100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. John Lineker - 95.9
2. Louis Smolka - 95.2
3. Tony Ferguson - 94.6
4. Rani Yahya - 93.7
5. Sam Alvey - 93.0
6. Cortney Casey-Sanchez - 92.8
7. Lando Vannata - 92.8
8. Keita Nakamura - 92.2
9. Scott Holtzman - 91.7
10. Alexey Oleynik - 91.6
UFC Fight Night 91: McDonald vs. Lineker
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Elevation: 1,470'
-Fight of the Night-
Louis Smolka vs. Ben Nguyen
Fighters & Matches 90.6
Top 10 Fighters 93.4
TOTAL 92.0
     Clark is making his UFC debut here, and Nicholson is making his second appearance after having his jaw crushed by Miesha Cirkunov 5 months ago. They traded a few decent shots, with Nicholson mostly focussing on kicks, until Clark took him down a minute into the opening round, landing inside his guard. Clark moved to half mount, and the crowd went crazy for their hometown boy. Clark locked on an arm-triangle choke, and hopped over to the proper side, and Nicholson looked like he was in some serious trouble halfway through the opening round. Nicholson somehow hopped back up to his feet, and started beating the shit out of Clark with some heavy punches, and a big kick that LOOKED like it was to the body, but I guess his foot made direct contact with Clark's dick. When the fight started back up, Nicholson rushed in, and got blasted in the jaw, causing him to collapse. I thought the fight was over, but he somehow recovered, as Clark took his back in a clinch. They continued with some heavy clinching against the fence with Clark in control. They broke apart, and they both blasted each other with some wild heavy shots. Clark blasted Nicholson in the jaw with a brutal right elbow, but it didn't seem to phase Nicholson. That shit looked deadly to me though. Nicholson attacked Clark with 10 seconds left in the round, and Clark randomly got knocked the fuck out by SOMETHING. None of the shots looked that clean, but Clark was clearly out. Great finish for Alex Nicholson in his 2nd UFC fight. The crowd was PISSED though, but yeah, I guess that's to be expected when your hometown guy gets knocked the fuck out. Clark is no longer undefeated. That was a great fight to start the card.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Lopez is making his UFC debut here, and he's supposed to be some sort of hot prospect. Both guys were trading wild strikes to start the first round, they clinched 45 seconds into the round, and Yahya landed a few decent knees to the body. Yahya tried to throw Lopez to the ground, but Lopez landed on top inside Yahya's guard. Lopez stood back up. They traded some heavy kicks to the body, traded some wild punches, and they both looked really reckless. Yahya threw some big punches, trying to take Lopez's head off, and then he dropped him with a leg kick. Yahya threw a kick, and Lopez dropped him with a punch to the chin, and then took Yahya's back. Lopez locked on what LOOKED like a tight armbar, but Yahya escaped with ease and moved to side control. Yahya dropped some short elbows, and then went for a really sloppy guillotine, which Lopez slipped out of. Yahya then fell back for a weird kneebar, transitioned to an omoplata, and they scrambled around wildly. This fight has some crazy ass grappling going on. That was a close round, but I scored it just slightly for Yahya.
     The second round started with a wild clinch scramble, that lead to Lopez throwing Yahya to the ground. They scrambled around on the ground, and Lopez nearly finished the fight with an inverted triangle choke, but Yahya didn't seem concerned at all, and just waited it out, eventually moving back to side control. Yahya landed some pretty decent elbows from side control, Lopez started to give up his back, and Yahya slaughtered him with big punches to the side of the head. Lopez scrambled out of danger, and got on top in a sprawl position. They stood up, and both looked a little tired with a minute left in the second round. Yahya dropped Lopez with another punch, mostly just knocking him back toward the cage, and then Yahya shot for a takedown, and Lopez went for a choke, but failed, so Yahya ended up back in side control. Yahya slapped on an armbar from side control, but Lopez survived until the buzzer. This fight is fucking awesome so far. Yahya is clearly ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Lopez came out swinging in the third, and Yahya grabbed him, and they went to the ground, with Yahya on the bottom. He went for an arm lock, and Lopez stood up to escape. Yahya then shot for a sloppy takedown, and landed in side control again. Yahya continued to beat up Lopez with some short punches against the cage for a while. Lopez regained guard, but Yahya continued to beat him up with short punches. Yahya grabbed Lopez's back with 90 seconds left in the fight. Lopez spun out of that, and got back on top. Yahya scrambled out of that, and got back on top in half mount. Yahya locked on a tight arm-triangle choke, and finished the fight with 41 seconds left in the fight. Outstanding performance by Rani Yahya, as he hands Lopez the first loss of his career. Great debut by Lopez too though.
      These guys came out swinging, both landing some solid punches, but Holtzman's movement made it hard for Pfister to catch him. Holtzman threw a flying knee, and Pfister ate it, before shooting for a single leg. Holtzman stuffed that, they broke apart, and Pfister dropped Holtzman with a massive right hand. They scrambled around wildly, and then reset. Holtzman continued to pick apart Pfister, as Holtzman showed some great recovery ability. Holtzman hit Pfister with some knees from the clinch, and then Holtzman tripped Pfister to the ground. He stood back up, and they continued to trade with wild punches. Holtzman really started to pick apart Pfister with some crisp boxing, mixed with some kicks & knees. Pfister looks exhausted at the end of the round. Round one goes to Holtzman.
     Pfister was a lot more aggressive to start the second round, landing some hard punches, but Holtzman dropped him with a right head kick 30 seconds into the second round. Pfister somehow recovered, and Holtzman moved to full mount. Pfister tried to buck out, and Holtzman went for an arm-triangle choke, but Pfister somehow used it to sweep, ending up on top inside Holtzman's guard. Holtzman fought his way back to his feet, and they went back into some heavy clinching, with Pfister looking for another single leg, but Holtzman punched him in the head while stuffing it. Holtzman then picked up Pfister, and dumped him to the ground, landing inside his guard, where he dropped some big punches to the body & elbows to the head. Holtzman moved back to full mount, and Pfister eventually swept him again. Pfister ended that round on top, but I still have Holtzman ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     They came out brawling again to start the final round, until Holtzman took Pfister down again. Pfister tried to kick out with his butterfly guard, but he landed an illegal kick to Holtzman's face, so the fight was paused for a second, and then continued with Holtzman back on top. Pfister tried to power his way back to his feet, and Holtzman caught him in a guillotine choke. Pfister broke free, and beat up Holtzman with some elbows. Holtzman tried to stand back up, and Pfister slapped him in the side of the head a few times. Holtzman stood up, and Pfister tried to take his back, but Holtzman spun out of it, and beat up Pfister against the cage with some short shots. Holtzman postured up and beat the crap out of Pfister until the end of the round. This fight was better than I expected it to be, but it was a pretty clear 30-27 unanimous decision for Scott Holtzman.
      Casey landed a nice punch combinations 30 seconds into the first round. They started to brawl, they clinched, and Casey tripped Stanciu to the ground, landing in full mount. Casey blasted her with some heavy elbows, and some short punches, while clinging to that mount. Stanciu moved to half guard, Casey blasted her with some more elbows, and they stood back up 2 minutes into the round. Stanciu looks like she's already a bit winded. Stanciu tried to throw some punches, they clinched again, Casey threw her to the ground again, mounted her again, and then absolutely demolished her with brutal elbows, forcing the referee to stop the fight. That was a fantastic performance by Casey, as she earns her first win inside the UFC, via first round stoppage. That was a great performance.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Spicely is making his UFC debut here off The Ultimate Fighter, and Alvey is returning after a disappointing loss against Elias Theodorou less than a month ago. Spicely shot in early for a takedown, they clinched, and nothing happened. Spicely moved in on Alvey, and Alvey blasted Spicely with a hard hook. Spicely rushed in again, and Alvey nearly dropped Spicely again with another hard right hand. Spicely shot for a desperate takedown, and Alvey shook his way out of it. They clinched, and Alvey threw a knee to the body. They continued to clinch, with Spicely pressing Alvey against the cage, Spicely ducked down for a takedown, Alvey locked on a brutal standing guillotine, nearly ripping Spicely's head off, and Spicely was forced to submit. Great first round submission for Sam Alvey.
      Chookagian spent the first round backing up, throwing jabs, busting up the nose of Murphy, while Murphy hopped in, missing with most of her big punches. Murphy clinched, pressing Chookagian against the cage a minute into the round. The split up, and continued trading random punches. Murphy looks more aggressive, but Chookagian is clearly the better technical striker. Chookagian reminds me a little bit of Holly Holm, in the way that she yells every time she throws a strike. Murphy landed some hard punches, but Chookagian appears to be landing far more frequently with her jabs. That was a decent round, but I would have to score it for Chookagian based on her technical boxing.
     Chookagian spent a minute beating up Murphy with punches & kicks to start the second round, and then Murphy clinched, and tried to slam Chookagian with a double leg, and a few seconds later, Murphy finally got Chookagian to the ground 90 seconds into the round. Chookagian tried to stall her with a tight guard. Chookagian's guard was really high, and Murphy was having trouble landing anything beyond short punches to the body. Murphy pressed her toward the cage, and then postured up, allowing her to land some really hard punches to the body of Chookagian. Murphy landed some heavy punches & elbows to the face of Chookagian in the final 30 seconds of the round. This fight is all tied up going into the final round.
     Chookagian beat up Murphy on the feet with that jab for the first half of the final round, while Murphy just followed her around while getting her face smashed in. Murphy never stopped coming forward, but she was having a hard time landing, as Murphy's footwork was too good, and her jab was keeping her too far away. Murphy finall tried to clinch with 90 seconds left in the round, but Chookagian ended up controlling the clinch, where she landed some knees to the body. Murphy finally shot for a real takedown with a minute left in the fight, but Chookagian blasted her with a brutal knee to the jaw on her way in, and then she stuffed the shot. Murphy continued to drive for the shot, while Chookagian destroyed the side of her head with elbows. This fight was a clear 29-28 unanimous decision victory for Chookagian in her UFC debut. Really decent fight overall, not a great gameplan by Murphy though.
(Punches & Elbows)
      Smolka started the fight with a side kick, and then Nguyen went crazy on him, kicking & punching and looking for the kill. Nguyen scored a takedown 30 seconds into the opening round, got the mount, and then Smolka stood up, and took down Nguyen, landing in side control. There was a wild scramble, and Nguyen took Smolka's back, immediately looking for a choke. Smolka rolled out of that, and Nguyen ended up in full mount, looking for the arm-triangle. Smolka continued to roll, and ended up on top inside Nguyen's guard. Nguyen went for an omoplata, and used that to sweep Smolka. Smolka went for a leg, and Nguyen tried to punch his way out of it, which allowed Smolka to end up back on top again in half mount this time. Smolka tried to pass to mount, and finally got it with 2 minutes left in the round. From there, Smolka blasted Nguyen with some massive punches, Smolka went for a D'Arce, decided to land some elbows, Nguyen tried to stand up, and Smolka went for another D'Arce, and then landed some more elbows. Nguyen was rolling around like crazy, as Smolka was going back & forth between elbows & chokes. Smolka beat the living shit out of Nguyen at the end of the round with some brutal punches & elbows, but Nguyen was saved by the buzzer. Nguyen's nose is fucked, and he's having trouble walking back to his corner. Fantastic round for Smolka.
     Smolka started the second round with some long punches, a kick, and then they clinched, and Nguyen tried to take his back, but Smolka ended up back on top again in half mount. Smolka went right back to dropping elbows & punches. Smolka locked on a tight guillotine choke, Nguyen rolled to his back to escape, and Smolka continued to slaughter him with elbows. Nguyen tried to find his guard, and Smolka fell back for a leg lock, almost gave up position, and got back on top again, in half mount, where he continued to pound on the face of Nguyen. Nguyen tried to stand up, Smolka continued to punch the fuck out of his face, Nguyen stood up, and Smolka took him back down immediately. Smolka continued to slaughter Nguyen with strikes, and every time Nguyen stood up, Smolka would scoop him to the ground again. Smolka pulled guard with a guillotine attempt, transitioned into a triangle choke, and they scrambled around wildly, with Smolka ending up on top again. Smolka had full mount against the cage, where he continued to beat the living shit out of Nguyen. Smolka grabbed his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, Nguyen somehow escaped, so Smolka mounted him again, and beat the living shit out of him with brutal punches & elbows, finishing the fight by referee stoppage. Louis Smolka is the fucking MAN! Nguyen is tough as hell too, but yeah, Smolka is the fucking MAN!
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Noke wobbled Nakamura with the first jab of the fight. He went in for the kill with some wild punches, but Nakamura recovered, so they reset. They traded a few punches, and then Noke landed a brutal kick to the body. Noke continued to look for that jab again, while Nakamura more or less just stood in front of him. Nakamura landed a few decent shots, and tried to catch some of Noke's kicks. Nakamura started to get aggressive with his strikes, so Noke took him down with a body lock, but then he stood back up. They traded some really hard punches, while standing in front of each other. Herb Dean is doing laps around the octagon trying to find a good place to stand. Noke finished the round with a hard kick to the body. Round one goes to Noke.
     Noke started the second round with a head kick, which was blocked for the most part. Nakamura shot for a takedown 20 seconds in, and Noke stuffed the shit out of it. Things started slowing down after that, but they both continued to trade some pretty solid punches & kicks. Nakamura started to look like the more aggressive fighter, as he beat up Noke against the cage a little bit. Noke shot in for another deep double leg, and took Nakamura down against the cage. Nakamura stood back up, and Noke took his back, throwing some knees to the backs of Nakamura's thighs. Noke landed a hard left hand as he broke from the clinch. Nakamura started beating the living shit out of Noke, knocked him to the ground with a hard knee, continued to pound on him, nearly finished the fight with strikes, went for a rear-naked choke with 10 seconds left in the round, and Noke tapped with ONE SECOND left in the round. Another fantastic comeback victory for Keita Nakamura.
      Oleinik came out throwing bombs, pressed Dan against the cage, and then took him to the ground. Oleinik sort of had a body lock on the ground, while Dan was sitting with his back against the fence. Oleinik slowly moved to full mount against the cage, he started working toward his Ezekial Choke from half mount. Oleinik dropped some short elbows, postured up, and dropped some hammerfists at Dan's face. He went for that choke again, and then postured up and dropped some more ground & pound. Dan started to climb the cage to get back to his feet, and Oleinik kept the body lock. Oleinik dropped for another double leg, and scooped Dan to the ground again with 45 seconds left in the round. Oleinik pressed him against the fence, punched him in the face a few times, and then grabbed his back, looking for one last choke to finish out the round. I'm calling that a 10-8 round for Oleinik.
     Oleinik came out swinging again in the second round with some of the worst boxing I've ever seen, and Dan clipped him with a punch, which sort of dropped him. Dan ended up on top, where he beat up Oleinik for a few seconds. Oleinik then grabbed his leg, and started cranking for a heel hook, which he used to get on top of Dan. Oleinik went for a choke, and Dan gouged his eyes to escape. Dan ended up back on top, where he dropped some big elbows to the bloody face of Oleinik. Dan used all of his bodyweight to crush Oleinik into the cage, where he continued to pound on him with punches. Oleinik reversed positions again, halfway through the round, pressing Dan's back agains the cage on the ground. They finall stood back up with 2 minutes left in the round, and Dan nearly took Oleinik's head off with a big punch. Oleinik then took him to the ground again with 90 seconds left in the round. Oleinik landed an elbow, and then slapped on an armbar, Dan punched his way out of it, and Oleinik transitioned to a loose triangle choke. Dan punched his way out of that as well. I have NO IDEA who won that round. Oleinik clearly absorbed more damage, but he also controlled more of the grappling, and he had way more submission attempts. I guess I'll call that round a draw, which means I still have Oleinik ahead by a round, based on my 10-8 card in the first round, but this is a really hard fight to score so far.
     Oleinik started the final round with another big punch, followed by another takedown attempt against the cage. Dan sprawled, and landed some heavy punches to defend against the takedown, resulting in Dan being on top inside Oleinik's guard. Oleinik tied him up, not a lot was happening outside of short punches, so the referee stood them up 2 minutes into the round. Oleinik could barely walk, but he still plowed forward with another punch, followed by another takedown attempt from the clinch. Oleinik scored one more takedown with 2 minutes left in the round. He then took Dan's back, and started working for the rear-naked choke. That didn't work, so Oleinik wrapped his way around toward an arm-triangle choke. Instead, Dan ended up on top inside Oleinik's guard again. Dan continued to gouge Oleinik's eyes on the ground. The referee stood them up again, Oleinik threw some wild strikes, and then Dan took him down to finish out the round. This fight has draw written all over it, or at least a split-decision, but I'm going to say that Oleinik SHOULD win this fight 29-28, but I won't really be shocked by any scorecard at this point. That fight was pretty crazy. One judge scored the fight a draw, and the other two gave the fight to Dan, via majority decision. After seeing the damage done to Oleinik's face, it's hard to really argue with that decision.
      These guys traded a couple of strikes, and then Samman shot for a hard takedown, but Boetsch was able to stay standing, so they ended up just clinching against the cage, with Samman in control. Samman landed some hard knees to the thighs of Boetsch, and then Boetsch took him to the ground. Boetsch bullied him against the fence, and just pressed all of his weight onto him, while dropping a few random punches here & there. Samman hugged him, while Boetsch smothered him against the fence. Samman finally got back to his feet 2 minutes into the round, and they continued to clinch. They reset in the center halfway through the round. Samman clinched again for some reason (you would think he would want to strike with the wrestler), and he sort of took Boetsch's back for a second, but Boetsch spun around, and they just continued to hug against the fence, with Samman in control. What the hell is Samman doing? They split up with a minute left in the round, and Samman kept shaking his arms out. Samman finally started landing some punches, and a decent head kick, but he followed that up with another clinch for some reason. Dude needs to just stick with the striking. They both traded some decent kicks and punches to finish out the round. I have no idea who won that round. I guess I'll score it for Boetsch, because Samman had a terrible gameplan.
     Boetsch started the second round with some decent punches, and then Samman threw some strikes back at him, Boetsch caught a kick, and took Samman to the ground in the center of the cage. Samman tried to wrestle his way back to his feet, but Boetsch kept him under control on the ground while landing some short punches & elbows. Samman has some of the worst fight IQ I've ever seen. Boetsch tried to crank on a Kimura from half mount, which resulted in a lengthy stalemate. Boetsch postured up, and landed some heavy punches from full mount. The referee warned Samman, as Boetsch continued to smash him with heavy punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Nice win for Boetsch. Stupid as fuck gameplan by Josh Samman.
(D'Arce Choke)
      This fight started with Vannata (UFC debut on short notice), showing some amazing footwork, while picking apart Ferguson on the feet. He hit Ferguson with a shot to the groin in the first 50 seconds. Ferguson landed a nice kick to the body, and dropped Vannata with some punches 90 seconds in. Vannata rocked Ferguson with some hard punches, and nearly knocked him out 2 minutes into the round. They continued to rock the shit out of each other with some wild striking, both guys practically getting knocked out multiple times, and Vannata nearly finished Ferguson late in the round, as Ferguson was wobbling around wildly, with no control over his legs at all. Vannata went in for the kill, and Ferguson almost caught him in a leg lock, and then an armbar. That was one of the wildest UFC debuts I've ever seen by Landon Vannata, this dude is SUPER fucking legit. Round one goes to Vannata.
     The second round was another wild round of striking, but this time, Vannata finally started to slow down, and Ferguson beat the fuck out of him for the duration of the round, landing countless heavy punches, and big kicks, Vannata almost knocked him out with a head kick, and then Ferguson continued to destroy him, as Vannata just came at him with his chin up. Vannata's face was fucking MAULED, and bloody as hell. Vannata dropped his head while he moved in for a clinch, Ferguson caught him in a guillotine, turned it into a D'Arce choke, took Vannata to the ground, continued to crank, and eventually finished the fight by submission. OH MY GOD! That fight was fucking insane, possibly the best fight of the year so far. Landon Vannata couldn't have had a better UFC debut, and Ferguson came back from absolute hell in that first round, and finished the fight. FUCKING AMAZING! Holy shit man... HOLY SHIT! Oh, and Ferguson also hands Vannata the first loss of his career.
      This fight started shockingly slow, McDonald threw a few decent shots, but Lineker eventually opened up on McDonald, and nearly knocked him out multiple times 2 minutes into the opening round, and then he finally put him away with some fucking BRUTAL punch combinations. Josh Lineker is SO shockingly legit. His power is unmatched at 135. Honestly, I would be surprised if anyone at 145 can hit as hard as Lineker. John Lineker definitely deserves a title shot at this point. The only guy I have ranked up there with him right now is Jimmie Rivera, who is fighting Urijah Faber at UFC 203, so we'll see what happens with that. But FUCK YEAH, John Lineker is the fucking MAN! (Michael McDonald is a beast too, but holy shit, he got knocked the FUCK out).