100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Thales Leites - 93.2
2. Sean Sherk - 93.0
3. Thiago Alves - 92.0
4. Anderson Silva - 90.8
5. Junior dos Santos - 90.8
6. Gray Maynard - 90.8
7. Spencer Fisher - 90.3
8. Josh Koscheck - 90.2
9. Tyson Griffin - 90.2
10. Hermes Franca - 90.1
UFC 90: Silva vs. Cote
Location: Rosemont, Illinois
Elevation: 638'
-Fight of the Night-
Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.1
TOTAL 90.2
     This was a decent fight, with Burkman looking strong in the first round, with some solid striking & nice grappling skills, but the next two rounds were all about Sell punching Burkman, and he finished the third round holding onto a tight guillotine choke that probably would have finished Burkman if he wasn't saved by the bell. So yeah, Pete Sell looked pretty good in this fight, especially later in the fight, so he walks away with the unanimous decision victory.
      The teacher (Aurelio) vs. the student (Franca), this was a pretty good fight. Both guys are Jiu-Jitsu masters, but instead of grappling at all, Franca basically just chopped Aurelio in half with leg kicks for the entire fight, until eventually it fell into the hands of the judges, and he won via unanimous decision. There was some pretty awkward tension going on in this fight, but it was pretty fun to watch, so it was worth it.
      This was a pretty close fight. Dan Miller I think won the fight, by taking the fight to the ground in the first & third rounds, and beating up Horwich. BUT! The second round was 100% Horwich, unleashing some badass Jiu-Jitsu on Miller, locked on several rear-naked chokes, and absolutely dominating him, so if the fight would have been declared a draw due to a 10-8 round, I wouldn't have complained. But yeah, congrats to Miller for winning two rounds.
(Triangle Choke)
      That was kind of a crazy fight, with an awkward ending. Spencer Fisher DESTROYED Gugerty in the first round, with strikes, cutting his head open BADLY, to the point where the doctor almost stopped the fight. The second round was VERY close, Spencer slowed down, Gugerty picked up the pace. The third round, Spencer beat him up some more, and then locked on a triangle choke pretty early in the round, had it LOCKED ON, and held it for a couple of minutes, and didn't seem to know how to actually finish it, because even though he was trapped, Gugerty kept giving the thumbs up, so apparently he wasn't in much danger. It wasn't until Fisher finally started throwing some elbows, that Gugerty eventually tapped to the triangle. Good fight overall, but it should never take someone THAT long to finish with a triangle choke.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      McFedries landed a hard punch, knocking Leites a bit loopy, but he recovered, and was able to take McFedries to the ground with a slam. Once they were on the ground, it was over, because Leites transitioned to McFedries back instantly, locked on the rear-naked choke, and the fight was over. Thales Leites is a Jiu-Jitsu monster.
      This was an awesome fight, between 2 evenly matched wrestlers. Sean Sherk has been one of my favorite fighters ever since Pride Bushido 2 (which was actually the first Pride event I ever watched). The only problem with Sherk is, he's so short that he generally gets picked apart on the feet by taller fighters, leaving his wrestling as his only offense. Well, against Tyson Griffin who is the exact same height, Sherk was able to whip the shit out of him with FAST punch combinations, and after a brutal 3 round war, where both guys threw everything they had at each other, Sean Sherk walked away with the unanimous decision, which I agreed with.
      I have no idea who this Junior guy is, but he knocked Werdum the fuck out. What does this mean? I'm not 100% sure. Fabricio Werdum was one of the guys at the top of the UFC Heavyweight Division, meaning that Santos knocking him out in under 2 minutes should put Santos in the Top 10, right? Maybe not, but either way, Santos looked impressive with his hard uppercut KO of Fabricio Werdum in the first round.
      This was a good fight, even though the crowd was booing the entire time. It basically consisted of both guys standing for the majority of the first round, and Maynard capped it off with a takedown. The last 2 rounds were basically all Maynard slamming Clementi & controlling him on the ground. Clementi's Jiu-Jitsu skills were able to prevent him from falling apart on the ground, but Maynard was the obvious winner of this one, and the judges agreed unanimously.
      Wow. Josh Koscheck got knocked the fuck out in the first round, but somehow recovered. Koscheck also lost both of his legs due to leg kicks in the third round, but he still kept fighting. Koscheck has an INSANE amount of heart, but ultimately, without being able to take Alves to the ground AT ALL during the fight, Thiago Alves won the fight due to unanimous decision, by dominating Koscheck on the feet.
(Knee Injury)
      Well then. Patrick Cote basically chased Silva the entire time, and I actually thought he had a good chance of winning because Silva looked too timid. Ultimately, I gave the first 2 rounds to Silva due to landing better strikes (knees & stuff), but Cote was REALLY hanging in there, and took Silva further than anybody else has to date. The unfortunate ending happened early in the third round, when Cote was stepping forward, and then randomly fell down because his knee blew out. So, Anderson Silva wins via TKO, but the crowd was booing, and it was a pretty terrible way to end the card. Granted, I fully understand, but it's still not a great finale.