100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Anthony Johnson - 92.3
2. Junie Allen Browning - 91.5
3. Roli Delgado - 91.5
4. Wilson Gouveia - 91.2
5. Eliot Marshall - 91.0
6. Krzysztof Soszynski - 90.8
7. Tom Lawlor - 90.8
8. Efrain Escudero - 90.7
9. Shane Nelson - 90.5
10. Kevin Burns - 90.4
UFC The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.1
TOTAL 90.2
(Guillotine Choke)
     This was a pretty good fight. The first round started with some even striking, until Delgado landed a flying knee, knocking Polakowski to the ground, where Roli was able to beat him up for a while. The second round had Delgado shooting for a takedown, he failed, Polakowski was able to get on top, but Roli rolled him over and ended up on top, where he was able to eventually lock on a guillotine choke, which forced Polakowski to submit. Pretty good fight overall, just happened to be between a couple of guys that not many people will care about.
      This fight was pretty decent, but I ended up giving all 3 rounds to Shane Nelson, because every time I looked at the screen, it looked like Nelson was going for another submission, and he even locked on a heelhook at the very end of the fight, where Roop had to be saved by the clock. So yeah, from the angle I was watching the fight, I thought it was a pretty clear victory for Shane Nelson, but one of the judges gave the fight to Roop, which is fine, I'm just not sure how he would give two rounds to Roop in this one. Still, pretty good fight overall.
      Kingsbury looks like a giant at 205, and Tom Lawlor was able to outgrapple him for the most part, maybe giving up one round to Kingsbury. This was a pretty good fight overall, with both guys looking strong, and both guys leaving it all on the line, but in the end, I'm just getting a little bored with fights going to a decision. I never claimed to have a great attention span for this sort of thing.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight started out with Marshall punching Bruchez in the face, which was cool. Marshall was then able to slam Bruchez on the ground, following that up with a rear-naked choke for the quick submission victory. Marshall is a really good fighter, Bruchez is not.
      This fight was cool, because Krzysztof Soszynski is cool. He basically punched Shane Primm in the face a lot, and whenever the fight went to the ground, Soszynski would go for Primm's arms, eventually locking on a Kimura, forcing Primm to scream in pain while tapping out.
      Nobody really likes Junie Browning, but he's a pretty good fighter now (that he's in a decent training camp). The first round consisted of Browning kicking Kaplan in the balls, and then after the little timeout, Browning spent the rest of the round beating the shit out of Kaplan. Kaplan went for an ankle lock attempt, but it failed pretty miserably. The second round was basically more of the same, until Browning got on Kaplan's back, and locked on the rear-naked choke for the submission victory.
      I wanted Jason MacDonald to win this fight, but he failed. The fight started with MacDonald taking Gouveia to the ground, but Gouveia was able to get back to his feet without too much of a struggle. Once they were back on their feet, Gouveia landed a LUCKY PUNCH, and knocked MacDonald to the ground, and followed that up by beating the shit out of MacDonald's face with his elbows, eventually forcing MacDonald to tap. That sucks.
(Head Kick)
      This fight was awesome! REVENGE!!! In their first fight, Kevin Burns poked Johnson in the eye, and then won based on the fact that Johnson couldn't continue. WELP! This fight ended more definitively with Johnson kicking Burns in the mouth, knocking him the fuck out! WOOT WOOT!!!
      I don't even know what happened in this fight. I went into it thinking Vinicius would handle Bader with his extremely advanced levels of Jiu-Jitsu skills. Instead, Bader punched him in the head and Vinicius collapsed like a wounded puppy, and Bader wins via TKO!!! Good ending I guess, but I really thought Vinicius would have put up more of a fight.
      This fight was pretty good, between a couple of scrappy 155 pounders, but it was hard for me to get into this finale for some reason. Nover looked really aggressive, and threw a TON of really great looking strikes, but he seemed to miss all of the ones that actually looked like they'd count for anything. Meanwhile, Escudero showed his wrestling skills were better than Nover's, which wasn't really a surprise, and he ended up winning the fight 29-28 on everyone's scorecards. Sort of glad this season is over to be honest.