100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Abdul Razak Alhassan - 94.8
2. Kevin Lee - 93.5
3. Marion Reneau - 93.3
4. Jack Marshman - 93.0
5. Amanda Bobby Cooper - 92.7
6. Zak Cummings - 92.6
7. Kyoji Horiguchi - 92.5
8. Justin Ledet - 92.4
9. Gegard Mousasi - 91.9
10. Artem Lobov - 91.7
UFC Fight Night 99: Mousasi vs. Hall 2
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Elevation: 262'
-Fight of the Night-
Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Charlie Ward
Fighters & Matches 90.2
Top 10 Fighters 92.8
TOTAL 91.5
     These guys both came out throwing violent bombs, Alhassan knocked down Ward early, but he got back up, they continued to throw wild bombs at each other, Alhassan knocked down Ward a few more times, he was basically out on his feet, he kept falling down, he kept getting up, he kept falling down, and getting up, and eventually, the referee couldn't deny it anymore, as Alhassan knocked Ward the fuck out inside the first minute of the opening round. That was an INSANE UFC debut for Abdul Razak Alhassan.
      Kwak came out showing some solid footwork, and some crisp boxing, as he blasted Johns with some clean punches to start the opening round. Johns scored a takedown one minute into the round, but Kwak immediately stood back up. Johns scored another takedown, and Kwak stood back up again. Johns took him down again, and Kwak stood up again. Johns took him down again, and Kwak stood up again. Johns took him down again, and Kwak stood up again. Johns threw a few punches each time Kwak stood back up, but he wasn't doing a lot of damage, other than wearing him down from the takedowns. Johns took him down again, and Kwak stood up again. Johns picked him up, and slammed him, tried to secure side control, he attempted a mounted crucifix, but Kwak did a decent job staying out of trouble. Kwak tried to kick off the cage to get back up, but Johns kept him pinned. Round one clearly goes to Johns. Not much damage was done, but he scored more takedowns than I can count.
     Johns rocked Kwak with some brutal punches to start the second round, Kwak tried to fight back, but Johns still had him rocked, so Johns took advantage of that moment, and shot for another takedown. Kwak stuffed the first shot, but Johns eventually scooped Kwak and dumped him again, 90 seconds into the round. Kwak stood back up without taking any damage on the ground. Kwak was still clearly rocked, Johns continued to hammer him with big punches on the feet, Kwak threw some decent shots back, Johns landed a flying knee, and Kwak threw a spinning heel kick to the face of Johns. Kwak landed some clean strikes with 90 seconds left in the round, but Johns caught a kick and took him down again with a minute left in the round. Johns still wasn't able to do any damage on the ground, he mostly just held Kwak down while peppering him with short punches. Johns is clearly ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     Kwak came out swinging, looking to kill Johns in the final round. Johns just covered up his head, while Kwak chopped away at him like a rabid lumberjack double fisting hatchets. Johns scored another takedown one minute into the round, slowing down Kwak's offense. They stood back up with around 90 seconds left in the fight, but Johns shot for another takedown, pressing Kwak against the fence, before scooping him to the ground again. Kwak stood back up, and absolutely mauled Johns in the final seconds of the round, as Johns just covered up, and Kwak tried to cause his head to explode with brutal strikes. I'm giving that final round to Kwak based on his violent striking, but the fight should still go to Johns, 29-28, if not 30-27. All 3 judges scored the fight 30-27 for Brett Johns.
      Reneau started the first round with some really nice punch combinations, but she eventually threw a kick, Dudieva caught it, took her down, and Reneau started working for an armbar or a triangle from her back. Dudieva landed a few punches, and then Reneau scrambled back to her feet. Reneau continued to pressure Dudieva with her strikes until the end of the round. I scored that round for Reneau, based on the better striking, as well as her submission attempts on the ground outweighing Dudieva's single takedown.
     Reneau continued to pick apart Dudieva with her boxing in the second round, pressuring her back against the fence, allowing Reneau to tee off on her. They clinched 90 seconds into the round, Reneau looked like she wanted to take Dudieva's back, but Dudieva threw Reneau to the ground instead. Reneau worked her way back to her feet, Dudieva kept her pressed against the fence, Reneau spun her around, and landed some heavy elbows against the fence. She nearly dropped her with some brutal knees to the body with around 90 seconds left in the second round. Reneau unloaded with some big punches, some heavy knees, Dudieva looked like she was ready for the fight to be stopped, but the referee let them continue, as Reneau continued to demolish Dudieva with brutal strikes. I have Reneau ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Reneau rushed out to start the final round, looking to pick up where she left off, going back to work with her punches & kicks again. They clinched, Reneau threw Dudieva to the ground in a really mean looking way, she landed in a high full mount, she blasted Dudieva with some brutal shots on the ground, and Dudieva pretty much looked defenseless on the ground. Reneau tried to setup an armbar from the mount, but switched to just dropping brutal elbows instead, forcing the referee to stop the fight with a couple of minutes left in the final round. That was a fantastic performance by Marion Reneau.
      Yakovlev started this fight by throwing some leg kicks, which Cummings did a good job checking. Yakovlev was moving around the outside edges of the cage, while Cummings was clearly controlling the center of the cage. Yakovlev poked Cummings in the eye, and the fight was paused for a few seconds. Cummings landed some decent punches, he threw a kick, Yakovlev caught it, and threw him to the ground, but he let him stand back up. Cummings continued to land some hard punches, he caught a kick, and then blasted Yakovlev with some heavy shots before clinching against the fence. They clashed a few times, some decent strikes were thrown both ways, and then Cummings pressed Yakovlev against the fence again. Cummings finished the round with a heavy body kick, followed by a few more punches. I scored that round for Cummings, based mostly on his forward pressure.
     Cummings dropped Yakovlev early in the second round with a heavy leg kick to the knee. Cummings clinched, and threw some knees to Yakovlev's thighs. Cummings caught another kick, and blasted Yakovlev with another big punch. Cummings continued to beat up Yakovlev with some slow methodical power shots, and then Yakovlev surprised everyone by shooting for a ridiculous takedown, Cummings stuffed it, grabbed his head, threw him face first to the canvas, mounted him, slapped on a straight armbar, and finished the fight by submission. That was a fantastic performance by Zak Cummings, and an even more impressive second round finish.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Ledet landed some big punches early, and then took down Godbeer one minute into the opening round. They stood back up, and Ledet tried to take Godbeer's back. Godbeer shot for a takedown of his own, sort of pulled guard, went for a leg lock, Ledet slipped out, grabbed his back, slapped on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight with a first round submission. That was another solid performance by Justin Ledet.
      Elmose dropped 20 pounds to make her strawweight debut here, only to have Cooper spend the first 4 minutes of the opening round beating up Elmose with big punches, as Elmose looked a little lost in there. Elmose then dropped Cooper with a hard punch, and then she jumped on her, cutting her up with elbows from inside Cooper's guard. Cooper stood back up and shot for a late takedown but it was stuffed. Elmose probably stole that round in the final minute.
     The second round started with some decent punch exchanges, Cooper dropped Elmose 90 seconds into the round, and then jumped on her, but after a brief scramble, Elmose somehow magically ended up back on top in half mount, where she was able to drop some more elbows. Cooper stood back up halfway through the round, but not before getting her face chopped up some more with those sharp elbows from Elmose. Cooper almost immediately shot for a clean takedown, pinning Elmose in the center of the cage. Elmose was clearly looking to setup a triangle, and Cooper was looking to pass her guard. Elmose went for the omoplata, but Cooper passed that and found side control, and then full mount. Elmose quickly pulled guard, Cooper dropped some big punches & elbows, and then passed to side control again. She passed to mount again with 20 seconds left in the round, and unloaded with some heavy elbows from the top. Cooper went for an armbar in the final 5 seconds, but Elmose was saved by the buzzer. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round was all about Cooper beating up Elmose with a wide variety of punches & kicks, lots of footwork, and she even scored a takedown with around 30 seconds left in the round. From there, Cooper pounded on her with punches from side control, and she finished the round in full mount. That was a fantastic fight overall, and a great way for Cooper to end the final round. I scored this fight 29-28 for Cooper, without a doubt. All 3 judges agreed, and one judge even gave Cooper all 3 rounds. That was a great fight for both fighters, and an outstanding win for Cooper.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Mustafaev started this fight with a hard body kick, Lee shot for a takedown, it was stuffed, they reset, and then Lee shot for another takedown, this time he completed it, but Mustafaev slapped on a tight guillotine, Lee slammed his way out of it, and then he pounded on Mustafaev with some hard punches to the body and elbows to the head. They stood back up and Mustafaev took control of the clinch 90 seconds into the opening round. They went back & forth with the clinch control for a minute or so, and then Mustafaev landed some heavy kicks. Lee shot for another takedown, and Mustafaev caught him with a spinning back fist on his way in, but Lee still completed the takedown, quickly securing half mount, and then side control with 90 seconds left in the round. He mounted Mustafaev, but Mustafaev magically stood back up out of the mount like a wizard of some sort. Lee picked up Mustafaev, carried him across the cage, and slammed him with a spinebuster. Lee took his back, slapped on a rear-naked choke with the body triangle, but he wasn't able to quite get underneath Mustafaev's chin. That was a great round for Kevin Lee.
     Lee looked aggressive as he came out in the second round, Mustafaev got sloppy, Lee took him down, mounted him, went for a Kimura, but let that go and they stood back up. Mustafaev continued to land some hard kicks & knees, while Lee continued to grind the shit out of him with his insane wrestling skills. Lee took his back again 90 seconds into the second round. He locked on a rear-naked choke, but somehow Mustafaev slid his chin free again. After a bit of a scramble, Mustafaev slid out the back door and they reset back on their feet. Mustafaev landed some hard punches, and then Lee scored another takedown in the center of the cage. Lee secured back control again, and this time he pounded on Mustafaev with some heavy punches & elbows, and then he locked on another rear-naked choke, putting Mustafaev to sleep this time. That was an outstanding performance by Kevin Lee. During his post fight interview, he dropped a million F-Bombs, and he called out McGregor, which is a ridiculous person to call out, but hey, kudos to him for trying at least, right? In Ireland none-the-less.
      The first round started with a lot of movement, Bagautinov threw a couple of big power strikes, Horiguchi threw a flying knee, Bagautinov caught him, tried to take him down, but he couldn't hold him down for more than a couple of seconds. They stood back up, and Horiguchi took control of the clinch against the fence. Horiguchi slowly took Bagautinov down, grabbed his back, landed some punches, and continued to work for a more secure version of back control since he only had one hook in. Horiguchi landed quite a few decent punches & elbows, but Bagautinov was able to shake him off with 45 seconds left in the round, and then Bagautinov powered Horiguchi to the ground, but he popped back up immediately, and blasted Bagautinov with a heavy punch. That was a really close round, but I scored it for Horiguchi.
     Bagautinov whiffed with an insane spinning kick to start the second round, they clinched, it was a bit of a stalemate, and then they reset again. Horiguchi blasted Bagautinov with some heavy punches 90 seconds into the round, it looked like he had him rocked, so Horiguchi followed it up with a flurry, and then took down Bagautinov, taking his back near the fence again. They quickly reset back in the center of the cage again. They traded a few strikes, they clinched again, and Horiguchi got that same half-back control against the fence as he took Bagautinov down again. Horiguchi landed a lot of short punches to the face from behind. Bagautinov shot for a takedown of his own in the final 15 seconds, but Horiguchi was able to stuff it. That round definitely goes to Horiguchi.
     There were a few wild brawling exchanges early in the third round, Bagautinov shot for a takedown a minute in, and Horiguchi stuffed the shit out of it. They danced around a little bit, they traded a few strikes, and Horiguchi landed a nice clean head kick. They traded a few more punches, Bagautinov shot for a deep takedown, Horiguchi stuffed it, and beat him up with some hard elbows to the side of the head while Bagautinov continued to press him into the fence. They reset, and Bagautinov shot for another takedown, and Horiguchi stuffed that one as well, and continued to defend by throwing elbows. Bagautinov shot for another takedown, and Horiguchi crushed him with a brutal knee to the head. Horiguchi took down Bagautinov in the final 10 seconds, securing the 30-27 victory in my opinion for Horiguchi. All 3 judges agreed, giving Horiguchi the unanimous decision victory.
      Marshman dropped Cedenblad with a left hook early in the first round, but Cedenblad recovered and immediately took him to the ground. Cedenblad tried to work some ground & pound, while Marshman scrambled around wildly from his guard. Marshman had a cut over his left eye. Marshman has a fairly tight guard, but that didn't stop Cedenblad from battering him with heavy punches from the top. Marshman tried to throw up some elbows from his back, but they weren't doing as much damage as the top position ground & pound being delivered from Cedenblad. Cedenblad opened up with some brutal strikes to finish the round. Round one clearly goes to Cedenblad.
     Cedenblad landed some really long kicks in the second round, but Marshman was still throwing some pretty heavy punches to try to counter Cedenblad's offense. They continued to trade violent strikes at a steady pace, as Marshman's face looked pretty chopped up by the halfway point of the second round. He dropped Cedenblad at one point, but he popped right back up again. Cedenblad was on chicken legs for a few seconds, so he shot for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round. Marshman stood back up, unloaded some heavy punches, and Cedenblad collapsed in a bloody heap. That was a pretty insane finish for Jack Marshman. This has been a really wild night so far.
      Ishihara spent the first round throwing jab style kicks, while Lobov threw single power shots. Lobov's striking appeared to be more effective, so I scored the first round for Lobov. Neither fighter really looked like they wanted to engage, but Lobov was the only one that got any sort of reaction when he landed his strikes. The second round was more of the same, with Lobov landing some solid power shots, and Ishihara looked like he had no idea how to get inside the range (or lack thereof) of Lobov. The final round looked like it was going to be more of the same, until Ishihara dropped Lobov with a big right hand. He jumped into Lobov's guard, Lobov flailed around on the ground looking to setup a triangle with his short legs, and Ishihara just kept him pinned with half a round left to work. He passed to half guard, and then they stood back up, but Lobov still looked wobbly. Ishihara shot for a lazy takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, Lobov easily stuffed it, ended up on top for a second, and then they reset with a minute left in the fight. Lobov grabbed Ishihara and threw him to the ground for the final 20 seconds. That was a decent performance by Lobov, but mostly because it was the worst performance I've ever seen from Ishihara. Lobov walks away with the 30-27 unanimous decision victory.
      Johnson started this fight with some heavy punches, and Volkov fired back with a massive knee to the body. Volkov fired off some heavy punches, and rocked Johnson all the way back to the fence. Volkov scored a takedown, and then unloaded some big punches as Johnson was trying to stand back up. Johnson fired off a massive uppercut out of nowhere, and Volkov hit the canvas like a sack of bricks. Johnson continued to pound on him with big heavy punches, Volkov looked like he was in some serious trouble, and Johnson still had half a round to work. Volkov eventually worked his way back to his feet, and rushed forward with some strikes to finish the round. Johnson's nose was bleeding like crazy for some reason. Round one still goes to Johnson for the near finish.
     Johnson plunged forward like a tank in the second round, looking to take Volkov's head off, but he wasn't able to connect clean enough with that attack. They clinched, and Volkov took control against the fence. Johnson yanked Volkov's ankle out from under him, scoring a takedown, but Volkov popped right back up. Johnson lunged forward with some big punches again, but Volkov avoided that attack as well. The fight slowed down to a snail's pace by the end of the round. I still have Johnson ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Volkov landed some big kicks in the final round, and sort of took down Johnson, but he popped right back up against the fence. They continued to trade big sloppy strikes for the rest of the round, as tons of sweat was flying everywhere, but not a lot of damage was being dealt in either direction. Johnson shot for a final takedown with 45 seconds left in the round, and spent that entire time trying to take Volkov to the ground, to no avail. That round was kind of close, but Johnson should pretty clearly win this fight at least 29-28. The judges smoked a little crack, and gave the fight to Volkov via split-decision.
      The first round had both guys trading really hard kicks, and a few halfway decent punches, but for the most part, not a lot was happening in between the few big strikes. Ray shot for a takedown with 20 seconds or so left in the round, he picked Pearson up in the air, and slammed the shit out of him. That one slam was enough to steal the round for Ray. I'm not sure who was winning the round before that happened, but Ray pretty clearly won that round with the takedown.
     They continued to trade those random strikes in the second round, until Ray shot for another takedown 90 seconds into the round, pressing Pearson up against the fence in the clinch. They split up and continued to trade with those random strikes for the rest of the round. This fight is making me a little tired. Not due to the heavy action, but due to the fact that they're mostly just sparring with each other, and this is going to be a long night of fights, since there's another UFC event happening immediately after this one ends. I don't really care who won the second round to be honest. Ray probably won, due to landing the cleaner shots, but neither fighter really looks like they WANT the win all that much.
     Pearson looked like he was a little more aggressive coming out for the final round, and he landed a really heavy leg kick in the first minute of the round, but after that, they went back to their basic sparring exchanges. Ray threw a hard body kick, Pearson caught it and countered it with a flying knee. They continued to trade strikes at a fairly decent pace until the end of the round. I'd probably score that round for Pearson, which would make the fight kind of close, but I'm expecting Ray to probably win this fight, at least 29-28, if not 30-27. Uh... One of the judges gave all 3 rounds to Pearson? I'm so fucking confused. Congrats to Ray for the split-decision victory.
      The first round started really slowly, with Mousasi landing a couple of solid jabs, and Hall landed a couple of heavy spinning heel kicks. Mousasi took down Hall with a minute left in the round, he tied up Hall against the fence, he unloaded with some punches, and Hall just kind of laid there like he wanted to go home, not really putting up much of a fight at all on the ground. Congrats to Mousasi for avenging his loss to Hall, but I don't know if that performance will necessarily be enough to earn him a title shot. A couple of jabs, a takedown, and some basic ground & pound? I mean, first round finishes are cool, but... I somehow feel underwhelmed right now.