100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Michael Bisping - 93.6
2. Beneil Dariush - 93.4
3. Max Holloway - 93.4
4. Jessica Andrade - 93.2
5. Dustin Poirier - 93.0
6. Marco Polo Reyes - 92.7
7. Dan Henderson - 92.0
8. Alex Caceres - 91.7
9. Brian Ortega - 91.4
10. Dominick Cruz - 91.3
UFC 199: Rockhold vs. Bisping
Location: Inglewood, California
Elevation: 1,309'
-Fight of the Night-
Max Holloway vs. Ricardo Lamas
Fighters & Matches 90.7
Top 10 Fighters 92.6
TOTAL 91.7
     Yeah! That first round was crazy, with Reyes connecting a LOT with some crisp boxing, he got rocked by some shots from Kim, Reyes then rocked Kim, and nearly finished him, as Kim looked like he was basically out on his feet, and Reyes pretty much mauled him with strikes, and then knocked him down, beat him up on the ground for a while, and then they stood back up, rocked each other some more, they clinched, and then Kim secured a takedown, but Reyes got right back up. That was a really wild round, and you could make an argument for either fighter, but I really feel like Reyes got closer to finishing Kim, so I scored the first round for Reyes.
     The second round was another round of wild brawling, with both guys teeing off on each other, connecting with almost everything thrown, with both guys showing terrible striking defense, but strong chins. Kim nearly knocked out Reyes in the first half of the second round, but instead of finishing, he allowed Reyes to clinch, and then Reyes landed some heavy knees to the body of Kim. Kim got REALLY close to finishing Reyes, but Reyes came back with some heavy punches of his own, he rocked Kim, and then Kim took him down, but Reyes got right back up again. Reyes continued to punch Kim in the face with brutal combinations, Kim clinched, tried to take Reyes down, but they were both exhausted, and Kim just fell flat on his face, with Reyes on top of him. I have no idea how to score this fight, but I'm leaning toward a 20-18 scorecard for Reyes, going into the final round.
     The final round started with both guys throwing punches, both guys looked like their skulls were going to explode at any moment, and after a minute or so, Reyes dropped Kim with a massive right hand, he dropped a couple more punches, and the fight was stopped as Kim was clearly finished. The rest of this card is going to be hard pressed to find a crazier fight than this one. Awesome performance by both fighters, especially Polo Reyes, this dude is fucking nuts.
      Casey threw a lot of leg kicks, and some decent punches, before shooting for a power double leg, drilling Mutapcic into the ground. Casey threw some hard punches to the body of Mutapcic from half mount. Casey moved to side control, there was a wild scramble, Casey tried to take his back, but they stood back up, and Mutapcic threw a flying knee, which Casey shrugged off. Round one goes to Casey.
     The second round started, Mutapcic clearly wanted to keep it standing, but Casey blasted him with another hard leg kick, followed by a big punch to the chin. They continued to trade strikes at a moderate pace, until Casey shot for another takedown. Mutapcic stood right back up, threw another flying knee, they threw some strikes from the clinch, and then Casey took him down again, this time landing in full mount. Mutapcic tried to kick out of that bad position, but Casey's base was too strong, and he blasted Mutapcic with some heavy elbows. Mutapcic used the cage to kick out, getting back to his feet where he started throwing wild strikes, but Casey got him back under control in the clinch. Mutapcic threw some heavy knees to the body of Casey, and won back some points there at the end of the round, but I still have Casey ahead 2-0 going into the final round. It's hard to come back from being mounted for 3+ minutes to steal a round.
     The final round was a shit show, with Casey clearly gassed (as usual), and Mutapcic was landing some decent shots, but he refused to go in for the kill, when Casey was clearly just waiting for hte round to end. Casey shot for a wild takedown at the end of the round, but was too tired to finish it, so Mutapcic mounted him. That moment MIGHT have turned that into a 10-8 round for Mutapcic, but I don't know. Or maybe the second round was a draw? Either way, the fight went to a decision, with one judge a piece, and the final judge scored it a draw, for a majority draw.
      Silva looks like Bruno Mars. Both fighters came out clubbing at each other with big punches and knees, and ugly brawling, with both guys getting rocked somewhat early, and Silva clearly went for the kill with a minute left in the opening round, but he wasn't able to finish Wilson, so we move on to round two. I honestly have no idea who won that first round.
     Silva came out swinging to start the second round, Wilson looked exhausted, and Silva nearly finished him with punches, but Wilson just dropped his hands, went into gangsta mode, stared him down, and then started firing back, and rocked the shit out of Silva, knocking him on his ass. Wilson got on top of him, Silva swept him, mounted him, and then mauled him, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Pretty decent UFC debut by Luis Henrique da Silva.
      The first round had these guys trading strikes at a moderate pace, with Breese landing most of the heavy punches & kicks. Strickland landed a few decent shots, but I scored that round for Breese. The second round was another round of kickboxing, with both fighters trading at a moderate pace. Strickland seemed to be a little fresher, but Breese was throwing his bodyweight behind his strikes, so I still have Breese ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but that second round could have maybe gone either way.
     The final round was basically more of the same, with both guys trading strikes at a moderate pace, I was leaning slightly toward Strickland to take that round, but Breese took him down in the final minute, so that might have been the difference, but Strickland got right back up again, so... I have no idea if that scored any real points or not. OH! Strickland knocked down Breese in the final 10 seconds, and beat him up a little bit on the ground, so I'll say that round goes to Strickland. I think I would score this fight 29-28 for Breese, but I won't be shocked if it's a split-decision. Yup, split-decision, and two of the judges disagreed with me, giving the fight to Strickland.
      Caceres took this fight on 10 days notice, and he dropped Miller in the first 10 seconds or so. They scrambled around for a few seconds, with Miller seemingly in control of the scramble. The fight went to the ground with Miller sort of on Caceres's back, but Caceres ended up on top after another scramble. They stood back up and reset in the center of the cage. Caceres continued to pick apart Miller with some crisp punches & kicks, rocking him again with 2 minutes left in the round. Miller tried to throw a knee from the clinch, and Caceres caught it, taking Miller to the ground. They stood back up and reset again. Caceres continued to chip away at Miller, Miller tried to show some offense of his own, and Caceres took him down again. That was an outstanding round for Alex Caceres. Caceres continued to beat the shit out of Miller in the second round, throwing some really slick punches & kicks, and every time Miller with throw some offense, Caceres would catch it, and throw Miller to the ground. I don't know if I've ever seen Caceres look this crisp. Caceres is dominating Miller so far, possibly even with some 10-8 rounds mixed in there.
     The third round was more of the same, with Caceres mauling Miller, picking him up, slamming him, and just making Miller look like an absolute fool. Miller landed some decent shots, and then clinched with Caceres, took him to the ground, and grabbed his back. Caceres shook him off, and Miller locked on a tight armbar. Caceres somehow escaped, Miller went for a guillotine choke, and Caceres slipped out of that and reset on the feet again. Caceres went back to picking apart Miller on the feet again. Caceres grabbed Miller's back with a minute left in the fight, and Miller rolled out of that, ending up on top. Miller's ground game is insane, but Caceres is a beast tonight. Miller had full mount with 30 seconds left in the fight, Miller slapped on a rear-naked choke, but couldn't quite sink his hooks in, so Caceres was able to survive until the end of the fight. This fight was fucking AWESOME!!! I scored it 29-27 for Alex Caceres, assuming the second round was a 10-8 round, and the final round was 10-9 for Miller. Great fight overall. Now I'd like to see Caceres vs. Penn.
      Andrade came out swinging some wild punches, rocking Penne against the cage. Penne hopped around a little bit, throwing jabs, until Andrade attacked her again with a barrrage of punches. Penne's face is already busted up, and we're only 2 minutes into the opening round. Penne needs to get her back off the cage. When Andrade throws strikes, they arrive in 8-10 punch combinations, and they're ALL power punches. Penne landed a few decent kicks, but nothing compared to the 100+ power punches that Andrade was throwing at her. Round one is a 10-8 round for Andrade. Andrade nearly knocked out Penne in the final 10 seconds with some brutal punches to the body.
     The second round was more of the same, as Andrade absolutely mauled Penne, forcing her to back up against the cage, where Andrade unloaded on her, and refused to stop, while throwing a million heavy power punches, nonstop, as the referee was warning Penne to defend herself, but she mostly just turtled up against the fence, still on her feet, but yeah, Andrade fucked her up. GREAT finish for Jessica Andrade in her strawweight debut. Jessica Andrade MIGHT be my new favorite fighter at 115. She's a fucking monster!
      Vick started this fight, using his range nicely, picking apart Dariush with punches & kicks. There were several eye pokes going both ways, mostly Vick poking Dariush. Once they were issued a stern warning, the fight continued, and Dariush beat the living shit out of Vick, nearly finishing him on the ground with some brutal ground & pound. Vick somehow survived, and got back to his feet, where they continued to clinch. They broke apart and Dariush rocked Vick, causing him to wobble away like a broken chicken, and then Dariush knocked him the fuck out, as Vick collapsed. That was an outstanding performance by Beneil Dariush, as he gets back on the winning track almost immediately, after losing to Chiesa 6 weeks ago. Vick put up a hell of a fight, but this was a disappointing way to earn the first loss of his career. I'm happy to see Dariush winning again this quickly though. Not only does he have a sick ground game, but apparently he also has KO power.
      Both of these guys are hopping around a lot, moving all over the place, and Guida clipped Ortega in the first minute of the opening round, dropping him for a second. Ortega threw a heavy kick to Guida's body. Guida shot for a takedown halfway through the round, pressing Ortega against the cage in the clinch. They reset, and Guida continued to beat up Ortega on the feet with his crisp boxing. Guida looks like a beast tonight. Round one definitely goes to Guida.
     The second round was another round full of crazy footwork, with Guida boxing the shit out of Ortega. Ortega was holding his own on the feet, landing a few decent shots of his own, but Guida seems way too active in this fight, and in my opinion, he's ahead 2-0 going into the final round. The final round had Ortega mounting a bit of a comeback, landing some solid shots, slipping out of the way of Guida's attacks, and picking him apart on the feet, but it might be too little too late. BUT! As soon as I said that, Ortega put Guida down with a huge knee, followed by some punches, knocking him out. Ortega cut that shit WAY too close, probably losing the first two rounds, and then waiting until there were only 30 seconds left in the fight before putting Guida on his ass. Another "almost too late" comeback for Brian Ortega. This dude is great, but he makes me panic with his late comebacks. He ALWAYS loses the first 10 minutes, and then somehow wins every fight.
      That was pretty awesome. Bobby Green is making his return to the UFC after 18+ months away due to a knee injury or something. Green talked all kinds of shit, taunting Poirier for the duration of this fight, and Poirier dropped him multiple times, blasting him with ultra clean boxing, tons of big punches to the face, and he basically knocked Green's head off, putting him away in the first round with some heavy punches. Dustin Poirier is a fucking beast at 155. This is an insane division, so I don't know how close he is to a title shot or anything, but he's definitely climbing the rankings at a rapid pace. Poirier looked awesome in this fight.
(Head Kick & Elbows)
      WHAT!?! This fight is insane... It started pretty slow, with Lombard respecting Henderson's right hand a little too much, not wanting to engage, but once Henderson clipped him, it looked like Henderson was going to finish the fight, but Lombard randomly threw him to the ground, beat him up from the mounted crucifix, they stood back up, Lombard beat the shit out of Henderson, nearly finishing him with punches against the cage, he threw a flying knee, and then threw Henderson to the ground again, this time ending up inside Henderson's guard. Lombard landed a couple of heavy elbows, and then the round ended. I think most people are probably shocked that this fight didn't end in the first round. I scored that round for Lombard. The second round started, they both looked exhausted, they were slow to engage, until Henderson threw a head kick, followed by a back elbow which knocked out Lombard. Lombard fell to the ground, Henderson dropped a couple more heavy elbows on the ground, and the fight was stopped. Insane KO victory for Dan Henderson, as he's the first person to ever actually knock Lombard unconscious.
      The first round had Holloway blasting Lamas with all kinds of beautiful punches from a wide variety of angles. He also landed some nice kicks, lots of side kicks, a spinning heel kick, all kinds of really nice shit. Holloway pretty much dominated Lamas that round. Lamas shot for a few takedowns, but Holloway stuffed all of them. Holloway looks sharp tonight.
     The second round was more of the same, with Lamas landing a few solid shots, but for the most part, Holloway destroyed him on the feet with his boxing, and he also slapped on a couple of violent looking guillotine chokes, and ended the round by mounting Lamas, and smashing him with a massive elbow. I have Holloway ahead AT LEAST 20-18 going into the final round, and there might even be an argument for a 10-8 round mixed in there somewhere for Holloway.
     The final round was another wild brawling round, with Lamas landing some really hard shots, but Holloway was able to pick him apart for the entire round, working his fantastic boxing, showing solid movement, and by the end of the round, he pointed at the ground and said "Let's go!" and they both threw insane bombs at each other's heads with no regard for their own safety. That was an awesome fight, and another fantastic victory for Max Holloway, who is building an insane 9-fight winning streak at this point.
      Cruz shot for a takedown 30 seconds into the first round, and took Faber to the ground without much trouble. Faber wrestled his way back to his feet, but Cruz clinched with his back in the process. Faber almost lost his shorts, but after a brief scramble, he was allowed to pull his shorts back up. They clinched again, Faber picked Cruz up over his head, slammed him, but flipped forward, and Cruz ended up on top in an awkward position. There was another scramble, Faber grabbed Cruz's ankle, lifted his leg, and the punched Cruz in the head. Cruz's left eye is already bleeding, and Cruz looks tired & slow, but he always looks a little tired, so that might not mean much yet. Cruz ducked under a punch, and shot for another takedown, but Faber stuffed it. A few more punches were exchanged, and then the round ended. I scored that round for Faber, but it was very competitive.
     The second round started, and Cruz dropped Faber with a big left hand, but Faber scrambled back to his feet. Cruz threw a head kick, Faber ducked under it, shot for a takedown, but Cruz slipped away. Cruz is stalking Faber now, and it looks like he's picked up his second wind. Cruz was able to pick apart Faber a little bit in the first half of that round, and then it turned into a slow paced stalemate for the last half of the round. I have this fight all tied up going into the third round, but I'm not 100% sure how the judges will score the first round.
     Cruz continued to pick apart Faber with his boxing for the duration of the third round, even rocking him a couple of times. Faber is clearly getting frustrated with Cruz's movement, as he pushed Cruz after the bell. Cruz is at least ahead 2-1, if not 3-0, going into the fourth round. Cruz knocked down Faber halfway through the fourth round, blasted him with some heavy punches on the ground, clearly looking for the finish, but then he backed off. Cruz might have broken his right hand at this point. Cruz is probably up 4-0 going into the final round. Even if it's 3-1, Faber needs a finish if he wants to win.
     The final round was more of the same, with Cruz moving around a lot, picking apart Faber with his boxing, and then they wrestled around for a little while, with Cruz hanging onto Faber's back, but nothing came from that. Cruz shot for a takedown, Faber almost lost his pants again, and Faber sort of went for a guillotine, but he gave it up without much of a fight. They reset in the center of the cage, and Faber pulled up his shorts. Let's face it... This was probably Faber's last shot at a title, and he blew it. I'll be generous, and give this fight to Cruz, 49-46, but I'm expecting 50-45 on most scorecards. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Cruz. Nice win for Cruz, but I have to admit, his style is already getting on my nerves. He's slick, and he rocked Faber a few times, but I don't understand why he never finishes anyone.
      Everyone assumed Rockhold would win this fight easily, everyone was saying that there's no possible way for Bisping to win... except, I said yesterday after the press conference & the weigh-ins, that Rockhold looked bothered, and Bisping looked ready to rock. This fight started, and Rockhold spent 3 minutes or so picking apart Bisping with his jab, and some heavy kicks. Bisping clipped him with a big overhand left, Rockhold fell down, tried to get back up again, Bisping blasted him with another overhand left, Rockhold collapsed again, and Bisping blasted him in the face with several punches on the ground, as Rockhold's head bounced off the cage. Michael Bisping is the NEW UFC Middleweight Champion of the world! And that knockout was clean as fuck. Michael Bisping is the man!