100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Tyron Woodley - 94.2
2. Jake Ellenberger - 92.9
3. Nikita Krylov - 92.9
4. Damien Brown - 92.2
5. Wilson Reis - 92.0
6. Karolina Kowalkiewicz - 91.8
7. Erik Perez - 91.6
8. Anthony Hamilton - 91.3
9. Jorge Masvidal - 90.8
10. Ryan Benoit - 90.4
UFC 201: Lawler vs. Woodley
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Elevation: 1,050'
-Fight of the Night-
Tyron Woodley vs. Robbie Lawler
Fighters & Matches 89.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.0
TOTAL 90.8
     Arzamendia threw a lot of knees to start this fight. Brown dropped him with a massive right hand, and then unloaded with some big punches on the ground from half mount. Arzamendia rolled for a leg lock, cranked on a heel hook, there was a wild scramble, and they stood back up. Arzamendia blasted Brown with a massive left hand, and they continued to circle each other. Brown then blasted Arzamendia with some more punches, knocked him to the ground, and Arzamendia went out. Fantastic first round KO victory for Damien Brown as he earns his first UFC win.
      The first round was a close round of striking & clinching, with neither fighter taking a clear lead. The second round started with Graves taking Velickovic to the ground, he grabbed his back early in the round, but Velickovic escaped, but only to his guard, as Graves continued to wrestle the shit out of him. Graves took his back, and continued to work for a rear-naked choke, but Velickovic showed some solid submission defense, avoiding the choke for several minutes until the end of the round. Great round for Graves. So I have Graves ahead, 1-0, going into the final round.
     Velickovic took Graves to the ground, and took his back early in the second round, but Graves quickly spun around, ending up on top in half mount. Velickovic was looking for a Kimura, but Graves took his back, and continued to work for the same choke he was going for in the first round. Velickovic scrambled back to his feet halfway through the round. Graves shot for a single leg, but it was stuffed against the cage. The first round was close, the final round was close, and the second round was 100% Graves, so based on that logic, Graves won this fight, and I'll be giving him the victory points for it. On the official scorecards though, two judges scored it a draw, and one judge scored the fight 30-27 for Graves, so... There you have it... Majority Draw, but Graves clearly won that fight in my opinion.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Reis was supposed to fight for the title tonight, but Demetrious Johnson was injured, so they threw Reis down on the undercard against some no-name dude on short notice. Sandoval came out, blasted Reis with some big punches, it looked like he had him rocked, but Reis took him down with an explosive double leg, grabbed his back, went for a rear-naked choke, Sandoval stood up out of it, threw Reis to the ground, got on top, there was a scramble, and Reis took Sandoval down again with a trip from the clinch. He took his back, flattened him out, and finished the fight in under 2 minutes with a rear-naked choke. Solid finish for Wilson Reis, but I'm still not sure why he was scheduled to fight for the title tonight. Demetrious Johnson would maul this guy. I barely even have Reis ranked in the Top 10. (I had him ranked as the #10 Flyweight going into this fight) As for Sandoval, I'd be interested in him fighting someone outside of the Top 10. I wish Chico Camus was still in the UFC for guys like this.
      Grabowski started this fight with a swing & a miss. Hamilton then came at him full force, swinging massive punches, blasting Grabowski in the head repeatedly, putting him down against the cage, clearly unconscious. Fantastic 14 second KO victory for Anthony Hamilton. Grabowski's stock is dropping rapidly in the UFC at this point. Great performance by Hamilton though.
      These guys traded strikes at a pretty decent pace for the first half of the opening round. Pearson caught a couple of kicks, and threw Masvidal to the ground twice. They stood back up, clinched, and Masvidal blasted Pearson with some hard knees from the clinch. Pearson showed some nice head movement, and blasted Masvidal with some decent shots before the end of the round. I don't really know who won that round to be honest, it was a good competitive round for both fighters.
     Pearson landed some hard leg kicks in the second round, and threw some nice punch combinations. Masvidal was mostly work his jab, until he knocked Pearson on his ass with a big punch. Masvidal then pounced on him and pretty much mauled him with ground & pound, as the referee was hovering above them, very close to stopping the fight, Masvidal picked him up and threw him to the ground like a ragdoll, but Pearson recovered, and got back to his feet 90 seconds into the round. Pearson landed some good strikes, but Masvidal knocked him down again with a kick to the body that basically just knocked him off balance. With 90 seconds left in the round, Pearson threw Masvidal to the ground, but let him stand back up. By the end of the round, it looked like Pearson thought the fight was over, and might have been a bit confused. Round 2 clearly goes to Masvidal. The first round I'm still not sure about, but Joe Rogan seems to think Masvidal won that one pretty clearly as well.
     They continued to box with each other to start the final round, and it looked like Pearson clipped Masvidal with some decent punches. He also blasted Masvidal with some hard inside leg kicks, causing a welt to form on the inside of Masvidal's leg. Pearson landed a hard left hook, Masvidal landed a hard knee, and they continued to trade at a decent pace until the end of the round. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if Pearson won this fight 29-28, but more than likely Masvidal will win this fight, based mostly on his performance in the second round. All 3 judges gave the fight to Masvidal for the unanimous decision. That's two losses in one month for Ross Pearson, as he just lost to Will Brooks 3 weeks ago.
(Head Kick)
      Krylov spent the first round chewing up Herman with hard kicks, and some fast punch combinations. They clinched a minute into the round, with Krylov pressing Herman against the fence, but that didn't really go anywhere. They split up, and Krylov continued to pick apart Herman with his rangey strikes. Herman landed some nice punches, and then took Krylov to the ground, landing inside his guard. Krylov threw Herman off of him, stood back up, and then destroyed Herman with some punches, kicks & knees against the fence. Herman was looking seriously hurt in the final 90 seconds of the round. He tried to lash out with some strikes, but Krylov was beating him up at a pretty good pace. Round one clearly goes to Krylov. The second round started with a few exchanges, and then Krylov balsted Herman with a spinning backfist, Herman returned fire with some punches and a knee, and then Krylov kicked Herman in the head, and he face planted, 100% unconscious. I love this dude! Krylov is the #2 Light Heavyweight in the world right now in my opinion. I still need to see him fight some higher level competition, but nobody else at 205 has a 5-Fight winning streak right now, other than Jon Jones and Liam McGeary over in Bellator. I'm not saying I want to see him fight for a title necessarily, but I WOULD like to see him fight someone like Ilir Latifi, or Misha Cirkunov next.
      Benoit dropped Serrano early with a hard leg kick, but Serrano countered with a massive right hand, followed by a hard kick to the body, Benoit tried to return fire with a kick, Serrano caught it, lifted Benoit into the sky, and slammed the shit out of him. Benoit was able to scramble his way back to his feet just 90 seconds into the round. Benoit dropped Serrano with a big punch, but Serrano recovered immediately, and slammed Benoit to the ground again. They eventually scrambled back to their feet, traded some wild punches from the clinch distance, and then split up again. Things slowed down quite a bit in the final 90 seconds. That was a really back & forth round, but I scored it for Serrano, based mostly on his big slams. Benoit has the slight striking advantage though, so that round could go either way. Benoit landed a big punch well after the round ended, and Serrano pushed Benoit. This fight is about to get crazy.
     They traded a few strikes in the second round, Serrano shot for a takedown, Benoit stopped him with a guillotine attempt, Serrano escaped, threw an axe kick (he's been throwing a lot of those), and then Serrano shot for another takedown, Benoit stopped him with another guillotine, and Serrano slammed the living shit out of him. They stood back up, Serrano had a cut on his forehead from the slam (hit his own head on the canvas), and Serrano continued to look for takedowns, but Benoit was doing a decent job stuffing most of the shots, but when Serrano WAS able to take him down, those exchanges generally involved brutal slams. Serrano shot for another takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, and slammed Benoit again. I feel like Serrano has the VERY CLEAR lead in the wrestling, and Benoit has a "slight" lead in the striking. So for that reason, I have Serrano ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. He CLEARLY won the second round at least.
     Serrano shot in for a takedown immediately to start the final round, driving Benoit to the ground quickly. He wasn't doing much damage on the ground, but he was clearly dominating Benoit on the ground with his wrestling. The referee stood them up 90 seconds into the round due to inactivity. Serrano immediately shot for the ugliest takedown I've ever seen, and he ran headfirst into Benoit's knee. Benoit then ended up on top, tried to take Serrano's back, and then they reset back on the feet again. Serrano looked like he was almost trying to pull guard or some shit, as he just sat down for no reason. Serrano's striking is getting SUPER sloppy at the halfway mark of the final round. Serrano shot for another sloppy takedown, and literally shot THROUGH the legs of Benoit, as Benoit just stood with his legs wide apart, like... "What are you doin' bro?" Serrano continued to drive until he exited out from behind Serrano's body. This fight basically came to a screeching halt by the last half of that final round. Ugly stuff. It's worth noting that Benoit took this fight on short notice. With that being said, I think Serrano pretty clearly won this fight, at least 29-28, if not 30-27. The judges were split, with two judges scoring the fight for Benoit. So... I think that was kind of a bad decision, but it was super close, so I'm fine with that. Congrats to Benoit for getting a decent win on just 10 days notice. Serrano's wrestling is on point, but he really needs to flesh out some submission skills, or some ground & pound or something.
      This fight started kind of slow with both guys trading some punches & kicks, but not at a very fast pace. Mostly single shots going both ways, one for one. Perez sort of scored a takedown in the final 90 seconds, but Rivera stood back up immediately in the clinch. Not a great round, but I'd probably score it for Perez I guess? He also landed some nice knees at the end of the round that helped sway my opinion in his favor.
     Perez dropped Rivera with an inside leg kick early in the second round. They continued to trade strikes at a moderate pace, going back & forth with punches & kicks. Rivera's head was bleeding all over the place from a spinning elbow to the ride side of his skull. Perez continued to chip away at Rivera for the rest of the round. Perez is more than likely ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     They came out for the final round, and agreed to brawl, and Rivera dropped Perez a couple of times with some wild punches, but Rivera was throwing so hard that he eventually knocked himself to the ground, 100% exhausted, and that was only 30 seconds into the round. Perez took him down with 4+ minutes to work on the ground. Perez beat up Rivera on the ground with some short punches & elbows for the rest of the round. Great win for Perez, 30-27 across the board.
(Kick to the Body & Punches)
      Ellenberger dropped Brown with a MASSIVE right hand to start the fight, nearly finishing him in under 10 seconds. WHAT!?! Brown sort of recovered, tried to get back to his feet, Ellenberger continued to unload on him, and then Brown threw Ellenberger to the ground. Ellenberger dropped Brown with a kick to the body, and then pounded on his head with massive hammerfists to the back of the head, forcing the referee to stop the fight. That was a FANTASTIC performance by Jake Ellenberger, shoving a giant bar of soap into all of the mouths that have been talking shit about how he's done at this point. With that being said though, Brown looked like shit in this fight. I'm a huge Matt Brown fan, but damn man, Ellenberger just beat the fuck out of him. Tons of illegal shots to the back of the head at the end of the round there, but Brown was clearly done before any of those punches anyway due to the liver shot. That has to be one of the biggest wins in Ellenberger's career, and one of the most disappointing moments in Brown's career.
      Kowalkiewicz spent most of the first round coming forward, clearly looking more aggressive, but Namajunas was blasting her with some really clean counter boxing. Namajunas threw a leg kick, and knocked herself down, which might not do her any favors on the scorecards. They continued to trade at a pretty aggressive level in the final 2 minutes of the round. Namajunas clipped Kowalkiewicz with a punch to the chin that had her rocked for a second. Rose landed a few more hard leg kicks, and continued to work her clean counter boxing. Kowalkiewicz opened up with an aggressive flurry of knees & elbows from the clinch, and then Rose took her down to finish out the round, landing some elbows on the ground. That round was super close, but I still scored it slightly for Namajunas.
     Namajunas landed some clean strikes to start the second round, and then Kowalkiewicz unloaded some more brutality from the clinch, blasting Namajunas with some hard shots from the clinch. Namajunas had her pressed against the cage, but Kowalkiewicz was dishing out far more damage with those strikes. Namajunas should probably stay out of the clinch. As soon as I said that though, Namajunas started working to take Kowalkiewicz's back, BUT, Kowalkiewicz was able to strike her way out of that. They reset in the center, and Namajunas landed some crisp punches, while Kowalkiewicz fired back with some kicks & punches of her own. Namajunas shot for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, and that just lead her back into the clinch, where Kowalkiewicz continued to beat her up with knees. Kowalkiewicz rocked Namajunas with a big punch with 90 seconds left in the round. Namajunas looks exhausted, as Kowalkiewicz clearly won that round. I have this fight all tied up going into the third round, but it could be 2-0 for Kowalkiewicz.
     Kowalkiewicz continued to come forward in the final round, landing some more knees from the clinch, and some aggressive punches & kicks. Namajunas was still doing a decent job working her counters, but at this point, I feel like Kowalkiewicz is running away with the fight. Kowalkiewicz then took Namajunas to the ground halfway through the round, but Namajunas went for an armbar, but Kowalkiewicz punched her way out of it. Namajunas landed some decent upkicks, and went for a few more submissions, but in the end, I think Kowalkiewicz deserved to win this fight, at least 29-28. (And for the record, I WANTED Namajunas to win) The judges were split for some reason, but two of them agreed, and gave the fight to Kowalkiewicz by split-decision, which earns her a shot at the title. With that being said though, Jedrzejczyk will destroy this girl (more than likely). She slowed down significantly in the third round, and Namajunas wasn't even pressuring her, so I think that Jedrzejczyk will destroy her in the later rounds.
      Nothing happened in the first minute of the round, until Woodley threw some big punches, connecting with one good one, following that up with a clinch against the cage. The referee split them up quickly, and reset them in the center of the cage. They circled around each other for another minute or so, Woodley blasted Lawler with a massive right hand, Lawler went down, and then Woodley finished him with some brutal punches on the ground. That was the best win of Woodley's career, obviously, since he just became the UFC Welterweight Champion, by taking out ROBBIE LAWLER in the first round. This has been an insane night of fights, with some massive upsets. Great night for Woodley, and a terrible night for Lawler.