100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Rousimar Palhares - 94.0
2. Tomasz Drwal - 92.8
3. Eric Schafer - 91.6
4. Dennis Siver - 91.3
5. Denis Kang - 90.6
6. Martin Kampmann - 90.3
7. Dan Henderson - 90.0
8. Alan Belcher - 89.6
9. John Hathaway - 89.4
10. Rich Franklin - 89.4
UFC 93: Franklin vs. Henderson
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Elevation: 20'
-Fight of the Night-
Rousimar Palhares vs. Jeremy Horn
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 90.9
TOTAL 90.1
(Spinning Back Kick & Punches)
     This was a pretty good fight, with the first two rounds looking really close. Dennis Siver seemed to have the more powerful striking, and was definitely more aggressive, moving forward for the most part, except for in the first round when Mohr took him to the ground and kind of held him there. Luckily, to avoid any confusion, Siver landed a beautiful spinning back kick in the third round, knocking Mohr on his ass, where Siver was able to finish him with punches. Solid performance by Dennis Siver.
      Wow, that was interesting. Both guys came out swinging, Serati looked stiff but strong, and Drwal seemed to have slightly better technique, eventually rocking Serati against the cage, knocking him down, and he finished him off with a series of hammerfists that knocked him temporarily unconscious. Awesome win for Tomasz Drwal.
      That was interesting. Schafer couldn't take Mendes down by going forward, so he pulled guard, and then once they hit the ground, he immediately transitioned into top position, where he was able to beat the living shit out of Mendes with his fists, until eventually the referee was forced to stop the fight. This was a pretty one-sided ass kicking, and a good win for Schafer.
      This fight started with Barros kicking Kampmann square in the balls, so there was a 5 minute pause, while Kampmann waited for his balls to drop again. After the fight restarted, Barros was able to take Kampmann to the ground, and after escaping a guillotine choke, he got on Kampmann's back. Barros wins the first round. The second round consisted of Kampmann taking Barros to the ground, and beating the shit out of him, until the referee stopped the fight. Nice comeback for Kampmann, especially after that ball shot.
      This fight looked like it was in fast forward for some reason, kind of weird. Either way, it was an undercard fight on the live PPV, so I can't complain too much about the weird video quality. In the end, John Hathaway pretty much destroyed Egan, by taking him to the ground MULTIPLE times, and eventually finishing Egan with some heavy elbows on the ground.
      This was a pretty close fight I guess. Both guys came out brawling, and they agreed to brawl before the fight. So it ended up being a sloppy brawl fight, some decent action, not quite as explosive as they promised though I don't think. In the end, Lytle could have finished Davis if he would have just gone to the ground with him, but instead, they stood and banged, and it went to a decision. I gave the fight to Chris Lytle (but it was close, probably 29-28), and the judges gave the fight to Marcus Davis via split-decision (but they were in Ireland, so it was kind of a given).
(Guillotine Choke)
      WHAT!?! How did Alan Belcher just submit Denis Kang? What the fuck was that? The entire first round consisted of Denis Kang destroying Belcher with his wrestling, and his submission skills, AND when they were standing, Kang was beating him up with strikes. The second round started, and Alan Belcher was a little bit more aggressive, using his size to kind of push Kang around, and then after a few minutes, Kang shot for the takedown, Belcher locked on a TIIIIIGHT guillotine choke, and Kang tapped out almost instantly. It was a really deadly choke though, so I can understand why he tapped, I just can't believe Kang was put in that position at the end of the second round. Alan Belcher is legit!
      If you don't like the ground game, this fight was not for you. The first round was exciting, regardless of what kind of fan you are, because Rousimar Palhares threw Horn all over the place, went for multiple submission attempts, completely schooled Horn on the ground, and beat the shit out of him on the ground as well with punches. The 2nd & 3rd rounds both slowed down quite a bit, but they featured more back & forth grappling action, and both fighters put on a good show. In the end, Rousimar Palhares wins via unanimous decision, after apparently breaking his hand in the first round, which makes this win that much more impressive.
      This fight was shit. The first round started with Mark Coleman taking down Rua, and I was like "OH SHIT! HE'S A BEAST!" And then it was all downhill from there. Both fighters were gassed after the first round, and the rest of the fight consisted of both guys fumbling all over the place, taking naps here & there, etc... I thought it was going to go to decision, and I thought Coleman was actually going to win, but then Rua had a nice combination of punches near the end of the third round, and that caused Coleman to fall down. He wasn't knocked out or anything, he was just napping again. In the end, Shogun wins via knockout? or TKO? Or... I don't know. This fight was sloppy, uninspired, and fucking bullshit. Both of these guys need to retire.
      This fight was pretty solid, between two of the top guys in the sport. Both guys threw down, it was a solid brawl, but it was sort of stained by a few bad moments. Dan Henderson threw an accidental headbutt in the first round that cut Rich's forehead in a couple of spots, pretty badly. Henderson went on to win the first & second rounds. In the third round, Henderson poked Franklin in the eye pretty badly, but Franklin continued fighting, and eventually won the third round. In the end, I gave the fight to Henderson (but wanted Franklin to win). The judges gave the fight to Henderson via split-decision.