100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Nate Quarry - 94.4
2. Mark Bocek - 92.8
3. Krzysztof Soszynski - 92.2
4. Denis Kang - 92.0
5. Ed Herman - 91.3
6. T.J. Grant - 91.2
7. Ryo Chonan - 90.6
8. David Loiseau - 90.4
9. Eliot Marshall - 90.3
10. Sam Stout - 90.1
UFC 97: Redemption
Location: Quebec, Canada
Elevation: 322'
-Fight of the Night-
Nate Quarry vs. Jason MacDonald
Fighters & Matches 89.5
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 90.5
     This was a pretty close fight. Eliot Marshall won the first round by basically staying on his feet, and out-boxing Magalhaes. Vinny Magalhaes stole the second round, by finishing an uneventful round with a great takedown, and he pounded on Marshall for a minute or so, leaving the fight all tied up. The third round was basically a mixture of the first & second rounds, ending the fight with Eliot Marshall taking the victory via unanimous decision.
      This was a fight that I didn't care about at all, but it ended up being very evenly matched, and very exciting. The fight started with Grant throwing some nice punches, but Chonan launched a Judo throw that forced Grant to the ground. From that point forward, the entire fight was mostly a ground battle, with Chonan on top, and Grant throwing submission attempts at him. In the end, I gave all 3 rounds to T.J. Grant, but one of the judges gave the fight to Chonan, still declaring the winner, T.J. Grant via split-decision.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Holy shit! Mark Bocek looked fucking awesome in this fight. He beat David's ass while standing, he took him to the ground without a problem, he completely dominated him with his wrestling, he busted up his face with big punches & elbows, and with less than 10 seconds left in the first round, he locked on a rear-naked choke, and Bielkheden was forced to submit. AWESOME destruction caused by Mark Bocek.
      This fight was pretty crazy. Loiseau's entire gameplan was spinning back kicks, and crazy flying elbows, and he rocked Herman in the third round, but other than those few spectacular moments, Herman pretty much dominated this fight by taking Loiseau to the ground, beating the shit out of him with punches, and knees to the body. Ed Herman looked great in this fight, and Loiseau's return was a bit of a disappointing moment for fans of his.
      OH SHIT. They started out grappling hard, trying to take each other to the ground from the clinch, Quarry ended up on top, where he was able to FUCKING SHRED MacDonald's face with BRUTAL elbows, for a full minute of nonstop chopping away, leaving MacDonald a bloody mess before the referee finally decided to stop the fight. Nate Quarry looking fucking brutal in this fight!
      This fight was a pretty classic striker vs. grappler match, where whenever they were standing, Professor X had the advantage, with his range, and crisp striking, but Kang was able to take him down in all 3 rounds, and beat him up on the ground, controlling most of the fight, so in the end, I think Kang won all 3 rounds, and the judges agreed, giving Kang a hard fought unanimous decision.
      This fight was a pretty decent way to start the show I guess, but it felt like it lasted forever. Basically, Cane was able to punch & knee the shit out of Cantwell in the first round, securing that round for himself. Cantwell started to make a comeback during the second round, but he wasn't able to make enough of an impact, so Luis Arthur Cane walked away with the unanimous decision.
      This fight was kind of lame. Basically two big guys, throwing punches at each other, Kongo eventually took the fight to the ground, and was able to pound Hardonk's face in an awkward fashion, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Kongo wins via second round TKO.
      I was kind of nervous about this fight, because I wanted Krzysztof to win, but I was afraid Brian Stann might be a bit much for him. WRONG! Stann showed some decent punch combinations, but Soszynski was able to slam Stann on the ground multiple times, and he mounted him without much of a problem, eventually locking on the Kimura for the submission victory in the first round.
      God damnit. It's over boys. Chuck Liddell is at that age, where it's about time to hang up the gloves. I really had faith that he'd make his comeback in this fight, and knock out Rua, but it didn't even come close to happening. Shogun took Liddell down a couple of times, almost broke his leg off, and then eventually knocked him out while standing, finishing it off with some heavy hammerfists for good measure. Shogun looked alright in this fight, Liddell looked pretty terrible, and overall, I feel like I want to cry.
      After watching Liddell get his ass beat, I'm really not in the mood to watch these fights anymore. BUT! I figured this would be an excellent fight, so maybe my mood would change for the better? But, even though this was a really good fight, the fact that Wiman fell asleep halfway through the second round, and Stout basically fell apart in the third round, it really left me wishing I could get my money back for this PPV. In the end, after three rounds of action, Sam Stout walked away with the unanimous decision victory.
      This fight went 5 rounds, which is insane, since none of Anderson Silva's fights have ever gone that long. In the end, Anderson Silva won all 5 rounds, Leites looked pretty awful after the second round or so, and Anderson Silva spent most of the fight just staring at Leites, waiting for him to attack. In the end, this fight was a disappointing main event, but I still enjoyed it more than the crowd did.