100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Michael Page - 92.8
2. Matt Mitrione - 91.9
3. Danny Mitchell - 91.8
4. Douglas Lima - 91.4
5. Pietro Menga - 91.2
6. Jason Radcliffe - 90.9
7. Mike Shipman - 90.8
8. Francis Carmont - 90.4
9. James Mulheron - 90.3
10. Manuel Garcia - 90.3
Bellator 158: Daley vs. Lima
Location: London, England
Elevation: 115'
Elevation: 115'
-Fight of the Night-
Michael Page vs. Evangelista Santos
Fighters & Matches 87.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.3
(Anaconda Choke)
     These guys tapped each other with some very light pats, while Shipman circled around Clark for a minute or so. They finally clinched, and Shipman unloaded a few decent knees and punches. It's worth noting that Clark took this fight on 7 days notice. Shipman knocked him down with a big knee, punched him a lot on the ground, almost finished the fight with strikes, but locked on an Anaconda Choke instead for the submission victory 90 seconds into the first round. Great Bellator debut for Mike Shipman.
      Hewitt started this fight with a big punch that whiffed over the head of Menga. Menga threw a hard body kick, chased Hewitt around the cage for a few seconds, Hewitt threw a kick, and Menga countered him with a punch to the chin with a clean left hand, that put Hewitt on his ass. Great KO victory for Pietro Menga, making his Bellator debut in just 41 seconds of the opening round.
      Tosta spent the first round circling around the outside, while Garnett was throwing random shots at him. Tosta then shot for a takedown a minute into the round, but Garnett powered his way back to his feet, and took Tosta to the ground. Tosta tried to sweep him, and Garnett decided to just stand up out of Tosta's guard. Garnett threw a big punch to lead into another takedown attempt. Tosta shot for a takedown instead, and Garnett sprawled. Tosta clearly wants this fight to take place on the ground. Tosta landed a hard kick to the body, and Garnett responded with an ugly combination of punches, followed by more clinching against the cage. Tosta tripped Garnett with 30 seconds left in the round, but they both stood up immediately. Tosta then threw another hard body kick, and Garnett punched him with a big right hand. I guess that round was probably a draw?
     Tosta started the second round with a kick to the body, and Garnett pressured Tosta against the cage with another clinch. They split up, and Tosta landed a couple of decent kicks, causing Garnett to clinch again. Tosta seems to be landing the better kicks, and Garnett is clearly controlling the clinch. Garnett dropped Tosta with a right hand, but it was almost like Tosta was just trying to get him to follow him to the ground, which he refused to do. Garnett clinched again, this time opening up a big cut on Tosta's head due to an accidental headbutt, and it also opened up a cut above Garnett's right eye. The doctor checked out the cut on Garnett's eye, and let them continue. When the fight started again, Garnett grabbed Tosta's back and took him to the ground. He transitioned toward mount with an arm-triangle attempt, but Tosta escaped. Round two goes to Dean Garnett.
     Garnett started the third round with some decent leg kicks, while stalking Tosta toward the cage. Tosta shot in for a wild takedown, and pinned Garnett against the cage 30 seconds into the round. Tosta moved to full mount, and beat up Garnett for half the round with short punches. He then pressed his chin into Garnett's eye. Tosta almost grabbed his back, but Garnett moved to half guard instead. Tosta spun around for a leg lock attempt, and then wrestled his way back to half mount. That was the best round of the fight, and I scored it for Tosta, so in my opinion, Tosta deserved to win this fight, based on the damage done in the third round. One judge agreed, and two judges called it a draw for a majority draw, but I'm giving the victory points to Tosta, based on a 10-8 third round for Tosta, and I scored the first round a draw.
      This fight started with Radcliffe throwing a left hand, they clinched, he threw a left knee, and then knocked out Mason with a right knee, just 14 seconds into the opening round. Great Bellator debut for Jason Radcliffe, and a terrible loss for Jack Mason in his debut.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Hahaha... Morton walked to the cage with a microphone, and sang some random pop song about money. Wood started the fight by clinching, and taking Morton to the ground, landing inside Morton's guard. Morton got back to his feet halfway through the round. Wood clinched, and stomped the ground, several times, with a lot of power, but he was missing Morton's feet by several inches. They split up, and Morton tried to kick Wood's head off, but whiffed. This fight is weird, especially after Morton's intro. It's worth noting that Chase Morton was apparently on the UK version of The Voice. Round one goes to Wood.
     These guys spent the second round trading ugly strikes while standing. Morton was kind of aggressive, but he wasn't really connecting with anything, just shadowboxing with himself or some shit. Wood clinched with him halfway through the round, pressed him against the cage, and tried desperately to take him down, but Morton did a good job staying on his feet. They split up, and continued to trade awkwardly. I guess Morton might have won that round, but both guys have pretty terrible striking and grappling.
     They traded a few strikes to start the final round, and then Wood took Morton to the ground 90 seconds into the round, pinning him against the cage. Morton tried to get back to his feet, and Wood slapped on a tight standing guillotine. Wood continued to crank, Morton fell to the ground, and Wood nearly ripped his head off, but Morton finally escaped with 2 minutes left in the fight. Wood continued to clinch, he took Morton to the ground again, grabbed his back this time, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission with a minute left on the clock. Sloppy fight, but decent Bellator debut for Nathaniel Wood.
      Mitchell came out throwing leg kicks, Meeks was throwing punches, and then Mitchell took Meeks to the ground 30 seconds into the first round. Meeks was working a high guard, while Mitchell threw some short punches & some decent elbows. Mitchell landed some really hard shots, Meeks tried to scramble back to his feet, and Mitchell nearly knocked out Meeks with a right hand, causing him to crash back toward the fence, with Mitchell on top again. Meeks wrestled his way into top position, ending up inside Mitchell's guard. Mitchell swept him, and continued to pound on him with some heavy shots against the cage. Meeks tried to stand up again, and Mitchell stopped him with a front choke. Mitchell wrapped his way around to the back, locked on a twister, and finished the fight by crazy submission with 30 seconds left in the opening round. Fantastic Bellator debut for Danny Mitchell.
      Grove threw a few jabs, and looked pretty weak & slow to start the first round, until Mulheron dropped him with a punch, and then blasted him with some big punches no the ground, before Grove fought his way back to his feet. Mulheron connected with a few more decent punches on the feet, as Grove's chin wasn't holding up very well in his Bellator return after 3 years out of action. Grove's punches didn't seem to have any effect on the much shorter Mulheron, as Mulheron just ate them all, while blasting Grove with big power shots. Mulheron finished the round beating up an exhausted Grove on the ground with big punches. Round one goes to Mulheron, maybe even 10-8. Grove probably wishes he never would have returned at this point.
     The second round was more of the same, with the short stocky Mulheron, plowing forward while blasting Grove with big punches. Grove cut Mulheron with an elbow, but Mulheron returned fire with several big punches. Grove hit Mulheron with some pretty massive elbows from the clinch, but every time Mulheron would land a punch, Grove looked like he was seconds away from falling asleep. The second round was closer than the first, with Mulheron still plowing forward with punches, and Grove cutting open Mulheron with elbows. I scored that round a draw, but still have Mulheron ahead based on a 10-8 opening round.
     The third round started with Grove throwing some leg kicks that dropped Mulheron 30 seconds into the round. Mulehron popped right back up, clinched, and pressed Grove against the cage again, where he worked him over with some knees to the body. Grove tried to throw a few more elbows, but he wasn't able to keep up with the volume of punches being thrown by Mulheron. In the end I scored the fight 30-27 for Mulheron, but wouldn't be shocked if someone scored it 29-28. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Mulheron with a variety of scorecards.
      Reid came out, threw a few punches, Garcia kicked him a couple of times, and then took him to the ground, landing inside Reid's guard. Reid immediately started looking for an armbar. Garcia punched his way out of that, and then went for a guillotine, while pressing Reid against the cage in the sitting position. Reid eventually stood up, threw a few elbows to the side of Garcia's head, and then Garcia took him down again. Garcia spent the rest of the round beating up Reid with some basic ground & pound. Round one goes to Garcia.
     Garcia took down Reid 30 seconds into the second round, pressed him against the cage, and then Reid stood back up. Garcia took him down again a minute into the round. Garcia spent the rest of the round beating up Reid on the ground, while grinding him with his wrestling. Reid swept him haflway through the round, and landed a few solid punches, but Garcia eventually swept him and finished the round back on top. I have Garcia ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Garcia took Reid to the ground 30 seconds into the third round, following the same gameplan he has had this entire fight, bullying Reid to the ground, and beating him up with short punches. Garcia tried to crank on a guillotine choke 90 seconds into the round, but that just allowed Reid to get back to his feet. Reid moved forward, and then Garcia took him down again. This fight was a very clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Manuel Garcia in his Bellator debut.
(Flying Knee)
      Page started this fight with a fast combination of punches, and then they just kind of circled each other for a minute or so, as Cyborg looked a little confused by what he should do to counter Page's speed. Page rushed in, blasted him with some fast punches again, threw Cyborg to the ground, and then jumped back up immediately. Page threw a flying knee, and Santos blocked it, and clinched, taking Page to the ground 90 seconds into the opening round. Page stood back up, and Cyborg took him down again, this time closer to the center of the cage. They rolled around, and Page went for a kneebar, but Cyborg broke free and got back on top. Cyborg didn't really have any offense, other than smothering Page on the ground. Cyborg slowly passed to side control, but he still wasn't doing any damage. Cyborg spent most of the round on top, but I still scored the fight for Page, based on the punches earlier in the round, and the slick throw he had. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people gave the round to Cyborg based on his wrestling, but he really did zero damage.
     Page threw some wild hopping strikes to start the second round, and Cyborg still looked lost on the feet. Cyborg threw one punch, and missed by several feet. This fight is a VERY slow paced fight, with both guys just hopping around, and avoiding contact, but there is still a bit of hype & excitement in the air, due to the fact that this fight could end at any moment. Page landed a brutal body kick with 90 seconds left in the round, and Page turned up the pressure after that a little bit. Page landed a few more kicks, Cyborg landed a single leg kick, and then Page put him down with a flying knee to the face as Cyborg shot for a takedown. That was a brutal KO, and immediately after the knockout, Page grabbed some gear from his corner, and threw a Poke Ball at Cyborg, as he wanted to add him to his collection. Page is one of the most exciting prospects in MMA.
(D'Arce Choke)
      Carmont started this fight with a few jabs, before shooting for a takedown 45 seconds into the opening round. Klinger tried to roll out of the bottom, but Carmont sucked him back in, staying on top inside Klinger's guard. After a couple minutes of slow paced wrestling, Carmont finally postured up, worked toward a D'Arce choke, and finished the fight by submission with just over a minute left in the first round. Another decent win for Carmont, I just wish I knew who Lukasz Klinger was.
      These guys both came out moving quickly, but they weren't throwing very many strikes or anything. Thompson clipped Mitrione with a decent punch, and then Mitrione attacked him with some wild punch combinations, pressuring him toward the cage, and trying to get the early finish. Mitrione then clinched against the fence. Mitrione hit Thompson with a big knee, rocked him, he followed that up with some heavy punches, chasing Thompson around the cage, and then he hit him with some more knees. Thompson fired back with some heavy punches. We're only 2 minutes into this fight, and it's already a barn burner. That round was an ugly brawl, and Thompson looked like he was already getting gassed halfway through the first round. Crazy fight so far, and I gave that first round to Mitrione.
     The second round was a lot slower, as they traded some single shots, eventually leading to Mitrione clinching against the cage. Mitrione landed a couple of knees from the clinch, backed away, and then punched Thompson in the chin several times, causing him to fall face first to the canvas. Another really solid win by Matt Mitrione, after a pretty solid 2 round war.
      Daley started this fight by throwing a right hand, he moved in, and Lima countered with a big left hand that dropped Daley near the cage. Lima pinned him down in half mount. Lime sort of smothered Daley against the cage, as Daley worked his way back to his feet. They reset 2 minutes into the round. Daley blasted Lima with some big punch combinations, and Lima clipped Daley in the chin with another left hand. They spent the rest of the round trading punches & kicks at a moderate pace. I feel like it was a pretty close round, but since Lima dropped Daley early in the fight, I scored the round for Lima.
      The second round had both guys trading really hard punches & kicks in fairly even exchanges. I was leaning toward Daley for the first 3 minutes, but Lima rocked him with an uppercut, and then spent the rest of the round beating the shit out of Daley. Daley shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, which was a weird strategy for Daley. Lima stuffed it though, and powered Daley to the ground near the cage again. They stood back up, traded some more strikes, and Lima nearly finished Daley in the final 10 seconds by taking him down again, and pounding on his face with big punches. Lima is pretty clearly ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
      Lima looks twice Daley's size, coming out for the final round. Lima is also slowing down significantly though. Daley beat him up for the first 90 seconds of the round, and then Lima took him down again with a single leg. Lima spent the next 2 minutes or so just laying on top of Daley. Daley went for a Kimura with 90 seconds left in the round, but didn't make much progress with it. He was able to sweep Lima for a few seconds, but Lima swept him immediately, finishing out the round back on top. I guess I would have to score this fight 30-27 for Douglas Lima. All 3 judges agreed, giving Lima the unanimous decision victory.