100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Demian Maia - 93.8
2. Anthony Pettis - 92.8
3. Joe Lauzon - 92.5
4. Sam Alvey - 92.3
5. Alessio Di Chirico - 92.3
6. Felipe Silva - 92.2
7. Jim Miller - 92.2
8. Chad Laprise - 91.8
9. Paige VanZant - 90.7
10. Charles Oliveira - 90.7
UFC on Fox 21: Condit vs. Maia
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Elevation: 269'
-Fight of the Night-
Demian Maia vs. Carlos Condit
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 90.7
     These guys traded a couple of strikes, and then Kennedy pressed Ricci against the fence in a clinch, and they traded places a few times, before eventually splitting up 90 seconds into the round. They traded some hard strikes, and Ricci blasted Kennedy with a hard knee from the clinch, and then Kennedy pressed him against the fence again. Ricci landed the best strikes of the round, and Kennedy tripped him at the end of the round, but Ricci popped right back up. I scored that round for Alex Ricci, but it was kind of a close round.
     The second round was all about Kennedy pressing Ricci against the fence, and mostly just holding him there. Kennedy pulled back with around 2 minutes left in the round, and unloaded some decent punches, before shooting for another takedown. Ricci looks like he's getting pretty tired, but Kennedy isn't really doing a ton of damage. Kennedy controlled that round though, so I have this fight all tied up going into the third round.
     The final round was more of the same, with Kennedy pressing Ricci against the fence, taking him down a couple of times, and controlling him on the ground, beating him up a little bit, but still not really doing much damage. That was a pretty boring fight overall. Congrats to Kennedy for winning his UFC debut with a grinding boring decision.
      These guys came out and traded some clunky strikes, and then Laprise pressed Gouti against the fence in a clinch. The split up, traded a few punches, Laprise rocked Gouti with a beautiful left right combo, and then unloaded with a lot of punches, chasing him to the ground with some punches from behind, eventually forcing the referee to stop the fight fairly early in the first round. Great KO finish for Chad Laprise. Gouti stood back up and clearly didn't know where he was. This SHOULD mark the pink slip for Gouti at this point, since his UFC record is now 0-3.
      These guys traded a few strikes, Silva locked on a tight Thai clinch, and blasted Campbell with some solid knees & elbows. The split up, and Silva continued to swing hard punches at the head & body of Campbell. He dropped him with a body shot, unloaded with some big punches on the ground, and the fight was stopped early in the first round. Fantastic finish for Silva in his UFC debut. This marks 3 losses in a row for Campbell, so I'm not sure if he'll stick around in the UFC or not at this point.
      Di Chirico came out and blasted McLellan with some hard punches, he dropped him in the first 20 seconds, but McLellan popped back up and they clinched for a little while. Di Chirico landed some solid body shots from the clinch before they split up 90 seconds into the round. McLellan landed some decent kicks, but Di Chirico countered almost all of his shots with crisp boxing. Di Chirico's left eye is bleeding halfway through the round. They continued to trade punches & kicks at an aggressive pace for the rest of the round. It was a close round, but I'd probably score it for Di Chirico based mostly on his counterstrikes.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, Di Chirico landed an inside leg kick, McLellan caught it, and took him to the ground, landing inside Di Chirico's butterfly guard, which Di Chirico used to sweep him, he stood up, landed some elbows to the head of McLellan, dropped him, and then unloaded with some aggressive ground & pound, while riding McLellan's back for a few seconds, but the bloody McLellan powered his way back to his feet, while Di Chirico continued to chip away at him on the feet. It looks like maybe McLellan's right ear popped or something? That side of his head is bleeding all over the place. McLellan shot for another takedown halfway through the round, but was easily stuffed. Di Chirico caught a kick, and then took McLellan to the ground this time. Di Chirico landed some short punches, and then McLellan scrambled back to his feet. They continued to brawl at a wild pace, with Di Chirico looking a little more crisp in most of the exchanges. McLellan tried for a body lock takedown, but Di Chirico was able to defend, staying on his feet. Round two goes to Di Chirico. I have him ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but it could potentially be all tied up.
     McLellan started the final round with a big punch combination. Di Chirico took McLellan down, McLellan locked on a guillotine choke, Di Chirico threatened him with a Von Flue choke, and then mounted McLellan, grabbed his back, and then McLellan shook him off, ending up on top in side control. McLellan pressed Di Chirico against the fence, and unloaded some short punches. Di Chirico scrambled back to his feet halfway through the final round. They both look pretty exhausted, but they're still brawling at a solid pace, with Di Chirico still landing the better shots. Di Chirico rocked the shit out of McLellan with some heavy punches & knees, McLellan shot for another takedown, and Di Chirico slaughtered him with some more elbows to the side of the head again. McLellan backed up, and put everything he had into a final takedown attempt with 90 seconds left in the round, but Di Chirico was easily able to stuff it. McLellan scored a takedown with 45 seconds left in the round, but Di Chirico continued to slaughter him with elbows, so in my opinion, Di Chirico pretty clearly won that round as well. McLellan had better wrestling, but Di Chirico did WAY more damage. 30-27 for Di Chirico in my opinion. The judges were split, but two of them gave the fight to Di Chirico for his first UFC victory. McLellan moves on to a record of 1-3 in the UFC. I feel like he deserves some credit for fighting really hard though.
      These guys circled around each other for a minute or so without really throwing anything. They traded a few punches & leg kicks as the round progressed, but neither fighter was really standing out as having a clear advantage on the feet to me. Bochniak scored a takedown with a minute left in the round, but Barzola quickly scrambled back to his feet. Barzola apparently landed more strikes in that round, but I thought Bochniak landed the more significant strikes, including a punch that made Barzola's legs wobble for a few seconds. I'm giving the first round to Bochniak, but it could go either way.
     Barzola clipped Bochniak early in the second round, but Bochniak continued to come forward. They traded strikes at a decent pace for the rest of the round, and Barzola finished the round with a takedown. I thought Barzola landed the better strikes in that round, so I have this fight all tied up going into the final round. Barzola's leg is chopped up a bit, but Bochniak's foot also seems injured, so this fight could go anywhere in the final round.
     Bochniak opened the final round with a hard leg kick, and a big right hand to the face of Barzola. They continued to trade strikes at a decent pace for the rest of the round, leaving this as a pretty close fight overall. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if either fighter wins, since I don't think either guy really did enough to clearly secure the victory, so this one is being left in the hands of the judges. Decent fight overall though. One judge gave all 3 rounds to Barzola, and two judges gave the fight to Bochniak, 29-28, for the split-decision victory. I'm glad Bochniak won this fight, but I KIND OF think Barzola got a little screwed here.
      The first half of the first round basically had zero action. Casey threw a kick, Alvey caught it, Casey used that to quickly move in and close the distance, clinching, and then he pressed Alvey against the fence and tried to take him to the ground, but Alvey did a great job staying on his feet. Alvey tried to land some knees from the clinch, but couldn't get much leverage with his back pressed against the fence. Alvey landed some wildly violent punches & knees in the final 15 seconds that probably stole the round for Alvey.
     The second round started slow, but two minutes in, Alvey unloaded on Casey, knocked him to the ground, beat the shit out of him while standing above him for a few seconds, and then he told him to stand back up. Alvey continued to chop away at the face of Casey with some solid boxing, while Casey mostly just hobbled around like a sloth, waiting for the round to end. Alvey dropped Casey again with 30 seconds left in the round with some BRUTAL punches, he followed him to the ground this time, unloaded with some massive punches & elbows, and Casey just curled up in the fetal position, as the referee stopped the fight. Another fantastic finish for Smile'n Sam Alvey!
      The first round started with both guys rocking each other with punches, Miller threw a kick, Lauzon caught it, turned it into a heel hook attempt, and after a brief scramble, they were back on their feet. Lauzon blasted Miller with some heavy hands, and pressured him back toward the fence. Miller landed some solid counter punches, but Lauzon's pressure was noteworthy, as he beat up Miller with some big punches & elbows against the fence. Miller threw a spinning back elbow, missed, and Lauzon took him to the ground, landing in half mount, which he used to press Miller toward the fence. They stood back up with a minute left in the round, and Miller started to work some solid offensive boxing. Miller won that final minute, but I gave the first 4 minutes to Lauzon, so round one goes to Lauzon in my opinion, BUT, Miller was landing some HARD combinations in the final few seconds, so who knows, that round could maybe go either way.
     Miller came out swinging in the second round, landing some brutal punch combinations and some solid kicks. Lauzon landed some hard shots too though. The second round was another round of pretty wild brawling, Miller threw a kick with around 2 minutes left in the round, and Lauzon rushed him to the ground, landing in half mount again. Lauzon dropped some elbows, and then started working for a Kimura, but that didn't go very far. Lauzon beat up Miller until the end of the round with punches & elbows on the ground, so I scored that round for Lauzon. This fight is more than likely a draw going into the final round.
     Miller came out looking like a killer in the final round, unloading on Lauzon, rocking him early, and putting him in some serious danger, but Lauzon somehow recovered, and came back swinging. Miller's punches look like they have more power than I'm used to from Miller. Lauzon shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, and pinned Miller against the fence again. He tried to pin Miller's arm with his knee, but couldn't get that to work, so Lauzon passed to full mount, dropped some big strikes, and then Miller pulled half guard. Miller slowly worked his way back to his feet with 90 seconds left in the round, and then grabbed Lauzon's back, but Lauzon spun around and hit him with an elbow to break free. Lauzon controlled the clinch, Miller tried to throw him, but Lauzon reversed it, and took Miller's back. Miller rolled forward for a possible leg lock, but Lauzon defended well and ended up back on top to finish out the final 20 seconds of the fight, and Lauzon even went for an armbar in the final few seconds. Fantastic fight overall, and a clear 29-28 decision for Lauzon, if not 30-27 in my opinion. Two judges disagreed, giving the win to Miller via split-decision. That's the second time the judges screwed Joe Lauzon against Jim Miller. Fuck that bullshit. Great fight, congrats to Miller for a tough win, but fuck the judges. Lauzon won this shit.
(Head Kick & Punches)
      VanZant came out and threw a stupid looking front kick that missed by a mile. VanZant threw a couple of decent leg kicks, and another stupid looking flying front kick that missed by a mile again. They clinched, and Rawlings unloaded with some short punches and a decent knee to the body before breaking apart again. Rawlings landed some solid punches, VanZant clinched again, and Rawlings threw another knee to the body. VanZant then threw another stupid looking spinning balet kick, and of course missed again. VanZant is circling around the outside, spending a lot of that time circling toward Bec's power side. VanZant threw another silly looking jump kick with a minute left in the round, and Bec beat her up in the clinch a little bit. VanZant moved around a lot in that round, but she didn't really score with any real offense in my opinion. Round one goes to Rawlings.
     VanZant started the second round with another stupid jump kick, Rawlings punched her in the face, VanZant threw ANOTHER jumping front kick, and knocked Rawlings to the ground with a clean connection to the chin, and then she finished her with some punches on the ground. Fantastic win for Paige VanZant, even though her techniques looked pretty silly for the most part. Congrats to VanZant for getting back on the winning side of things. Shitty way for Rawlings to lose though.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Pettis started this fight by throwing a kick, Oliveira caught it, and then tried to take him down, and after struggling for a minute to secure the takedown against the fence, he finally gave it up. Nice takedown defense by Pettis. They broke up, Pettis threw a strike, and Oliveira tried to take him down again, this time grabbing his back and dragging him to the ground. Oliveira was looking for the rear-naked choke, and Pettis spun out of it, ending up on top inside Oliveira's guard. Oliveira immediately started working for submissions from his guard, but Pettis stood back up. Pettis dropped Oliveira with some hard kicks to the body, and then unloaded with some punches on the ground, while Oliveira flopped around desperately looking for a submission from his back. Oliveira scrambled back to his feet, and took Pettis down against the fence, Pettis tried to get back to his feet, and Oliveira grabbed his back again. Pettis shook him off, and then landed some more strikes on the ground to finish out the round. Round one clearly goes to Anthony Pettis as he makes his featherweight debut.
     Oliveira came out throwing punches & kicks to start the second round. Pettis landed a punch to the body, Oliveira shot for a takedown, and Pettis reversed it, ending up on top, but Pettis just stood up and told him to get back up. Pettis was clearly landing the harder shots, but Oliveira was still doing a good job moving forward, pressuring Pettis, and landing some strikes from the clinch. Oliveira took Pettis's back from the clinch halfway through the second round, and then he was able to drag him to the ground again, as Oliveira continued to look for a rear-naked choke with the body triangle locked on. Oliveira threw some decent punches from the back, but Pettis spun out of that bad position with a minute left in the second round. Pettis told Oliveira to stand back up, and Oliveira immediately jumped up and clinched again. Oliveira chopped up Pettis in the final 30 seconds with some elbows, Pettis landed a hard spinning back kick to the body, and then Oliveira took Pettis to the ground in the final few seconds. I gave that round to Oliveira, but it was super competitive.
     Oliveira landed some decent strikes to start the third round, and then took Pettis to the ground in the first 30 seconds. He passed Pettis's guard, landing in side control. Pettis went for an armbar, but Oliveira shrugged it off, and continued to control Pettis on the ground. Pettis tried to kick off the fence to get back to his feet, and after a brief scramble, Pettis ended up on top in north south position. Oliveira got back up, shot for a takedown, and Pettis submitted him with a guillotine choke. Solid win for Anthony Pettis in his featherweight debut.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight started slow, until Maia took Condit down 40 seconds into the fight with his first shot, as Maia landed in half mount. Condit threw an elbow, Maia threw an elbow from the top, and then he took Condit's back 90 seconds into the opening round, locked on a rear-naked choke, and I thought he put Condit to sleep, but Condit eventually tapped out a few seconds later, and the fight is over. I still think Stephen Thompson deserves the next title shot (if not GSP), and then after that, I feel like Demian Maia is the clear number one contender, now that he's on a 6-Fight winning streak, over some tough competition, like Neil Magny, Gunnar Nelson, Matt Brown and now Carlos Condit. As for Condit, I don't know what to think man. He's only fought 8 times in the past 5 years, and he lost 5 of those fights. Granted, they're ALL against Champions (GSP, Hendricks, Woodley & Lawler), and now he just lost to Maia, who like I said, deserves a title shot, so... I don't know, I think Condit might hang it up after this, but I still like him, and I still consider him to have the potential to be a top 10 fighter, but going into this fight, to be perfectly honest, I had him ranked as #61 at Welterweight, so... Who knows what will happen at this point. FANTASTIC performance by Demian Maia though.