100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Ricardo Lamas - 93.1
2. Tony Ferguson - 93.0
3. Diego Sanchez - 92.9
4. Douglas Silva de Andrade - 92.4
5. Max Griffin - 92.4
6. Alexa Grasso - 92.4
7. Enrique Barzola - 92.2
8. Martin Bravo - 92.2
9. Felipe Arantes - 92.0
10. Joe Soto - 91.8
UFC Fight Night 98: Ferguson vs. Dos Anjos
Location: Federal District, Mexico
Elevation: 7,382'
-Fight of the Night-
Tony Ferguson vs. Rafael dos Anjos
Fighters & Matches 89.9
Top 10 Fighters 92.4
TOTAL 91.2
     Barzola threw some big punches & kicks, Avila shrugged them off, Barzola took him down, Avila didn't even try to defend the takedown, so Barzola stood back up. Avila tried to work some Diaz style boxing, but Barzola just clinched and pressed him into the fence before throwing him to the ground again. Avila threw a nice upkick, but Barzola plowed through it and landed some big punches while standing above Avila. Barzola took Avila's back halfway through the round, but Avila scrambled back to his feet near the fence. They traded some punches, with Barzola landing the better shots, and then he threw Avila to the ground again. Avila stood up again, and Barzola continued to control him with a body lock. They traded a few tired strikes at the end of the round, and then they both walked slowly back to their corners. I'm already feeling the elevation of Mexico City, and I'm sitting comfortably at home. Round one goes to Barzola for sure.
     Avila threw some jabs to start the second round, Barzola countered with a hard leg kick, and then slammed Avila again, with a slow scoop slam. Avila turtled up, and Barzola unloaded with some big punches from back control. They stood back up, and Barzola continued to chip away at Avila with hard leg kicks that were leaving his lead leg looking raw, and Barzola was also landing a lot of power punches, while Avila was staying calm, and just throwing lazy jabs for the most part. Barzola dumped Avila to the ground halfway through the round, and Nate Diaz said "No, fuck no..." in Avila's corner. Barzola continued to pound on Avila with some basic punches from back control again, while Avila spent some more time in the turtle position. Avila slowly worked his way back to his feet again, and Barzola punished him with a clean knee to the face and some big punches on his way up. Barzola landed some heavy body shots, and continued to chip away at Avila with his boxing. Barzola is clearly ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Barzola continued to shred Avila with heavy punches & kicks as soon as the third round started. Avila just looks like a wet noodle out there, and Barzola is using him as a punching bag, causing Avila's limbs to flop around while he absorbed the damage. Barzola dumped him to the ground again one minute into the round. Avila landed a few decent punches, but for every jab he would land clean, Barzola would blast him with 3-4 heavy leg kicks or punches to the face. Barzola continued to pound on Avila from a variety of positions, leading to a very clear cut 30-26 unanimous decision victory for Enrique Barzola.
      These guys circled each other while throwing minimal strikes for the first 2 minutes of the opening round. Reyes landed some decent punches, and then Novelli took him down, but Reyes immediately popped back up to his feet. That first round was fairly close, and could probably go either way. Reyes chased Novelli in the second round, hammering him with big punches, while looking for the finish, while Novelli was mostly just circling away and trying to counter with jabs. Novelli tried hard for a takedown halfway through the second round, but Reyes reversed him on the way down, allowing Reyes to end up on top inside Novelli's guard. Novelli looked like he was clearly trying to setup a triangle or something from his back. Reyes spent the rest of the round beating up Novelli with short punches & elbows from the top. That round pretty clearly goes to Marco Polo Reyes.
     They continued to trade strikes in the third round, with Reyes landing the heavier punches, and Novelli showing better footwork, and faster striking overall. Reyes knocked Novelli's mouthpiece out halfway through the round with a massive right hand. Reyes continued to pick apart Novelli with his boxing for most of the round, until Novelli scored a takedown with 45 seconds left in the fight. Novelli controlled Reyes for the rest of the round, as he hammered him with some heavy elbows before looking for a late rear-naked choke. Novelli might have stolen that round in the final 45 seconds. I still scored this fight 29-28 for Reyes, but wouldn't be shocked by a split-decision. Two judges agreed with me, giving Reyes the split-decision victory.
      Alvey started the first round with his back against the fence, while Nicholson was picking him apart with some long kicks, and some clean punches. Not a lot of action was happening, but Nicholson clearly looked in control for most of the opening round. Alvey finally landed some decent punches, and then Nicholson kicked him in the dick. Nicholson continued to pick apart Alvey with some hard shots when the fight started back up. Alvey looks like he's having trouble getting inside the range of Nicholson. Round one goes to Nicholson.
     They traded a few sloppy strikes to start the second round, and then Nicholson dropped Alvey with a grazing kick to the cup. When the fight started back up, Nicholson rocked Alvey, and started chasing him, as Alvey was clearly having trouble keeping his balance, and we're only one minute into the round. Alvey shot for a couple of takedowns, but Nicholson did a good job stuffing them. Alvey's corner told him to stop throwing single strikes, so he blasted Nicholson with a couple of heavy combinations. They continued to trade some heavy punches & kicks, at a fairly decent pace. Alvey rocked Nicholson's head back several times with some heavy punches, but he's back to throwing single shots again. Nicholson continued to move forward, and Alvey nearly dropped him in the final 20 seconds with some heavy punches. Nicholson just kept running at Alvey, while Alvey was blasting him with heavy punches to the face. That round was close, but I thought Alvey pulled it out there in the end. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Alvey continued to land with some big left hands to start the third round. Alvey was landing a lot of heavy punches & leg kicks through the first half of the final round. They continued to trade strikes at a decent pace all the way up until the end of the round, leading to a 29-28 unanimous decision victory for Smile'n Sam Alvey.
(Spinning Back Fist)
      These guys both exchanged hard punch combinations at a decent pace for the duration of the opening round. Briones seemed to be moving forward more, until Andrade landed a spinning back kick to the body that knocked Briones back a few feet. Briones immediately started moving forward again though, and continued to pick apart Andrade with punches. Briones rocked Andrade with some punches, and cornered him with some big punches, but Andrade was able to hang out until the end of the round. Round one clearly goes to Briones.
     Briones continued to smash Andrade's face with big punch combinations for the first half of the second round. Andrade landed some really clean punches, but the volume coming from Briones was way ahead of where Andrade's offense was. Andrade dropped Briones with 2 minutes left in the round, but Briones stood back up and they continued to bang violently. Andrade dropped Briones again with a minute left in the round, but he popped right back up and they continued to brawl wildly. This fight is pretty fantastic. Andrade took Briones down at the end of the round. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Briones continued to chip away at Andrade with some nice boxing, and a lot of forward movement. Andrade has a jab that he keeps using to keep Briones at distance though. After a wild scramble, Briones beat up Andrade up against the fence, Andrade fired back, and knocked down Briones with a brutal spinning back fist, forcing the referee to jump in to save Briones. That was a badass fight, and a really nice win for Andrade. It was an early stoppage, but Briones was rocked hard, and if the fight would have continued, Andrade probably would have done a lot of unnecessary damage if the referee would have let them continue.
      These guys traded a few strikes, Griffin dropped Montano with some big punches early in the first round, Montano turtled up near the fence, and Griffin jumped on his back, and unloaded countless uppercuts from under Montano's arm from behind, which was enough to force the referee to stop the fight in under 60 seconds. That was a fantastic performance by Max Griffin as he earns his first UFC win.
(Heel Hook)
      Beltran was moving around a lot to start the first round, but neither fighter was throwing much offense. Soto threw a nice leg kick, and then took Beltran down one minute into the round, but after a wild scramble, Soto locked on a heel hook, and finished the fight by submission in under two minutes. That was a slick submission victory for Soto after taking the fight on short notice.
      The first round started with some high paced striking exchanges, where I thought Arantes was picking apart Perez with better combinations, but Perez was showing off some Dominick Cruz style footwork. Perez caught a kick and took Arantes to the ground halfway through the round. Perez landed some decent punches to the body, until Arantes slapped on a heel hook, cranked the shit out of it, and Perez slipped out, but Arantes ended up on top. After a brief scramble, Arantes went for an armbar, but Perez slipped out of that as well, and then dropped some heavy elbows from the sky. That was a VERY back & forth round, but I have to score it for Perez, mostly for ending the round on top. Great round for both fighters though.
     Arantes came out swinging in the second round, landing with some serious strikes, including a flying knee. Perez is having trouble walking on his left leg, which is the one that Arantes tore up with that heel hook. Perez caught another kick, and took Arantes to the ground again, one minute into the second round. Perez passed to full mount 90 seconds into the round, he postured up, and then dropped some heavy elbows. Arantes scrambled like a maniac and took Perez's back halfway through the round. Arantes came close to locking on a rear-naked choke, but Perez was able to spin back into top control with around 90 seconds left in the round. Perez passed to side control, and mostly just held down Arantes for a while. Perez landed a few short punches, but he really was just grinding the shit out of Arantes, instead of looking to do actual damage. I have Perez ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but I'm curious to see if Perez can walk going into the third round. His face is also a bloody mess for some reason.
     Arantes landed some punches to start the third round, Perez shot for a takedown, and Arantes easily stuffed it. Arantes threw a sloppy spinning back fist for no reason one minute into the round, and Perez easily ducked under it and took Arantes to the ground. Arantes tried to spin out of the bottom, but Perez did a good job holding onto side control. He wasn't really doing anything other than laying on Arantes, but he was clearly in control of the wrestling at least. Arantes scrambled back to his feet with 2 minutes left in the final round. Arantes landed a big head kick with 90 seconds left in the round. He also landed a flying knee after that, but he's not throwing combinations, he's just throwing single shots. Arantes landed a spinning back kick to the body and another flying knee. Perez just randomly collapsed with 20 seconds left in the fight, Arantes locked on an arm-triangle choke with 10 seconds left in the fight, but Perez was able to hold on until the final buzzer. I feel like Arantes did WAY more damage, both to the leg of Perez, as well as his face, leaving him a bloody mess, and he also had far more submission attempts, but Perez is probably going to win this fight, 29-28, mostly by just laying on top of Arantes. Two judges gave the fight to Perez, for the split-decision victory.
      Clark came out looking aggressive, as she landed some decent punches early in the first round, and then she clinched and pressed Grasso against the fence, but she wasn't able to hold her there. Grasson randomly dropped Clark halfway through the round, and then went in for the kill, blasting her with a knee on her way back to her feet, and then unloaded some wild punches, as she had Clark is some serious trouble against the fence. They clinched a few seconds later, with Grasso pressing Clark against the fence. Clark's face was a fucking MESS by the end of the round, as Grasso continued to chew her up with head kicks, knees, and big punches. Round one clearly goes to Grasso. In between rounds, Clark said over and over again "I can't see, coach, I can't see... I can't see straight... I CAN'T SEE..." But the coach ignored her and told her to fight anyway...
     They started the second round pretty slowly. Clark landed a nice head kick one minute into the round, but it didn't seem to phase Grasso at all. Grasso threw a body kick, Clark caught it, and tried to take her down, but ended up clinching against the fence instead. Grasso quickly took control of the clinch, squashing Clark into the fence, while throwing some nice knees to the body. Clark went for a flying guillotine choke with her back against the fence, but Grasso didn't seem too concerned. Grasso eventually landed an elbow and then reset back in the center of the cage. Clark threw some wild punches in the final minute of the round, before shooting for a takedown, Grasso threw up a triangle immediately, transitioned to an armbar, stood back up, and continued to beat the shit out of Clark until the end of the round. I have Grasso ahead 2-0 going into the final round, and the first round might have been a 10-8 round.
     Grasso threw a big body kick early in the final round, and then caught her with a nice punch, while Clark was moving in to clinch. They spun each other around a few times by the fence trying to fight for clinch control. Clark tried to pull guard with 3 minutes left in the fight, but Grasso just let her fall and then punched her a few times before resetting back in the center of the cage. Grasso was mostly just looking to counter in the final round, so it was somewhat uneventful for the last half of the round, but Grasso was still picking apart Clark with a few decent shots. Clark tried one last time late in the round to take down Grasso, and Grasso lifted her up on her shoulder instead and slammed the shit out of her. Grasso very clearly won this fight, 30-26 on my scorecard. Great UFC debut, but I would have liked to see her go for the finish, considering Clark couldn't even see straight after the first 5 minutes.
      Dariush started this fight with some nice head kicks, they clinched, and then Dariush landed some big knees. The fight went to the ground in a weird way, Magomedov sort of tried to take Dariush's back, but Dariush scrambled back to his feet quickly. They clinched again, and Magomedov threw a knee to Dariush's groin. Once the fight started back up, Dariush went back to throwing his big kicks. Dariush landed a LOT of big kicks in that first round, and he also landed some nice knees & punches. Magomedov landed some decent counter punches, but not enough to make up for the damage Dariush was dealing. They clinched again with a minute left in the round, and Magomedov took control of the clinch, but he mostly just held him, not really throwing any offense at all. Magomedov took down Dariush in the final 10 seconds, but he didn't do anything once they hit the ground. Round one clearly goes to Dariush.
     Dariush went into the second round with the same gameplan, blasting Magomedov with some massive kicks, as well as some hard punches. Magomedov fired back with some decent shots, but for every shot he would land, Dariush would fire back with something significantly harder. They clinched 2 minutes into the round, and Magomedov tried to work some dirty boxing, while Dariush mowed him down with big knees to the body & head. They continued with some heavy clinching all the way up until the end of the round. Dariush is ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     They both came out swinging hard shots in the final round, with Magomedov throwing a lot of body kicks, and Dariush was firing back with inside leg kicks & big overhand lefts. They clinched again 45 seconds into the round, with Magomedov in control this time. Dariush worked some nice knees from that Thai clinch, before breaking apart to reset again. They went right back into some more clinching, Dariush tried to throw Magomedov to the ground, but he popped right back up a second later. The referee split them up with 2 minutes left in the fight. Both guys looked tired, but they continued to trade wild punches & knees, before clinching again with 90 seconds left in the round. Dariush continued to hammer Magomedov with knees to the body. They broke apart and turned the final 20 seconds into a wild brawl, with Dariush landing the better shots in my opinion. Clear 30-27 decision for Dariush as far as I'm concerned. All 3 judges agreed, giving the win to Dariush via unanimous decision, snapping Magomedov's 12-Fight winning streak.
      The first round had Bravo picking apart Puelles with some pretty solid boxing, busting up his nose early. Puelles came close to securing a couple of takedowns, but Bravo showed some outstanding balance for the first half of the round. Puelles finally scored a legit takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but Bravo worked his way back to his feet and went back to picking apart Puelles with strikes. Puelles landed some decent kicks, from a variety of angles, but Bravo's boxing was still proving to be a little too much for him. Bravo rocked the shit out of Puelles with some heavy punches at the end of the round, before stuffing one last shot. Round one goes to Bravo.
     The second round was more of the same, with Bravo stuffing shots, while picking apart Puelles with big punches. He eventually dropped him with a body shot halfway through the round, Puelles curled up into a ball, Bravo unloaded on him, and the referee jumped in to stop the fight. That was a fantastic performance by Martin Bravo as he makes his official UFC debut, and becomes The Ultimate Fighter Latin America Season 3 Champion? That title is way too fucking long.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Oliveira missed weight by 9 pounds for this fight, but he also took it on 3 weeks notice, so... Lamas came out and beat him up with punches & kicks to start the first round, they clinched, and Lamas threw Oliveira to the ground in brutal fashion. Lamas had a really weird top position, but he was still able to land some nice elbows on the ground. Lamas went for a mounted guillotine choke, and Oliveira somehow turned that into back control for Oliveira. They stood back up, and Oliveira dumped Lamas to the ground. Oliveira started digging for a possible D'Arce choke, and it looked like he had it locked on. He rolled back, mounted Lamas, and Lamas popped his head out, and regained guard. Oliveira stacked Lamas, and then grabbed his back again, working for a rear-naked choke with a minute left in the opening round. Lamas sat up to try to defend against the choke, while Oliveira punched him a few times to try to loosen up his defense. Oliveira had a really solid back control, and he hit Lamas with some hard elbows to end the round. Round one clearly goes to Oliveira.
     Lamas came out swinging for the second round, and landed a nice spinning heel kick. Oliveira fired back with some clean punches, and some knees, there was a wild scramble, Oliveira took the fight to the ground, and Lamas swept him, ending up on top in another awkward version of side control. Oliveira tried to scramble back to his feet, and Lamas slapped on a tight guillotine choke, finishing Oliveira via submission halfway through the second round. That was a FANTASTIC finish for Ricardo Lamas, as he remains undefeated in Mexico.
      Held spent the first round picking apart Sanchez on the feet with punches and kicks, forcing him to shoot for a takedown. Held caught him in a guillotine choke, and lifted Sanchez into the air with it, but Sanchez literally ran up the side of the cage, did a ninja flip, threw Held to the ground, and beat the shit out of him for a few seconds. Sanchez threw a badass spinning heel kick at the end of the round, but it was about a second after the buzzer sounded, so it felt a bit awkward, plus, it didn't quite land. Round one has to go to Held, but Sanchez came back like a fucking monster in the final 10 seconds of the opening round.
     The second round started, and Held almost immediately dropped down for a heel hook. Sanchez scrambled out of it, and blasted Held with some hard punches on the ground, but Held refused to let go of Diego's leg. Diego scrambled out, and Held slapped on another leg lock, but Sanchez scrambled up to an awkward version of back control. It looked like Diego's leg was about to be ripped off, but he also looked like he was in control, as he was clinging to Held's back, so... I have no idea how to score that exchange. Sanchez ended up on top inside Held's guard 2 minutes into the round. Diego stayed tight, while throwing hard elbows to Held's body. Sanchez did a good job grinding Held up against the fence from half mount, but Held looked like he could still pull something off at any moment. There was a wild scramble with 45 seconds left in the round, where Held almost threw up a triangle choke, but Sanchez just postured up and continued to pound on him. Sanchez finished the round on top with back control. Round two definitely goes to Sanchez. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Sanchez blasted Held with some hard shots to start the third round, Held shot for a takedown, Sanchez stuffed it, they went into a wild scramble, with Held looking for a variety of leg & arm submissions, but Sanchez was able to hold a strong top control, while avoiding all of Held's offense. Sanchez blasted Held with a heavy elbow before settling into Held's guard. The referee had to warn Sanchez for grabbing the fence. Sanchez pushed the fight into the center of the cage, and unloaded with some heavy elbows from a variety of top positions. Held almost grabbed another leg lock, but Sanchez stayed calm, escaped it like an expert tactician, and then passed to half mount. Sanchez continued to work some heavy elbows, while Held continued to roll around wildly, looking to find some sort of submission. While standing, Sanchez looks like an old man, reminding me a bit of Corey Feldman, and not in a good way. On the ground though, HOLY SHIT, Diego still has it. His wrestling is outstanding, and his submission defense is fantastic, and his ground & pound is pretty fucking brutal. This fight should be a clear 29-28 decision for Sanchez in my opinion. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Sanchez via unanimous decision. That was a HUGE win for Diego Sanchez. Every time you think he's done, he comes back and pulls off some shit like this.
      The first round had Ferguson throwing big punches, while Anjos was chewing up his lead leg with heavy kicks. Anjos was also landing a lot of really fast & heavy counter punches. Anjos knocked down Ferguson with around 90 seconds left in the round, and after a brief scramble, Anjos ended up on top, but they didn't stay on the ground for long. After standing back up, they continued to trade heavy strikes until the end of the round. That was a good round for both fighters, but I'm scoring that round for Anjos.
      Ferguson started the second round with some wild punches & kicks. He rocked Anjos in the first 30 seconds, as he continued to stalk him with long strikes. Anjos was still throwing dangerous counters though, as he rocked Ferguson with some shots as well. Ferguson poked Anjos in the eye, so they took a brief timeout. When the fight started back up, Ferguson continued to chop away at Anjos with heavy punches & kicks. Anjos landed some heavy counter strikes in that round, but for the most part, the second round was all about Ferguson absolutely destroying Anjos with big punches & leg kicks. I have this fight all tied up going into the third round.
      Ferguson started the third round with some really slick combinations, but Anjos took him down with an exploding spear, but he shot too hard, and flew right over Ferguson, which gave him enough time to stand back up. Anjos rocked Ferguson with a heavy right hand, but Ferguson continued to fire back with all kinds of wild spinning shit. Anjos landed a big head kick 90 seconds into the round, but Ferguson didn't seem phased, as he continued to plow forward with big combinations. Anjos landed some really slick combinations in the last half of that round, which probably ended up stealing the round for Anjos. This fight is super close going into the fourth round, but I have Anjos ahead, 2-1 at this point.
      Tony continued to pick apart Anjos at the start of the fourth round, landing a lot of clean shots, including some heavy knees. Ferguson rolled for a leg lock randomly to keep things interesting, 90 seconds into the round, but Anjos just stepped out of it without much of an issue. Ferguson continued to beat up the head & body of Anjos with some really nice boxing, and some hard to follow movement. Anjos landed a lot of really clean punches, but Ferguson kept coming forward, while plowing into Anjos's body & head with those heavy punches from far away. Ferguson shot for a takedown in the final 10 seconds of the round, Anjos stuffed it, and then Ferguson opened up on him, rocking the shit out of Anjos to finish the round. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round, but Ferguson COULD potentially be up 3-1 depending on how the judges scored the third round.
      The final round was more of the same, with Ferguson constantly moving forward, while chipping away at Anjos with big punches. Anjos was trying to throw counter punches, but he wasn't nearly as active as Ferguson, and by the end of the fight, Anjos was missing half his face due to cuts all over the right side of his face. Tony Ferguson is fucking LEGIT, and I've had him ranked as the #1 Lightweight in the world for a while, so I couldn't be happier with the way he just dismantled the previous Champion, over the course of 25 minutes, while 7,392 feet in the fucking air. TONY FERGUSON IS THE SHIT!!!