100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Amanda Nunes - 94.8
2. Tim Means - 93.1
3. Ray Borg - 92.9
4. Cody Garbrandt - 92.8
5. T.J. Dillashaw - 92.6
6. Niko Price - 92.2
7. Alex Garcia - 91.8
8. Dong Hyun Kim - 90.4
9. Dominick Cruz - 90.4
10. Louis Smolka - 90.1
UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Amanda Nunes vs. Ronda Rousey
Fighters & Matches 90.1
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 91.1
(Knees & Punches)
     These guys traded a few strikes, they clinched, and Means threw Oliveira to the ground 45 seconds into the round, and then hit him with a knee to the face on the way up. Oliveira then dropped Means with a spinning back kick to the body, he stood back up, and they continued to wrestle with each other, Oliveira securing a takedown, and then Means secured a takedown, pinning Oliveira against the fence again. Means opened up with some brutal ground & pound, landing some heavy punches, and then he blasted Oliveira with some heavy knees to the head, Oliveira was nearly knocked out, the referee jumped in to pause the fight, because he thought the shots were illegal, but they really should have been legal, since Oliveira didn't have ANY hands touching the ground, and one of his feet wasn't even touching the ground, he was down on one knee, but that's all. Oliveira was unable to continue, so the referee declared it a no contest, but FUCK THAT, I'm calling it a knockout, and giving Means the victory points for this one. Means really got screwed in a decent sized fight here, ESPECIALLY considering that starting TOMORROW, you're allowed to throw knees to a downed opponent, so... FUCK THIS, AND FUCK THIS NO CONTEST BULLSHIT. Congrats to Means for an awesome performance.
     EDIT: Apparently you're not allowed to throw knees if your opponent has a single knee on the ground, and even with the new 2017 rules, you still won't be able to throw knees while your opponent's knee is down, but you CAN throw them if they only have one hand down? This shit is too confusing. Fuck these rules, Pride or Die!!! But seriously, knees to a downed opponent should be 100% legal in my opinion, so I'm still giving the victory points to Means, regardless of what the official decision ends up being after the commission takes another look at it.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      These guys traded a few strikes to start the fight, Price took down Thatch 90 seconds into the opening round, they wrestled around for a little while, Thatch went for a Kimura at one point from half guard, Price escaped, passed to side control, spent a couple of minutes trying to setup an arm-triangle choke, and eventually he locked it on properly, and finished the fight by submission in the final minute of the first round. That was a solid UFC debut for Niko Price, and this SHOULD be the last time we see Thatch in the UFC, considering he's not on a 4-Fight losing streak.
      Garcia came out swinging, he beat up Pyle on the feet for a minute, and then took him to the ground, landing inside Pyle's guard. Pyle tried to sweep him with his butterfly guard, but Garcia just passed to side control instead. Garcia landed a few decent shots on the ground, and then Pyle stood back up halfway through the round. They traded a few strikes on the feet, things seemed fairly even, and then Garcia blasted Pyle with a heavy overhand right that knocked Pyle the fuck out, causing his head to bounce off the canvas when he hit the ground. I'm a Mike Pyle fan, but with that being said, I hope he retires. His chin is glass at this point, and at 41 years old, I just don't want to see him get hurt anymore. This was a pretty solid win for Alex Garcia.
      These guys traded a few punches, and then Carlos swiped his fingers across the left eye of Vettori, causing the fight to be paused for a couple of minutes. They started back up, traded a few strikes, Vettori blasted Carlos with a heavy kick to the body, and then the fight was paused again, as the referee warned Carlos for having his fingers pointed out. When the fight continued, Vettori poked Carlos in the eye. When the fight started back up, they traded some heavy strikes, and then Carlos shot in for a takedown, but Vettori stuffed the shit out of it. Carlos was still controlling the clinch, but Vettori showed some outstanding takedown defense. Carlos finally scored a takedown with 45 seconds left in the round, but Vettori scrambled back to a knee, and sort of took down Carlos. That was a close round, but I'm assuming it will be scored for Carlos, based on clinch control?
     Carlos sort of took down Vettori in the first 30 seconds of the second round, but Vettori immediately stood back up and reset in the center of the cage. They traded a few kicks, and then Vettori grabbed Carlos's back, pressing him against the fence for some clinching. Vettori eventually punched him in the head and then reset in the center again. Vettori threw an aggressive combination of punches, and then took him down against the fence with 2 minutes left in the round. Vettori unloaded with some heavy ground & pound, went for a guillotine choke, and then gave that up in favor of some additional heavy elbows. He postured up again with a minute left in the round, and unloaded with some wild ground & pound, but he was hit with an upkick, and fell into Carlos's guard. He finished the round standing above Carlos, while throwing kicks at his legs on the ground. Round one was close, round two clearly goes to Vettori.
     They traded a few strikes to start the third round, and then they clinched again. Carlos continued to look for a takedown, Vettori continued to show solid takedown defense, but Carlos finally took him down 90 seconds into the round, landing in half mount. Vettori eventually stood back up against the fence, Carlos continued to try to trip him, but they reset with 2 minutes left in the fight. Carlos shot for another takedown with a minute left in the round, but Vettori stuffed that shot as well. They whipped each other around for a few seconds, and they both kind of fell down, with Carlos in control, but he really didn't do anything on the ground. Carlos should probably win this fight 29-28, but since Vettori beat his ass in the second round, I'm kind of hoping the judges fuck up and give the fight to Vettori, since he's the only one that really did anything significant in this fight, even though he pretty clearly lost the last round, and probably the first as well. Nope, all 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 for Carlos. That fight kind of sucked to be honest.
      Magny used his range to start the fight, but Hendricks unloaded on him with some heavy punches one minute into the round, forcing him against the fence for a few seconds. Hendricks rushed him toward the fence again 2 minutes into the round, and then took him down, landing inside Magny's guard. Hendricks landed a few decent shots on the ground, but Magny was doing a good job keeping him off balance, preventing Hendricks from dealing much damage. Magny threw up a triangle choke, and turned it into an armbar, with around 30 seconds left in the round. Magny landed some hard elbows, and Hendricks was able to hang on until the end of the round. Magny probably stole that round with his offense in the final 30 seconds.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, and then Hendricks took down Magny with some wild back clinching. Magny spun around, and Hendricks held onto half mount, mostly just grinding Magny into the canvas in the center of the cage. Hendricks landed some decent short elbows, and then Magny scambled around to try to get up, but Hendricks kept him under control with a front choke, but Magny stood up anyway. Hendricks then took him down again, landed some punches, Magny gave up his back while trying to stand up, and Hendricks continued to grind him into the fence while throwing knees to his ass. Magny stood up, and then Hendricks took him down again, landing back inside his guard with around 2 minutes left in the round. Hendricks passed his guard while trying to work some elbows, Magny tried to stand up again, and Hendricks held him down again with another front choke. The round ended on the feet, with Hendricks still pressing Magny against the fence in the clinch. Round one was sort of a toss up, round two clearly goes to Johny Hendricks.
     Magny threw some kicks & knees to start the final round, and Hendricks backed him off with some punches. Magny continued to work his striking for a few seconds, and then Hendricks clinched, pressed him into the fence, and then shot for another takedown, but Magny finally stuffed this one. Magny landed some decent punches halfway through the round, shot for another takedown, and sort of got Magny down against the fence, but Magny was still on his knees, and then he stood up after landing some heavy elbows to the body of Hendricks. Hendricks lifted him into the air and then slammed him with 90 seconds left in the fight. Magny tried to sweep him, but Hendricks threw him back down, and landed back inside his guard. The final minute was basically a stalemate, with Magny slapping on a triangle with 15 seconds left in the fight, and then he finished the round with some heavy elbows, which probably once again stole the round for Magny. This fight has split-decision written all over it. All 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 for Neil Magny, plunging Hendricks into a 3-Fight losing streak. It's also worth noting he missed weight by a few pounds. Is Hendricks done at this point? Great win for Magny, but it wasn't a very impressive performance for either fighter. The crowd clearly disagreed with the decision as well.
      Smolka threw a lot of jabs to start the fight, they clinched one minute in, and then split up again. They traded some strikes, Borg slipped, fell down, Smolka jumped on him, went for a guillotine, Borg passed to side control, Borg tried to setup a D'Arce choke, tried to take Smolka's back, Smolka kind of took control with a basic bulldog position, but Borg scrambled out of that, and took his back again. Smolka scrambled back to his feet, but Borg held onto the back clinch and threw Smolka to the ground again with 2 minutes left in the round. He then passed to full mount in the center of the cage. Smolka tried to scramble back to his feet, Borg nearly caught him in an awkward armbar/omoplata, they scrambled around wildly for a few seconds, Smolka went for a leg lock, and Borg punched him in the face, allowing Borg to take his back again. That was a wild round of scrambling, and it clearly goes to Borg. Smolka's eyes were all chopped up from short elbows, and it became obvious in between rounds.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, they eventually clinched, scrambled around wildly, and Borg ended up back on top in side control, and then he quickly passed to full mount 90 seconds into the round, but Smolka grabbed his leg, and started working for a heel hook. Borg broke free with a massive right hand to the skull of Smolka though, which allowed Borg to take side control again. Smolka spun out of that, they continued to scramble wildly, and Borg held top control the entire time. Borg went for an arm-triangle choke, but he was on the wrong side. Smolka scrambled up with a minute left in the round, and went for a guillotine choke, when Borg took him down again, but Borg was able to pop his head free, and finished the round on top, smothering Smolka against the fence. Borg is clearly ahead 2-0 going into the final round. OH SHIT, in between rounds, Borg told his corner that he thinks he broke his ankle. This could make the third round interesting.
     They both came out swinging in the third round, Borg clinched early, tried to take down Smolka, but Smolka stuffed that shot. Borg continued to drive through it, and completed the takedown 45 seconds into the round. Smolka did some weird shit with his legs, like he was trying to setup a triangle, and Borg slipped through that and tried to take Smolka's back again. Borg slapped on an arm-triangle choke, Smolka looked like he was about to go to sleep, but he held on somehow. Borg had to give it up halfway through the round, but he continued to wrestle the shit out of Smolka. The final 30 seconds took place on the feet with Smolka picking apart Borg with strikes, but it was too little too late. This fight is probably going to be a 30-26 for Borg, and his broken ankle didn't really show itself until he hobbled around the cage after the final bell. All 3 judges agreed, giving the win to Borg via unanimous decision. That's a huge win for Borg, but he missed weight by 4 pounds, so I mean... Does it really move him up the ranks much?
      These guys clinched early, and Saffiedine tripped Kim to the ground, but he couldn't hold him down for long. They continued to clinch, and Kim threw Saffiedine with a nice judo throw, but he couldn't hold him down either, but it at least gave him a moment to take control of the clinch, as he pressed Saffiedine against the fence. They split up 2 minutes into the round, and Kim charged forward, throwing wild punches, in a way that would make me think someone could knock him out with a solid counter. I'm scoring this round for Kim, but he looks sloppy and already appears to be getting tired.
     Kim came out swinging in the second round, but he wasn't really doing much damage. Saffiedine was showing some solid defensive grappling from the clinch, but Kim plowing forward with punches has to be winning him the rounds, even though he looks sloppy as shit, and he's not really doing much damage at all. This fight could be all tied up going into the third round, but I'm leaning in favor of Kim.
     The third round started with both guys swinging wildly, turning the fight into a 100% brawl. It quickly went back into a clinchfest though, without a lot of damage being done by either fighter. Kim sort of threw Saffiedine down at one point with a trip, but he popped right back up. This entire fight was pretty close, but I feel like Kim should win this fight 29-28, but I wouldn't be shocked if the judges give it to Saffiedine. Either way, my interest in both fighters has dropped significantly at this point, as Kim used to be one of my favorites. One judge gave all 3 rounds to Saffiedine, and the other two judges gave the fight to Kim for the split-decision victory.
      Dillashaw started the first round by dancing around for a few seconds, and then he threw a head kick, Lineker ducked under it, and punched him. Dillashaw threw another kick, and Lineker punched him some more. Dillashaw threw a head kick, landed it, Lineker caught it, and then punched him some more. Dillashaw then scored a takedown 90 seconds into the round, landing in half mount. Lineker tried to wrestle out of it, but Dillashaw did a good job smothering him while landing some short punches. Lineker finally stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round. Dillashaw spent the rest of the round working long kicks, while Lineker was mostly just throwing heavy punches whenever Dillashaw got too close. Round one clearly goes to Dillashaw, but Lineker still has plenty of fight left in him.
     Lineker started the second round with some hard punches, and then Dillashaw took him down with the quickness. After a brief scramble, Lineker was back on his feet 30 seconds into the round. Lineker landed some heavy punches again, Dillashaw landed some more kicks, and then Dillashaw scored another takedown 90 seconds into the round. Dillashaw worked some short elbows, he landed some heavy shots, and Lineker rolled for a possible kneebar, but as usual, Dillashaw pounded his way out of it, and then mounted Lineker. Lineker secured half guard, but Dillashaw spent the last half of the round beating the shit out of him with heavy punches and sharp elbows. That round could be a 10-8 round for Dillashaw.
     Lineker landed some decent punches to start the final round, and then Dillashaw took him down again with another slick shot. They stood back up almost immediately this time. Lineker landed some solid punches again, and then Dillashaw ducked under a punch and took him down again with another extremely fast shot. Dillashaw landed some more punches, while Lineker worked his way back to his feet. Dillashaw rolled back with a calf slicer, but Lineker was able to escape and get back to his feet with a minute left in the fight. Dillashaw shot for another takedown, Lineker finally stuffed this one, and then he blasted Dillashaw with some heavy punches. Dillashaw spent the final 10 seconds dancing around like he was looking for a dick to suck, and Lineker just let him dance instead of going in for the kill. This was a fantastic performance by Dillashaw, maybe the best of his career, and it was a disappointing loss for Lineker, as it brings his 6-Fight winning streak to a screeching halt.
      The first round was a very active round, with Cruz moving around a lot, and missing with most of the strikes he threw, and Garbrandt was talking all kinds of shit, mocking him, while beating up Cruz with hard kicks & punches. Cruz shot for a takedown late in the round, Garbrandt stuffed it, almost reversed it, and then they continued to trade strikes. Garbrandt ducked under a punch and scored a slick takedown of his own with 30 seconds left in the round. That was a competitive round, but I scored it for Garbrandt.
     They both came out swinging & moving a lot in the second round, it looked like Garbrandt rocked Cruz with some hard shots, but Cruz fired back and rocked the shit out of Garbrandt. They both continued to dance around a lot, they both landed some solid punches, and Garbrandt rocked Cruz again around the halfway point of the second round. The action looked like it was slowing down near the end of the round, but there was a wild flurry from both fighters to cap it all off. I have Garbrandt ahead 2-0 going into the third round, but that second round was close.
     Garbrandt slipped with a head kick to start the third round, but he popped back up and clipped Cruz with a pair of heavy punches. A gash opened up over Cruz's left eye, from an accidental headbutt. They both continued to talk a lot of shit, while dancing around a lot, and they traded a few punches, with Garbrandt landing the cleaner & heavier combinations. Garbrandt unloaded on him halfway through the round, and landed some heavy punches. Garbrandt knocked down Cruz with around 2 minutes left in the round, but Cruz stood back up and continued to plow forward. That was another fantastic round for Garbrandt. I have him ahead 3-0 going into the fourth round, but it could be 2-1 at this point. The cut above Cruz's left eye looks pretty bad too, so hopefully the fight isn't stopped due to a controversial headbutt.
     Cruz danced around a lot to start the fourth round, they traded some wild punches, and Garbrandt knocked him down, it looked like Cruz was out, so Garbrandt pointed at him and started talking shit, but Cruz was able to recover enough to pop back up to his feet. Garbrandt missed a great opportunity to finish Cruz there. They continued to mock each other, and then Garbrandt clipped Cruz with a few more solid shots to the chin. Garbrandt literally started popping & locking, dancing around, while Cruz was swinging & missing with his punches. Garbrandt's head movement is sick tonight. Garbrandt gently kicked Cruz in the dick, appologized, and then dropped him again with a massive left hand, he did the robot, and gave Cruz time to stand back up again. Garbrandt dropped him again, Cruz got up again, and they both continued to dance around. That was a 10-8 round for Garbrandt.
     Cruz finally started picking apart Garbrandt 90 seconds into the fifth round, but it's looking like too little too late. Especially since Garbrandt is still throwing some power shots here & there, he's definitely slowing down though. Cruz threw a flying knee, but Garbrandt caught it. They continued to taunt each other, they tried to take each other down, and they stuffed each other. Cruz turned it up a notch with a minute left in the fight, Garbrandt clinched and pressed him against the fence, looking for a takedown, but it was going nowhere. They split up, and Garbrandt ran away for the final 15 seconds while pointing at the sky. That was a fantastic performance by Cody Garbrandt, as he should be the new UFC Bantamweight Champion at this point. I can see the second & fifth rounds going to Cruz, so MAYBE someone will jerk the scores around enough to give the fight to Cruz, but this SHOULD be a clear 48-47 for Garbrandt, maybe even a 49-45 depending on who won the second round, and depending on if the third round was a 10-8 round for Garbrandt. All 3 judges agreed, giving the win to Cody Garbrandt for the unanimous decision victory.
      Nunes immediately beat up Rousey's face with heavy punches to start the first round, and for some reason, Rousey just stood there, eating heavy punches, Nunes continued to chew up her face with heavy punches, Ronda looked absolutely lost in there, like she had never been in a fight in her entire life, and the referee was eventually forced to step in to save Ronda's life. That was another fantastic performance by Amanda Nunes. I would also like to point out that I've been saying for a long time now (before Ronda ever lost) that Amanda Nunes deserved a title shot, and I thought she would be the one to beat Ronda. Amanda Nunes is a fucking destroyer!!!