100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Justin Buchholz - 91.7
2. Forrest Griffin - 91.6
3. Melvin Guillard - 91.5
4. Josh Koscheck - 91.1
5. Gabriel Gonzaga - 90.9
6. Cole Miller - 90.6
7. Quinton Jackson - 90.6
8. Corey Hill - 90.3
9. Joe Stevenson - 90.1
10. Chris Lytle - 90.1
UFC 86: Jackson vs. Griffin
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Forrest Griffin vs. Quinton Jackson
Fighters & Matches 89.5
Top 10 Fighters 90.9
TOTAL 90.2
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Corey Hill pretty much destroyed Justin Buchholz during the first round of the fight, throwing huge punches, knees, kicks, etc... Every time Justin would throw some sort of offense at Hill, Corey would just punish him even more with counters. The only real offense Buchholz had in the first round, was when he pulled guard, but then he just used it as more defense.
      The second round was sort of more of the same, until Buchholz started to get the upperhand with some inside striking, so Hill took him to the ground and got half guard, and Buchholz was able to pull off the fastest transition to a rear-naked choke that I've ever seen. Amazing finish to an otherwise really solid fight.
      This fight was awesome, and I'm glad they showed it on the PPV... Melvin Guillard came out instantly at the start of the fight, and unleashed some FAST punch combinations, almost knocking out Siver, but Siver was able to recover, sort of... As soon as Siver stood back up, Guillard did it again, and he continued to beat the shit out of Siver's face until the referee was forced to stop the fight in 36 seconds... GREAT action, FAST fight, just the way I like it... Melvin Guillard is the shit...
(Triangle Choke)
      Jorge Gurgel's fights always go to decision, so I was expecting this fight to be somewhat long & drawn out, and it was. On the upside, after 3 rounds of kicking each other's asses with lots of back & forth action (Gurgel probably being ahead on the score cards), Gurgel made a mistake while trying to pass Miller's guard, and Cole Miller locked on a triangle choke, forcing Gurgel (BJJ Black Belt) to submit with around 12 seconds left in the fight. Good exciting ending, to what otherwise, was a pretty decent fight.
      This fight was ok, but pretty predictable... They both started out standing with each other, and McCully looked like he had "OK" striking skills, but Gonzaga threw a huge leg kick knocking McCully to the ground, Gonzaga jumped on with him the full mount, beat the shit out of his face with some HEAVY hammerfists, and then forced the submission via the key lock, almost breaking McCully's arm off at the elbow... Gonzaga is a beast, but McCully has no business fighting in the UFC, so really, did this fight mean anything at all?
      This fight was kind of boring, which sort of sucks, since Tyson Griffin generally has fight of the night quality performances... This fight basically consisted of a lot of walking around in circles, Griffin showed some solid boxing skills, and took Aurelio to the ground a couple of times, Aurelio had a decent guard... In the end, the fight went all 3 rounds, and Tyson Griffin wins by unanimous decision...
      OH MAN... This might have been the first fight that I've seen, that actually made me stand up screaming "Stop the fight! Lytle's face is going to die!!!" Chris Lytle's face was a bloody mess from Koscheck's evil ground & pound... The first round was pretty close, I almost gave it to Lytle for doing a great job boxing, but Koscheck finished the round by taking Lytle to the ground, and beat him up a little bit there... Close round... The last 2 rounds though, were 100% Koscheck, taking Lytle to the ground, and brutally beating him into a bloody pulp... It sucks that Lytle lost, because he's an awesome guy, but Koscheck was clearly the better fighter... Koscheck wins by unanimous decision...
(Guillotine Choke)
      YEAH! Joe Stevenson is my boy! The first round looked pretty bad for Joe, with Tibau taking him to the ground, dominating him with superior wrestling skills, and then finishing the entire last half of the round with the tightest omoplata that I've ever seen... The second round looked like more of the same, with Tibau dominating the ground game, but Stevenson caught one of Tibau's takedowns with a perfect guillotine choke, forcing Tibau to submit almost instantly... Good fight, and GREAT comeback by Joe Stevenson in the second round...
      This was a pretty good, but weird fight... I've had HUGE expectations for Ricardo Almeida ever since he came back to the UFC, and up until now, he hasn't let me down... (But then again, I think he's only had one other fight so far?) Ha... The point is, Ricardo Almeida displayed BRILLIANT Jiu-Jitsu skills during the first round, schooling Cote the entire round... I thought that would be the plan for the rest of the fight, but Almeida ran out of gas way too early... Cote spent the final 2 rounds picking away at Almeida on the feet, while Almeida kept moving backwards... I planned on giving the fight to Cote because of this, but at the end of the third round, Almeida executed a nice takedown, and put up a bit of a fight there at the end... So, it was a very close fight, I wanted Almeida to win, it could have been a draw, but the judges gave the fight to Cote via split-decision... I'm ok with that decision...
      This was a really good fight, with lots of up & down action, and it left me with some raw feelings in the pit of my stomach... NOT LIKE THAT YOU DOUCHE... What I mean is, before the fight took place, I was telling people that Forrest Griffin would win... I thought he'd be able to somehow pull through & take out Rampage... All of the "experts" gave the fight to Rampage pretty easily... Well, I was right & they were wrong, kind of...
      Quinton "Rampage" Jackson started off strong in the first round, showing that his punching power is second to none, almost knocking out Griffin during a couple of exchanges, and I have to admit that I got pretty nervous, because I wanted Forrest to win... The second round started up, and Griffin landed some HARD kicks to the left (front) knee of Jackson, obviously causing his legs to buckle, almost forcing Rampage to collapse to the ground, at which point it was obvious Rampage had some sort of knee injury, and Griffin moved in on it, taking Jackson to the ground, and then finishing the round on top pounding away at Rampage...
      The third, fourth & fifth rounds were all kind of a blur to me, all I know is that by the end of the fight, I was glad it went to decision, because this was one of the few fights where I really liked both fighters, and i didn't want to see either guy lose... In the end, it could have been called a draw, Rampage COULD have maybe won the fight, it was close, but I ended up giving the fight slightly to Forrest Griffin, and the judges agreed with me, leaving us with a NEW Light-Heavyweight Champion of the WOOOOORLD! Forrest Griffin...