100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Demian Maia - 96.0
2. Georges St. Pierre - 94.6
3. Jason MacDonald - 94.6
4. Brock Lesnar - 93.6
5. Tamdan McCrory - 93.6
6. Luke Cummo - 92.6
7. Jon Fitch - 91.2
8. Jon Jones - 91.0
9. Chris Wilson - 90.9
10. Ben Saunders - 90.6
UFC 87: Seek & Destroy
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Elevation: 830'
-Fight of the Night-
Demian Maia vs. Jason MacDonald
Fighters & Matches 90.2
Top 10 Fighters 92.9
TOTAL 91.6
     I've been a fan of Ben Saunders ever since whatever season of The Ultimate Fighter he was on. He has good standup skills with his Muay Thai, and he has some really solid Jiu-Jitsu as well. This fight started off with some decent back & forth action, Saunders getting the upperhand with most of the striking due to his reach advantage, but once the fight went to the ground, Thomas pulled guard, and Saunders had some trouble passing it. Thomas has decent Jiu-Jitsu defense, but he didn't do much to try to finish Saunders. The second round started, and Saunders continued to kick Thomas, and eventually broke him down to where Thomas sort of collapsed, at which point Saunders jumped on him, went for some crazy armlock from the back, and transitioned into a beautiful armbar forcing Thomas to submit halfway through round 2. Good fight overall, but I couldn't really care less if Ryan Thomas comes back. He's ok, but nothing special in my opinion.
      A few of the highlights of this fight, were Wilson's triangle choke attempts while mounting the back of Bruno on the ground, and Wilson's knees to Bruno's chin while standing on a handful of occasions. In the end, after 3 rounds of ass kicking, Chris Wilson walks away with the unanimous decision victory, with a fairly dominating performance.
      Well then, I'm not sure why, but I was expecting more out of Andre Gusmao. Jon Jones on the other hand, with only 9 months of MMA training under his belt, pretty much beat the shit out of Andre Gusmao, and out-grappled him for the entire 3 round fight, which included several big slams where Gusmao was slammed head first to the mat. Jon Jones is a tough dude, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of his fights in the future. Andre Gusmao on the other hand, needs to stop taking knees to the balls.
      Was this a joke? Seriously... Dan Evensen has the dexterity of Tim Sylvia, the face of the singer from Puddle of Mudd, and the body of a kangaroo... He came out, kind of sucked, Cheick Kongo stalled for a few minutes, and then with about 10 seconds left in the first round, Kongo threw a random jab, Evensen fell to the ground in dramatic fashion (did he throw the fight?) and Kongo followed it up with some ground & pound to make sure he got the first round TKO victory. During the post-fight interview, Kongo said he wants the title. WHAT THE FUCK HAS THE UFC HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION COME TO!?! And how does barely beating DAN EVENSEN make you one of the best fighters in the world? This fight was ridiculous.
      Tamdan McCrory pretty much dominated Luke Cummo during this entire fight, with better striking (except for round 3), better Jiu-Jitsu offense (but Cummo's defense was insane), and more aggression (but compared to Cummo's heart, it was a close call). In the end, this was an amazing fight, with amazing Jiu-Jitsu, and both guys gave it their all. Excellent fight, Tamdan McCrory wins via unanimous decision.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was FUCKING CRAZY!!! What a way to start the night! This was one of the best submission fights I've seen in a long time, with both guys displaying GREAT Jiu-Jitsu offense & defense... In the first round, MacDonald started the fight by clinching with Maia, but Maia pulled guard, and quickly locked on a TIGHT triangle choke, which MacDonald somehow transitioned out of the triangle, immediately getting on Maia's back locking on the rear-naked choke. SICK JIU-JITSU!!! But Maia escaped that as well, and they continued all the way through to the halfway mark of round 3, where Maia finally locked on a rear-naked choke that MacDonald wasn't able to escape... Both of these guys are extremely talented, and I'm looking forward to seeing them both fight again in the future...
      This fight was supposed to be fight of the night, and I thought it would be, but it ended up being kind of boring. I mean, it was a GOOD fight, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as I had hoped it would be. The first & second rounds kind of went by without much of an impact from my perspective, and it wasn't until the third round that they finally started REALLY throwing down, and at that point, it felt so sloppy, I just kind of lost interest. Granted, following up the Maia vs. MacDonald fight isn't easy, but I definitely think both of these guys could have put a little more UMPH into their performances. Kenny Florian wins by unanimous decision.
      Well then... Manny Gamburyan came out swinging like an animal, and then he got punched in the face, fell down, Emerson fell on top of him & threw an uppercut from the ground directly to the chin of Gamburyan, and it was over. 12 second knockout.
      Ok, so... Brock Lesnar is huge, he looks like he's around 400 pounds of solid muscle, but he weighed in at 265, so he's officially a heavyweight. Heath Herring is kind of a tough guy, but this fight was absurd. The fight started with Lesnar punching Herring in the eye, and Herring literally did a back flip from the punch, and Lesnar caught him in mid-air and tackled him like something out of Naruto. From that point forward, Lesnar spent the next 14 minutes of the fight riding Herring around the octagon like a fuckin' cowboy, and then he won via unanimous decision. At first I wanted Lesnar to win all of his fights, because he's exciting, but he's also a dick.
      Whenever the rounds would end, Lesnar would get up off Herring, and then PUSH him, totally lacking any sort of sportsmanship. Then during the last 5 seconds of the fight, Lesnar straddled Herring's back, and then started waving his arm around in the air like he was a cowboy with a lasso, and then he ALMOST got knocked the fuck out when Herring got pissed and threw a punch at the last second, and then Lesnar pointed & laughed at Herring.
      Somebody needs to beat Lesnar's ass, the only problem is, I don't know who can. The current Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira could submit Lesnar, but other than the champ, I can't think of many heavyweights currently in the UFC that could handle Lesnar. Oh how I wish Josh Barnett would come back to the UFC...
      This was a really great fight, but after a 5 round war, looking back on it, I have to admit I lost interest near the end of round 4... Georges St. Pierre basically dominated Jon Fitch during the entire fight, winning every round, taking him down at will, beating him up on the ground, beating him up while standing, etc... It was a really great fight, both guys left it all in the octagon, but Jon Fitch clearly wasn't quite up to the task of taking out GSP. Good fight overall, but I would have liked to see it finish in the 3rd or 4th round. With that being said, unlike Brock Lesnar, both of these guys are EXTREMELY classy, and showed great sportsmanship after the fight was over. Good show overall.