100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Edson Barboza - 92.7
2. Jason Knight - 92.5
3. Eddie Wineland - 92.4
4. Luis Henrique Barbosa de Oliveir - 92.1
5. Darren Elkins - 92.0
6. Francis Ngannou - 91.8
7. Alex Oliveira - 91.8
8. Felice Herrig - 91.4
9. Valentina Shevchenko - 91.2
10. Kamaru Usman - 90.7
UFC on Fox 20: Holm vs. Shevchenko
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Elevation: 594'
-Fight of the Night-
Darren Elkins vs. Godofredo Castro
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.5
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     These guys circled around each other for a minute, Smoliakov threw some clunky looking punches & strikes, and then Henrique slaughtered him with punches & knees, pressing him against the fence, and making it look like it could be an early night, but Smoliakov recovered in the clinch. Once the clinch broke apart though, Smoliakov already looked exhausted, just 2 minutes into the fight. Smoliakov rushed forward with some punches, and Henrique pressed him against the cage again. Smoliakov threw some hard punches to the body, the clinch split up again, and Smoliakov spit out his mouthpiece. Smoliakov blasted Henrique with an overhand right, Henrique picked him up high in the air, and drumped him to the ground, landing inside Smoliakov's guard. Henrique unloaded with some brutal elbows & punches, and Smoliakov was holding on for dear life. Round one goes to Henrique. This is also the first time Smoliakov has ever had to go past 3:37, and it's already showing by his lack of cardio. Smoliakov's right eye is already 100% swollen shut too.
     Smoliakov started the second round by ducking under a head kick, and blasting Henrique with an overhand right. It seems like that's his go to punch. They clinched, and tried to take each other down, but both showed some decent wrestling defense. They fell to their knees, and Henrique looked like he might work for some sort of front choke, but ended up grabbing Smoliakov's back instead. Henrique landed some big punches while Smoliakov was turtled up. This round was well on it's way to 10-8 for Henrique, but he jumped on Smoliakov's back, locked on a weak looking rear-naked choke, and Smoliakov tapped out immediately. Great performance by Henrique, earning his first UFC win, and terrible debut by the previously undefeated Smoliakov.
      These guys are both known for their grappling, so of course they both came out swinging, with Knight picking apart Alers with his jab & oblique kicks. Alers clipped him with a few decent shots, but for the most part, Knight was looking awfully Donald Cerrone in there with his striking. Knight's right cheek was cut open badly in the first 2 minutes though. Knight yelled "Come for that takedown, you know that's what you want bitch!" Hahaha... I like this guy... Alers finally shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, and he pulled Knight's pants down in the process. Knight got back to his feet, and pulled his pants back up. Knight clearly won the striking, even though he had that BAD cut on his cheek, and Alers had that one takedown which he didn't do anything with, so to earn back that point, Knight shot for an explosive takedown, and then immediately stood up and was like "GET UP BITCH!" Hahaha... Round one definitely goes to Knight, but I hope that cut on his cheek doesn't become a problem.
     Alers knocked down Knight early in the second round, but he popped right back up to his feet again. Alers is working some decent counterpunching, but Knight is clearly pressing the pace in the second round, controlling the center of the cage, and beating up Alers while backing him up toward the cage. Knight's corner said "Keep your hands up!" So Knight raised his hands in the air like "COME ON BITCH!" Nooooo, they mean protect your chin... Knight is beating the shit out of Alers though, and the right eye of Alers is bleeding now. Knight's offensive boxing is on point, and he's destroying that lead leg of Alers too. Alers shot for a takedown with a minute left, and Knight immediately went to his rubber guard, slapped on the gogoplata, but Alers broke free, and landed a punch, and then Knight exploded back to his feet, and ended the round on top of Alers inside his guard. Knight is clearly ahead 2-0 going into the final round. This dude is a killer.
     Alers came out and rocked Knight early in the third round, and then shot for another takedown, this time getting Knight to the ground 15 seconds into the round. Knight blasted him with some elbows from his guard, and then started working his rubber guard again. Knight kicked him off one minute into the round, stood back up, Alers shot for a desperate takedown, and Knight started working for top position, but they scrambled back to their feet. Knight continued to chew up Alers on the feet with his boxing & his leg kicks. Knight threw a sloppy punch, and Alers took him to the ground, landing in side control with 2 minutes left in the round. Knight quickly went back to mission control, and started working some short punches. Knight got back to his feet with a minute left in the fight, and Alers rocked the shit out of him with a big punch, but Knight kept coming forward. Knight shot for a takedown, and grabbed the back of Alers in the clinch to finish the round. I scored that fight 30-27 for Knight, but would expect most judges to score it 29-28. I'll be pissed if anyone gives it to Alers though. The fight went to a split-decision, and two judges gave the fight to Knight. That fight will almost definitely be the fight of the night. CRAZY fight overall, and a fantastic win for Jason Knight as he earns his first win inside the octagon.
      A few strikes were exchanged, and then Oliveira shot for a takedown, lifted Moontasri into the sky, tried to dump him, and Moontasri magically landed back on his feet. Fantastic takedown defense by Moontasri. Oliveira went for a hip toss, and still couldn't get Moontasri down. Moontasri took control of the clinch, and then took a brutal knee to the groin, dropping immediately. It looked like the fight might be stopped, but Moontasri recovered. They traded a few strikes, and Oliveira pressed him against the cage again. Moontasri spun him around and took control of the clinch. Moontasri threw some short elbows from the clinch, and Oliveira continued to look for takedowns, but Moontasri is still showing outstanding takedown defense. They traded some hard elbows, a few knees, and the round ended with Oliveira throwing a few short uppercuts inside the clinch. Round one probably goes to Oliveira, but he needs to be careful with those groin shots.
     Oliveira started the second round by moving forward, he got clipped by some hard shots, and then pressed Moontasri against the cage again. Moontasri spun him around again. Oliveira spun them back around so he was in control again. Oliveira hit him with a big knee to the body, and continued to press him against the cage. Oliveira FINALLY secured a takedown halfway through the second round. Moontasri tried to stand up, and Oliveira used that moment to pass to full mount. Oliveira is clearly looking to take his back, and Moontasri looks a little lost on the ground. Oliveira is landing some decent punches, but for the most part, he's just smothering Moontasri. With a minute left in the round, Oliveira finally started landing some brutal ground & pound, some massive punches, both to the head & the body, making loud "meat getting hit by a baseball bat" sounds. Moontasri finally got back to his feet with 20 seconds left in the round, but Oliveira continued to beat him up in the clinch. Oliveira is more than likely ahead 2-0 going into the final round, and that second round MIGHT have been a 10-8 round for Oliveira.
     They bounched around for a few seconds to start the final round, Moontasri blasted Oliveira with a spinning backfist, and then they traded some wild punches, before Oliveira took Moontasri to the ground again. He spent the rest of the round beating up Moontasri with big punches to the body, but he wasn't really doing a lot. He was clearly 100% in control though. The problem here is, Moontasri should really drop back down to 155, because he's just getting overpowered by the much larger Oliveira. Fantastic performance by Oliveira, but Moontasri seriously needs to drop down a weight class. All 3 judges give the fight to Oliveira, obviously.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Prazeres took down Cottrell, but couldn't keep him down. Prazeres took him down again, there was a wild scramble, Prazeres locked on a tight omoplata, and it looked like he might literally rip his arm off at the shoulder. Cottrell eventually rolled out of it, Prazeres transitioned to an armbar, and then just ended up on top in half mount. Prazeres passed to full mount, Cottrell almost gave up his back, but used that to regain half guard. Prazeres passed to side control, and sort of dabbled with a north-south choke, but ended up just finishing the round in side control instead. Round one goes to Prazeres.
     Prazeres started the second round with a brutal leg kick, he ducked under a punch, and took Cottrell to the ground again. Cottrell tried to get back to his feet, and Prazeres yanked him back down with a back clinch. Cottrell ended up back on his feet one minute into the round. Cottrell threw another punch, Prazeres ducked under it, and took him down again, this time grabbing back control. Cottrell stood back up, and Prazeres continued to clinch with him against the cage. They reset in the center of the cage halfway through the round. Cottrell whiffed with another punch, Prazeres ducked under it, and took him down again. Have we learned our lesson yet Cottrell? Nope... They stood back up, Prazeres ducked under some more punches, and continued to take Cottrell to the ground. Prazeres is clearly ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     It's worth noting that Cottrell is making his UFC debut on 12 days notice here. With that being said, they both look pretty exhausted at the start of the final round. Prazeres spent the first half of the final round grinding down Cottrell some more against the cage. Cottrell then pointed out that he didn't have a mouthpiece, but the referee didn't seem to notice. Prazeres spent the last half of the round slowly picking apart Cottrell with punches. I scored this fight 30-27 for Prazeres, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      This entire fight basically had Usman taking Yakovlev down against the cage, grinding him into the ground, whenever Yakovlev would try to stand up, Usman would just suck him back down like quicksand, and Yakovlev even lost a point in the first round due to grabbing the fence too many times. By the end of the round, Usman was in full mount, beating the shit out of Yakovlev with punches & elbows. It wasn't a very fun fight to watch since it was about 95% lay & pray on the part of Usman, but in the end, I still scored the fight 30-26 for Usman, if not 30-25, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the very clear unanimous decision victory, 30-25 across the board.
      Pepe threw some wild strikes to start the fight, Elkins took him down, Castro swept him with a Kimura attempt, and moved to full mount. There was a wild scramble, and Pepe punched Elkins in the face. Elkins went for a heel hook, and used that to stand back up, but Elkins already has blood covering his face. Elkins took Pepe down, and beat him up with some big punches from inside his guard. Elkins continued to control Pepe for most of the round, but Pepe put him in some danger with multiple Kimura attempts. Round one goes to Elkins, but it was a pretty back & forth scrap.
     The second round started with both guys throwing wild fire at each other, and Elkins nearly took Pepe's head off with an illegal soccer kick, but he missed it by inches. They went into a crazy leg lock battle, and Pepe blasted Elkins with some hard elbows. They continued to battle with some crazy shit on the ground, and then Pepe blasted Elkins with a brutal illegal knee on the ground, so the referee took a point from Pepe. They continued to wildly attack each other, Elkins ended up on top inside Pepe's guard, and Elkins beat him up with some big punches, while Pepe was firing back with elbows & punches from the bottom. Crazy ass round, but I'm going to have to score that one 10-8 for Elkins. This fight has to be all over the place on the scorecards, since both rounds were super close, and Pepe lost that extra point in the second round due to that knee. I still wish they would make those legal though.
     The third round started with Elkins landing some decent strikes, and then Pepe pulled guard, where he blasted Elkins with some brutal elbows from the bottom again. Elkins continued to pound on Pepe on the ground with some decent punches, but this has been a grueling fight so far, with both guys throwing all kinds of wild shit, while scrambling around on the ground. In the end, I'm scoring this fight 30-26 for Elkins, but I won't be surprised if someone scores the fight a draw or something, but I expect Elkins to AT THE VERY LEAST, win by split-decision. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Elkins by unanimous decision.
      The first round mostly had both guys trading strikes, with Wineland picking apart Sanez on the feet, and he even rocked him at one point, but Saenz took him down with 90 seconds left in the round, landing inside Wineland's guard. There was a scramble, Saenz took Wineland's back, and the round ended. Pretty crazy round, I thought Wineland won the standup, but Saenz won the ground stuff, so... Could go either way really. I'm scoring it for Wineland based on damage done from strikes, but you know how judges can be with takedowns sometimes.
     The second round started with Saenz kicking Wineland with a direct shot to the dick, causing him to walk around like a wounded cowboy. When the fight started back up, they continued to trade strikes, with Wineland landing far more powerful shots, and with more volume as well. I feel like Frankie Saenz is basically Bryan Caraway with a darker beard. He should be taking this fight to the ground, and for some reason, he isn't. With that being said, I have Wineland ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but it could potentially be all tied up.
     They continued to trade with each other during the third round, until Wineland dropped Saenz with a massive punch, Saenz somehow recovered, tried to stand up, and Wineland unloaded on him, basically knocking him out on his feet. The referee had to step in to stop the fight as Saenz was clearly out of it, as he was just standing by the cage getting h is face caved in with punches. Fantastic win for Eddie Wineland, and a much needed win as well, against a really tough opponent.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These girls traded some decent strikes to start the first round, Curran got a little careless, and Herrig wrapped her up, and took her to the ground 90 seconds into the round. Herrig quickly took her back, locked on a rear-naked choke, Curran did a decent job trying to fight it off, but she wasn't making any real progress, so she eventually had to tapout. Great submission victory for Herrig after 15+ months out of the octagon, and a really disappointing third loss in a row for Curran.
      Ngannou is a massive heavyweight, and Mihajlovic looks like he should drop down to 205, because he looks a bit tubby, and he's way shorter than Ngannou. Ngannou let Mihajlovic dance around for 90 seconds or so, before he decided to go in for the kill. Ngannou knocked him down with some hard punches, and then he unloaded with some brutal punches on the ground, smashing Mihajlovic's face in until the referee stopped the fight. Nice quick win for Ngannou, against a dude I've never heard of.
      This fight is fucking intense... The first round basically had Barboza beating the shit out of Melendez with his brutal kicks to the lead leg & body. The second round was more of the same, but Melendez nearly finished Barboza with his boxing, rocking the shit out of him, but by the end of the round, Barboza took down Melendez, and beat the shit out of him with some massive punches. I have Barboza ahead 2-0 going into the final round. The final round was another round full of Barboza chewing up Melendez's lead leg, to the point where Melendez spent the duration of that last round hopping around on one leg, while trying to work his boxing, and that clearly wasn't getting him anywhere. That was a strong 30-27 victory for Barboza in my opinion, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory, but Melendez is tough for refusing to quit, even though his lead leg was about to fall off. Great fight overall.
      This fight started slow, with Shevchenko landing a couple of decent counter punches, but Holm put her on her ass with a massive right hand, and then followed up with a few more strikes before Shevchenko stood back up. They clinched, Shevchenko took down Holm, and Holm powered out of it, ending up back on her feet, in control of the clinch, pressing Shevchenko against the cage. Holm landed some hard knees to the body & thighs of Shevchenko to finish out the round. I scored the first round for Holly Holm.
      The second round started slow again, they threw a few feints, and then Shevchenko tried to clinch 2 minutes into the round, but Holm powered her back up against the fence again. The rest of the round was spent with Shevchenko countering Holm's attacks with single shots, and she also landed some decent leg kicks, but she stumbled near the end of the round that made it look like she was rocked, so that round COULD go to Holm, but I scored it for Shevchenko, and have it all tied up going into the third round.
      The third round was more of the same, with Shevchenko showing off her lightning fast reflexes, countering most of Holm's attacks, and she even cut Holly's right eye, and took her down twice. Holm powered her way back to her feet once, but got taken down again pretty quickly in the clinch. Shevchenko had half mount, and basically just pressured Holm near the fence, but wasn't doing a ton of damage, but that cut on Holm's eye looks like it could be kind of bad. Shevchenko postured up, and landed some short elbows, and Holm basically just had to try to tie her up to wait for the bell. I have Shevchenko ahead 2-1 going into the fourth round, and they also pointed out that the cut on Holm's eye is from a headbutt.
      The fourth round was more of the same, with Shevchenko basically picking apart Holm, with her excellent counters. Shevchenko shot for one single leg takedown, but Holm easily slipped out of it. Holm is clearly the more aggressive fighter, but whenever she moves in to attack, she gets hit with crisp counters. I have Shevchenko ahead 3-1 going into the final round. The final round was more of the same, but Holm was more aggressive this time, clearly knowing that she was behind on the scorecards, but she still didn't have that killer instinct. She basically just stood there, afraid that the smaller Shevchenko was going to beat her up. Two losses in a row for Holm? Not good... Great huge win for Shevchenko though, and I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes next. If it wasn't for her counterstriking though, I'm not sure how much ass she could kick, considering she had zero offense in this fight outside of counters. Holm is the same way though.