100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. A.J. McKee - 92.7
2. Treston Thomison - 92.2
3. Gregory Babene - 91.9
4. Derrick Adkins - 91.4
5. Chris Honeycutt - 90.8
6. Eduardo Dantas - 90.8
7. Marcos Galvao - 89.9
8. Ray Wood - 89.5
9. Dawond Pickney - 89.2
10. Kinny Spotwood - 89.0
Bellator 166: Dantas vs. Warren 2
Location: Thackerville, Oklahoma
Elevation: 866'
-Fight of the Night-
A.J. McKee vs. Ray Wood
Fighters & Matches 87.6
Top 10 Fighters 90.7
TOTAL 89.2
     These guys traded a few strikes before Spotwood pressed King into the fence. They rolled to the ground, as King shot for a takedown, and Spotwood was able to continue rolling until he secured side control, as he continued to press King into the fence. Spotwood controlled most of that round, but it wasn't very exciting.
     The next round was another lackluster round of grinding, with Spotwood pressing King against the fence. He worked some solid body shots in the final minute of the round, and clearly won the round, but I'm still not impressed by either of these fighters. Spotwood should clearly be ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     The final round was another round of grinding, with King in control this time, pressing Spotwood up against the fence. This fight is a clear example of "2 guys that probably shouldn't be invited back to fight for Bellator". It was a slow paced, 15 minute fight, with no damage done to either fighter, and they both ended up looking exhausted halfway through the second round. Congrats to Spotwood for the unanimous decision victory, but that was a bad fight to have to sit through as a spectator. Shit got REALLY VIOLENT in the final 15 seconds, but you have to wonder where that aggression was during the rest of the fight.
(D'Arce Choke)
      The striking at the start of the first round looked awkward, but once Adkins got the fight to the ground, and secured side control, he started to look a lot more comfortable, with his smothering top game. Jones stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round, but Adkins took him back down 15 seconds later, landing inside his guard, where Adkins was able to beat up Jones with short punches until the end of the round. Round one goes to Adkins.
     These guys continued to trade awkward strikes on the feet to start the second round. Adkins scored a takedown halfway through the round, and continued to beat up Jones with short punches from inside his guard. They stood back up, Adkins dropped Jones with a big punch, and then he jumped on him, landed in side control, setup a D'Arce choke, and finished the fight by submission with less than a minute remaining in the second round. Pretty decent Bellator debut for Derrick Adkins, with the second round submission victory.
      These guys traded a few strikes, Pickney scooped up Thomison, and slammed the shit out of him, but Thomison immediately locked on an armbar when they hit the ground, and forced the submission in under one minute. That was a fantastic submission victory for Thomison, after Pickney showed some solid wrestling, but zero submission defense.
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys spent the first half of the round trading some heavy strikes, until Babene shot for a takedown, which Sordi tried to stop with a guillotine choke. Babene passed that, and then slapped on a guillotine choke of his own, he cranked the shit out of it, and nearly ripped Sordi's spine out with the submission, forcing the tap at just 3:11 of the opening round. That's the second choke submission from Babene, in two Bellator fights, in just over 3 minutes of the first round. Babene looks like someone to keep an eye on in the future.
      Honeycutt scored an early takedown, even though Reiter was blatantly grabbing the fence. They stood back up, and Honeycutt scored another takedown, even though Reiter was hitting him in the back of the head with elbows on the way down. They stood back up, and traded some strikes in the center of the cage. Honeycutt landed a decent knee, shot for a takedown, and was stuffed. Round one goes to Honeycutt, based entirely on his takedowns.
     The second round was a little slower paced, with Honeycutt scoring one takedown around the halfway mark, but he wasn't able to hold down Reiter, and not a lot happened from either fighter on the feet. I have Honeycutt ahead 2-0 going into the final round. Honeycutt took down Reiter 2 minutes into the final round, and beat him up a little bit on the ground, but he couldn't keep the fight on the ground for very long. They stood back up, traded some clunky looking strikes, and Reiter shot for a takedown, but was stuffed against the fence. Honeycutt eventually scored another takedown, and finished hte round beating the shit out of a bloody Reiter. Honeycutt should win this fight with a 30-27 decision. All 3 judges agreed, but they all scored the fight 30-26 and 30-25 in favor of Honeycutt, for the unanimous decision victory.
      These guys spent almost the entire first round clinching against the fence, with Davis in control for the most part, but no damage was happening, it was just a lot of hugging. Galvao finally took down Davis with 2 minutes left in the opening round. Galvao spent the rest of the round sort of smothering Davis on the ground, while beating him up with some short punches. Round one goes to Galvao, based mostly on the takedown, and the little bit of ground & pound he delivered.
     Galvao kicked Davis with a light groin strike to start the second round, but Davis was fine. Galvao then took down Davis with a slick takedown, but he couldn't hold him down for more than 30 seconds. He continued to be slightly more aggressive for most of the round, so I have Galvao ahead 2-0 going into the final round. He was slowing down at the end of the second round though.
     Galvao shot for a sloppy takedown early in the final round, and Davis stuffed that shot easily. Davis was moving forward for most of the round, but he still wasn't landing anything significant, while Galvao looked tired, but was at least landing a few decent counter punches. Davis pressed Galvao against the fence halfway through the round, but couldn't score a takedown. The rest of the round was a boring clinchfest, which Davis might have won the round just by controlling the clinch, but neither fighter was really doing any damage. Galvao should still win the fight 29-28 though. Two judges agreed with me, giving Galvao the split-decision victory.
      These guys traded some wild strikes, Wood blasted McKee with a hard kick to the body, and McKee scooped him up, and slammed him to the ground 30 seconds into the opening round. They started to stand back up, and McKee blasted Wood with a knee to the body on the way up. They continued to trade REALLY wild strikes, McKee shot for another takedown, Wood blasted him with a flying knee on the way in, McKee drove through that, but found himself caught in a guillotine choke, but he didn't look like he was in that much trouble. He tripped Wood to the ground, and Wood continued to dig for that guillotine, but McKee popped his head free halfway through the round. McKee continued to grind Wood against the fence, he grabbed his back, and landed some basic punches, but Wood was able to work his way back to his feet and they reset. They traded some wild strikes again, Wood threw another flying knee, and McKee dumped him to the ground again. McKee continued to beat up Wood until the end of the round. That was a crazy back & forth round, but I scored it for McKee.
     The second round started with some wild strikes, and then McKee brought the fight to the ground, teased Wood with a front choke, and then ended up beating him up with some heavy punches, and knees to the body, while grinding Wood into the fence on the ground. The close round could have gone either way, but the second round was 100% McKee, as he bullied Wood for the duration of the round. McKee blasted Wood with some strong punch & kick combinations to start the final round, and then he dumped him to the ground again, 45 seconds into the round. McKee spent the rest of the round beating up Wood on the ground, and he even unleashed a slick suplex in the final 30 seconds just to prove that he was in control of this fight. McKee AT LEAST won two of these rounds, and I wouldn't be shocked by a scorecard of 30-25 for McKee either. All 3 judges agreed, giving the obvious unanimous decision victory to A.J. McKee, in the first fight ever that has made it past the second round for him.
      The first round had Warren circling around the outside, while Dantas picked him apart with a lot of jabs. Warren's striking looks awful. He shot for a few takedowns, but couldn't even get inside clinch range. Round one goes to Dantas. Warren came out a lot more aggressively in the second round, throwing wild punches. He wasn't landing with many good shots, but he was at least putting forth the effort to tie up the scorecards. Dantas continued to pick him apart with those jabs though, and he started mixing in some hard leg kicks too. Dantas won that round, and you could argue the first round was a 10-8 round for Dantas (based on how the judges are scoring fights tonight), so Warren could be down 3-0 going into the third round already.
     The third round looked like it was going to be the same story as the first two rounds, but Warren finally hooked one of Dantas's legs, he grabbed his back, and pressed him into the fence where he was able to work some basic knees from the back clinch. Dantas broke free halfway through the round, and they reset. Dantas continued to pick apart Warren on the feet, and then he kicked him in the dick with around 90 seconds left in the round. When the fight started back up, Warren came out like a ball of fire, but Dantas quickly got him back under control, and left Warren's forehead looking awfully red (but not quite bloody yet). I thought that was going to be Warren's first round of the fight, but I have Dantas ahead 3-0 going into the fourth round, if not 4-0.
     The fourth round was more of the same, with Warren getting picked apart by Dantas's Dominick Cruz style footwork, while Warren basically just chased him around the cage. Depending on what kind of judges are here tonight, someone could possibly be leaning in favor of Warren at this point, just based on the fact that Dantas is barely fighting, he's mostly running. Warren took down Dantas too with around a minute left in the round, but he couldn't hold him down for more than a few seconds. I feel like Warren deserves to win a round based on effort, so I'll give him the fourth round, but for the most part, this fight is clearly going to Dantas on the scorecards, so Warren is going to need to get a finish in the fifth round, if he wants any chance of winning this fight.
     Warren came out like a ball of fire to start the fifth round, and then Dantas kicked him in the dick again, so Big John took a point away from Dantas. The fight continued, and Warren aggressively tried to take Dantas down again, 90 seconds into the final round, but Dantas did a good job staying on his feet, so Warren just pressed him into the fence. Warren landed some knees to Dantas's thighs while pressing him against the fence, but he wasn't doing a ton of damage. Warren is at least going to get a 10-8 round here, but he still needs to finish the fight, and he's still just grinding Dantas against the fence, instead of looking for the finish. The referee split them up with a minute left in the round. Dantas ran away until the end of the round. Dantas clearly won this fight, but there is some part of me that is praying Warren will get the decision, because Dantas running away, and then literally "dancing" in the final 10 seconds, plus the multiple groin shots, I have to admit I'll laugh if they give the fight to Warren. One judge scored the fight a draw, which made me chuckle, but the other two judges gave the fight to Dantas, so... There you have it... Warren looked awful in this fight, and Dantas only looked "slightly better", winning the fight by acting like Mayweather.