100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (32 Total):
1. Ilima-Lei Macfarlane - 92.4
2. Ashley Cummins - 92.3
3. Matt Mitrione - 92.2
4. Rashard Lovelace - 92.0
5. Joaquin Buckley - 91.9
6. Michael Chandler - 91.9
7. Justin Lawrence - 91.7
8. Matthew Murphy - 91.4
9. Chel Erwin-Davis - 91.3
10. Brad Jones - 91.2
Bellator 157: Dynamite 2
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Elevation: 465'
-Fight of the Night-
Ilima-Lei Macfarlane vs. Rebecca Ruth
Fighters & Matches 87.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 89.9
     Steven Mann started this fight by blasting Estus with some brutal knees, blasted him with some heavy punches, and then finished him off with some additional knees, just 25 seconds into the first round. That was a fantastic performance for Mann, and the first time I've ever seen him win a fight (against a guy I've still never seen win a fight).
(Leg Injury)
      These guys traded some strikes, Mueller clinched, Lovelace broke free, and continued to blast Mueller with some brutal punches & kicks. Mueller went back to clinching against the cage to try to keep the wild Lovelace under control. Mueller got a takedown, and passed to half mount. Lovelace regained guard, and tried to tie up Mueller, but Mueller was able to work some basic ground & pound for most of the round. I guess Mueller wins the first round based on top control. They stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round, and Lovelace beat up Mueller on the feet for a few seconds before Mueller secured another takedown with a minute left. Mueller is clearly the grappler, and Lovelace is clearly the striker. Mueller looks exhausted though.
     Lovelace came out swinging again in the second round, and basically beat the shit out of Mueller while throwing him around like an exhausted ragdoll. Lovelace even dumped Mueller on his head at one point against the cage. Mueller sort of went for an inverted triangle choke, but failed miserably, turning it into more of a loose head scissor. Lovelace continued to pound on Mueller for most of the round, as Mueller just turtled up and looked ready to quit. I'm calling that a 10-8 round for Lovelace. Mueller slapped on a tight heel hook at the very end of the round, but it seemed to do more damage to Mueller than it did to Lovelace. Mueller quit in between rounds due to a leg injury of some sort. Apparently a broken foot?
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Murphy beat up Robbins for most of the first round. There were some decent exchanges, but round one goes to Murphy, for a bit of top control, and some solid striking. Murphy cut open the eye of Robbins with an elbow, blasted him with some brutal knees from the clinch, and had a nice highlight reel slam at one point in the fight. A couple of minutes into the second round, the doctor stopped the fight due to the cut on Justin's eye. Pretty strong Bellator debut for Matthew Murphy.
      These guys hopped around for a little while, and then Lawrence blasted Kobayashi with some punches & kicks. It wasn't a very exciting opening round, but I definitely scored it for Lawrence, based on a handful of decent combinations. Lawrence blasted Kobayashi early in the second round with a brutal head kick. They continued to trade strikes at a fairly slow pace for a couple of minutes. Lawrence eventually opened up with his hands, he knocked down Kobayashi, and then finished him off with punches on the ground halfway through the second round. Great win for Justin Lawrence.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Vasconcelos looked good in this fight, taking down Dowdy, dominating him on the ground, beating the shit out of him, grabbing his back, slapping on a rear-naked choke, and Vasconcelos got the submission victory with one second left in the opening round. Decent performance for Vasconcelos in his first victory in the Bellator cage.
      Heatherly tried to land some punches, but it didn't take long for Buckley to take him down in the first round. They stood back up, and Heatherly tried to wrestle Buckley to the ground, but Buckley once again took control of the clinch, and brought the fight to the ground, ending up in side control. They stood back up, traded some strikes, and Buckley nearly knocked out Heatherly with a huge right hand, following him to the ground, but Heatherly recovered quickly and stood back up. That was a nice competitive round, but I would have to score that one for Buckley.
     The second round had Buckley picking apart Heatherly with a decent variety of punches & kicks. Buckley took him down again 2 minutes into the round, and grabbed his back. They stood back up, and Buckley mauled him, with brutal punch combinations, and a spinning back heel kick. Heatherly shot for a takedown, and Buckley continued to pound on Heatherly's head with punches. They stood back up with a minute left in the round, Buckley placed a perfectly timed knee to Heatherly's head, causing him to collapse, and the referee stopped the fight. That was a really solid Bellator debut for Joaquin Buckley.
(Head Kick)
      These guys met in the center of the ring, they touched gloves, started trading wildly, Jones kicked Claussen in the head, and knocked him unconscious. Solid performance by Brad Jones. 26 seconds isn't really long enough to tell how good this guy is though. It was fun while it lasted, and he looks like a beast.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys circled around each other, traded a few strikes, and spent a good chunk of the opening round just feeling out the distance. Erwin-Davis probably landed the better strikes, and was slightly more aggressive, so I scored the first round for Erwin-Davis. Erwin-Davis looked significantly more aggressive in the second round, as he knocked Engel down with a head kick in the first 30 seconds, he mauled him with punches on the ground, and then he passed Engel's guard, grabbed his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission 90 seconds or so into the second round. Chel Erwin-Davis seems like he might be a legit prospect at this point.
      These guys came out swinging, and Seumanutafa clipped Mitrione in the first minute, nearly knocking him out, but instead of finishing him, he waited for the referee to step in, he didn't step in, so Mitrione recovered, and ended up getting on top of Seumanutafa. Mitrione woke back up, and started to beat the shit out of Seumanutafa, he stood up, threw down a diving punch, and knocked out Seumanutafa. That was a weird turn of events. Nice win for Mitrione in his first fight outside of the UFC though.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These girls clinched early, and Macfarlane took Ruth down in the first minute of the round. Ruth stood back up, and Macfarlane took her back, looking for a choke, but Ruth did a decent job staying out of trouble. They split up 2 minutes into the round and traded some punches, with Ruth looking more aggressive on the feet. Macfarlane shot for another takedown, and Ruth threw some elbows down at the shoulder of Macfarlane to defend against the takedown. Macfarlane eventually scooped her up, and dumped her to the ground. Ruth went for a guillotine, Macfarlane countered that with a tighter guillotine of her own, they gave up the chokes, and Macfarlane continued to press Ruth against the cage. Round one goes to Macfarlane.
     Ruth came out looking aggressive in the second round, and then Macfarlane took her down immediately, grabbed her back, slapped on a rear-naked choke, but had a little trouble clinging to Ruth's back, as Ruth was squirming side to side. They rolled to their backs, Macfarlane continued to squeeze, and Ruth gave everything she had to escape the choke. Macfarlane was still latched onto Ruth's back, punching her in the head. She slapped on another rear-naked choke, and Ruth defended again. They stood up, with Macfarlane still on Ruth's back, with a TIGHT rear-naked choke. Ruth is tough as hell, but she eventually was forced to submit. That was an awesome win for Ilima-Lei Macfarlane in her third Bellator fight, and third Bellator win.
      These guys spent the first minute of the fight just testing the distance with jabs. Chandler shot for a single leg takedown, but he couldn't complete it. They continued to circle around each other, throwing light strikes for the most part, until Chandler BLASTED Pitbull in the jaw with a massive right hand, that knocked Pitbull out cold. That was a fantastic finish for the new Bellator Lightweight Champion, Michael Chandler. (Will Brooks vacated the belt when he moved to the UFC recently)
      Rampage looks fat. He's treating this like a pro wrestler match, where he's basically just looking at the crowd, taunting Ishii, acting like Ishii doesn't want to fight, even though Ishii is the only one doing any kind of offense. Ishii landed several decent inside leg kicks, and then they clinched against the cage, with Ishii taking down Rampage with a nice trip. Ishii slowly moved to side control, and blasted Rampage with some knees to the body. Ishii went for a Kimura, it wasn't happening, so he gave it up as Rampage stood back up. Ishii tripped Rampage against from the clinch, ending up on top again. Rampage did everything he could to stand back up, with 20 seconds left in the round. He threw a knee to Ishii's body from the clinch, which might have been Rampage's only offense of the round. Ishii CLEARLY won that first round. Rampage looks terrible so far, and Ishii looks like Ishii.
     Ishii tried to engage in the second round, and Jackson threw everything he had into some counter punches & knees. Ishii clinched again, and tripped Rampage to the ground near the cage again. Ishii smothered him from side control, while throwing those knees to the body, as Rampage was gasping for air. They stood back up, Rampage landed a knee to the body from the clinch, Ishii continued to press him against the cage, Rampage continued to try to work his clinch striking, landing some pretty solid uppercuts from the inside. Ishii has clearly been in control of the entire fight so far, but Rampage probably landed the better strikes. I have Ishii ahead, 2-0, going into the final round, but it could be all tied up depending on what the judges are looking for. Rampage looks like he's having a really hard time breathing in between rounds.
     Nothing at all happened for the first minute of the final round, Jackson tried to engage, they clinched, and Ishii pressed him into the cage again. They broke up halfway through the round, Rampage threw some strikes, Ishii tried to trip him, and Rampage ended up on top in the center of the cage. Rampage threw some elbows to the ribs, and some short punches to the head, and Ishii mostly just laid there, holding Rampage in his guard. Ishii tried to sit up with 90 seconds left in the round, but wasn't able to get up. Ishii sort of went for a reverse armbar, but Jackson pulled out of that. Rampage pressed Ishii toward the cage, which was a bad idea, because it allowed Ishii to stand back up. Ishii turned him around, pressed Rampage into the cage, shot for a final takedown with 15 seconds left, and that was stuffed. This fight was terrible, but I scored it 29-28 for Ishii. I see a split-decision coming. Rampage clearly won the third round, Ishii clearly won the first, and the second round could go either way. Two judges were split, and the final judge gave the fight 30-27 to Rampage, which is absolutely horrendous scoring.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
Technical Submission
(Knee on Neck Choke)
      These girls came out boxing, trading punches for the first 40 seconds or so at a pretty good pace, before Cummins shot for a double leg, taking Smith to the ground, landing in half mount. Cummins passed to full mount, and then took Smith's back 90 seconds into the round. She punched her in the head a few times, and then went for a rear-naked choke. Smith fought it off, so Cummins punched her a few more times, while she continued to ride her back. Cummins postured up halfway through the round, and rained down some bombs, beating the shit out of Smith before trying for another choke. They scrambled around a little bit, Cummins continued to ride her back, and continued to beat the shit out of her with punches. Nikki finally spun out of it and ended up on top inside Ashley's guard with a minute left in the round. Cummins slapped on an armbar with 20 seconds or so left in the round, and she cranked the shit out of it, but Smith was able to hold on until the bell. Great round for Cummins.
      The second round started with a few punches & kicks going both ways, before Smith moving forward, pressuring Cummins toward the fence, until Cummins shot for another takedown, pinning Smith in the center of the cage 45 seconds into the second round with a nice trip, landing in side control this time. Cummins slowly worked her knee forward into the neck of Smith, putting her to sleep just 90 seconds into the second round with a knee on neck choke. That was a badass submission, and a fantastic Bellator debut by Ashley "Smashley" Cummins.