100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Georges St. Pierre - 96.3
2. Clay Guida - 93.6
3. Nate Diaz - 93.4
4. Jon Jones - 93.0
5. B.J. Penn - 92.8
6. Lyoto Machida - 92.6
7. Thiago Tavares - 91.7
8. John Howard - 91.3
9. Jon Fitch - 90.9
10. Stephan Bonnar - 90.8
UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn 2
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn
Fighters & Matches 90.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.6
TOTAL 91.6
     This was a pretty close fight, but I disagree with the decision. I gave the first round to Arroyo, for securing a takedown, and going for an armbar. Cramer landed some ground & pound, but I still thought Arroyo won the round. The second round had Cramer beating up Arroyo on the ground, so I'd give Cramer that round. The third round was pretty close, with Arroyo winning the first half of the round with his grappling skills, but again, Cramer ended on top (in Arroyo's guard) landing some general ground & pound, but I still gave the round to Arroyo. So I gave the fight to Arroyo, 29-28, and one of the judges agreed, but the other two judges gave it to Cramer, so congrats to him I guess.
      This fight was pretty decent, but it felt a little weird to me, because both of these guys are heavyweights in my opinion, so draining themselves down to 205, they just lacked a little "something". With that being said, I gave the first two rounds to O'Brien, and the third round I gave to Wellisch, and I cared about ZERO of the rounds. I would say the heavyweight division really needs some help with guys like this being close to the Top 10, but considering that they're at 205 now, I don't think either of these guys has ANY business fighting at a far more competitive weight class, of 205.
      This was a really solid scrap, with Howard looking really strong & impressive in all 3 rounds, getting a few takedowns, showing some solid grappling skills on the ground, almost going for an "electric chair" leg lock submission that I've never seen before, and overall, it was a really good fight. I gave it to John Howard, and two of the judges agreed.
      This was a good fight between a couple of lightweight guys. Manny's main highlight was probably his amazing Judo throw, which LOOKED fucking awesome, but it didn't really do anything, since Tavares was able to hang onto his back during the entire transition. Other than that, I think the key to winning this fight, was Tavares's striking, he threw a lot more punches, and harder punches, so I gave him the fight for that reason, 29-28, and all 3 judges agreed.
      Akihiro Gono's entrance was something of legend, with him dressed in full drag, and doing one of this big Pride style dance routines. That didn't help him once the actual fight started though, because Fitch was able to take him down in every round, control him, beat him up in every round, lock on submissions in every round, with Gono being saved by the bell each time, and in the end, Jon Fitch just outworked Gono for the entire 15 minutes, so clearly he walks away with the unanimous decision victory.
      The PPV started out with a 3 round war between Clay Guida & Nate Diaz. I can't even remember who I gave each round to, all I know was this was a war from beginning to end. Clay Guida is a little ball of energy, and Nate Diaz is a striking & submission machine. After 3 rounds, I scored the fight a draw, and the judges gave the fight to Clay Guida via split-decision, which is awesome in my eyes, since I wanted Clay to win anyways.
No Decision
(Overturned by NSAC)
      Dong Hyun Kim completely dominated Karo Parisyan during the first round, and Karo won the second round. Both rounds were pretty eventful, with some decent takedowns, decent submission attempts, and "meh, ok" striking from both fighters. The third round was boring as shit. In the end, I basically scored it a draw. The judges gave it to Karo Parisyan via split-decision. I'm ok with that I guess.
      Off the top of my head, I can't remember watching Jon Jones fight before. I'm sure he's in one of my reviews from a recent UFC event, but I'm not sure which one. With that being said, Jon Jones is fucking amazing. His throws were CRAZY, flinging Bonnar around with multiple suplexes, and his strikes were brutal as well. There was one point where Bonnar threw a kick, Jones caught it, and then while holding Bonnar's leg, Jones attacked him with a spinning back elbow. CRAZY! The first 2 rounds went to Jones easily, but Bonnar won the third round. In the end, Jones wins via unanimous decision.
      As with most of Machida's fights, this fight basically consisted of Silva attacking him, missing with most of the strikes, Machida knocked him to the ground a couple of times, and eventually, with 1 second left in the first round, Machida threw Silva to the ground, punched him in the face twice, the buzzer went buzz, and Machida walked back to his corner. Silva on the other hand, was laying unconscious on the ground. Meaning, SIlva got knocked the fuck out AT THE LAST SECOND. I've never seen anything like that before.
(Corner Stoppage)
      This was one of the most important fights in GSP's career, and it turned out well for him. BJ Penn moved up from 155 to challenge GSP for the welterweight title, in an attempt to become the first fighter to ever hold 2 UFC titles in 2 different weight classes, at the same time. GSP pretty much schooled him by taking him down at will, out-boxing him, controlling him on the ground, and completely exhausting BJ Penn. After the 4th round, they went to their corners, and BJ Penn's brother told the doctor to stop the fight (for some reason). In the end, BJ Penn wasn't looking good at all after round 2, so it was probably a good idea to stop the fight. Georges St. Pierre is the fuckin' MAN!