100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Shane Carwin - 93.9
2. Quinton Jackson - 93.2
3. Gabriel Gonzaga - 92.7
4. Tamdan McCrory - 92.5
5. Gray Maynard - 92.3
6. Matt Brown - 91.6
7. Keith Jardine - 91.4
8. Jason Brilz - 91.1
9. Shane Nelson - 90.6
10. Jim Miller - 89.9
UFC 96: Jackson vs. Jardine
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Elevation: 902'
-Fight of the Night-
Shane Carwin vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.6
     OH GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. Riley threw a nice leg kick, Nelson knocked him down with a punch, he followed up with a few punches on the ground, Riley was clearly defending himself well, about to get Nelson in his guard, and then the referee panicked and stopped the fight, and was like "His hands were down, he wasn't able to defend himself!" Fucking loony bastard. That referee (Rick Fike) fucking sucks, and should never ref another professional fight again. That was one of the worst premature stoppages I've ever seen.
(Leg Kicks)
      This was a pretty simple fight. Brandon Vera kicked Patt's legs tons of times, and Patt did ABSOLUTELY nothing as offense in this fight. Vera won the first round 10-8 probably. The second round was more of the same, until Patt fell down repeatedly after leg kicks, forcing the referee to stop the fight with a TKO victory given to Vera due to leg kicks.
      This fight went all 3 rounds, and I probably could have lived without it. Tim Boetsch beat the shit out of Jason Brilz during the first round. The second & third round went to Jason Brilz easily, because he took Boetsch to the ground, and pretty much held him there for the majority of both of those rounds. Jason Brilz wins via unanimous decision. Good show for Jason Brilz, but outside of the first 20 seconds or so, Tim Boetsch is becoming pretty boring.
(Punches & Elbows)
      I don't even remember what happened in this fight. Basically they both boxed for a minute or so, and then Kendall Grove knocked out Jason Day with a punch, followed by some brutal elbows to the side of Day's head on the ground. OH YEAH! I REMEMBER NOW! THOSE FUCKING ELBOWS WERE BRUTAL!!! Kendall Grove wins via KO/TKO in the first round.
      This fight was SICK MUFFUCKA! I'm a huge fan of Tamdan McCrory, so I'm glad they showed his fight on the PPV. He pretty much schooled Ryan Madigan for the entire fight. He punched him a few times, took him to the ground, grappled him making him look foolish, even allowing Madigan a few options for submissions (which he was never able to capitalize). Tamdan McCrory finally got the full mount, and then punched Madigan in the face several times, eventually throwing a series of HEAVY elbows, forcing Madigan to submit due to strikes. Tamdan McCrory is like a comic book superhero.
      This fight was pretty good, even though it went to a decision. Basically, Gray Maynard decided to spend most of the fight boxing, and he pretty much kicked Jim Miller's ass. Miller's nose was busted up by the end of the first round, his eye was busted up by the end of the second, and his win/loss record was busted up by the end of the third round. Gray Maynard wins via unanimous decision.
(Head Kick)
      This fight was kind of stupid. Mark Munoz has no business being in the UFC, he was tired about halfway through the first round, and had nothing to show for it. Luckily for him, it ended without having to wait much longer, when Matt Hamill kicked him in the head, knocking him the fuck out. Matt Hamill with the head kick KO? Are you kidding me? Who the fuck is Mark Munoz?
      Matt Brown pretty much destroyed Pete Sell in this fight. He kicked him in the head, knocking him down, and the referee jumped in to stop the fight, so Matt Brown backed up assuming the fight was over. The referee then told them to continue which was odd, so Matt Brown beat the shit out of him for several minutes, until finally Brown looked at the referee like "Hey man, this dude is dying, how about we stop the fight, eh?" So the referee stopped the fight, giving the TKO victory to Matt Brown.
      This fight was pretty crazy. Gabriel Gonzaga came out early with some heavy punches, rocking Carwin, and he followed that up with a nice takedown followed by a full mount. Carwin was somehow able to escape, and as soon as they got back on their feet, Carwin threw a short right hand that knocked Gonzaga the fuck out. Shane Carwin looked like he was in trouble early, but he's a beast. Carwin wins with an early first round KO.
      This fight was a pretty great main event. The first round started with Jardine throwing some leg kicks & punches that made it look like he might win the round, but Rampage took advantage of the last half of that round, so I gave the round to Jackson. The second round, both guys gave it their all, and both guys almost got knocked out, Rampage took him down once, and it was a close round, but again, I gave it to Jackson. The third round was very close as well, but the round ended with Jackson throwing a great combo knocking Jardine on his ass at the end of the fight. It could have gone either way MAYBE, but I gave the fight to Rampage Jackson, and so did all 3 judges.