100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Dong Hyun Kim - 93.5
2. Tim Boetsch - 92.9
3. Matt Brown - 92.9
4. Nate Marquardt - 92.7
5. Jason MacDonald - 91.2
6. Rich Franklin - 91.1
7. Dan Henderson - 90.6
8. Michael Patt - 90.6
9. Ryo Chonan - 90.4
10. Roan Carneiro - 90.4
UFC 88: Breakthrough
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Elevation: 1,050'
-Fight of the Night-
Dong Hyun Kim vs. Matt Brown
Fighters & Matches 90.0
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.8
     This was a pretty solid, evenly matched fight. Most of the fight was spent in a Wrestling/Jiu-Jitsu match, where in my opinion, Carneiro controlled more of the Jiu-Jitsu, especially offensive, and Chonan controlled SLIGHTLY more of the wrestling. Considering when Chonan was on top (wrestling), Carneiro was still able to hold his own (Jiu-Jitsu), I gave the fight to Carneiro. In the end, Chonan wins via split-decision. It could have gone either way I guess, but I still think Carneiro should have won.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Hey! We finally got a really good submission on this event (even though it was an undercard fight that was played after the main event on the PPV). The first round consisted of Jason MacDonald taking Lambert to the ground, and Lambert was able to defend the takedown by securing a guillotine choke (a couple of them), which he held onto for most of the first round, and MacDonald was actually saved by the bell at the end of the first round. The second round consisted of MacDonald taking Lambert to the ground again (this time getting in better position), securing the mount, eventually sliding around to Lambert's back, and then MacDonald locked on the rear-naked choke for the submission victory in the second round. Good undercard fight.
      This was a predictable fight. Tim Boetsch squared off against an unknown guy named Michael Patt, and Tim Boetsch beat his ass. It started off with a bit of dancing around the octagon, but Boetsch eventually landed a huge right hand knocking Patt to the ground, and he finished the fight with some heavy ground & pound. Tim Boetsch is fun to watch, but he still is a bit raw & could use some ground training. Overall, this was a decent fight.
      This was a pretty brutal fight. The first round consisted of Kurt Pellegrino beating the living fuck out of Thiago Tavares, taking him to the ground, and eventually opening up multiple cuts on the face of Tavares. The second round was sort of the opposite, with Tavares poking Pellegrino in the eye, then taking him down, and unleashing about a round worth of ground & pound. The third round was back to Pellegrino taking the slight advantage, but they were both very tired, so it wasn't as eventful as the first 2 rounds. In the end, Kurt Pellegrino wins via unanimous decision, bad ass fight. I still think Thiago Tavares tapped out to an armbar in the second round, but eh, whatever.
      This fight was an awesome way to start off the PPV. The first round was a hell of a scrap, with Dong Hyun Kim climbing on Brown's back (while standing) and he spent most of that round on Brown's back, trying to choke him out. Brown showed some decent defense against Kim's submissions, but he never really got the upperhand during the first round. Kim started the second round looking tired, and Brown pretty much beat on him for the entire round, bringing both fighters to 1-1. The last round wasn't quite as eventful, but Kim finished it with a nice takedown, and a huge elbow that cut Brown's face, so I gave the third round to Kim. I gave the entire fight to Kim, 2-1, and the judges agreed, but the announcers & crowd felt Brown should have won. Either way, this was one kick ass fight!
      Finally! Nate Marquardt shows some skills!!! Marquardt usually bores the shit out of me, but he was fuckin' AMAZING in this fight, and he absolutely destroyed a great 185 pound fighter in Martin Kampmann! The fight started, Marquardt threw a head kick, knocking Kampmann to the ground, and followed it up with an INSANE barrage of punches, pinning Kampmann against the cage. At that point, it was just a matter of a few more seconds, while Marquardt continued to destroy Kampmann's face & body with HEAVY & FAST punches, forcing Kampmann to just crumble. Brilliant performance for Nate Marquardt!
      This was a pretty decent fight, but not quite as good as what I was hoping for (probably partially because I wanted Rousimar Palhares to win). Dan Henderson decided to take the Lyoto Machida route, and he just stayed on his feet during most of the fight, and he spent a lot of it running backwards to avoid the takedowns, and he punished Palhares with punches to the head after all of the failed takedowns. Rousimar Palhares locked on a handful of REALLY solid leglocks, but Henderson was able to power out of them, to eventually secure the unanimous decision victory.
(Kick to the Body)
      I was happy with the outcome of this fight, but it's one that I wasn't really THAT excited about. Rich Franklin finally gave up at the 185 weight class, and now he's moved on up to 205. I really don't like Matt Hamill, but he still poses some sort of threat to everyone at 205, simply because you don't really know when he's finally going to step it up to become a better MMA fighter. His striking is getting better, and he's always been an excellent wrestler, I'm just glad that he couldn't quite hang with Rich Franklin's superior striking. After beating up Hamill for most of the first two rounds, Franklin finally ended the fight early in the third round with a hard kick to Hamill's liver, sending him crumbling to the ground like someone just shot him in the stomach. Good fight overall, but I'm mostly glad it's over so I can FINALLY see Chuck Liddell make his return against Rashad Evans.
      God Damn It... So yeah, Chuck Liddell is back after his leg injury, looks fully healed, looks like he should do fine, and after an uneventful first round, Rashad Evans comes out in the second round looking quite pumped, and he blasts Chuck in the jaw with a heavy overhand right, knocking Liddell out instantly. I have to give Rashad some props for knocking out Liddell (obviously), but he still pisses me off with all of his dancing. Either way, Rashad Evans knocks out Chuck Liddell in the second round, BRUTALLY, and uh, I guess I'm starting to lose hope in the idea that Chuck isn't ready for retirement. It was fun while it lasted, but does he really have anything left? (Keep in mind, Chuck has been my favorite fighter for a long time). *sigh*