100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Amanda Nunes - 94.5
2. Gegard Mousasi - 92.4
3. Brock Lesnar - 92.4
4. Cain Velasquez - 92.2
5. Jose Aldo - 92.1
6. Joe Lauzon - 92.0
7. Julianna Pena - 92.0
8. Kelvin Gastelum - 91.7
9. Jim Miller - 91.4
10. Sage Northcutt - 90.9
UFC 200: Tate vs. Nunes
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Amanda Nunes vs. Miesha Tate
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.2
TOTAL 91.0
     These guys traded a couple of punches for 40 seconds or so, Gomi threw a kick, Miller caught it, knocked him down with a punch, and then grabbed Gomi's back, just one minute into the first round. Miller had the body triangle, and he was working toward a rear-naked choke. Gomi did a decent job defending, until he rolled over onto his stomach, Miller postured up on his back, punched him in the head repeatedly for several seconds, the referee warned Gomi to defend himself, he just laid there, so the fight was stopped. Great first round finish for Jim Miller.
      These guys both looked cautious at the start of the fight, only trading a handful of punches in the first minute. Santos eventually landed some hard leg kicks, Mousasi rocked him with some punches, Santos fell down against the cage, and Mousasi nearly finished him with punches, before grabbing his back. Mousasi wrestled him down to the ground, landing in side control with 90 seconds left in the opening round. Mousasi landed some decent shots on the ground, and then moved to half mount. Mousasi continued to try to move toward guard, but Santos did a decent job tying up his leg, and eventually Santos gained full guard. They randomly stood up quickly, Mousasi blasted Santos in the chin with a perfect right hand, then a left, and then a series of punches on the ground, and Santos was knocked the fuck out. That was a great performance by Gegard Mousasi.
      Diego landed a nice body kick, several nice punch combinations, and then Lauzon nearly knocked him out with some brutal punches, Sanchez, fell to his knees, Lauzon unloaded on him with some brutal punches, basically knocking him out 6-7 times, while Sanchez kept trying to stand up, Lauzon was looking at the ref, as he continued to absolutely slaughter Sanchez, knocking him down repeatedly, Sanchez tried to run away, but he was clearly unconscious on his feet, Lauzon continued to punch him, and the referee finally stopped the fight at 1:26 of the first round. That was a fantastic finish for Joe Lauzon, and it's actually the first time that anyone has ever stopped Sanchez in his 35 fight career. Fuck, that was a wild fight. Congrats to Lauzon for a legendary finish, and possibly another performance bonus as well.
      Sage Northcutt came out chipping away at Marin with punch & kick combinations. He threw a flying knee, which basically missed, and Marin clinched with him one minute into the round. Marin almost tripped Sage, but they ended up just hugging against the cage for a full minute. He dropped down and took Sage down 2 minutes into the round. Sage went for a guillotine, Marin popped out, Sage went for a random leg lock, and used that to sweep Marin, allowing Sage to end up on top. Sage grabbed Marin's back, punched him in the head a few times, he went for an arm-triangle choke, and Marin escaped. Sage is now in half mount. Sage dropped an elbow, Marin tried to sit up, and it looked like Sage was setting up a D'Arce choke, but that just allowed Marin to stand back up. Sage blasted him with some knees from the clinch, and then he shot for a takedown of his own, but Marin stuffed it, and then grabbed Sage's back. Sage leaned forward, Marin rolled forward, and Sage ended up back in control as Marin turtled up. Sage stood up, and blasted Marin with some brutal punches before digging for back control again. Sage's inexperience still makes me nervous, but he pretty clearly won the first round. Marin swept him at the end of the round, but didn't have time to do anything with it.
     The second round started slow, but Sage was still chipping away at Marin with some jabs. Sage threw a front leg side kick that looked like it nearly snapped Marin's lead leg in half. Sage clinched, took Marin down, and Marin wrestled his way back into side control. Sage rolled around in some sort of bizarre fashion, and they ended up in north-south position, with Marin on top. Marin went for a Kimura, he transitioned into an armbar, Marin cranked the shit out of it, he SHOULD have finished, but Sage got gutsy all of the sudden, and powered his way into top position inside Marin's guard. Sage dropped some elbows, but you would think he would want to stand up at this point. Marin went for another armbar from his guard, and Sage started to stand up, but Marin took him down, with Marin ending up back in side control with a minute left in the round. Marin went back to north-south position, he cranked on a Kimura, Sage rolled out of it, but Marin went back to another armbar attempt. Sage is showing some semi-decent submission defense in this fight, but he's still clearly green as fuck on the ground. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     They both came out swinging in the final round, and Northcutt got clipped early, but recovered quickly. Marin shot for another takedown, but was stuffed this time. He finally got Northcutt to the ground again one minute into the final round. I thought Sage was looking for a guillotine, but he was really just sitting against the cage, hoping for a standup. He finally worked his way back to his feet 2 minutes into the round. Marin continued to work for another takedown, while Sage was blasting him with elbows to the side of the head. Sage's arm is a bloody mess from those elbows, I can't see Marin's head though. Sage went for a front choke of some sort, but that didn't work, so Marin went back to looking for another takedown. Marin finally scored a final takedown with a minute left in the fight. Sage tried to stand back up, Marin tried to grab his back, Sage rolled forward, and ended up on top with 30 seconds to go. Sage dropped some elbows, pressed Marin against the cage, and in my opinion, stole the round, by doing far more damage. This fight should be 29-28 for Northcutt in my opinion. All 3 judges agreed. I'm really glad that Sage turned it up in those final 30 seconds. To be honest though, Sage should be fighting in lower level shows right now, while spending the next 2-3 years working on his ground game, because he is REALLY bad on the ground. Marin on the other hand had another somewhat lackluster performance, bringing his UFC record to 0-2, against relatively low level guys.
      Assuncao is finally back after almost 2 full years off due to injuries. The first round basically had Dillashaw running around, throwing random punches, while Assuncao was beating up his legs with hard kicks. Dillashaw threw a body kick, Assuncao caught it and punched him in the face. Dillashaw threw a head kick, Assuncao caught that too, and nearly drove Dillashaw through the cage. Dillashaw shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, and Assuncao stuffed it. Dillashaw threw another head kick, but it was blocked. Dillashaw got blasted by a few hard shots in the final 30 seconds, and then he fired back with several jabs and a kick that all missed. They traded wild strikes to finish out the round. I'm assuming most people would give that round to Dillashaw, but I'm calling it a draw.
     They traded a few random shots in the second round, and it looks like Assuncao's nose is probably broken one minute into the round. Dillashaw spent most of the round chipping away at Assuncao with random punches and kicks, but Assuncao was still countering with some hard kicks & punches of his own. Dillashaw got sloppy, and Assuncao took him down with 90 seconds left in the round, but Dillashaw popped right back up to his feet almost immediately. The referee had the doctor check on the blood on Assuncao's face, but the fight continued. Dillashaw rocked Assuncao when the fight started back up, but Assuncao stood back up almost immediately. Dillashaw is more than likely ahead 2-0 going into the final round. I THINK Assuncao told his corner that his right hand was broken in between rounds.
     Dillashaw came out talking all kinds of shit, while taunting Assuncao, and Assuncao blasted him with some hard strikes, while Dillashaw was mostly showing off his jukin' & jivin'. Dillashaw shot in for a hard takedown 2 minutes into the round, but Assuncao stuffed the shit out of it. They continued to trade strikes at a moderate pace, and then Assuncao shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the fight, but Dillashaw stuffed it easily. Dillashaw scored another takedown with 45 seconds left in the fight. I would have considered giving that round to Assuncao, but Dillashaw probably stole it with that takedown. Assuncao stood back up with 20 seconds left, and absolutely nothing else happened before the bell. 30-27 for Dillashaw across the board, as he hands Assuncao the loss that ends his 7-Fight winning streak. Congrats to Dillashaw for taking out the #1 guy that everyone has forgotten about. It wasn't a great fight overall though.
      Hendricks missed weight again for this fight. Gastelum on the other hand looks to be in great shape. Gastelum opened up the first round with some crisp punches, some slick footwork, and some snapping leg kicks. Hendricks landed a few power shots, but for every punch he would land, Gastelum would land 5-6. Gastelum blasted Hendricks with some hard combinations halfway through the round. Hendricks was rocked hard with 2 minutes left in the round. Hendricks clinched, and pressed Gastelum against the cage. Gastelum broke free with 90 seconds left in the round. They both started swinging wildly at the end of the round, but Gastelum pretty clearly won that round. Hendricks has sort of looked like shit ever since the USADA testing kicked into high gear. It's disappointing, because he used to be one of my favorite fighters. Gastelum looks really good.
     Hendricks landed some hard left hands early in the second round. He's clearly a one-trick pony at this point though. It seems like all he has is that left hand. Hendricks caught a kick, and carried Gastelum across the ring while punching him with left hands. Hendricks then took him down 90 seconds into the round. Gastelum stood up, and continued to pick apart Hendricks with jabs. Hendricks continued to blast Gastelum with some decent left hands though. Hendricks landed some decent shots, and then went for another takedown with 90 seconds left, but Gastelum stuffed this one. They continued to trade strikes, Gastelum rocked Hendricks with an elbow, and shit turned into an ugly brawl for a few seconds. That round was close, but I scored it for Hendricks, so I have it all tied up going into the final round.
     Gastelum looked aggressive at the start of the third round, as he was throwing a lot of punches, looking to take Hendricks's head off. Kelvin won the first couple of minutes of the round, and then they spent a minute brawling at a relatively even pace. Hendricks shot for a single leg with 90 seconds left, and blasted Gastelum in the chin with some hard left hands, before dragging him to the ground. Gastelum stood up immediately, and Hendricks went right back to looking for another takedown. They split up with a minute left in the fight. Gastelum shot for a takedown with 30 seconds left, and it was stuffed. Gastelum threw a knee to the body, he slipped, but Hendricks let him stand back up. They spent the final 15 seconds brawling wildly. Gastelum won this fight for sure. I'm getting a strong Gray Maynard vibe from Hendricks, making me question why he's still here. He won't be competing for a title again, he's too small to move up to 185, can't make weight at 170, he should REALLY probably be fighting at 155, but he clearly can't make that weight, so... Congrats to Kelvin Gastelum, for probably the biggest win of his career, against a clearly faded former champion.
      Zingano rushed in early with some punches, Penu tried to throw her, but Zingano threw Pena to the ground instead, landing in side control. Pena stood back up, and they clinched, hard. Zingano took Pena down again, this time landing in Pena's guard. Pena stood up, Zingano blasted her with a knee, and they clinched again. Zingano tried to trip Pena again, but Pena ended up on top this time. Zingano spun around and tried to stand, but Pena kept her down with a possible front choke. Zingano drove through it though, ending up back on top inside Pena's guard again. Zingano was beating up Pena against the cage, while Pena was slapping Zingano's ear. Pena finally got back to her feet with 10 seconds left in the round. They traded some wild punches, and then the round ended. Round one goes to Zingano.
     Zingano rushed in with some punches, a hard kick, and then an awesome throw at the start of the second round. Zingano spent a minute or so trying to pound the shit out of Pena, while Pena was working on tying her up in her guard. Zingano stood up, Pena followed her, and then Zingano suplexed the shit out of her. Pena swept her, and Zingano was looking for an inverted triangle, but that went nowhere. Zingano gave up her back to try to stand up, and Pena almost caught her in some sort of awkward choke. Pena grabbed her back, and started working toward a better choke position. Pena slapped on the body triangle, and continued to work toward a rear-naked choke. Pena locked on a tight neck crank, crushing Zingano's jaw, but she couldn't get under her chin, so she gave that up, and continued to battle for a better choke position. Zingano started that round strong, but Pena came a lot closer to finishing, and controlled the last half of the round, so I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Zingano shot in with a jab to start the third round, and then Pena took her down immediately. Pena basically just smothered her for half the round, while hitting her with short punches, and controlling her with her wrestling. Pena blasted Zingano with some hard elbows, and continued to wrestle around, but Zingano was just laying there, not really putting much effort into standing back up. Pena grabbed Zingano's back, and continued to look for a choke while punching Zingano in the face from behind. She nearly finished her with another choke attempt, but Zingano fought hard to slip out of it. Pena finished out the round by punching Zingano in the head while controlling her back. Zingano finally got back on top in the final 10 seconds, but she wasn't able to do anything before the buzzer sounded. Great win for Julianna Pena. It feels weird to see Zingano lose 2 in a row like this.
      Browne blasted Velasquez with a hard right hand early in the first round. Cain was chasing Browne, trying to hit him, but Browne did a decent job backing up. Cain hit him with some decent shots though, and then shot for a takedown one minute into the first round, but Browne stuffed it. Browne's strikes aren't looking very crisp tonight, and Velasquez is looking a bit tubby. Velasquez blasted Browne with a surprise spinning heel kick, and then he knocked him down with some punches, and smothered Browne near the cage with 2 full minutes left in the round. Browne tried to get up, and Velasquez cranked his neck for a few seconds. Browne tried to explode back to his feet, but Velasquez continued to bully him against the cage. Browne finally got back to his feet with one minute left in the round. Browne is hurt, and Velasquez is mauling him, with 20 seconds left in the round. Browne was almost saved by the bell, but the ref stopped it with a couple of seconds left in the round, as Velasquez was unloading on him with punches on the ground. Nice win for Velasquez after being out of competition for over a year.
      Edgar spent the first round picking apart Aldo with leg kicks, which is a weird turn of events. Edgar landed at least 3x's the number of strikes Aldo threw in that first round. Aldo landed some decent shots, and finally got kind of crazy in the final 10 seconds, but round one has to go to Edgar for 4+ minutes of being the only one with any real noteworthy offense. Aldo dropped Edgar late in the round though, so that round could possibly go either way.
     The second round started with Edgar being aggressive again, but every shot that Aldo lands, looks like it does some serious damage. Edgar on the other hand, is just moving around a lot, and peppering Aldo with light shots. Edgar's right eye is already bleeding, just halfway through the second round. Aldo shot for a couple of takedowns, but Aldo stuffed all of his shots with ease. This fight is all about Aldo looking like he could finish Edgar at any second, while Edgar is being FAR more aggressive, but that also means that he's leaving himself open for a lot more counters. I have no idea where the scorecards should be after the first two rounds, so I'm just going to say they're even going into the third round.
     They continued to trade strikes to start the third round, and Edgar shot for a deep takedown one minute into the round, but Aldo stuffed it easily again. Aldo's takedown defense is fucking ridiculous. Edgar pinned him against the cage, and threw some knees to the inside of his thigh. They broke apart, and Edgar landed some decent punches. I feel like Edgar is landing far more often, but his face is pretty jacked up already. Edgar clipped Aldo with a left hand halfway through the round, and followed it up with some hard punches. These guys are both trading at a good pace with 90 seconds left in the round. Edgar shot for another takedown, and Aldo stuffed it again. Aldo has been landing a lot of great knees when Edgar moves in on him. We're 3 rounds in, and I still have no idea who is winning this fight. I'm leaning toward Aldo at this point.
     Aldo looks like a fucking giant against Edgar. Edgar is still being more aggressive, but Aldo is doing FAR more damage. That's been the story of the entire fight, and that's the story for the fourth round as well. I have to assume that Aldo is winning this fight, but in my opinion, this has been a VERY close fight, and I wouldn't be shocked by a split-decision. Aldo dropped Edgar in the final 20 seconds of the fourth round, so I'm assuming that Aldo is ahead going into the final round.
     Also spent the final round dancing around, avoiding Edgar's aggression, but every time that Aldo WOULD throw a strike, it looked lethal. Edgar clipped Aldo with another hard left hand. Aldo nearly dropped Edgar with a right. Edgar continued to move forward, still trying to bring the fight to Aldo, and Aldo almost looked like he didn't want to fight at all, but I can't stress enough, every shot Aldo landed with, looked like it could kill a normal human being. Edgar was FAR more aggressive in this fight, but his face also looked like it had been torn apart by a machine gun, so... I'm scoring this fight for Aldo, 49-46, but I still won't be shocked if it ends up being a weird split-decision or something. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Jose Aldo, the UFC Interim Featherweight Champion.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Cormier scored a takedown one minute into the first round. Silva closed his guard, and started looking for submissions, while Cormier hit him with short punches. Cormier dropped a heavy elbow to the chin of Silva. He then stacked him up against the cage. Cormier was grinding short elbows all over the face of Silva, while moving toward full mount. Cormier finally postured up wwith 30 seconds left in the round, and dropped a few punches, but for the most part, he was just smothering Silva. Round one clearly goes to Cormier.
     Anderson blasted Cormier with a couple of head kicks in the second round, he went for a flying knee, and then Cormier caught a kick, and dumped Silva to the ground again just 30 seconds into the round. Cormier continued to smother Silva, basically just wrestle fucking him for a couple of minutes. Cormier landed a few decent short elbows, and then landed some decent punches, but Silva did a good job tying him up. The referee stood them up with 90 seconds left in the round. Silva cracked Cormier with a heavy knee, landed a few decent kicks, and a nice elbow, as Cormier moved into the clinch, pressing Silva against the cage. The crowd seems bored as fuck here. Every time Silva throws something though, the crowd erupts. I guess Cormier is ahead 2-0 going into the final round. Cormier is doing what he needs to do, but it's boring as fuck.
     Silva landed some great strikes to start the third round, and then Cormier took him down again 30 seconds into the round, and continued to wrestle fuck him. Cormier was literally just sqashing Silva with his breasts. I would love nothing more than to see Silva get back up and knock this dude out. Everything Cormier is doing is boring as shit. The audience is chanting "stand them up" halfway through the round. The referee finally stood them up, Silva hurt Cormier with a kick to the body, he went in for the kill, and Cormier clinched with him against the cage. Cormier trained for a 5 round fight, and dude was gassed 2 rounds in. Jones would have fucking KILLED Cormier tonight. Silva showed up on 2 days notice, and beat the shit out of Cormier while standing. Cormier still probably wins 30-27 by wrestle fucking Silva though. All 3 judges gave Cormier the fight, 30-26, and the crowd is pissed. At this rate, I don't think Cormier is ever going to get any love.
      Nothing happened in the first 2 minutes of this fight, but Lesnar shot in for an explosive takedown, Hunt almost avoided it, but Lesnar continued to drive through, he took down Hunt, and then Hunt stood back up against the cage. Lesnar looked like he was still trying to drive Hunt through the cage. Lesnar scooped him up with a deep single leg, and took him down again, with 2 minutes left in the round. Hunt is clinging to the cage as much as possible during these takedown attempts. Lesnar unloaded on Hunt with some big punches, and a huge knee to the body, Hunt scrambled back to his feet, and Lesnar drove him to the ground again, this time landing in full mount, but there wasn't enough time to do anything else before the round ended. Round one clearly goes to Brock Lesnar.
     Hunt landed a couple of punches in the second round, and stuffed a couple of takedown attempts. Brock ducked under a punch, shot for another single leg, and Hunt ran out of it. We're 3 minutes into the round, and nothing has really happened yet. Hunt threw a few more punches, most of which were blocked, and Brock shot for another takedown in the final minute, but Hunt stuffed it. Brock just pressed him against the cage. I guess that round goes to Hunt? It should probably be 10-10 though, since nothing really happened.
     They traded a few punches in the final round, and then Lesnar shot for a deep double leg, and took Hunt to the ground, landing in full mount. Lesnar unloaded some short punches to Hunt's face, while bullying the shit out of him near the cage. Lesnar postured up a little bit halfway through the round, and beat the shit out of Hunt's face with some heavy punches, and then moved back to full mount. Lesnar's punches look like they could kill a bull. Hunt is tough as hell, but Lesnar is fucking mauling him. Hunt is a legit contender at heavyweight, and Lesnar just came back after 4 and a half years away from the sport, and he pretty much beat the shit out of him for 10+ minutes. The second round sucked, but Lesnar dominated Hunt in the first and ESPECIALLY the third round. Great quality win for Brock Lesnar. That was awesome.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      They were testing the waters for the first minute, and then Tate took Nunes down aggressively, but Nunes stood right back up. Tate shot for another takedown, Nunes whipped her to the ground, stood back up, almost blasted Tate with an illegal knee, and then started beating the shit out of her with some crisp boxing. Tate is getting jacked halfway through the opening round. Tate shot for another takedown, and Nunes grabbed her back. Tate's face is bleeding all over the place. Nunes locked on a rear-naked choke, and basically crushed Tate's jaw, forcing her to submit. That was an outstanding finish for Amanda Nunes. I've been on the Nunes war wagon for a long time now, but I picked Tate over her for some reason here. Back when Rousey was undefeated, I was saying Nunes would be the one to take her out. Holy shit though, she just fucking MAULED Tate in the first round in the biggest UFC event of all time. Congrats to Nunes, she's a fucking beast!