100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Mike Swick - 94.6
2. Stephan Bonnar - 91.4
3. Chris Leben - 91.3
4. Kenny Florian - 90.8
5. Patrick Cote - 90.3
6. Josh Koscheck - 90.2
7. Sam Hoger - 89.0
8. Nate Marquardt - 88.8
9. Drew Fickett - 88.6
10. Alex Karalexis - 88.6
UFC Fight Night 1: Marquardt vs. Salaverry
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Mike Swick vs. Gideon Ray
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 90.4
TOTAL 89.7
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     This was a pretty basic "fight". Fickett went for the takedown, basically landed it, Neer tried to defend himself, eventually Fickett climbed on his back, locked on the rear-naked choke, Neer went unconscious, the referee just stared at them like he wasn't sure what to do, and eventually stopped the fight.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This fight was basically a back & forth brawl, with both guys just throwing wild punches for the entire 2 rounds that it lasted. Near the end of the second round, Kenny Florian threw a series of elbows that cut the bridge of Alex's nose pretty badly, and the doctor decided to stop the fight. Florian's sharp elbows are building quite the reputation.
      There isn't much to say here, other than Mike Swick is definitely quick, and he knocked Gideon Ray the fuck out, in about 22 seconds or so. Gideon Ray came in, threw a few punches, missed, Swick countered with about 95 punches, and Ray fell to the ground, while getting punched all the way down to the ground. Mike Swick is the man!
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Josh Koscheck pretty much dominated this fight. He took Spratt to the ground without much of a fight, and once they were there, Koscheck got on his back, Spratt stood up, Koscheck locked on a rear-naked choke, Spratt fell backwards, and was forced to tap out. Koscheck wins via submission early in the first round.
      This fight looked like it'd be pretty good at first, until Pete Sell got screwed by the referee... Pete Sell was winning the striking exchange when the fight started, landing a couple of nice jabs & a couple of nice hooks to the chin of Quarry... Quarry was then able to retaliate, by landing a solid hook to the jaw of Sell, knocking him to the ground, and he dropped a huge right hand down at the head of Sell while he was on the ground, and the referee stopped it instantly, not even giving Sell a CHANCE to defend himself... To me, it looked like Pete Sell was still in the fight, and it was definitely a premature stoppage in my eyes...
      This fight was basically a 3 round war. When they were on their feet, Stephan seemed to have slightly crisper striking, but Hoger was at least able to hold his own while standing. Both fighters were able to take each other down multiple times, and on the ground, there was a lot of back & forth action. I guess my main disappointment was that I wanted Bonnar to finish Hoger. Either way, Bonnar wins via unanimous decision, so that's cool I guess.
      This was a scrap for the ages. Both guys basically just came out throwing bombs, they both like to punch, and they both like to get hit. Ultimately, I gave the first 2 rounds to Cote, and the last round to Leben, but really, the first round could have gone either way. The judges gave the fight to Leben via unanimous decicsion, and I'm fine with that, since I think he's the more exciting fighter anyway.
      This fight was kind of boring... Mostly, because it was a GREAT defensive matchup... Nate Marquardt would takedown Ivan Salaverry, and then Salaverry would lock up Marquardt's arms, preventing him from being able to strike... The referee would stand the fight back up, and repeat... etc... It was a pretty slow paced, somewhat boring fight, and at the end of 3 rounds, Nate Marquardt wins by unanimous decision...