100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Anthony Johnson - 95.1
2. Mike Perry - 95.0
3. Lorenz Larkin - 94.9
4. Tim Means - 94.4
5. Cortney Casey-Sanchez - 93.8
6. Cody Garbrandt - 93.0
7. Donald Cerrone - 92.9
8. Conor McGregor - 92.7
9. Colby Covington - 92.4
10. Marvin Vettori - 92.4
UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Anthony Johnson vs. Glover Teixeira
Fighters & Matches 91.0
Top 10 Fighters 93.7
TOTAL 92.4
(Guillotine Choke)
     These guys clinched, wrestled around for a few seconds, and then Vettori took Uda to the ground, landing inside his guard in the center of the cage. Vettori tried to posture up to unload some decent punches, while Uda had a body triangle from the bottom. Uda landed a short elbow from the bottom that cut Vettori's forehead. Vettori stood up, passed the guard, took Uda's back, locked on a guillotine choke, and finished the fight with a tight guillotine choke with 30 seconds left in the opening round. Fantastic finish for Marvin Vettori in his UFC debut.
      Covington is known for his wrestling, and Griffin is making his UFC debut with a reputation of having heavy hands. They both traded some heavy punches to start the fight, both got a little rocked, and then Covington took Griffin to the ground one minute into the first round. Griffin was working for a Kimura from the bottom, with Covington in side control, and he used that to sweep Covington and get back to his feet. Covington took the fight back to the ground again, and continue to control Griffin with his wrestling. Covington postured up with 2 minutes left in the round and landed some solid elbows, including one that sounded like it smashed a watermelon. Griffin did a decent job defending himself on the ground, but the first round very clearly goes to Covington.
     Covington came out throwing ridiculously bad looking kicks to start the second round, and Griffin clipped him with some punches again, so Covington took the fight to the ground 30 seconds into the second round, and then continued to pound on Griffin, while Griffin turtled up near the fence. Griffin tried to stand up, and Covington whipped him to the ground 2 minutes into the round and cut him open with some elbows from full mount. Griffin tried to explode back to his feet, and Covington grabbed his back and dragged him to the ground again. Covington dominated the rest of the round with his wrestling.
     The final round was the same thing, with Covington taking Griffin to the ground, he dominated him with ground & pound against the fence while riding his back, and Griffin just looked absolutely outclassed in this fight. Fantastic performance by Colby Covington, and a terrible UFC debut for Max Griffin. The referee was forced to stop the fight around the halfway mark of the final round. Covington started talking about title shots and shit, but I mean... Come on bro... I had him ranked #37 at Welterweight going into this fight, we'll see where he goes from here.
      These guys traded a few punches, and then Larkin sent Magny flying halfway across the cage with a massive front kick to the body. Magny clinched, recovered, they split up, and Larkin kicked Magny across the cage again with another massive front kick to the body. Larkin's body kicks make him look like Superman. He could have seriously kicked Magny through doors with both of those kicks. Larkin nearly ripped Magny's leg off with some heavy kicks, and then nearly kicked him through the fence with another brutal front kick to the body. Larkin continued to absolutely destroy him with brutal strikes, and then Magny pulled guard, but Larkin quickly got back to his feet. Magny shot for a desperate takedown with a minute left in the round, and Larkin put him down with some brutal elbows to the side of the head. I've never seen Larkin look this amazing. That was a BRUTAL ass beating, with the first round finish against a tough guy in Neil Magny. Holy shit, Larkin is going to skyrocket up the rankings with that performance.
      Casey landed some decent punches on the feet, they clinched, there was a bit of a scramble, and Markos whipped her to the ground with a headlock hip toss. Markos kept ahold of that headlock, while punching her in the forehead with a lot of short punches. It took most of the round, but Casey eventually wrestled her way out of it, took the back of Markos, mounted her, and unloaded with some big punches and elbows. Markos tried to scramble out, and Casey continued to control from the top while dropping big punches & elbows. Markos finally escaped with 45 seconds left in the round, ending up on top inside Casey's guard. Casey locked on an armbar, and finished the fight by submission late in the first round. Fantastic finish for Cortney Casey. That was an awesome come-from-behind victory. Once she got out of that headlock, she absolutely dominated Markos.
      Lobov came out in that Karate stance, and then blasted Avila with some brutal punches. He then blasted him with a hard shot to the body, but Avila countered with a kick. Lobov landed some solid kicks, and continued to pressure Avila toward the fence. Avila clinched 90 seconds into the round, but they split up a few seconds later. Lobov continued to pound on Avila with hard punches and kicks. Avila looked lost in there. Lobov really started the rip into the leg of Avila halfway through the round. Avila tried to clinch again with 30 seconds left in the round, but Lobov easily pushed him away. Round one clearly goes to Lobov, maybe even 10-8. Avila had no real offense at all.
     Lobov started the second round with another brutal leg kick. Avila clinched 30 seconds into the round, but Lobov used his man strength to press Avila against the fence. They split up a few seconds later. Lobov spent the rest of the round chewing up Avila with heavy punches and brutal leg kicks. Avila landed a few decent jabs, but Lobov is very clearly ahead on the cards going into the final round. Avila's leg looks like it's been put through a meat grinder. Lobov looks good tonight.
     Lobov came out for the third round and continued to chop away at that raw lead leg of Avila. They clashed heads, causing Lobov's forehead to pour blood, but that didn't slow him down at all. He continued to chop away at Avila's leg, while throwing big punches. He threw a kick with 90 seconds left in the fight, and slipped, and Avila immediately followed him to the ground, landed some elbows, and then Lobov scared him off with a leg lock attempt. Lobov finished out the round picking apart Avila on the feet. I scored this fight 30-24 for Lobov, and all 3 judges basically agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Artem Lobov as he earns his first official UFC win.
      This fight started really slowly, with Phillips landing a hard leg kick just past the one minute mark of the opening round. She then pressed Pennington against the fence in the clinch. There was some heavy clinch work happening, with Pennington landing a nice knee to the body, but for the most part, Phillips was just trying to drain her gas tank in the clinch. They finally split up with 90 seconds left in the round. Pennington chased Phillips around for a few seconds, Phillips clipped her with some hard counter punches, and then Pennington scooped her up and dumped her to the ground, as Phillips grabbed the fence for dear life. Phillips locked on a guillotine choke as they stood back up, Pennington broke free, and unloaded some heavy punch combinations in the final seconds of the round. I'm scoring the first round for Pennington, but this fight has split-decision written all over it, and we've only past the first round so far.
     Phillips struggled for a takedown to start the second round, and Pennington grabbed her head, but didn't have a good grip under the chin. Phillips continued to press her head forward, and eventually broke free, and they stood up and clinched, with Phillips pressing Pennington against the fence. Phillips shot for another takedown, Pennington grabbed her head, and continued to crank on some sort of front choke, but Phillips broke free again. Phillips continued to drive foward, and Pennington blasted her with a big knee from the clinch. Phillips kept driving forward, and Pennington kept working for that front choke, while throwing punches & elbows to the side of the head of Phillips. Pennington took control of the clinch, and blasted Phillips with another big knee with 45 seconds left in the round. Pennington grabbed her back and slammed the shit out of Phillips, and finished the final 15 seconds with a series of elbows to the head of Phillips. I have Pennington ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     They traded some punches to start the final round, and Pennington pressed Phillips against the fence in another clinch. Pennington took her down a minute into the round, mounted her, took her back, and started working for a rear-naked choke 90 seconds into the round. Pennington switched to full mount with 2 minutes left in the round, rolled around to the bottom, locked on a tight arm-triangle choke from her guard, and had to give it up with 90 seconds left in the fight. Phillips tried to land some strikes, but Pennington tied her up in a temporary triangle. Phillips tried to take her back with 45 seconds left in the round, but Pennington stood back up, and took control of the clinch again. This fight should be a pretty clear 30-27 in my opinion for Pennington, MAYBE 30-28, but I have a feeling the judges might get weird. Nope! All 3 judges agreed, giving all 3 rounds to Pennington across the board.
      These guys both came out throwing wild bombs, Garbrandt threw some creative kicks, and then unloaded with some bombs, knocking Mizugaki to the ground. He followed him to the ground, continued to slaughter him with wild punches on the ground, a lot of crisp punches to the chin while Mizugaki tried to crawl away, and the fight was stopped in under a minute. Another fantastic finish for Cody Garbrandt. Every time I start to doubt this guy, he proves that he's a legit contender. Mizugaki is super experienced, and Garbrandt just absolutely destroyed him, just 3 months after destroying Thomas Almeida. Fantastic stuff for Cody Garbrandt.
(Punches & Elbows)
      Homasi threw some big punches, but had some trouble getting inside the reach of Means. He threw some nice leg kicks as well, before shooting for a desperate takedown to avoid the clinch of Means. They stood back up a few seconds later. Homasi continued to throw wild punches, and Means continued to try to trap him inside his lanky clinch. Homasi looked tired, but that didn't stop him from shooting for another double leg, carrying Means across the cage, pinning him against the fence. Means landed some hard elbows on the ground, and Homasi stood back up. They traded some hard knees, and Means cut him with some brutal elbows. Homasi continued to throw big punches, and Means continued to chop him up with sharp elbows. Homasi's face is covered completely in blood. They continued to swing violently at each other to finish out the round. That was a crazy round, that I was almost ready to give to Homasi, but Means did way too much damage with his elbows, so round one goes to Means.
     They continued to trade strikes at an aggressive pace in the second round, as Homasi was still looking for those big shots to land, while Means just sliced him up with those razorblades. Homasi kept trying to fight back, but Means 100% mauled Homasi, cutting up his face like the star of some insane horror movie, battering his body with clean shots, picking him apart with long punches, and countless brutal elbows. Tim Means is a fucking beast man. Props to Homasi for taking the fight on short notice, especially since he JUST FOUGHT 2 weeks ago, but I mean... Holy shit man... Tim Means is the man!
      Lim reminds me of Hong Man Choi, in that he's a MASSIVE human being for his weight. Almost like his skeleton is hollow or something. Perry chopped down his legs with some hard kicks to start the fight, and then dropped Lim with a massive right hand, followed by a mounted crucifix, and a series of punches which Lim was unable to defend against. Perry eventually stood back up, and they reset. Perry then knocked down Lim with another BRUTAL right hand, I thought he knocked him out, but the fight continued, so he just kept unloading massive right hands, while Lim flopped around on the ground for a minute or so. Perry let him stand back up, but Lim could barely walk. Perry then dropped Lim with an insane left hand, and Lim fell face first like a massive tree falling from the top of a building. That was an insane UFC debut for Mike Perry. Who the fuck is this guy? I don't know, but I can't wait to see him fight again!!!
(Head Kick & Punches)
      These guys clashed early, and Cerrone did a good job dodging Story's attacks like a bullfighter. He took Story down 30 seconds into the opening round. Cerrone decided to stand back up a few seconds later, and Story pressed him against the fence while shooting for a takedown of his own. Story tripped him, and then Cerrone immediately started working for a triangle choke, but Story plowed through it and moved to side control. Cerrone gave up his back, turtling up, and Story blasted him with a hard knee to the body. Cerrone stood back up, and escaped. They traded some body kicks, and the pace slowed down while they caught their breath. Cerrone threw some hard leg kicks, and Story tried to counter with an inside leg kick of his own. Cerrone unloaded with a nice combination of punches that backed up Story. He did it again with 20 seconds left in the round. Nice competitive round, but I scored the first round pretty clearly for Donald Cerrone.
     Story whiffed with some big punches to start the second round, and then shot in for a takedown, but Cowboy blasted him with some hard punches on the way in. Cerrone's boxing combinations look good tonight, and Greg Jackson is yelling to show his appreciation. Story looks a bit stiff, as he's mostly just hobbling around, walking toward Cerrone, while Cerrone picks him apart with punch combinations and leg kicks. Cerrone unloaded with some punches, a big head kick, and some more punches on the way down, finishing Story around the halfway mark of the second round. Donald Cerrone looks super legit at 170, and even though he's been asking for a 155 title shot, I REALLY want to see Cerrone stay at 170. He's DESTROYING tough fighters at 170. Great win for Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.
      Glover came out looking stiff, he threw a few punches, pressured Johnson for a few seconds, and then got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT with a massive right uppercut. We're talking about a knockout in under 20 seconds against a guy that could have potentially been the #1 contender. Anthony Johnson is scary as fuck. That was a huge win, and a super impressive finish for Anthony Johnson.
      The first round had McGregor chopping down Nate's lead leg with countless brutal leg kicks, and he also showed some fantastic timing with his boxing, landing crisp clean counters, and he even knocked Nate down with a left hand. Nate threw some wild punches & kicks, but he was already slowing down significantly at the end of the first round, and McGregor came close to a 10-8 round there, but I scored it 10-9 for Conor McGregor.
      Conor clearly won the first 4 minutes or so of the second round, picking apart Nate with his outstanding boxing, heavy leg kicks, and great head movement, but Diaz clipped him in the final minute, and really started to beat him up against the fence. That second round could go either way. I guess I would have to give it to Nate since he came the closest to finishing the fight there in the final minute, but it was a really close round.
      They traded some clean shots to start the third round, and then they clinched, with Diaz in control against the fence. They eventually broke apart, and Conor blasted Nate with another big leg kick and some big punches. They traded some more strikes, Diaz started to talk shit, McGregor threw a spinning back kick, missed by inches, and Nate clinched and pressed him against the fence again. Diaz dropped for a takedown halfway through the round, but Conor stuffed it, and took control of the clinch. They broke apart, and Conor basically ran away from Diaz, but then came back and landed some heavy leg kicks again. They traded some wild strikes, and Nate pressed Conor against the fence, unloaded with some big punch combinations, but McGregor was able to stay standing. Round 3 clearly goes to Nate Diaz. You could argue that this fight is all tied up going into the fourth round, but Diaz probably has it 2-1 at this point.
      The fourth round started with McGregor picking apart Nate with heavy leg kicks again, some heavy punches, Diaz's face is a bloody mess, but he quickly took control with some more clinching, pressing Conor against the fence, but Conor blasted him with a massive elbow in return. Conor took control of the clinch with 2 minutes left in the round. From that point forward, Conor caught his second wind and started beating the shit out of Diaz. I'm going to say this fight is definitely a draw going into the final round. This fight is fucking nuts! Nate looks like his face has been chopped to pieces by an axe murderer.
      They continued to trade punches in the final round at a rapid pace, and Conor threw a flying knee, which lead to Nate clinching with him. Conor took control of the clinch, split up, and continued to pick apart Nate with punches. Nate dropped for a takedown 2 minutes into the final round, and McGregor stuffed it. Nate clinched again, and they both landed some solid shots with their dirty boxing. Nate dropped for a takedown again with 90 seconds left in the fight, but Conor stuffed that shot as well. Conor took control of the clinch with a minute left in the fight, and took Nate to the ground with a trip, but Nate stood right back up. Nate threw Conor to the ground with 15 seconds left in the fight, and landed enough punches to probably steal that round. I don't know man, based on overall damage, I'm scoring this fight 48-47 for Conor McGregor, also partially because it would help with the storyline, but I won't be too shocked if Nate won that fight. Two judges agreed, and gave the fight to McGregor, and one judge called it a draw, I'm assuming giving one round to Diaz 10-8. Fantastic fight overall, and you better believe I would enjoy watching a third fight between these two.