100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Chas Skelly - 94.6
2. Gabriel Benitez - 93.4
3. Evan Dunham - 93.4
4. Michael Johnson - 92.9
5. Derek Brunson - 92.7
6. Jose Alberto Quinonez - 92.7
7. Belal Muhammad - 92.4
8. Albert Morales - 91.7
9. Islam Makhachev - 91.3
10. Alejandro Perez - 91.2
UFC Fight Night 94: Poirier vs. Johnson
Location: Hidalgo, Texas
Elevation: 102'
-Fight of the Night-
Evan Dunham vs. Rick Glenn
Fighters & Matches 89.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.6
TOTAL 91.1
     These guys came out throwing big punches, and Morales pressured Perez back against the fence with some big combinations inside the first minute of the round. Perez kept throwing leg kicks, and Morales was doing a great job countering with big punch combinations. The right eye of Morales popped open around the halfway mark of the round, I'm not sure what he got hit with, but his cheek was bloody. Morales continued to stalk Perez, while blasting him with heavy leg kicks. Morales had more obvious damage done to his face, but he also basically kicked Perez's ass in that round, so I scored the first round for Morales.
     Both guys continued to trade heavy punches & kicks in the second round, with Morales moving forward for the most part, but Perez was landing some slick counters. They continued to brawl for pretty much the duration of the round, landing a ton of heavy kicks, heavy punches, clean counters, lots of violence. I'm not really sure who I would give that round to, but the referee took a point away from Perez at the end of the round for throwing punches after the bell sounded, but they both were landing shots after the bell of both of the first two rounds, so... I guess Morales is officially ahead on the cards going into the final round.
     The final round started, and they both came out super violently, blasting each other with a million brutal shots, clearly looking to kill each other, Perez knocked down Morales, beat the shit out of him on the ground, they stood back up, continued to brawl, there was a wild scramble, all kinds of crazy shit was happening, Perez was on the ground for a few seconds, Morales ran across the cage and threw a flying knee to the chin, which was super illegal, but the referee ignored it, so Morales grabbed his back, beat him up, they scrambled like maniacs, stood back up, and continued to brawl, with 3 minutes left in the final round. Things slowed down significantly at that point, but they were still trading some heavy punches all the way up until the final bell. That was a fantastic fight, possible fight of the night, tons of illegal shit being thrown, a lot of damage was done, by the end of the fight, Morales looked like a zombie from The Walking Dead, Perez looked fine, but Morales is going to have to win this one based on the way the scorecards work. Morales should have lost a point for that flying knee, which should nullify Perez's lost point. In the end, I would just call this fight 29-28 for Morales, but I have no idea what the judges are going to score it as. One judge gave the fight to Morales, the other two judges scored it a draw, so we're left with a majority draw. I'm giving the victory points to Morales for this one.
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys looked like they were full of energy when they started the fight, and they were throwing some strikes, but not really landing with much of anything significant. Brown got sloppy and they ended up clinching. The first 3 minutes of the round were pretty boring, and then Brown whipped Montano around with a body lock, threw a head kick, and then they went back to clinching. Brown did enough to win that round, but it wasn't a great round for either fighter.
     They came out for the second round, and Brown was finally using his reach well, landing some long punches & kicks, but he clinched 30 seconds in, took Montano's back while taking him to the ground, but Montano spun around and ended up taking down Brown instead, one minute into the second round. Brown was looking for an armbar off his back, but Montano was able to avoid it, while pinning Brown, not really doing a ton of damage with his strikes. He did stand up for a second and drop a big diving punch though. They started to stand up, Montano shot for another takedown, and Brown grabbed the fence, blatantly, so the ref warned him, but didn't take a point. Montano lifted Brown into the air, and slammed the shit out of him, landing in side control with 90 seconds left in the round. Montano tried to crank on an Americana, but Brown grabbed the fence with his toes, and use that to kick out and pull guard again. Round two clearly goes to Montano, so I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Montano shot in for a takedown to start the third round, Brown locked on a power guillotine choke, flipped Montano to the ground, and forced the submission in the first few seconds of the final round. Fantastic finish for Randy Brown, after losing a pretty disappointing second round. There for a second, I thought the biggest favorite on the card was about to lose a boring decision.
      Quinonez started the fight with a tight body lock, he planted Gomez on the ground, nearly grabbed his back, Gomez stood back up, Quinonez dumped him to the ground again, and then they stood back up. Gomez tried to land some strikes, but Quinonez had him backing up with big punches and knees, and a lot of forward movement. Gomez threw a body kick, Quinonez caught it, threw Gomez to the ground again with a clean trip, and landed inside Gomez's guard. Quinonez landed a knee that almost hit Gomez's head, so the referee warned him and reset them on the feet. Quinonez landed some brutal body kicks, Gomez was clearly hurt, so Quinonez threw him to the ground again and unloaded some big punches. Quinonez looks like a killer tonight. That was a fantastic round for Quinonez as he returns after a 15+ month layoff. Gomez's corner refused to bring in a stool, telling him to stay standing to shake it off, so he just sat down on the floor instead. I'm scoring that round 10-8 for Quinonez.
     Quinonez came out strong in the second round, beating up Gomez on the feet, and then he took him down again near the fence, landed a big knee to the body, and continued to drag him all over the place. Gomez had to use whatever energy he had left just to get back to his feet. They reset 90 seconds into the round. Gomez finally rocked the shit out of Quinonez halfway through the round, Quinonez was hurt, so Gomez mauled him with punches, knocking him on his ass, but Quinonez was able to recover, standing back up with 2 minutes left in the round. They turned it into a wild brawl to finish out the round, with both guys head hunting like maniacs. That was a close round, but I'm scoring it for Gomez to keep it interesting.
     They came out and continued to trade wildly in the final round, until Quinonez dropped Gomez with a big knee 90 seconds into the round. He quickly moved to full mount, and landed some short punches. They rolled around, Quinonez started working for a rear-naked choke, and when that didn't work, he'd posture up and unload with some big punches, and then go back to working for the choke again. They finally stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round, but at this point, I'd say this is close to a 10-8 round for Quinonez again. Quinonez spent the rest of the fight chipping away at an exhausted Gomez with jabs & kicks. Fantastic return for Jose Alberto Quinonez, the clear winner of this fight via unanimous decision. This dude looks more legit than ever.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys circled around each other while trading single shots for the first half of the opening round, with Carlos Jr. holding the center of the cage for the most part, but neither fighter was really doing much to win. Carlos Jr. shot for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, pressing Leleco up against the fence, but he wasn't able to actually get him to the ground. They split up, Carlos Jr. threw some punches, missed, and they reset. They clashed hard with a minute left in the round, as they both looked like they were shooting for possible takedowns. They clinched for a few seconds, and Carlos Jr. threw a knee that barely landed while Guimaraes's hand was on the ground, so the referee randomly took a point away from Carlos Jr. They need to get rid of that rule. When the fight started back up, Carlos Jr. scored a takedown, but couldn't keep Guimaraes down for more than a few seconds. They stood back up, he scored another takedown, took his back, and then the round ended. I guess that round is a draw? That was a terrible round for both fighters.
     They both came out looking violent to start the second round, they traded some heavy strikes, they scrambled around on the ground, trading dominant positions, until Carlos Jr. was finally able to achieve a somewhat decent back control one minute into the round. Carlos Jr. threw some soft punches, and then started working for a deeper back control. Carlos Jr. threw some heavy knees to the body, including one to Guimaraes's spine. He continued to dominate Guimaraes from back control, but Guimaraes did a decent enough job tying up his arms to avoid taking TOO much legit damage. Carlos Jr. landed a LOT of punches from that turtle position, but Guimaraes looked like he was just chillin', waiting for the end of the round. I mean, Carlos Jr. landed a TON of punches, but barely did any damage at all. Guimaraes finally stood back up with 30 seconds left in the round, and Carlos Jr. just took him down again, Leleco locked on a guillotine choke, but didn't have full guard, so Carlos Jr. was saved by the bell. Carlos Jr. clearly won that round, 10-9 in my opinion. This fight kind of sucks so far.
     Leleco came out throwing bombs in the final round, but Carlos Jr. countered with some decent punches, and then clinched, pressing Leleco up against the fence. Carlos Jr. shot for another takedown, Guimaraes started working for another tight guillotine choke, this time one minute into the round. The choke was enough to keep Carlos Jr. under control, but it wasn't really anywhere close to finishing him. He pulled his head free 30 seconds later, and then they stood back up. Carlos Jr. continued to drive forward until he took Leleco down again. Leleco kept standing back up, and Carlos Jr. kept taking him down again. Over and over again, Carlos Jr. kept scoring with takedowns, doing zero damage, but just doing a ton of grinding. He finally started working for another rear-naked choke with a minute left in the round, and he finally finished the fight by submission with 14 seconds left in the fight. Congrats to Carlos Jr. for the much needed win, but that fight was still terrible, and I really don't want to watch either of these guys fight again in the future.
      Montano circled around the outside to start the first round, while throwing long kicks & punches to keep his distance. Montano then kicked Muhammad in the dick, so the fight was paused for a few seconds. When the fight started back up, they started trading strikes at a decent pace, Muhammad clipped Montano a few times, but Montano seemed to be landing a lot more frequently with some brutal inside leg kicks, as well as a lot of long punches from the outside. Montano has some really awkward footwork, but I can't deny the hard strikes he's landing with. Montano poked Muhammad in the eye with an accidental thumb, and they were both warned for having their fingers out. Muhammad shot for a late takedown, but Montano stuffed it. Close round, but I'm scoring it for Augusto Montano.
     Montano landed a lot of clean punches and heavy inside leg kicks to start the second round, and Muhammad landed a big head kick, but they were trading shots at a rate of 8-1 or something like that, with Montano firing far more frequently. Muhammad shot for a takedown 90 seconds into the round, and finally brought Montano to the ground, landing in half mount. Muhammad eventually passed to back control, and started working for a rear-naked choke, but Montano was controlling his hands to avoid the submission. Muhammad gave that up, and moved back to half mount, full mount, and then back control again, but Montano blasted his way back to his feet with 2 minutes left in the round. Montano continued to pick apart Muhammad for the rest of the round with his long punches & inside leg kicks. I'm going to give that round to Muhammad. In my opinion, this fight should be all tied up going into the final round, but it could be going either way on the scorecards at this point.
     Montano continued to pick apart Muhammad on the feet for 90 seconds or so to start the third round, until Muhammad got the body lock, back control, they went to the ground, and he started working for a rear-naked choke again, but Montano still had good control of Muhammad's hands. They rolled, Montano tried to explode back to his feet, and he stood back up at the halfway point of the final round. Montano continued to drive forward with big strikes, but Muhammad never stopped firing back either. Montano threw a big punch, Muhammad ducked under it, took him down, and mounted him, back control, unloaded with some big punches, and Montano looked like he was in serious trouble, as he worked to avoid the damage, but eventually, Herb Dean was forced to stop the fight. Really solid win for Muhammad as he earns his first victory inside the UFC octagon, against one of the biggest underdogs on the card.
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      Benitez started the opening round with a series of brutal inside leg kicks & body kicks. Sam unloaded with some wild punches one minute into the round, backing up Benitez, but he didn't really do a ton of damage with them. Sam would wait 30 seconds or so, and then unload a big combination of punches. Wait 30 seconds, unload with massive punch combinations. Benitez kept working those heavy leg kicks though while dancing around the outside. Benitez did a massive amount of damage in that round with those inside leg kicks, but as far as overall strikes are concerned, Sicilia landed way more punches, making it a hard round to score. I'm giving it to Sicilia, but it could go either way.
     They continued the same gameplans to start the second round, and Benitez dropped Sicilia with a massive left hand, and beat up Sicilia on the ground for a few seconds, but Sicilia was somehow able to recover. Benitez blasted him with another hard leg kick, so Sicilia shot for a takedown, Benitez locked on a brutal standing guillotine choke, and put Sicilia to sleep. That was a fantastic performance by Gabriel Benitez.
Technical Submission
(Anaconda Choke)
      Skelly rushed forward to start the fight, threw a flying front kick, knocked Blanco on his ass, he grabbed his neck, went for a rear-naked choke, there was a wild scramble, Skelly locked on a brutal anaconda choke, and put Blanco to sleep in the opening seconds of the first round. That was one of the most brutal finishes I've ever seen. Hands down the best performance of Chas Skelly's career after a disappointing loss to Evan Dunham 6 months ago. That choke was fucking AMAZING!!!
      Wade landed a pair of smooth leg kicks early in the first round, Makhachev fired back with some punches, shot for a takedown 45 seconds into the round, and basically got Wade down in a sitting position. Wade was holding a front head lock, but wasn't really in the proper position for a choke, since Makhachev was basically in half mount at that point. He quickly moved to full mount, Wade spun out, swept him, and ended up on top inside Makhachev's guard as Makhachev failed with an armbar attempt. Makhachev locked on a triangle choke, Wade tried to punch his way out of it, but the choke looked tight. Wade continued to punch Makhachev in the face with slow hammerfists, but that choke was insanely tight. I have no idea how Wade was able to survive that choke. Wade broke free, postured up, tried to pass the guard, while landing some decent punches to the body & head of Makhachev. I have to give that round to Makhachev for that choke, and near finish, but other than that choke, Wade pretty much won that entire round, so... I don't know, it's close, but I scored that round for Makhachev. Wade dropped some heavy elbows to end the round.
     They traded some hard punches to start the second round, Makhachev shot for another early takedown, Wade cranked on a guillotine choke, tried to break Makhachev's neck, and after a minute or so, Makhachev was able to sweep him, and then started working for back control, but Wade scrambled out of it, and took control with the front head lock again. He went for another guillotine, and Makhachev rolled him over again. I'm surprised Makhachev didn't lay into a Von Flue choke. Makhachev slowly worked his way toward a mounted crucifix, transitioned to back control, and basically smothered the shit out of Wade while riding his back. Wade scrambled to break free, but Makhachev showed off some outstanding wrestling, and after a wild scramble, Makhachev ended up with back control again. After some more scrambling, Wade ended the round working for a heel hook. This fight is extremely close, Makhachev is probably up 2-0 going into the final round, but it could be all tied up, depending on how you score the first round.
     The final round started really slowly, Makhachev threw a punch, clinched, and started working for another takedown, which he completed one minute into the round. Wade used a Kimura to sweep Makhachev, but Makhachev powered his way back to his feet, scored another takedown, and Wade went for another guillotine choke, which he failed with. Makhachev basically just held him down for most of the round, not really doing any damage, until he moved to full mount with 2 minutes left in the fight. He landed a few decent punches, and then took Wade's back, locked on the body triangle, and spent the rest of the round working for a rear-naked choke. Wade did everything he could to spin out of it, but that body lock was tight. The crowd booed until the final horn. Pretty great grappling match, but not super exciting when you factor in the amount of laying & praying going on from Makhachev's offense. Still, solid 29-28 win for Makhachev, if not 30-27, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      Robertson came out looking weird with his footwork, they clinched early, and Carneiro pressed him against the fence. Carneiro was working with a body lock, and then he kicked off the fence, sending them both flying to the center of the cage. Robertson scrambled back to his feet, and Carneiro threw some ugly punches that missed. Carneiro already looks tired, and we're only 90 seconds into the opening round, but that could just be his personality? Carneiro landed a nice knee from the clinch, he threw some big punches, Roberts plowed forward, and Carneiro looked afraid to engage. Carneiro spent way too much time backing up, but Robertson wasn't really being very aggressive with his offense either. Carneiro threw a hard body kick, and they continued to walk around like two old men. Robertson landed a few decent punches, and Carneiro landed a couple more body kicks. Robertson landed a nice punch combination while pressuring Carneiro against the fence, Carneiro countered with a hard leg kick, and they continued to slowly move toward the end of the round. That round could go either way, but it's probably going to go to Robertson, based solely on walking forward.
     I'm shocked that they both look tired after a somewhat slow paced first round. Robertson looks kind of fat, and Carneiro just looks old. They traded a couple of punches to start the second round, and then Carneiro landed a fast takedown in the center of the cage, one minute into the round, but Robertson powered out of that and swept Carneiro, ending up on top in half mount. Robertson postured up and landed some short elbows, and Carneiro just kind of laid there, like he didn't really care if he took a nap or not. Carneiro spun around for a leg lock, but that just allowed Robertson to mount him for a second, so Carneiro quickly pulled guard, and Robertson went back to some basic ground & pound. Carneiro went for some sort of weird arm lock from the bottom, and he used that to sweep Robertson, causing Robertson to sort of scream for a second. I thought maybe he was injured or something. Carneiro ended the round in full mount for the final 90 seconds or so, here he threw some short punches, and continued to look for a possible submission, but he never really came close to any sort of submission. Honestly, this fight is probably a draw going into the third round. I have no idea who won either round so far. To be honest, I would be shocked if the judges are still awake. Even the corner men seemed to be half asleep when they came in between rounds, and 90% of the crowd left to take a restroom break during this fight.
     Carneiro scored a takedown 30 seconds into the final round, but Robertson immediately popped back up to his feet. The crowd was asleep, the judges were asleep, the cornermen were asleep, and both fighters looked half asleep for most of the third round. Carneiro clipped him with a big left hook, Robertson looked rock, Carneiro clinched, and they both just hugged for a while. They eventually broke apart, and Carneiro continued to pick apart Robertson with some random tired looking punches. They traded some light leg kicks, while circling around each other in a tired looking circle. The crowd was clearly miserable, and they were making it known with loud boos. Carneiro shot for a takedown with 20 seconds left in the fight, but Robertson was able to stuff the shot. This fight sucked. I think I would score it 29-28 for Carneiro, but really, I don't think it matters who wins, both of these guys should be fired. The judges were all over the place with the scorecards, but in the end, Carneiro wins via split-decision.
      Glenn threw a few front kicks, and Dunham pretty much mauled him with his boxing, unloading some big punch combinations, before taking Glenn to the ground around the one minute mark of the opening round. Dunham passed to half mount, went for a Japanese Necktie, but Glenn slipped out of it, so Dunham went back to beating him up with punches & elbows. Glenn threw a couple of decent upkicks, and then Dunham dropped some bombs from the sky, landing with some chewy sounding thuds to the chin of Glenn on the ground. Glenn tried to scramble back to his feet, and Dunham immediately took his back, riding him like a giant turtle. Dunham landed some hard punches, locked on a rear-naked choke, Glenn started crying while trying to escape, and SOMEHOW escaped one of the tightest rear-naked chokes I've ever seen. Dunham continued to hold back control, while throwing random punches to the head & body of Glenn. Glenn tried to spin out of the bad position, but Dunham smothered the shit out of him to finish the round. Fantastic first round for Evan Dunham. Maybe even a 10-8 round due to that brutal choke.
     Glenn's corner told him to work his elbows & knees from the clinch, so he tried to find a clinch, but Dunham blasted him with some punches, and then took him to the ground 30 seconds into the second round. Glenn threw up some decent elbows from the bottom, but Dunham still wrestled the shit out of him, passing to side control, where he locked on a D'Arce choke. Glenn escaped, Dunham dropped some big elbows, went for the choke again, and then just randomly decided to stand back up. They clinched, Dunham pressed Glenn against the fence, and started working some dirty boxing. Dunham grabbed back control again from the clinch, landed a big knee to the head of Glenn, Glenn tried to throw Dunham to the ground, but Dunham stayed standing. Both guys are looking a little tired halfway through the second round, but Glenn looks pretty beat up too. Glenn threw a kick, Dunham caught it, and took Glenn to the ground again. Glenn kicked out of it, stood back up, and Dunham hit him with an uppercut on the way up. They traded some tired looking strikes for the final 90 seconds of the round. Dunham apparently clipped Glenn with a groin shot or something. I didn't see it though. When the fight started back up, Dunham unloaded some big powerful punch combinations, beating the shit out of Glenn until the buzzer sounded. Dunham is ahead going into the final round, possibly even 20-17 depending on if you score the first round a 10-8.
     They came out for the final round, traded some heavy punches, and then Dunham shot for a takedown, but Glenn did a good job staying on his feet. Dunham backed off, unloaded some more punches, and they reset back in the center of the cage. Dunham continued to drive forward, throwing big power punches, but Glenn is super tough. Glenn landed a nice knee from the clinch one minute into the final round, but it didn't seem to phase Dunham at all. Dunham shot for another takedown 90 seconds in, but he couldn't get it, so he backed off again. They both said fuck it and just unloaded on each other around the halfway mark of the final round. These guys are both clearly exhausted, but they're still giving this fight 100%, throwing wild punches & kicks without really showing any concern for their own health. Dunham rocked Glenn with a massive head kick, followed it up with some big punches, and Glenn just raised his arms and kept talking shit. The final minute of the fight was fucking INSANE, with both guys looking for the kill, both guys looked exhausted, rocked, and never stopped brawling, all the way up until the final buzzer. Dunham nearly finished Glenn, but Glenn is insanely tough. Glenn rolled forward for a weird kick, and Dunham finished the round with an armbar attempt in the final 5 seconds. FUCK YEAH! Fight of the night, hands down. Kudos to Evan Dunham for a badass unanimous decision victory against a tough veteran making his UFC debut. Both of these guys are animals.
(Punches & Elbows)
      Hall sort of rushed in, they clinched before any strikes were thrown, and Brunson nearly tripped Hall, but Hall did a good job catching himself, so they continued to battle in the clinch. Brunson backed off for a second, and then landed a big knee to the body, and some short punches. They split up, Hall threw a kick, Brunson landed a massive left hook that dropped Hall. Brunson followed him to the ground, continued to unload with some big punches & elbows, Hall looked like he was out, so the referee stopped the fight, and Hall immediately popped up and said it was an early stoppage, but honestly, he was fucked up, and if the ref didn't stop the fight, Brunson would have smashed his head through the canvas. Another badass first round KO victory for Brunson, and honestly, it's hard not to think that he deserves a title shot at this point. He has to be right up there with the top 3-4 of the division at least. 5-Fight winning streak, with 4 first round knockouts? COME ON! Brunson is fucking LEGIT!
      Johnson came out looking fast, a lot of footwork, a lot of fast punches, he cut Poirier's right cheek early, Poirier landed a few hard punches, but Johnson kept moving, circling around Poirier, and then he blasted him with a massive right hand, followed by a left hand, he knocked him to the ground, and finished him with some heavy punches on the ground. Fantastic first round finish for Michael Johnson, and a much needed win, for Michael Johnson considering he entered this fight on a 2-Fight losing streak, and a HUGE win considering Poirier was on a 4-Fight winning streak. Big upset, with an explosive finish. Congrats to Michael Johnson.