100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. John Lineker - 94.3
2. Brandon Moreno - 93.7
3. Curtis Blaydes - 93.6
4. Henrique da Silva - 93.3
5. Ion Cutelaba - 92.9
6. Alex Oliveira - 92.8
7. Andre Fili - 92.3
8. Nate Marquardt - 92.2
9. John Dodson - 92.1
10. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos - 92.0
UFC Fight Night 96: Lineker vs. Dodson
Location: Portland, Oregon
Elevation: 50'
-Fight of the Night-
John Lineker vs. John Dodson
Fighters & Matches 90.0
Top 10 Fighters 92.9
TOTAL 91.5
     After having a fantastic UFC debut on short notice against Lauren Murphy 7 months ago, Faszholz is starting this fight pretty fucking slow. She looks very timid, and almost afraid of Vieira. Vieira caught a kick early and pressed Faszholz against the fence in a clinch. They split up and traded some clean punches. They traded a few random strikes, both looking to counter, Vieira threw a hard leg kick, and Faszholz caught the kick and threw her to the ground around the halfway mark. They clinched, and Vieira flipped Faszholz to the ground, landing inside her guard. They wrestled around for a little while, and the fight basically became a boring stalemate for a minute or so, with Vieira on top. Neither fighter really did any significant damage on the ground. That round was close, but I guess Vieira probably won based on half a round of top control, even though she didn't do anything at all with it.
     They both started out the second round looking a bit clunky, Faszholz threw a kick, and Vieira caught it again, taking Faszholz down again, landing inside her guard with 4 minutes remaining in the round. Faszholz spent way too much time working a body triangle from her guard, basically just holding Vieira down, while Vieira continued to try to beat her up with short shots from the top. The referee finally stood them back up with around 2 minutes left in the round. Faszholz came out swinging in an effort to steal the round, but her slopping looks really sloppy tonight. She threw another high kick, and Vieira caught it again, and easily took her to the ground again. The referee stood them up seconds later since he knew nothing was going to happen on the ground at this point. They both came out trading ugly punches, but nothing significant landed for either fighter. Vieira is ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Faszholz came out for the final round clearly looking for the finish, throwing some wild punches, being very aggressive, and it looks like she finally learned to stop throwing that kick that kept leading to her getting sent to the ground in the first two rounds. Vieira looks terrified as she's basically running backwards trying to escape the offense of Faszholz. Faszholz blasted Vieira with a combination of clean punches that bloodied the mouth of Vieira. They clinched for a few seconds, Faszholz landed some nice knees to the body, and then broke apart, and continued to pick apart Vieira with long punches. Vieira tried to clinch, pressing Faszholz against the fence, but Faszholz broke free and blasted her with some more punches. Faszholz was coming close to a possible 10-8 round, but after another combination of punches, followed by some hard knees, she fucked up by throwing a flying knee from the clinch, Vieira caught it, and slammed her to the ground. Vieira tried to take her back with a minute left in the round, but Faszholz spun out of it, avoiding the choke, but Vieira still ended the round on top, pressing Faszholz against the fence. That round was really exciting, due to Faszholz's aggression, but Vieira should still probably win this fight 29-28. If this was Pride though, this fight would go to Faszholz for sure. One judge came from Pride, giving the fight to Faszholz, but the other two gave the fight to Vieira for the split-decision victory.
      These guys traded some sloppy punches & kicks, Blaydes shot for a sloppy takedown, and East stuffed it easily. They continued to trade, Blaydes shot for a pro wrestling takedown, and he planted East, but shot so hard that he flipped over East in the process. They stood back up, and traded some heavy punches. Blaydes then shot for another strong takedown, this time pinning East against the fence. Blaydes then unloaded some big punches from a close top control, but East fought his way back to his feet halfway through the round, and blasted Blaydes with some heavy punches, he rocked him, but Blaydes took him down again, landed in full mount, East swept him, and scored a takedown of his own. They popped back up seconds later, and Blaydes pressed East into the fence with a tired looking clinch. Blaydes tripped East, and jumped on top of him again, this time in half mount. The referee stood them up with 30 seconds left in the round. East blasted Blaydes in the face with a big right hand, and then unloaded with some wild punches, rocking the shit out of Blaydes, and then he scored another takedown at the end of the round, finishing the round inside the guard of Blaydes. That round was fucking WILD. I can't imagine either guy will have any gas left going into the second round. Blaydes probably won that round, but I don't know man, that shit ended up being pretty close. I'm shocked by how badass that round was.
     Blaydes started the second round with a massive clean right hand, but East just ate it and fired back with big punches of his own. Blaydes dumped him to the ground again just 30 seconds into the second round. Blaydes dropped some short elbows, cutting East's forehead, East scrambled out and tried to takedown Blaydes, but Blaydes stuffed the shot, and unloaded some BRUTAL elbows to the side of East's head, BASICALLY knocking him out, forcing the referee to stop the fight due to brutal strikes to the side & back of East's head. Fantastic perfeormance by Curtis Blaydes as he earns his first win in the UFC.
      Cutelaba backed up Wilson early with some light jabs, and then he unloaded with some bombs that rocked Wilson against the fence. Wilson clinched one minute into the round, pressing Cutelaba against the fence. The quickly split up, and Cutelaba continued to stalk Wilson with punches and knees to the body. Wilson threw a nice head kick but it was blocked. He followed that up with a clean straight left hand. Wilson is clearly looking to land that left hand counter over and over again. Cutelaba rushed him halfway through the round and blasted him with a series of heavy punches, capped off with a spinning back fist. Cutelaba continued to blast Wilson with brutal punches. They clinched with 2 minutes left in the round, and Cutelaba exploded out of that with a series of heavy punches. Cutelaba continued to stalk him like a lawnmower blade, just spinning around, throwing heavy punches and strikes from all sorts of interesting angles. Wilson landed a few decent strikes in that round, but Cutelaba basically beat his ass for the first 5 minutes.
     The second round started with Cutelaba kicking Wilson in the dick, dropping him to the ground in a heap of pain. Cutelaba received a "firm warning" for the low blow. After a 5 minute break, the fight continued. They both came out trading some heavy punches, and Cutelaba landed some clean inside leg kicks. Wilson threw another head kick but it was blocked again. Cutelaba rushed in 2 minutes into the round and tried to finish Wilson with a violent combination of violent punches and spinning back fists. Wilson looked hurt against the fence, but he survived. Cutelaba is basically chasing Wilson around the cage, while Wilson is just running backwards, trying to land counter punches. Wilson is still landing some serious shots, but Cutelaba is clearly in complete control here, being far more aggressive, and landing WAY more strikes overall. Cutelaba pressed Wilson against the fence with a minute left and unloaded on him again. Cutelaba looks like a killer out there, but Wilson is showing a hell of a chin. Cutelaba shot for a takedown in the final minute of the round, but Wilson easily stuffed it, and started to stalk a tired Cutelaba. Wilson looks like he might be in better shape going into the third round, but Cutelaba is clearly ahead 2-0.
     Cutelaba's nose is pretty clearly broken, as he has blood running down his face at the start of the third round. Wilson rocked him with some shots, and Cutelaba is finally backing up some. Wilson still isn't nearly aggressive enough though. Cutelaba unloaded with some serious offense again, 2 minutes into the round, working some heavy punches & elbows while forcing Wilson against the fence. Cutelaba did the same thing around the halfway mark of the round. Wilson is still throwing those head kicks, but Cutelaba is doing a good job keeping his hands high to block the attacks. Wilson landed a heavy body kick with 90 seconds left in the round. Cutelaba then rocked his head back with a clean right hand to the chin. Wilson literally turned around and ran away in the final minute of the round, as Cutelaba was still trying to take his head off with punches & kicks. Cutelaba should pretty clearly win this fight, 30-27 across the board. All 3 judges agreed, giving Cutelaba the unanimous decision victory as he earns his first UFC victory.
(Punch & Head Kick)
      This fight is starting pretty slow, with both guys circling around the outside, while Marquardt threw a couple of leg kicks in the first minute of the round. McCrory threw a head kick but it was blocked. McCrory's lead leg already looked bruised 90 seconds into the opening round. Marquardt shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, and McCrory caught him in a guillotine choke on the way down, but Marquardt quickly pulled his head out. McCrory went for a triangle choke, but Marquardt broke free from that as well. McCrory tried to work for an Omoplata with around 90 seconds left in the round, and Marquardt basically just hung out on the ground. McCrory went for another triangle choke, and Marquardt broke free, and landed some short punches. McCrory went for an armbar with 30 seconds left in the round, and Marquardt popped out of that as well. Marquardt appeared to be in control for most of that round, but McCrory threw up a lot more submission attempts, so I'm not sure how to score that round. I'm scoring it for Marquardt, but I wouldn't be shocked if someone gave the round to McCrory for his submission offense.
     Nate threw a body punch that knocked McCrory off balance to start the second round. They continued to trade punches & kicks at a slow pace for a couple of minutes, and then McCrory unloaded with some wild strikes 2 minutes into the round, pressing Marquardt toward the fence, but Marquardt tripped McCrory and took him to the ground halfway through the round. Marquardt pressed McCrory against the fence on the ground, and threw some shoulder strikes into his face. McCrory started digging for an armbar with a minute left in the round, but Marquardt did a decent job staying in control on top inside McCrory's guard. The referee stood them up with 30 seconds left in the round. Marquardt landed some clean punches, McCrory wobbled around like a weird cartoon character, Marquardt followed it up with a head kick, and knocked McCrory the fuck out. Fantastic finish by the underdog, Nate Marquardt.
      Santos blasted Nakamura with a brutal head kick to start the fight, Nakamura shot for a takedown, Santos threw some elbows to the side of the head, but Nakamura continued to drive through until he had Santos pinned against the fence just 20 seconds into the first round. Santos tried to stand up, and Nakamura started working to take his back on the way up. Nakamura threw him down face first, and then took his back, locked on a rear-naked choke 90 seconds into the round, but he didn't have both hooks in yet, so Santos was able to avoid the danger while Nakamura threw short punches at his face from behind. Nakamura continued to smother Santos while punching him in the face with clean left hands. Nakamura fell back for another rear-naked choke, spun him around into full mount for a few seconds, and Nakamura threw some punches from a variety of top positions, while Santos tried to regain his guard. Santos tried to scramble back to his feet, and Nakamura nearly took his back again, and continued to punch him with that free left hand. Nakamura threw some hard sharp elbows to the side of Santos's head, and continued to overwhelm him against the fence. Santos broke free and unloaded with some big punches in the final 30 seconds. Round one clearly goes to Nakamura, but Santos is still alive and well going into the second round.
     Nakamura landed a hard body kick to start the second round, and Santos unloaded with some punches & kicks of his own. Nakamura doesn't look very comfortable on his feet in this fight. They continued to trade some wild punches for a while, with Santos probably landing the better strikes on the feet, but Nakamura was still working some decent counter hooks with his right hand. Santos threw a knee to the body, and then Nakamura took Santos down again, 2 minutes into the round, pressing him against the fence again. Santos tried to spin out of danger, and Nakamura took his back again. I'm not sure why Nakamura is having trouble with that right hook, but it's allowing Santos to avoid the choke, over and over again by rolling to his right. Nakamura continued to beat him up with punches from a variety of top positions on the ground, while looking for ways to get back control again. Santos finally stood back up with a minute left in the round and worked some heavy punches & elbows. Santos blasted Nakamura with some brutal punches in the final 30 seconds, but Nakamura seems to be hanging in there on the feet. I have Nakamura ahead 2-0 going into the final round, mostly based on his ground control in both rounds.
     Santos landed some heavy strikes to start the final round, and it looked like he had Nakamura in some trouble up against the fence. Nakamura landed a head kick one minute into the round. They continued to trade at a decent pace, with Santos probably winning most of the exchanges on the feet, but he rushed in, and Nakamura took him back down in the center of the cage, halfway through the final round. Nakamura passed to full mount, Santos scrambled out, grabbed Nakamura's back, and unleashed a beautiful belly to back suplex, followed by a tight arm-triangle choke. Nakamura rolled out of it, but gave up his back in the process. He rolled out of that, and Santos ended up on top in the sprawl position. Santos went for a Peruvian neck tie, but Nakamura broke his head free, grabbed Santos's back, and started digging for the rear-naked choke again with 30 seconds left in the round. In the final 10 seconds, Santos broke free and unloaded some big punches while Nakamura tried to scramble out of danger. This fight has split-decision written all over it, but I'm scoring it 29-28 for Nakamura, with only the final round going to Santos. All 3 judges gave the fight to Santos for the 29-28 unanimous decision.
      This fight started pretty slowly, with neither fighter really wanting to engage. Shamil shot for a lazy takedown, but Harris easily shrugged it off. Harris threw one kick around the one minute mark, and Shamil caught it, and took him to the ground. Harris scrambled back to his feet before absorbing any real damage. Harris threw another big kick, this time connecting with Shamil's body. They traded some clumsy strikes, Harris landed a knee as Shamil was shooting for another takedown, and Harris stuffed that one as well. Shamil clinched, and Harris broke free with a loud thunking knee to the skull of Shamil. Shamil rushed in with a series of right hands that connected. They traded some wild punches, and Harris keeps pushing his hips too far forward, which would make it easy for Shamil to score a takedown if he can time it right. The back of Shamil's head is bleeding a lot, but I don't know where that cut came from. I'm scoring that round for Harris, but it could probably go either way.
     They continued to trade some sloppy punches in the second round. Shamil spun around for some sloppy shit, and Harris took him down and went for some sort of front choke. Shamil broke free and they traded some punches on the break. That choke was the best move of the fight so far, even though Shamil escaped. They continued to trade some sloppy strikes for a little while. I don't really know who won either round, but I have it scored as a draw going into the final round, as I don't think either fighter has really done enough to take a clear advantage yet after the first 10 minutes.
     Harris threw some long punches & kicks in the final round, but neither fighter was really "going for it" at all. Harris had that determined "You don't want to fuck with me" look on his face, which translates to me as "I have an internal battle going on in my head, and I'm having a hard time focussing on this fight." Shamil on the other hand looked like he knew exactly where he was, but he was mostly just there to collect a paycheck. Both fighters looked sloppy in this fight, neither fighter was overly aggressive at all, neither fighter showed great defense. Overall, it was a pretty generic heavyweight fight. I'm scoring the fight 29-28 for Harris, but I wouldn't be shocked by a split-decision or something. After the fight, Harris did a victory lab, while Shamil went back to his corner looking dejected. Shamil wins the fight via split-decision.
      Fili showed some solid footwork in the first round, moving around at a lot of odd angles, while blasting in with explosive punches. Dias tried to counter with some shots, but he was having trouble with Fili's footwork. Dias shot for a couple of takedowns, but Fili stuffed them all. Fili dropped Dias with a hard left hook, and then followed it up with some heavy ground & pound 90 seconds into the round, but Dias survived and shot for a takedown. Fili stuffed it for a few seconds, but Dias eventually ended up in side control. Fili threw up off a few seconds later. They reset back on their feet with 2 minutes left in the round. Fili continued to stalk Dias for the rest of the round, chasing him around while picking him apart with jabs. Round one goes to Fili.
     Fili continued to pick apart Dias with his boxing & fancy footwork for the first minute of the second round, but Dias clinched and took him down one minute into the second round, landing in side control again. Fili nearly swept him, but Dias has a strong top game, making it hard for Fili to move out of half guard. Fili swept him 2 minutes into the round and they reset back on their feet. Dias continued to look for takedowns, but Fili did a solid job defending against most of them, while picking apart Dias on the feet. Dias rushed in for another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but Fili whipped him to the ground instead, allowing Fili to end up on top in half mount against the fence. Dias went for an armbar from the bottom, and Fili lifted him into the air and dumped Dias on his head. Fili threw some hard leg kicks while Dias was still laying on his back. Dias tripped Fili which gave Dias enough time to get back to his feet with 45 seconds left in the round. Dias shot for a takedown with 10 seconds left, and Fili pro wrestling power slammed him using Dias's momentum against him, leaving Fili on top in side control at the end of the round. I have Fili ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     They both came out trading wild punches at the start of the final round. Dias shot for a takedown 30 seconds in, and Fili easily stuffed it. Dias shot for another takedown, and Fili stuffed it again. Fili shot for a takedown one minute in, but Dias stuffed that shot as well. Dias clinched and tripped Fili to the ground with a lot of force 90 seconds into the final round, landing inside Fili's guard. Dias just kind of hung out in Fili's guard for a few seconds, before dropping two heavy punches that landed flush on Fili's chin, but Fili just threw punches back up at him, and tied up Dias. Dias landed some hammerfists, tried to stand up, and Fili nearly tripped him on his way up, but Dias took him back down and regained side control. Dias basically just held him down for a minute or so. Fili scrambled into top control, and unloaded with some massive elbows to finish the final 15 seconds from the top, clearly going in for the kill. Dias might have stolen that round, but Fili AT LEAST won this fight 29-28, if not 30-27. Fantastic performance by Andre Fili, as all 3 judges gave him the unanimous decision victory.
      Silva threw some big punches early, Christensen tried to clinch, and Silva blasted him with some heavy knees to the body. Silva blasted Christensen with some heavy punches & kicks as they broke out of the clinch, and they reset in the center of the cage. Silva rocked Christensen's head back with a clean combination of punches, before knocking him down with 2 minutes left in the opening round. Silva let him stand back up, and they traded some wild punches, with both fighters getting clipped. They both landed some heavy punches & kicks in that first round, with Silva dealing the most damage throughout the first 5 minutes. Decent debut for Christensen, but round one goes to Silva.
     The second round had Silva moving forward like a zombie, as he continued to try to slaughter Christensen with violent combinations and forward movement. Just when I thought Silva was well on his way to winning two rounds in a row, Christensen blasted him with a heavy knee to the body that dropped Silva. Christensen followed him to the ground, inside Silva's guard, and he unloaded with some heavy ground & pound. Silva tried to kick Christensen off the top, but Christensen continued to drop heavy punches from a variety of top positions. Silva somehow swept Christensen with a minute left in the round, passed to full mount, and landed some heavy punches, but Christensen scrambled back to the top, Silva slapped on an armbar from the bottom, and finished the fight by submission late in the second round. Fantastic fight overall, and a slick second round submission victory by Luis Henrique da Silva.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Smolka came out, threw some high kicks, and Moreno fired back with some fast punch combinations. Smolka rushed in, sort of grabbed for a guillotine choke, and Moreno took him to the ground with ease, landing inside Smolka's guard. Smolka threw some elbows up at him, and Moreno tried to work some short punches from the top position. Smolka looked like he was trying to setup a triangle choke, as he tried to take control of Moreno's arms. Smolka rolled backwards, got back to his feet, Moreno caught him in a tight guillotine choke, Smolka tried to roll out of it, Moreno locked it on even tighter, and Smolka was forced to submit halfway through the first round. That's a HUGE win for Brandon Moreno, as he's making his UFC debut here, after being eliminated in the first round of this season of The Ultimate Fighter to the #1 seed, Alexandre Pantoja. I had Smolka ranked as the #3 Flyweight in the world going into this fight, so I have no idea what this loss does to his ranking, as he was the 5-1 favorite going into this fight. That win is fucking MASSIVE for Moreno though. I'm absolutely shocked right now.
      Ottow looks massive compared to Burkman. Burkman was training for a 155 pound fight, but Bobby Green cancelled on him, so Ottow is his 170 pound late replacement, making his UFC debut. Burkman landed some nice leg kicks, but Ottow didn't seem phased by much. Ottow kicked Burkman in the dick halfway through the opening round. That was the second low kick of the round from Ottow, but it was the first one that landed really clean. When the fight started back up, Burkman came out pressuring Ottow with punches. They traded a few decent shots at a moderate pace throughout the round, but neither fighter really looks that impressive yet tonight. Ottow probably won the first round by landing the heavier leg kicks.
     Going into the second round, I'm wondering why this fight is on the main card. This entire fight has basically been both guys trading kicks at a moderate pace, with the much larger Ottow landing the most significant strikes. Burkman more or less looks like a punching bag out there. This fight isn't very action packed, but all of the kicks that are landing, are landing with significant force from both fighters. This fight is pretty close, but Ottow is more than likely ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but it could be all tied up.
     Ottow shot for an aggressive takedown to start the third round, and Burkman stuffed it without much of a problem. They continued to trade punches & kicks at a moderate pace for the rest of the fight, but the crowd was booing, I was having trouble staying awake, and to top it off, Burkman decided to clinch with 2 minutes left in the fight, just hugging Ottow against the fence. He whipped him to the ground with a minute left in the fight, but once they hit the ground, Burkman basically just laid on Ottow. There was a wild scramble at the end of the round, where Ottow scored a takedown, and finished the round clinging to some sort of wild choke, but Burkman was saved by the bell. Ottow should win this fight, at least 29-28, if not 30-27. The judges were split, with two judges giving the fight to Ottow by split-decision.
      These guys traded some strikes, they clinched, and Oliveira pressed Brooks against the fence. Oliveira looked like he wanted ot body slam him, but instead, just continued to press Brooks against the fence. Oliveira landed some nice knees to the body of Brooks, and when Brooks tried to return fire with a knee, Oliveira reached for his leg to try to initiate a takedown. Brooks finally reversed positions, and slammed Oliveira with 2 minutes left in the round. Oliveira stood back up, and they continued to grind against the fence. Oliveira tried to create some distance so he could land some strikes, but Brooks did a good job holding on tight. Brooks nearly tripped Oliveira again, but Oliveira sprawled and pressed Brooks back against the fence. Brooks ducked down for another takedown with 15 seconds left in the round, Oliveira slaughtered him with elbows to the side of the head, and finished the round with a guillotine attempt. I scored the first round for Oliveira. In between rounds, I THINK Brooks said "I popped my rib" or something along those lines.
     Oliveira came out and landed some slick kicks to start the second round, Brooks shot for an early takedown, and moved to full mount 30 seconds into the second round. Oliveira did a good job tying up Brooks, even though Brooks was in full mount. Oliveira fought his way back to his feet, Brooks took his back, slapped on a standing rear-naked choke, but Oliveira shook him off, pressed him against the fence, and continued to beat him up against the cage. Oliveira then scooped up Brooks and dumped him to the ground. Brooks stood back up, and Oliveira grabbed his back, and tried to throw him, but Brooks proved to have a strong base, staying on his feet, so Oliveira went back to pressing him against the fence, before taking Brooks down again with 2 minutes left to work. Brooks scrambled back to his feet, but Oliveira continued to grind the shit out of him against the fence. Brooks slammed Oliveira again with a minute left in the round, took his back again, and they went back to the backpack battle again, with Brooks hanging onto Oliveira, digging for the rear-naked choke. Oliveira shook him off, threw Brooks to the ground, and Brooks immediately shot for another takedown, but Oliveira sprawled and landed some elbows to the body of Brooks. This fight is VERY close, and Brooks was holding his rib on the way back to his corner. I have Oliveira ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but there's no telling how the judges have this one scored. Back in his corner, Brooks said "I feel like shit" as his rib was clearly fucking with his breathing. I sort of feel like this fight should be stopped. Brooks looks fucked.
     They traded some strikes to start the third round, and Oliveira clipped Brooks with a punch that knocked Brooks to the ground. On his way back to his feet, Oliveira pressed him back against the fence for some more clinching. Oliveira whipped him back to the ground one minute into the round, and Brooks screamed out in pain, but the referee let the fight continue. Brooks fought his way back to his feet, but Oliveira continued to grind him against the fence. Oliveira landed some knees to the body & head of Brooks, while Brooks tried to balance himself out on one leg. Oliveira scooped him up and dumped Brooks to the ground again. Oliveira pinned him up against the fence, unloaded with some brutal punches & elbows, Brooks was clearly done, so the referee had to stop the fight. Kudos to Oliveira for finishing Brooks, ending his 9-Fight winning streak, but it's worth noting that Oliveira missed weight by 7 pounds, so... That's pretty fucked up. Still, fantastic performance by Oliveira, and strong finish near the end of the third round. That has to be the biggest win of Cowboy's career at this point.
      The first round wasn't a little slow paced, with both guys landing some clean kicks, some heavy punches, Lineker ate a head kick 100% and didn't even seem phased by it, and Lineker even caught his leg in midair and nearly threw Dodson to the ground. Dodson tripped Lineker to the ground at one point but let him stand right back up. As far as I'm concerned, that round could go to either fighter. That was a super close round, that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time just waiting to see who would explode with the first big combination. I'm calling that round a draw.
     Dodson started the second round doing a lot of running backwards, while Lineker chased him with big bombs. Lineker took a second to taunt Dodson for running, and the crowd got a laugh out of that. When the fight continued, Lineker blasted Dodson with a heavy left hand, and Dodson kicked Lineker in the dick. When the fight started back up, Dodson finally started to try to fight, knowing that Lineker would be weakened by the groin strike, but Lineker fired back with brutal punches, rocking Dodson's head back. Lineker continued to beat up Dodson all the way up until the buzzer sounded. That round definitely goes to Lineker.
     Lineker continued to come forward in the third round, and he got a wild brawling exchange going 90 seconds into the round, and both guys landed some serious shots, but I have to think Lineker did the most damage there, he was teeing off on Dodson's head with BOMBS. Lineker continued to destroy Dodson with heavy punches and kick combinations for the duration of the third round. Dodson landed another clean head kick, but again, it didn't seem to have any noticeable effect on Lineker. Lineker sort of worked for a choke with 20 seconds left in the round to stuff a shot from Dodson, but he let him go in favor of some more punch exchanges. Lineker has to be up 2-1 going into the fourth round, if not 3-0.
     They continued to trade at a solid pace in the fourth round, with Lineker still stalking Dodson, as Dodson was still moving around the outside, trying to keep his distance while throwing some slick counters. Lineker continued to throw bombs, and Dodson ducked under a combination and shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, but Lineker shrugged it off and kept on his feet. With 90 seconds left in the round, Dodson was LITERALLY running away from Lineker, as Lineker was beating the shit out of him with massive punch combinations. He nearly finished Dodson with one of the combinations. Dodson fired back with another head kick though. Lineker continued until the end of the round to beat the shit out of Dodson with combinations. Dodson is running away WAY too much to win this fight. I have Lineker ahead AT LEAST 3-1, if not all 4 rounds. This fight is awesome, at least for Lineker fans. You can hear Dodson's fans in the audience getting restless though with his evasive gameplan.
     Lineker continued to stalk Dodson for the duration of the final round, with neither fighter really slowing down significantly at all. Dodson is landing at a high percentage, but he's not throwing nearly as often as Lineker, and he's not landing the same power shots that Lineker is landing either. When you factor in forward movement, and effort to finish the fight, I'm going to be absolutely destroyed if the judges don't give this fight to Lineker. Dodson rocked Lineker at one point with 90 seconds left in the final round, but Lineker continued to come forward, throwing bombs. There was a scramble in the final minute that lead to Dodson grabbing Lineker's back, but Lineker stayed calm, just pressed him against the fence, and Dodson eventually had to let go. You could say that round was close, but I have Lineker winning the last 4 rounds at least, if not all 5. The judges were split right down the middle, with two of them giving the fight to John Lineker for the split-decision victory, and probably the biggest win of his career.