100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Diego Sanchez - 93.3
2. Nate Marquardt - 93.3
3. Demian Maia - 92.6
4. Paul Kelly - 92.3
5. Junior dos Santos - 91.8
6. Joe Stevenson - 91.5
7. Dan Hardy - 91.0
8. Evan Dunham - 90.6
9. Troy Mandaloniz - 90.4
10. Wilson Gouveia - 89.9
UFC 95: Sanchez vs. Stevenson
Location: London, England
Elevation: 115'
Elevation: 115'
-Fight of the Night-
Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.8
     This fight was a fucking BRAWL. Awesome fight by both guys. Mandaloniz started out strong, throwing some wild & aggressive strikes in the first round, but eventually Kelly started boxing the shit out of him, tearing up his body & head, eventually cutting Mandaloniz's face pretty badly at the end of the first round. From that point forward, this fight was pretty much all about Kelly beating the shit out of Mandaloniz for all 3 rounds, and even though the fight was still somewhat competitive, Kelly clearly won all 3 rounds for the unanimous decision victory. Pretty great brawl by both guys.
(Heel Hook)
      This was an awkward fight between 2 big guys. The both went to the ground, they both went for leg locks, and Ciesnolevicz locked on a heel hook snapping something in Grove's leg. You don't normally see big heavyweights in leglock battles, but this was interesting, so congratulations to Mike Ciesnolevicz on a first round submission victory in his UFC debut.
      This fight was kind of interesting I guess. Dunham locked on a guillotine, didn't work, Eklund went for an armbar, it didn't work, Dunham knocked Eklund the fuck out in the first round, forcing Eklund's body to fall over like a bag of bricks. Good solid finish to an otherwise meaningless fight.
      This fight was a fun little burst of excitement. They both came out standing, Struve just sort of stood there like a tall lanky punching bag, and Junior Dos Santos let loose with a flurry of heavy punches, knocking Struve on his ass a couple of times before the referee finally stopped the fight due to strikes. Junior Dos Santos is a fun striker to watch at heavyweight.
(Head Kick & Punches)
      This fight was one of those "bonus" fights from the undercard, because all of the main card fights were ending in the first round. The fight wasn't all that great, but it was decent. After a decent little fight where Etim was beating up Cobb on the feet, and Cobb was taking Etim down to try to defend himself, Etim was finally able to BASICALLY knock out Cobb with a head kick followed by some punches on the ground. Good TKO victory for Terry Etim.
      This fight kind of sucked. It started off slow, with both guys standing, and Koscheck was picking Thiago apart with his striking. Suddenly, Thiago threw an uppercut followed by a hook, and Koscheck went down. Was he knocked out? I'm not really sure to be honest, and the crowd seemed irritated, but ultimately, the record books show Paulo Thiago knocking out Josh Koscheck in his UFC debut.
(Triangle Choke)
      This was a pretty great fight, especially due to the ending. The fight started with both guys standing for a few seconds, and Maia took a leg kick & fell down, sort of pulling guard, and Chael Sonnen tried to ground & pound him for a while. They got back to their feet, and Sonnen looked to have the better striking skills, but Maia grabbed him and belly to belly suplexed Sonnen dropping him on his head, and got the mount in a triangle position. Sonnen rolled onto the top, Maia locked on the triangle, and the fight was over, Sonnen was forced to submit in the first round. Great display of Jiu-Jitsu by Damien Maia.
(Knee & Punches)
      This fight was crazy. The first 2 rounds basically had Nate Marquardt picking Gouveia apart on the feet, with a couple of breaks where they went to the ground, and both guys tried to lock on a couple of guillotine chokes, but none of them were successful. In the last half of the third round, Marquardt unloaded an insane super combo, with a flying knee, a couple of head kicks, a spinning back fist, some giant punches, and another knee, eventually knocking Gouveia to the ground forcing him to get saved by the referee. Nate Marquardt is pretty crazy, and he's improving every fight, so I'm looking forward to seeing him fight Anderson Silva a second time.
      This fight was kind of a quick one. They both stood there and punched at each other, kind of bouncing around a bit, and Dan Hardy got the upperhand, knocking Markham the fuck out with a couple of hard punches to the face. None of them looked like they should have knocked out Markham (I think they hit his forehead?) but he was still clearly out. Good show by Dan Hardy.
      This fight went all 3 rounds, which is cool I guess, since it was between 2 great fighters, but I really would have liked to see this fight come to an end earlier than 15 minutes. With that being said, Diego Sanchez clearly outclassed Joe Stevenson, leaving the fight in the judges hands, and Diego Sanchez gets his first win at 155 via unanimous decision.