100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Dennis Bermudez - 93.1
2. Cub Swanson - 92.8
3. Yair Rodriguez - 92.7
4. David Teymur - 92.5
5. Teruto Ishihara - 92.4
6. Justin Ledet - 92.3
7. Marcin Tybura - 92.0
8. Alex Caceres - 91.9
9. Santiago Ponzinibbio - 91.8
10. Court McGee - 91.3
UFC Fight Night 92: Rodriguez vs. Caceres
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Elevation: 4,226'
-Fight of the Night-
Yair Rodriguez vs. Alex Caceres
Fighters & Matches 89.4
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 90.9
     OH MY GOD! This fight was fucking crazy. The first round had Chase Sherman DESTROYING the lead leg of Ledet with hard kicks, and Ledet was countering with some ultra fast punches, clipping Sherman in the chin with countless clean shots. Sherman was also firing back with power punches, while mixing in those leg kicks with slick combinations. This was one of those 100% offense fights, with both guys throwing hard, without worrying about defense at all. I really have no idea who won that first round, so I scored it a draw. When the round ended, Sherman walked back to his corner like a zombie, and Ledet was taunting him, so I guess if I had to choose a winner, I'd say Ledet was in better shape at the end of the round, so round one goes to Ledet, just slightly.
     The second round was more of the same, with both guys coming forward, Ledet working his slick boxing, and Sherman throwing his hard punch & kick combinations. They never stopped coming forward for the duration of the round, even though Sherman's face was busted up from Ledet's boxing, and it looked like Sherman nearly got knocked out at the end of the round, as Ledet unloaded on him, but Sherman continued to swing all the way up until the end of the round. I think the altitude is really playing a factor in this fight, as both guys looked pretty tired halfway through the second round, especially Sherman. I have Ledet ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Ledet poked Sherman's eye early in the third round, but the referee didn't care, so Ledet continued to unload on Sherman with fast punch combinations. Sherman continued to plow forward, throwing hard shots, but Ledet was picking him apart with his punches. Sherman was clearly 100% gassed halfway through the third round, but he continued to walk forward, but his hands were on the hips far more often than they should have been. Ledet continued to pick him apart with punches all the way up until the end of the round. Ledet pretty clearly won this fight, 30-27 across the board. Great UFC debut for Justin Ledet.
      This fight started with Swanson picking apart Kawajiri with his boxing, and then when Kawajiri shot for a takedown 90 seconds into the first round, Swanson stuffed it, and blasted Kawajiri with some hard elbows on the way in. Swanson continued to unload on Kawajiri for another minute or so, before getting blasted in the jaw with a big right hand, and then Kawajiri took him to the ground, immediately working for an arm-triangle choke. Kawajiri passed to full mount with 90 seconds left in the round. Swanson was able to get back into half guard, as Kawajiri continued to grind him into the ground. That was a close round, with Swanson winning the first half on the feet, and Kawajiri clearly winning the last half with a full mount, but Kawajiri didn't do a lot on the ground, so even though he crushed Swanson with his wrestling, I would still consider giving the round to Swanson based on the damage done with his strikes. I'm assuming the judges will probably give that round to Kawajiri though.
     Swanson continued to pick apart Kawajiri with his boxing in the second round, and he stuffed another takedown attempt 45 seconds into the round. Kawajiri shot for another takedown 90 seconds into the round, Swanson stuffed the shit out of it, reversed it, mounted Kawajiri, took his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, Kawajiri escaped, and Swanson reset back on his feet. They both started unloading with wild shots, Swanson rocked Kawajiri, and then he threw a brutal knee, while Kawajiri was down, so Swanson got a firm warning for the foul. Swanson continued to brawl with Kawajiri when the fight started back up, and then Kawajiri pressed him against the fence with a takedown attempt with a minute left in the round, but Kawajiri stuffed this one as well. Swanson pretty clearly won that round, and I'm glad Big John didn't deduct a point for that knee. The round ended with Swanson stalking Kawajiri with hard punches. The fight is more than likely all tied up going into the final round, but I have Swanson ahead, 2-0.
     Kawajiri is all about throwing spinning attacks in this fight, but he's not landing very often. Swanson is unloading on him with punches & kicks to start the final round. Swanson dropped Kawajiri with a punch in the first minute of the round, but Kawajiri followed that up with a takedown, pressing Swanson into the fence in a sitting position. Swanson kicked his way back to his feet 90 seconds into the round. Kawajiri continued to look for another takedown, and Swanson beat him up with elbows to the side of the head, while sprawling the shit out of the takedown attempt. Kawajiri scooped him up, and dumped him to the ground halfway through the round. Swanson did an excellent job getting back to his feet 30 seconds later. Kawajiri is doing a good job grinding with his wrestling, but Swanson is dealing WAY more damage with his strikes. Swanson continued to unload on Kawajiri with strikes, Kawajiri went for a leg lock, and Swanson fought his way through that, and took Kawajiri's back with a minute left in the fight. There was a scramble at the end of the round, and the fight ended with Swanson on top, throwing punches down at Kawajiri. Outstanding fight for both fighters, and a clear 29-28 victory for Swanson in my opinion, if not 30-27. All 3 judges agreed, with two of them giving all 3 rounds to Swanson for the unanimous decision victory.
      These guys started the first round by trading some hard strikes, with Gutierrez looking significantly bigger than Ishihara. Ishihara shot for a sloppy takedown a minute into the round, but the shot was easily stuffed. They continued to swing wildly at each other, and just as I started to think that Ishihara was too small to be in the cage with Gutierrez, he rocked the shit out of him with a big clean punch, he blased him with some more shots on the ground, Ishihara looked at the ref like "Why aren't you stopping this fight?" The referee just told him to keep going, so he knocked out Gutierrez again with a huge uppercut. Fantastic first round finish for Teruto Ishihara.
      Teymur looked very alert in this fight, circling around the outside while picking apart Novelli with big kicks. Novelli controlled the center of the cage, and he was sort of stalking Teymur, but he wasn't throwing much offense. They clinched 90 seconds into the round, but that went nowhere, so they reset. Teymur continued to pick apart Novelli with punches & kicks for most of the round, Novelli clipped him with a good knee, but Teymur recovered, and continued to outstrike Novelli. Round one pretty clearly goes to Teymur for throwing a lot more strikes.
     The second round had both guys trading strikes, and Teymur shot for a surprise takedown early, but failed miserably. They went back to striking, Teymur blasted Novelli with a BRUTAL left hand, that sent him flying to the canvas. Novelli popped back up, Teymur continued to unload on him with massive punch combinations, and he knocked Novelli the fuck out. Another fantastic second round finish for David Teymur.
(Head Kick)
      These guys both came out swinging, and Tybura rocked Pesta in the first 20 seconds with a big punch. Pesta rushed in with some wild punches, and Tybura clipped him with a hard counter. Tybura continued to land some heavy punches, rocking Pesta with almost every shot he threw. Pesta shot for a desperate takedown 90 seconds into the first round, and Tybura easily stuffed the shot. Tybura continued to plow forward, landing big heavy punches, Pesta looked lost in there, as he just clinched for the final 30 seconds of the round, with Tybura taking control of the clinch in the final 10 seconds. Round one clearly goes to Tybura.
     Tybura continued to stalk Pesta in the second round, but neither fighter was really throwing much of anything, until Tybura landed a BEAUTIFUL head kick, 50 seconds into the round, knocking Pesta out cold. That was a fantastic performance for Marcin Tybura, as he earns his first win in the UFC. I really wasn't impressed by Tybura after his fight with Timothy Johnson 4 months ago, but after this fight, I feel like he's well on his way to climbing the heavyweight ladder. That was an awesome head kick knockout.
      McGee almost finished Steele with the first punch of the fight, but Steele recovered quickly. McGee then clinched, slammed Steele to the ground, took his back, and immediately started working a neck crank, and it looked like Steele was in some serious trouble, but he fought his way back to his feet 90 seconds into the round. They circled around each other for a while, not really throwing much, and then Steele unloaded on McGee with some big punches with 90 seconds left in the round. Steele unloaded another flurry with 30 seconds left in the round. McGee tried for one last takedown at the end of the round, but couldn't get Steele to the ground again. Steele earned some points back late in the round, but since McGee dropped him, slammed him, and almost finished him with a submission early in the round, I'm giving the first round to McGee.
     They continued to circle around each other in the second round, trading single shots, until Steele unloaded with some punches a minute into the round, allowing him to press McGee into the fence. McGee spun him around and took control of the clinch. The split up and reset halfway through the round. They traded a few shots, and McGee shot for a hard takedown, got Steele to the ground, but he immediately fought his way back to his feet again. They clinched for a while, with McGee pressing Steele into the fence, and McGee landed a hard knee to the body of Steele. McGee tried for a few more takedowns, but wasn't successful, so he just continued to press Steele against the cage until the end of the round. I have McGee ahead 2-0 going into the final round, especially since this is his hometown.
     Steele came out swinging in the third round, clipping McGee with some hard combinations. They circled around each other for a while, and McGee landed a hard body kick. Steele unloaded a flurry of punches again, and they reset in the center. Steele unloaded another flurry 90 seconds into the round, leading to a clinch against the fence. McGee took control of the clinch, pressing Steele into the fence again. He took Steele to the ground, but Steele popped back up immediately. McGee continued to press him into the fence. The referee split them up from the clinch with 2 minutes left in the fight. Steele shot for a takedown with a minute left in the round, but McGee stuffed it, clinched, and pressed Steele into the fence again. They continued to clinch aggressively at the end of the round, with McGee in control. I scored this fight 30-27 for McGee, but wouldn't be shocked if it's a 29-28 victory, or maybe even a split-decision. It was a close fight, but I really feel McGee pushed the pace a little more. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to McGee via unanimous decision. That was a tough fight for both fighters.
      Taylor is super short, and Moroz looks like Stefan Struve out there by comparison. Moroz controlled the center of the cage, while Taylor circled around the outside, with neither fighter really throwing much offense other than jabs that were missing. There wasn't a ton of action in that round, but I scored it for Moroz based on controlling the center of the cage, and landing a few more punches. Hopefully they pick up the action in the second round.
     Moroz landed with a little more frequency in the second round, picking apart Taylor with her long punches, but Taylor nearly knocked her head off with a MASSIVE overhand right 2 minutes into the round. Moroz recovered, and continued to throw her long punches at Taylor, while controlling the center of the cage. Moroz is probably ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but the only shot that REALLY seemed significant so far in this fight, was that overhand right that landed from Danielle Taylor in her late notice UFC debut.
     Taylor simply couldn't get inside the reach of Moroz in this fight, spending way too many minutes circling around the outside, without being able to connect with any strikes. Meanwhile, Moroz spent 15 minutes throwing long punches, not landing very often, but throwing a lot more volume. Taylor scored a strong takedown in the final 5 seconds, but that was too little too late. In the end, Moroz at least won 2 rounds, if not all 3, but the judges were split, giving the victory to Maryna Moroz by split-decision.
      These guys came out throwing bombs, they clinched early, and Gigliotti landed some nice knees & punches to the body of Smith. Smith took Gigliotti to the ground 90 seconds into the first round, and then started working to take his back, while throwing short punches to the side of Gigliotti's head. Smith got a firm warning from the ref for grabbing the cage. When the fight started back up, Smith came out swinging, the fight went to the ground, and turned into a wild scramble. Gigliotti went for a front choke, Smith slipped out, and ended the round in control. I would score that round for Smith, but it was a little bit all over the place.
     The second round started with Smith dropping Gigliotti with a big knee to the forehead. Smith took his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, gave that up for back mount, threw a few punches to the sides of Gigliotti's head, and then spent the rest of the round dominating Gigliotti on the ground with his grappling. The second round started with another takedown from Smith, which lead to another round of Smith dominating Gigliotti with his grappling. They stood up halfway through the round, and Gigliotti landed some decent punches, but Smith took him down again with 2 minutes left in the round, and continued the grind. Smith wins the fight via unanimous decision, 30-26 across the board, with the second round being 10-8 on all scorecards.
      These guys spent the first 2 minutes trading strikes, with Cummings being a little more active, but Ponzinibbio blasted him in the face causing Cummings to squint. Cummings shot for a takedown, but Ponzinibbio stuffed it. They traded a few more strikes, and then Ponzinibbio BLASTED Cummings with a massive right head kick. Cummings then kicked Ponzinibbio in the dick. When the fight started back up, Cummings landed a hard body kick, and then a spinning heel kick. Cummings scored a takedown with 15 seconds left in the round, and Ponzinibbio was back on his feet with 13 seconds left. I scored that round for Ponzinibbio, but I wouldn't be shocked if some people give it to Cummings.
     Cummings was hopping forward awkwardly in the second round, trying to land punches, but Ponzinibbio did a good job avoiding strikes, while throwing some decent punches of his own. The left eye of Cummings is swelling shut, and the left eye of Ponzinibbio has a cut. Ponzinibbio landed a high body kick. Cummings clipped him with some punches, and it looked like Ponzinibbio might be rocked. Cummings poked Ponzinibbio in the eye, but the referee didn't see it. They continued to trade strikes, Cummings shot for another takedown, and was stuffed again. By the end of the second round, both guys looked pretty beat up, and the fight is very close so far, but I have Ponzinibbio ahead 2-0 going into the final round. I don't feel super confident about any of those rounds though.
     The face of Cummings looks like it's been hit with a baseball bat, and the face of Ponzinibbio looks like it's been cut up with a blade of some sort. The third round had both guys trading strikes, at a rapid pace, with Ponzinibbio still landing the cleaner shots. The fight turned into a wild brawl with 2 minutes left in the fight, but Ponzinibbio continued to land more often with his slightly more technical boxing. This fight was a really good back & forth boxing match, which I scored 30-27 for Ponzinibbio. All 3 judges agreed for the most part, giving the unanimous decision victory to Santiago Ponzinibbio.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Leites started this fight by shooting for a takedown, that didn't work, so they just clinched for a while, with Leites still trying to get Camozzi to the ground. He brought him to a knee one minute into the round, and then tried to grab the back of Camozzi, but Camozzi stood back up, and Leites continued to whip him around with a back clinch. They did the backpack thing for a while, with Leites hanging onto Camozzi's back for most of the round, while Camozzi just stood there leaning against the cage. Leites threw some punches with 90 seconds left in the round, but Camozzi blocked all of them with an open palm. Leites clearly won that round by being a backpack, but I still only scored it a 10-9 round as he never really got THAT close to finishing the fight.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, and then Leites clinched, took Camozzi to the ground, and had 4+ minutes left in the round to work on the ground. Camozzi threw a nice elbow from his guard, while Leites mostly just tried to pass the guard. Leites passed to side control 90 seconds into the round. Leites tested a D'Arce choke, and took Camozzi's back instead. Leites had the tight body triangle, and threw some punches to the side of Camozzi's head. Camozzi clearly needs a finish in the third round if he wants to win this one.
     Camozzi came out swinging, blasted Leites with some hard shots, clinched, blasted him with some knees, and then Leites took him down again. Leites took his back again, and they continued to spoon for the rest of the fight. This was a really boring fight, with Leites dominating the grappling, but with 10+ minutes of back control, you would think a BJJ Black Belt would be able to get the finish a little faster. The only exciting things happening in this fight, were when Camozzi was throwing random strikes to start each round. Leites finally finished Camozzi with a rear-naked choke late in the third round.
      The first round had Bermudez beating up Jason on the feet with punches and kicks, and then he took him down 2 minutes into the opening round. Jason immediately started working for submissions, as Bermudez continued to blast him with big punches from the top. Jason went for a triangle choke, but Bermudez did a decent job keeping his posture up. Bermudez landed some elbows, including a BRUTAL elbows that opened up a bullet hole sized wound in the center of Jason's forehead. Bermudez continued to unload on him with big punches and elbows until the end of the round. Fantastic first round for Dennis Bermudez.
     Bermudez started the second round with some crazy shit, I think a head kick attempt? Jason blasted him, and Bermudez collapsed, but immediately turned it into another takedown, sort of grabbing Jason's back near the cage. They stood back up 90 seconds into the round, and Bermudez landed a brutal leg kick. Bermudez continued to beat up Jason on the feet, he went for a guillotine, and then turned that into a slick takedown in the center of the cage, but Jason quickly got back to his feet. Bermudez then shot for an explosive takedown and threw Jason down against the fence. Jason stood back up quickly though. They both landed some strikes, and then Bermudez slammed the exhausted Jason to finish the round. Dennis Bermudez is in full on beast mode tonight.
     Bermudez continued to pick apart Jason in the third round, and then shot for a horrible takedown, with Jason stuffing it from a mile away. Jason started working for a guillotine choke, but Bermudez stood back up and reset. They continued to trade strikes for a while, Bermudez shot for another takedown, Jason stuffed it, and took his back with 90 seconds left in the fight. Jason nearly finished with a rear-naked choke, but Bermudez spun out of it, ended up back on top, and continued to unload on Jason with big punches & elbows from inside Jason's guard. That was a fantastic fight, and a big win for Bermudez, as he pretty much dominated Jason for almost the entire fight.
      That first round was fucking crazy, with both guys flying all over the place, throwing wild kicks, spinning shit, superman punches, flip kicks, tornado crescent kicks, all kinds of wild shit, with Rodriguez landing more frequently. Rodriguez also did that flip kick thing, which ended up with a wild scramble on the ground, where Rodriguez teased a leg lock, but let it go in favor of standing up and trading strikes again. Round one goes to Rodriguez.
     Rodriguez came out in the second round like a fucking mad man, throwing WILD shit. Spinning, flipping, kicking, blasting Caceres with hard strikes from all kinds of insane angles. Rodriguez was chasing Caceres all over the place, while constantly throwing violent strikes like some sort of blender on cocaine. Caceres landed a hard left hand halfway through the round, but Rodriguez continued to come forward. Rodriguez clinched, and blasted Caceres with an overhand elbow strike before resetting again. Rodriguez landed a lot of brutal kicks to the body, one right after the other, etc... Caceres is still in the fight, but he's down 2-0 going into the third round.
     Rodriguez came out swinging in the third round, still throwing those wild kicks and some hard punches, but he was slowing down a little bit. Rodriguez won the first half of the round, but Caceres started unloading with some solid boxing in the last half of the round, and really started to make this a fight. They clinched, Rodriguez rolled for a leg lock, there was a wild scramble on the ground, and Caceres ended up on top inside Rodriguez's guard. Caceres dropped some big punches & elbows from the top, and probably did enough with his ground & pound to steal the round. I have this fight 2-1 for Rodriguez going into the fourth round.
     They continued to trade strikes at a wild pace for the duration of the fourth round, with Rodriguez moving forward, and landing more shots overall. They are both clearly slowing down, but considering this fight is taking place at 4,200+ feet, and this is the first 5 round fight they've had, this is solid action. This is a really competitive fight, but I have Rodriguez ahead 3-1 going into the final round.
     Rodriguez came out looking like he found his second wind in the fifth round, throwing hard & fast punches & kicks. Caceres tried to clinch, but Rodriguez broke free and continued to kick the shit out of him. Caceres scored a clinch takedown 90 seconds into the round, but Rodriguez immediately started working for submissions, and turned a scramble into a takedown of his own, and then they scrambled back to their feet with 3 minutes left in the fight. From that point forward, they continued to brawl at a high pace, all the way up until the final buzzer, which was capped off with another flip kick by Rodriguez that landed to the head of Caceres. Fantastic performance by both fighters, and a strong 49-46 victory for Yair Rodriguez in my opinion. The judges were all over the place, with one judge giving the fight to Caceres 49-46, and the other two judges gave the fight to Rodriguez, 48-47, for the split-decision victory.