100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Quinton Jackson - 92.6
2. Antoni Hardonk - 92.5
3. Frank Mir - 91.9
4. Yushin Okami - 91.1
5. Cheick Kongo - 91.0
6. Brad Blackburn - 90.9
7. C.B. Dollaway - 90.7
8. Rashad Evans - 90.4
9. Mike Wessel - 90.2
10. Wanderlei Silva - 90.2
UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 90.5
(Leg Kicks)
     This fight was ridiculous, mostly because Dan Evensen is ridiculous. I've never seen Pat Barry fight before, but he sort of has that Mirko Cro-Cop style, which is pretty cool. He kicked the shit out of Evensen's leg, forcing Evensen to give up (due to leg kicks), only 2 or 3. This fight was ridiculous, but I'm looking forward to seeing Barry fight somebody other than Evensen in the future.
      This was a pretty good fight overall, with both guys taking the kickboxing route for the entire 15 minutes. I thought Blackburn clearly won the first round, I gave him the second round as well, and the third round went to Chonan. All 3 judges agreed with that decision, so congrats to Blackburn for a pretty hard fought decision. Chonan really looked good in that third round though.
      I don't like either of these guys. Matt Hamill wins by beating up Reese Andy on the ground in the corner. Why did Reese Andy curl up in a ball? I'm not sure. Matt Hamill wins in the second round.
      This was a pretty solid heavyweight fight. Antoni Hardonk has been working his way up the heavyweight ladder as of late, and Wessel made his UFC debut tonight. Wessel started strong, knocking Hardonk to the ground with an accidental headbutt, and then he unloaded some decent ground & pound, but once the fight got back to it's feet, Hardonk proved to be the better technical striker, stealing that round away from Wessel. The second round looked like it'd be more of the same, until Hardonk got the full mount, started raining down elbows & punches, and the referee was forced to stop the fight. Pretty great win by Antoni Hardonk.
      This fight should have been a lot better than it was. Lister has crazy submission skills, but he spent the entire fight trying to pull guard, and shooting for HORRIBLY sloppy takedowns. Okami on the other hand, his wrestling was way too strong, and he beat up Lister with basic boxing skills. So in the end, Okami dominated all 3 rounds, and Lister spent the entire fight looking like an amateur. Sort of a shitty fight, but congrats to Okami for a respectable win.
(Elbows & Punches)
      This was the debut of Mostapha Al Turk in the UFC, and I sort of had high hopes for him, even though I had never seen him fight in any other organizations either. He came out looking decent, pretty much nullifying Kongo's striking, by staying close, but after both fighters hit each other in the nuts with their knees, Kongo got pissed and attacked Al Turk, brutally beating him into a bloody pulp. Kongo wins via TKO near the end of the first round.
      After getting knocked the fuck out by Silva twice in Pride, Jackson wanted to give it one last shot in the UFC, to see if he could sort of avenge those losses, and he definitely did so, by knocking Silva out in the first round with a huge uppercut to the jaw. I'm kind of happy that Rampage won, because he really needed this victory in my opinion, BUT, I have to admit that I was cheering for Silva. So eh, whatever. Good fight though, nice & quick.
      This was another grudge match, between two guys that I don't really care about. Mike Massenzio seemed like an interesting fighter from the submission perspective, but CB Dollaway defeated him in college, and he defeated him in the octagon again. CB Dollaway wins by mounting Massenzio's back, and punching him in the head, ending the fight via TKO.
      Fuck yeah! Frank Mir is my boy! I've been pretty upset with Mir lately, because he really looked bad when he made his "comeback" to the UFC, but after watching him take out Lesnar, and now literally destroy Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Frank Mir is back, and definitely a contender for #1 in the world now. This was a great performance by Mir, which is good, but Nogueira's performance was VERY poor, so hopefully Mir really is as good as he looked tonight.
      DAMN IT! I wanted Forrest to win, I can't stand Rashad. The first 2 rounds consisted of a pretty even fight, but I gave both rounds to Griffin. The third round went to Rashad, because he knocked out Forrest Griffin with some brutal ground & pound. Congratulations to Rashad Evans for becoming the new Light Heavyweight champion, but it still sucks seeing Forrest lose to a dancing machine.