100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Donald Cerrone - 94.2
2. Dennis Bermudez - 93.0
3. Frankie Edgar - 92.0
4. Melvin Guillard - 92.0
5. Max Holloway - 91.9
6. Nik Lentz - 91.8
7. Benson Henderson - 91.8
8. Michael Kuiper - 90.6
9. Erik Perez - 90.5
10. Chico Camus - 90.1
UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar 2
Location: Denver, Colorado
Elevation: 5,410'
-Fight of the Night-
Donald Cerrone vs. Melvin Guillard
Fighters & Matches 90.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 91.0
     Nik Lentz looked good in this fight. Mitsuoka did not. Nik Lentz basically just absolutely dominated Mitsuoka with his wrestling skills, taking him down at will, eventually getting on the back of Mitsuoka, following that up with a ton of punches to both sides of his head, and Lentz wins via TKO. Good featherweight debut for Lentz!
      This was a pretty cool way to make his debut, for Chico Camus. The first round I gave to Pague, because he seemed to have more offense going on with his grappling skills, and while standing, he seemed to have the better striking. The second round I gave to Camus for controlling the fight with his wrestling. The third round I was going to give to Pague, but Camus started to dominate him at the end of the round, leaving a really good final impression. In the end, it was a pretty close fight, but I gave it to Camus, and so did all 3 judges.
      This was a fast fight (17 seconds). Apparently it was the fastest knockout in Bantam Weight History!!! The entire fight basically consisted of Perez punching stone in the face, Stone falling to the ground, Perez landing a few additional punches, Herb Dean stopped the fight, and then Stone complained that he wasn't out. I think it was a good stoppage though, so yeah, good show by Perez.
      Holy crap, Jared Hamman really is the American Zombie. He started off doing a decent job, standing & striking with Kuiper, but Kuiper landed a brutal leg kick directly to the left knee of Hamman, tearing a muscle in Hamman's leg in the process. From that point forward, Hamman looked like a zombie, constantly coming forward, constantly throwing floppy looking punches, until eventually Kuiper basically knocked him out twice in a row (the second time the referee finally decided to stop the fight). Kuiper looked like a solid fighter, but Hamman's heart was really the highlight of this fight.
(Guillotine Choke)
      I sort of remember Dennis Bermudez from The Ultimate Fighter, but I don't remember him being this massive or aggressive. This fight was pretty good right from the start, with Bermudez showing off his strength by picking Hayden up & slamming him. Hayden eventually landed a knee to the chin of Bermudez which rocked him, Hayden had all the potential in the world to lock on a rear-naked choke from the position he had Bermudez in, but he couldn't seal the deal. Bermudez escaped, kicked Hayden in the chest with a Superman Kick? (if that's even a thing). Bermudez then locked on a tight guillotine choke and carried Hayden across the octagon with it, which is where Hayden tapped. Excellent display of strength & skill by Dennis Bermudez!
      This fight was pretty good. I gave the first round to Justin Lawrence, for out-karate-ing Holloway. He sort of reminded me a little bit of a young Lyoto Machida for most of the first round, being elusive, and landing some decent punches. Holloway on the other hand, mostly just kicked Lawrence in the balls a few times. The second round, Lawrence didn't look as aggressive, and Holloway turned it up a notch, landing a solid knee to the body, and then a couple of punches to the body, forcing Lawrence to collapse. From there, it was just a stream of steady fast punches to the head of the downed Lawrence, eventually causing the referee to stop the fight. Good show by both guys, but Holloway definitely ended up looking more impressive with the TKO victory.
      I've never really been a fan of Yushin Okami at all, because he's one of those old school wrestlers that basically just lays on people, and controls them, but doesn't do anything impressive. With that being said, that's how this fight went down, and in the second round, he mounted Buddy's back, and punched him in the arm a bunch of times (Buddy was covering his head with his arm) and the referee got bored and stopped the fight. Yushin wins! Yay?
      Wow, speaking of boring grappling matches, like the Yushin Okami fight earlier, here we are again with another Jake Shields victory. I thought he was supposed to make an impression in his 185 pound UFC debut!?! This was a really close fight, and I was cheering for Herman for most of the fight, but I'm not surprised the decision went to Shields. I AM however, surprised that two of the judges gave all 3 rounds to Shields. The first round should have gone to Herman in my opinion, but who cares, boring fight.
(Head Kick & Punch)
      After watching the two boring ass wrestling matches that came before this fight, THIS knockout was EXACTLY what this card needed. Melvin Guillard came out like a ball of fire, nearly knocking Cerrone unconscious, punches, kicks, knees, flying through the air like a black Superman, and then "CLINK", Cerrone landed a headkick that knocked Guillard a bit loopy. Cerrone then took a running start, and threw a running punch to the face of Guillard, knocking him out, collapsing Guillard's body down to the floor. EXCELLENT victory for Donald Cerrone, and I think he should get whatever fight he wants next. Melvin Guillard was also EXTREMELY exciting to watch in this fight, so yeah, great job to both guys. Fight of the night (so far) in my opinion.
      This was one hell of a scrap, just like their first fight. To be honest, I gave 3 rounds to Edgar, 1 round to Henderson, and 1 round I would have said was a draw. With that being said, the judges gave the fight to Henderson via split-decision, which I think was KIND OF bullshit, but either way, good fight overall I guess. I would like to see one of these guys eventually finish someone though. Nate Diaz is up next against Benson Henderson? Should be a good fight.