100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Jason Knight - 93.5
2. Jason Gonzalez - 93.0
3. Jorge Masvidal - 93.0
4. Valentina Shevchenko - 92.1
5. Francis Ngannou - 92.0
6. Jingliang Li - 91.7
7. Eric Spicely - 91.5
8. Marcos Rogerio de Lima - 91.5
9. Jordan Johnson - 91.2
10. Alexandre Pantoja - 91.2
UFC on Fox 23: Shevchenko vs. Pena
Location: Denver, Colorado
Elevation: 5,410'
-Fight of the Night-
Jorge Masvidal vs. Donald Cerrone
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 90.7
(D'Arce Choke)
     These guys both traded some heavy strikes, and Gonzalez was destroying Cottrell with sniper like kicks & punches, he rocked him, and forced Cottrell to shoot for a takedown one minute into the round. They landed in an awkward position, so after a brief scramble, Cottrell was able to yank Gonzalez back to the ground, as he took side control 90 seconds into the round. Cottrell settled into Gonzalez's guard, and worked some decent ground & pound befoire passing to full mount, where he tried to find a mounted triangle choke, but Gonzalez scrambled back to his feet and then locked on a tight D'Arce choke, finishing the fight by submission with the quickness. That was a pretty wild fight while it lasted, and a great scramble there at the end for the submission victory. Both of these guys looked pretty decent in this fight.
      Pantoja rushed forward, Shelton clipped him with a flying knee, and then took down Pantoja, beat him up with some basic ground & pound, and then they stood back up quickly. Pantoja kept rushing forward throwing sloppy combinations of strikes, and Shelton was doing a good job picking him apart with fast clean counters. Shelton landed a spinning backfist 2 minutes into the round, and Pantoja then clinched and took his back near the fence. Pantoja did a solid job scrambling around with his back control, trying to find that rear-naked choke for the last half of the round, but Shelton was able to defend, and he stood back up with 45 seconds left in the round, and then he dumped Pantoja to the ground again. If Pantoja would have held back control until the end of the round, you could make an argument for him winning the round, but I think Shelton did way too much in that round, so I scored the first round for Eric Shelton.
     The second round started with Shelton shooting for a deep takedown, and Pantoja stuffed the shot and beat him up with some punches to the body. Shelton finally gave up on the attempt one minute into the round, they split up, and went back to boxing with each other. They scrambled around in the clinch for a little while, and then Shelton finally scored another takedown 2 minutes into the round. They stood back up, Shelton shot for another takedown, Pantoja caught him in a tight guillotine choke on the way down, but Shelton was able to pop his head free, they stood back up, and Shelton blasted Pantoja with a flying knee, and then shot for another takedown, but Pantoja stuffed that shot as well. They stood back up, brawled for a few seconds, and then Pantoja scored a takedown, and took Shelton's back with 90 seconds left in the round. Pantoja spent the rest of the round on a variety of mounted positions, and he locked on a rear-naked choke with 30 seconds left in the round, but Shelton was able to hang on until the end of the round. That round definitely goes to Pantoja, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     They both looked pretty tired at the start of the third round. Pantoja landed a few punches that wobbled Shelton's head in the opening minute of the round, but not a lot of action was happening from either fighter. Pantoja continued to walk forward for most of the round, picking apart Shelton with punches, while Shelton was mostly just countering with single shots, not really connecting with much of anything noteworthy. They turned it up a few notches with a minute left in the round, and I still think Pantoja was landing the cleaner shots, and also landing more frequently. I'm giving that round to Pantoja, and I have this fight going to Pantoja, 29-28. The judges were split, but two agreed with me, giving the win to Alexandre Pantoja via split-decision.
      Here we have a couple of light heavyweights, that look like heavyweights. It's worth noting Lima missed weight pretty significantly. They threw some big heavy strikes, Kimball dropped Lima one minute into the round with a punch/trip, and then Lima tried to lock up Kimball's leg on the ground, so they just stood back up and reset. Around the halfway mark, Kimball kind of slipped, Lima jumped on him, unloaded with some heavy punches, and the fight was stopped. That was a solid win for Lima, but I'm not really sure why Kimball fell down in the first place.
(Triangle Choke)
      These guys clashed, clinched, Spicely tried to take down Chirico, but Chirico sort of reversed it on the way down, and he dropped head first into a triangle choke, which Spicely was able to use to finish the fight by submission. That was another really solid submission victory for Eric Spicely.
      These guys clashed, traded some strikes from the clinch, and then split up. They clinched again one minute into the round, and Johnson tripped him to the ground, landing in side control. Johnson then slapped on a tight anaconda choke, and it LOOKED like it was a fight finisher, but Silva hung out long enough for Johnson to just let it go. They continued to battle at a pretty decent pace for the rest of the round, and I ended up scoring that round for Jordan Johnson.
     The second round started with Silva throwing some heavy strikes, and then Johnson dumped him to the ground 10 seconds into the ground, and continued to work some more ground & pound for a couple of minutes, before he tried to setup another front choke of some sort. They stood back up, continued to clinch, and Johnson stomped the shit out of Silva's feet. Silva looked exhausted by the end of the second round. I have Johnson clearly ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     The final round was more of the same, with Johnson taking down Silva, beating him up on the ground a little bit from side control, while working to setup some more submissions. Silva looked absolutely exhausted, and Johnson was in control of the offense for the entire 15 minute fight, leading to a pretty clear cut unanimous decision victory in his UFC debut.
      The first round had both guys winging punches at each other, and for the most part, Li was chewing up Nash on the feet, with some clean punches, and some hard leg kicks, but Nash knocked down Li with 90 seconds left in the round, he pounced on him, locked on an awkward rear-naked choke, cranked the shit out of that choke, but Li was able to hang on until the end of the round. I still feel like Li should win that round, but Nash finished strong.
     The second round started, and Nash clobbered Li with punches, rocking him, and then pressing him up against the fence for some basic clinchwork. Some dirty boxing happened, and Nash got rocked with around 90 seconds left in the round. They split up, went back to trading punches from a boxing stance, Li dropped Nash with a punch that clipped Nash's temple, and then Li pounced on him and knocked Nash the fuck out. That was a fantastic win for Jingliang Li.
      These guys both started the first round by trading leg kicks. They were both trading strikes at a fairly even pace, and then Assuncao nearly chopped of Sterling's nuts with an inside leg kick, which brought the fight to a halt for a minute or so. When the fight started back up, they went back to trading strikes again, with Sterling using his reach pretty well, landing a lot of sniper kicks, and Assuncao was landing some heavy shots of his own whenever he was able to get inside. That was a really close round that probably could have gone either way, so since Sterling absorbed a groin shot, I'm giving that round to Sterling, but it really could have gone either way.
     The second round started with some more kicks, Assuncao kicked Sterling in the dick again, and the referee told them to keep fighting, even though Sterling dropped to his knees due to the groin shot. Assuncao was cool though, and didn't go in for the kill, giving Sterling enough time to stand back up at least. They continued to trade strikes at a pretty good pace for the rest of the round, with both guys landing some good shots. Sterling shot for a takedown halfway through the round, but Assuncao was able to sprawl and reset back on the feet. These guys were both trading strikes at a pretty good pace, but the crowd seemed SUPER bored, as they were booing for the majority of the second round. There was never really much of a break in the action though. I personally have Sterling ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but I feel like a lot of other people have Assuncao ahead 2-0, so I have absolutely no idea where the scores are at right now, going into the final round.
     The second round had Sterling coming out aggressively, as he threw a lot of heavy looking punches, but he just wasn't connecting as often as he probably should have been. Assuncao was backing up the entire time, throwing some random strikes, that connected for the most part, but I just have a hard time scoring fights for the guy that is backpedalling the entire time. The rest of the round continued at that same pace, with Sterling moving forward, outstriking Assuncao in my opinion. That last round goes to Sterling for sure, and the other two are up for grabs I guess. The crowd was booing all the way up until the end though. In my opinion, neither fighter looked that great. The judges were split right down the middle, and two of them ended up giving the win to Raphael Assuncao. I don't agree with the decision, but I guess I'm in the minority here.
      These guys started kind of slow, and then Marquardt rushed in with some punches, clinched, and then Alvey spun him around to take control of the clinch near the fence. Marquardt took control of the clinch 2 minutes into the round, but for the most part, they were both just clinching & stalling. They traded control a few times, and it looked like someone wanted to take the fight to the ground, but based on the stalemate position, it was hard to tell who was pushing toward the ground. The referee finally split them up with 2 minutes left in the round. Nothing else happened for the rest of the round. That round sucked. I would be shocked if anyone cares who won that round. Alvey rushed in throwing bombs & big knees in the final 10 seconds, so I guess Alvey won that round?
     The second round started slow, and then Marquardt tried to take Alvey's head off with a series of punches near the fence. They continued to trade strikes at a slightly more active pace in the second round when compared to the first, and then 2 minutes into the round, Marquardt pressed Alvey against the fence for some clinching. They split up, Alvey threw some dumb shit, like "two handed jabs simultaneously". I don't know what the fuck he was doing, but Marquardt randomly fell down too, so... who knows? Alvey landed a pair of hard punches with 2 minutes left in the round. They continued to trade at a fairly even pace, with Alvey landing the harder shots, but it was still a pretty slow paced fight. More than likely, Alvey is ahead 2-0 going into the final round, and Marquardt's left eye is bleeding a bit now.
     The final round started with some more awkward striking exchanges, and then Marquardt took down Alvey with a quick scramble, Alvey stood up, and Marquardt yanked him down again, and then took Alvey's back with 3 minutes left to work. Marquardt sort of locked on an awkward body triangle, and Alvey looked like he was going to try to kick off the fence. After a brief scramble, they stood back up halfway through the round. They clinched again with 90 seconds left in the round, with Alvey pressing Marquardt into the fence. They split up one last time with a minute left in the round, and the crowd started cheering, clearly hoping for some bloodshed. Instead, Alvey threw 3 leg kicks and maybe 2 punches? That fight wasn't great at all. Alvey should more than likely win the decision. That was another fight where neither fighter really looked good at all. All 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 for Smile'n Sam Alvey.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Caceres threw some brutal kicks to start this fight, Knight clinched, but Caceres broke free and continued to throw sharp strikes, including some really clean punch combinations. Knight blasted Caceres with some hard punches as well though. Caceres started the round strong, but Knight really started to comeback as the round progressed, and he also controlled the clinch a little bit. Knight knocked down Caceres with 30 seconds left in the round, and he continued to pressure Caceres until the end of the round. With around 20 seconds left in the round, Knight picked up Caceres and slammed the living shit out of him, he took his back and locked on a rear-naked choke. Caceres was basically saved by the bell. Round one was close for the most part, but Knight CLEARLY won that round with his performance in the final 30 seconds.
     These guys continued to trade brutal wild strikes to start the second round. These guys are both fucking insane. 90 seconds into the second round there was a wild scramble, and Knight took the back of Caceres again, holding him down with a tight body triangle, while he beat him up with punches, while trying to open up Caceres for a rear-naked choke. Knight also slammed some hard elbows into the side of Caceres's head from back control. He locked on the rear-naked choke with 2 minutes left in the round, but Caceres was able to break free, but Knight still had him 100% under control. Knight continued to batter him with heavy elbows, and he locked on another rear-naked choke with a minute left in the round, forcing Caceres to submit. That was a badass performance by Jason Knight, as he absolutely mauled Alex Caceres. That could potentially be fight of the night.
      This fight could be Arlovski's last fight in the UFC, considering he's on a 3-Fight losing streak, and Ngannou is a fucking DESTROYER. They traded a few strikes, with Ngannou mostly throwing big punches, and Arlovski was mostly just throwing fast kicks, but he was trying to stay way too far on the outside, so he wasn't really connecting with anything significant. Ngannou dropped Arlovski a minute or so into the opening round, Arlovski turtled up, and Ngannou unloaded on him, forcing the referee to stop the fight. I've always been an Arlovski fan, but I'm ready for him to retire. I mean, losing to Ngannou is nothing to sneeze at, but losing 4 fights in a row in the UFC heavyweight division, doesn't show much promise for the future of your career. Ngannou on the other hand, I'm ready to see him fight someone in the Top 10, if not Top 5.
      Cerrone spent the first round chewing up Masvidal's lead leg with brutal kicks, and he was also knocking his head back with some hard punches as well. Masvidal landed a few decent shots, but for the most part, Cerrone was eating Masvidal alive with his striking. Cerrone shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, but Masvidal was able to stuff it. Masvidal opened up with some boxing late in the round, and he ended up knocking down Cerrone in the final seconds, he basically knocked him unconscious, Herb Dean stopped the fight (I thought), but it was AS the buzzer was sounding, so Herb Dean decided to let them go on to the second round. Cerrone did NOT look ok in between rounds, and I feel like his corner probably should have stopped the fight. Round one goes to Jorge Masvidal.
     Masvidal came out swinging in the second round, and beat up Cerrone with some hard knees to the body from the clinch. Masvidal knocked down Cerrone a few seconds later, and then unloaded with some brutal punches while Cerrone just kind of turtled up in the corner. That was a pretty insane victory for Masvidal, as he BASICALLY finished Cerrone twice inside a 2 minute period. I'm not a fan of Masvidal, but I have to give him props here, that was a fantastic win, and it should give him a good solid boost up the rankings.
      Pena slowly moved in with her hands out to start the fight, and then she quickly clinched, and pressed Shevchenko into the fence. Pena worked some knees to the body, while she kept Shevchenko pressed against the fence. Shevchenko used perfect timing to catch one of those knees, and she quickly swept Pena to the ground, and landed in side control 90 seconds into the round, but Pena quickly stood back up, and took control of the clinch again. Pena went right back to battering the body of Shevchenko with some pretty clean knees, and then Shevchenko swept her to the ground again halfway through the round. Shevchenko blasted her in the face with some hard punches this time, instead of just laying on her. Pena spun around and pulled guard, but her head was pressed against the fence, so she didn't have a lot of space to move. They both traded some short strikes on the ground, but this time, Shevchenko refused to let go of her top position. Pena rolled for an armbar attempt in the final 20 seconds, but she just didn't have enough time to really secure it. Round one goes to Shevchenko.
      Pena rushed forward in the second round, clinched, and then aggressively tried to whip Shevchenko to the ground, but Shevchenko did a good job staying on her feet. Pena pressed her into the fence, and went back to her short knees to the body. Pena controlled the clinch for a couple of minutes, and then ducked down for a takedown attempt, and sort of took down Shevchenko, but she stood back up immediately. Pena tripped Shevchenko with 2 minutes left in the round, landing on top inside Shevchenko's guard. Pena continued to grind all over Shevchenko on the ground, while Shevchenko tried to raise her guard high enough to work for a submission. Shevchenko slapped on an armbar with around 30 seconds left in the round, and finished the fight by submission. That was a pretty grueling fight while it lasted, and Shevchenko definitely deserves a title shot at this point, considering I had Pena ranked #1 in the division with her 7-Fight winning streak going into this fight (including her wins in The Ultimate Fighter).