineda - 91.6
10. C.B. Dollaway - 91.5
UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Jamie Varner vs. Edson Barboza
Fighters & Matches 91.0
Top 10 Fighters 92.8
TOTAL 91.9
     Mike Brown is a badass, why was this fight on an undercard? I know all the main fights on this card had to be heavyweight fights, but Mike Brown is nuts. He reminds me of Sean Sherk in his prime. Daniel Pineda I'm not as familiar with, but he put up a hell of a fight. The fight went all 3 rounds, with Mike Brown dominating the wrestling, the standup striking was close, but I gave the first two rounds to Brown. The third round would have gone to Brown, but Pineda transitioned to get on Brown's back with a body triangle, and he finished the fight riding it out there until the decision. Mike Brown wins via decision, which I agree with, but Pineda was impressive as well! Good fight!
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      I don't want to blow this out of proportion, since his opponent was Kyle Kingsbury, but GLOVER TEIXEIRA IS BADASS!!! And I was excited to see that he has some connection to Chuck Liddell, I would love to see one of Chuck's guys make an honest run for the title. With that being said, Glover Teixeira's boxing looked excellent, as he beat the shit out of Kingsbury on the feet, when the fight went to the ground, Teixeira completely controlled him and mounted him with ease, and once they were on the ground, Teixeira locked on an arm-triangle choke for the quick submission victory. Very exciting fight!
(Triangle Armbar)
      This was kind of a pointless fight, but I have to give Sass credit for the submission of the night, GREAT triangle armbar! So yeah, 2 guys I couldn't really care less, I was glad to see that it had a quick ending! Good show guys!
(Punch & Elbows)
      There we go! Good start to the fights featured on FX, with Dan Hardy "banging" Ludwig in the head with a huge left hook, basically knocking him out at the end of the first round. The first half of the round, even though Hardy was more aggressive, I was leaning towards Luwdig for looking like his striking was sharper, but I was pulling for Hardy to win this fight, and that's exactly what he did, so we're starting off this card with a bang!
      Fuck, I really don't like C.B. Dollaway. I was pushing for Miller HARDCORE in this fight, and he almost knocked out Dollaway a couple of times, but it looked like Miller's knee was jacked, and he wasn't able to defend very well against Dollaway's defensive wrestling, so in the end, Dollaway held Miller down on the ground for the majority of the fight, and kind of kicked his ass, but Dollaways' strikes (both standing & on the ground) looked pretty weak. Miller looked solid! He just, needs to learn to defend the takedown. Dollaway wins via unanimous decision.
      Edson Barbosa still has some of the best leg kicks I've ever seen, and he was DESTROYING Varner's leg with those kicks, but he had no answer for Varner's wrestling, and Varner was able to box his way into a takedown, and once they hit the ground, Varner pinned Barbosa on the ground and hammer fisted his way to a pretty badass TKO victory over a previously undefeated fighter. Jamie Varner is back!
      Diego Brandao started this fight off in the first round by BLASTING away at Elkins, and pretty much kicked his ass the entire first round. If this fight would have happened in Japan, Brandao probably would have won the fight based on that first round's performance. Elkins spent the 2nd & 3rd rounds basically taking Brandao to the ground, controlling him there, and fluttering a few strikes Brandao's way here & there. In the end, Elkins clearly won 2 of the rounds, but I still thought Brandao was the "cooler" fighter, ha... Not really looking forward to seeing Elkins fight again, Brandao on the other hand is always exciting.
      This was a pretty great fight, in that "one minute of badass action, and then the end" sort of way. Lavar Johnson started the fight with a great punch to the head, and a HUGE punch to the body of Struve. After that, Struve pulled guard, Johnson went down immediately, and Struve then locked on a slick armbar from his guard, forcing Johnson to submit before they even really laid out flat. Struve is a hell of a submission fighter, and Lavar Johnson is still fun to watch, but clearly had no answers for Struve's ground game.
      This was a pretty cool fight. Before it started, I didn't really have a preference, but I picked Stipe Miocic after watching their interviews, and lucky for me, Miocic wins! I was a bit worried after the first round, since Shane Del Rosario was throwing some HEAVY kicks to Miocic's body, and I thought maybe he'd be able to put him away, but he never really followed it up with anything worthwhile. The second round started with Miocic taking the fight to the ground, and after beating up Del Rosario for a while down there, he ended up landing a series of INSANELY HEAVY looking elbows, that cut Del Rosario's face all to hell. Miocic wins via TKO in the second round! Good show by both fighters, mostly Miocic though.
      Eh, what can I say? Roy Nelson punched the much taller Herman in the face, and Herman fell down on his ass, and the fight was stopped. Good fight by Roy Nelson I guess? I mean, clearly he deserved to win the fight, but it MIGHT have been a bit early on the stoppage by the referee. Still, fun fight I guess, primarily because of the positive personality of "Big Country" Roy Nelson. I wouldn't exactly consider this a big step up the heavyweight ladder or anything though.
      This was a pretty badass fight, but it reminded me of some of the lopsided fights from the old school PRIDE days. Silva threw a kick, Velasquez threw his big ass on the ground, and then hit him in the face with elbows & punches for 3+ minutes until eventually the referee was forced to stop the fight. It's been a LONG time since I've seen this much blood spilled in a fight, it was like Silva was a 264 pound can of Tomato Soup, just pouring all over the center of the octagon. Crazy stuff, it definitely looks like Velasquez is ready for another title shot though. Now it's time for the big show though, with the Heavyweight Title Fight between Mir & Dos Santos up next! Winner takes on Velasquez? Maybe?
      I'm disappointed, as usual, because I wanted so badly for Frank Mir to step up to the occassion, but he came into this fight looking in pretty rough shape. He did a decent job at the start of the fight, with a neat little (sloppy) leglock attempt, but after that failed, he pretty much gave up early. He almost got knocked out several times at the end of the first round, and he officially got knocked out (well, TKO) a little passed the halfway mark of the second round. Junior Dos Santos is legit, but I'm personally not a fan of the current lineup in the UFC Heavyweight Division. I really miss the old PRIDE days. I guess I just need to get with the times eh?