100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Jessica Andrade - 93.2
2. Chan Sung Jung - 93.1
3. Chas Skelly - 92.5
4. Curtis Blaydes - 92.2
5. Tecia Torres - 92.2
6. Khalil Rountree - 91.8
7. Marcel Fortuna - 91.5
8. James Vick - 91.3
9. Angela Hill - 91.3
10. Niko Price - 91.2
UFC Fight Night 104: Bermudez vs. Korean Zombie
Location: Houston, Texas
Elevation: 43'
-Fight of the Night-
Jessica Andrade vs. Angela Hill
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 92.0
TOTAL 90.6
     These guys hopped around for a few seconds, Jolly shot for a takedown 40 seconds into the round, after stuffing a couple of shots, Rountree blasted him with a pair of hard knees to the head that knocked Jolly the fuck out. That was a pretty great win for Rountree, but outside of "takedown defense + a couple of knees", it really didn't show much info that can be used in the future. I guess just, don't shoot for a double leg on him, and you'll probably be ok? Still, that was a great KO by Khalil Rountree in under a minute.
      These guys bounced around for a while, trading strikes at a moderate pace, without a ton of damage being delivered to either fighter. It basically started like a sparring match, with a few strikes here & there that were harder than the rest. Morono finally rocked Price halfway through the round with a left hook, but instead of going in for the kill, he just backed off and reset. With 10 seconds left in the round, Morono dropped Price and unloaded on him, nearly finishing the fight, but Price was literally saved by the bell. That round started slow, but Morono clearly won that round in the end. This fight is starting to get exciting!
     The second round was more of the same, with both guys trading a few good shots here & there, but this time, with around 90 seconds left in the round, Price unloaded on Morono, rocking him across the cage, and he spent the rest of the round chasing Morono, beating him up with strikes. Morono landed some good shots in the final few seconds, and then Price knocked him the fuck out as the buzzer sounded. The referee walked away like they were going to go to another round, but once he realized Morono's eyes were still wide open, and he was clearly unconscious, the fight was finally stopped. That was a great finish for Niko Price.
      The first round was a very lopsided striking match, with Torres throwing hundreds of punches & kicks, and Rawlings landed a few decent shots, but for the most part, that round was all about Torres swarming all over Rawlings with crisp striking and an insane amount of speed. Round one clearly goes to Torres. The corner of Rawlings tried to get her pumped up in the corner, telling her it's time to brawl, but she didn't seem all that interested in getting back out there. It's also worth noting that she missed weight by 1.5 pounds.
     Rawlings came out a lot more aggressively in the second round, and she landed some decent shots while backing up Torres, and then after a brief clinch, Rawlings scored a takedown, but she wasn't able to hold Torres down for more than a few seconds. Rawlings tried to take her back as they stood back up, but Torres was able to spin around to take control of the clinch 2 minutes into the round, pressing Rawlings against the fence. After another brief scramble, they both collapsed, and Torres took the back of Rawlings, and beat her up with some short punches from back control. They rolled around for a while, with Torres holding onto back control, and after controlling the final 3 minutes of that second round, and finishing the round with an armbar attempt, I have Torres clearly ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     The final round was a competitive striking match, with both girls trading some solid combinations, but I still thought Torres was winning most of the exchanges. Rawlings tried to clinch with around 2 minutes left in the round, but Torres took control of the clinch, Rawlings slipped, and Torres beat her up, bullying her for the rest of the round, taking her back again with a minute left in the round. Rawlings reached over her head to try to pull Torres off from the top, but Torres just transitioned from there into another armbar attempt. Rawlings ended up standing above Torres with around 10 seconds left in the round, but Torres popped back up and beat her up with another violent combination of strikes. This should be a 30-27 win for Torres in my opinion. All 3 judges agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Tecia Torres.
      Tanaka circled around the outside for a while, with Ramos throwing random strikes, but not landing a lot. There was a brief scramble 90 seconds into the round, that resulted in Ramos pressing Tanaka against the fence in the clinch. Ramos landed a few decent strikes from the clinch, and then they reset halfway through the round. Tanaka threw some wild strikes, missed, fell down, and Ramos made him look foolish with 2 minutes left in the round. Ramos dropped Tanaka with a right hand with 90 seconds left in the round, and then he jumped on top of him, and unloaded with some big punches, causing Tanaka to flop around wildly, while trying to defend himself. Tanaka was able to survive until the end of the round, but round one clearly goes to Ramos on the scorecards.
     The second round featured some more striking from both guys, with Ramos using his range pretty well, and when Tanaka tried to clinch, Ramos took control, and beat him up with some knees & elbows. Tanaka continued to dig for a takedown, but Ramos was able to reverse him on the way down, landing on top inside Tanaka's guard 2 minutes into the round. Ramos almost immediately passed to full mount, and then slapped on an armbar, but Tanaka was able to pull free, allowing him to end up on top inside Ramos's guard around the halfway mark. Tanaka passed to full mount and pressed Ramos against the fence with 2 minutes left to work in the round. Tanaka tried to swing around to back control, but Ramos was able to stand up, avoiding too much danger, and they reset with a minute left in the round. I have Ramos ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but that second round probably could have gone either way.
     The final round slowed down quite a bit, to the point where the referee stopped the fight with 2 minutes left in the round, and Herb Dean warned Tanaka for timidity, telling him he would take a point if he doesn't start fighting. When the fight started back up, Tanaka continued to hop around the outside in a circle, with neither fighter really engaging very much. Tanaka scored a late takedown with 40 seconds left in the round, and he planted himself headfirst into a guillotine choke. You could probably make an argument for either fighter, but I feel like Ramos SHOULD win his UFC debut here, with a 30-27 scorecard. Tanaka broke free and finished the round throwing some big punches from the top, but I feel like that was too little too late. All 3 judges agreed, giving the win to Ramos in his UFC debut.
(Neck Crank)
      Skelly blasted Gruetzemacher with some slick combinations including a big knee, before rushing in to clinch, pressing Gruetzemacher against the fence. Skelly continued to work him over with some dirty boxing against the fence before resetting 90 seconds into the round. Gruetzemacher landed a few decent punches, and then Skelly rushed him across the cage, taking him to the ground with a deep double leg, and then he wrestled the shit out of him against the fence, while Gruetzemacher tried to fight back with some random elbows targeting a variety of Skelly's body parts. Skelly took his back with 90 seconds left in the round, and went for a choke, but Gruetzemacher tried to roll to his back, giving up full mount in the process. Skelly postured up with a minute left in the round and worked some short elbows to the head of Gruetzemacher. After a brief scramble, they stood back up, and Skelly blasted Gruetzemacher with some hard strikes to finish the round. Round one clearly goes to Chas Skelly.
     These guys traded some sloppy strikes to start the second round, and Skelly rocked Gruetzemacher with some clean punches, and then he took him down again one minute into the round, and immediately took his back in the process. It looked like Skelly was trying to setup a twister, but Gruetzemacher elbowed the shit out of his head while Skelly was in an awkward halfway position, so he gave that up, went for the neck crank instead, and finished the fight by submission after crushing Gruetzemacher's jaw with that choke. That was another awesome submission victory for Chas Skelly. He is now ranked #3 in the Featherweight Division, in terms of the most submissions in the division, with only Urijah Faber & Charles Oliveira winning with more submissions at this point.
(Knee Injury)
      Blaydes immediately started this fight with a deep double leg, he took down Milstead, he beasted on him, suplexed the shit out of him, suplexed him again, and he continued to ride Milstead's back while blasting him with punches. Milstead tried to stand back up, but Blaydes had one of his arms tied up, making it very difficult for Milstead to stand back up. As soon as he got back to his feet though, Blaydes threw him to the ground with another suplex. Milstead screamed out in pain due to a knee injury from one of the takedowns, but he continued to fight. He was barely able to walk back to his corner, but his team told him to just tough it out. Blaydes took him down early in the second round, and Milstead's knee clearly popped out of place, he screamed, and the fight was finally stopped. Congrats to Blaydes for a dominant performance.
      Hill started this fight by picking apart Andrade with some crisp striking, and then Andrade unloaded on her with some big heavy punches, while chasing her around the cage. Hill continued to try to fight back with some crisp striking from distance, but Andrade continued to maul her old school Wanderlei Silva style with heavy brutal punches from close range, including some heavy knees to the body as well. Every time Andrade would rush forward, I expected to see Hill's head explode from the violent offense of Andrade. That was a pretty great round for both fighters, but Andrade clearly won that round.
     The second round was more of the same, with Andrade rushing forward, throwing violent punches, beating the shit out of Hill, but Hill was able to open up a cut on Andrade's right cheek with a clean knee. Andrade continued to beat the shit out of Hill for the duration of the round, but Hill never stopped fighting back, she continued to land some clean strikes of her own. In the final minute or so, Andrade took down Hill, beat her up on the ground, picked her up, slammed the shit out of her, and then Hill blasted her with some elbows from her back. This fight is fight of the night so far. I have Andrade ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but Hill is definitely making this a fight.
     Andrade tried to run throw Hill like a lawnmower in the third round, throwing a 30 punch combination or some shit, but Hill fired back and just stood in front of her, ready to trade. I thought Andrade was going to finish Hill 2 minutes into the round, as she rocked the shit out of Hill, but Hill fired back and dropped Andrade. She bounced back up immediately, and they continued to trade strikes at a high rate. Andrade continued to unload on Hill all the way up until the end of the final round, leaving Hill barely able to walk, but Hill proved that she has an insane chin, and a lot of heart. This fight should be a clear 30-27 for Jessica Andrade, but that fight was a fantastic display of skills by both fighters. All 3 judges agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Jessica Andrade.
      These guys both came out swinging, Hamilton opened up a cut above Fortuna's right eye with an accidental headbutt, and the doctor had to check it out before letting the fight continue. Once they started back up, they continued to trade heavy punches, and then Fortuna dropped Hamilton with a big right hand that caused Hamilton to faceplant. That was a fantastic KO victory for Marcel Fortuna as he's making his official UFC debut.
      Oezdemir is making his UFC debut here on short notice, and he started the first round by throwing a lot of head kicks, some big punches, and then he clinched and pressed OSP into the fence 30 seconds into the round. OSP tried to throw Oezdemir to the ground from the clinch, but Oezdemir was able to stay on his feet as they reset. Oezdemir continued to pound on OSP with big head kicks, over and over again, and some heavy punches, while taunting him, trying to get OSP to engage. Oezdemir continued to unload on OSP throughout the rest of the round, and even though he came into this fight as a huge underdog, he pretty clearly won that first round, in a one-sided striking match. That was a great first impression by Oezdemir.
     They traded some strikes to start the second round, with OSP finally landing some decent shots, and then OSP immediately started to work for a takedown. Oezdemir was able to stay on his feet, and they went back to trading strikes at a slow enough pace to get the crowd to start booing. They continued to trade strikes for the rest of the round, slowing down more and more as the round progressed. I guess that round probably goes to OSP? But either fighter could have won that round, they both look tired, and the crowd seems like they're ready for the next fight to start.
     The final round was basically just two bad athletes, throwing sloppy strikes at each other, while the crowd chanted SOMETHING that sounded like "Terrible"... They both landed a few decent punches, but for the most part, I don't think anyone really has any interest in watching either guy fight again in the near future. Oezdemir had a good first round, and then gassed. OSP has lost two in a row going into this fight, and if he wins, he's going to barely scrape by with a decision. Oezdemir landed some nice knees from the clinch in the final 30 seconds, but OSP came back swinging, rocked Oezdemir, bounced his head off the fence a few times, and clearly stole that round. I have this fight 29-28 in favor of OSP, but I'm expecting it to be a split-decision, so I have no idea who is going to win on the scorecards. The judges were split, and two judges gave the win to Oezdemir in his UFC debut, leaving OSP with a 3-Fight losing streak, all terrible performances, and in my opinion, he should probably head to Bellator at this point.
(D'Arce Choke)
      These guys bounced around each other for a full minute with no action at all. Vick looks like he's twice the size of Trujillo, based on the insane height difference. Trujillo threw a few punches, but he was having trouble connecting with the head of Vick. Two minutes in, nothing has happened, so Trujillo grabbed Vick, picked him up, dumped him to the ground, and found himself caught inside a guillotine choke. Trujillo just kind of hung out there, letting Vick reposition himself for better leverage. Trujillo stayed calm, and eventually pulled his head free with 90 seconds left to work. They stood back up, Trujillo continued to press Vick against the fence, and then Vick spun him around to take control of the clinch. They reset with a minute left in the round. They finally started trading with some heavy punches & kicks with 30 seconds left in the round, Trujillo got rocked, shot for a takedown, and Vick tried to catch him in another guillotine. That round was close I guess, and I would probably give it to Vick, based on his guillotines, but Trujillo scored a takedown, so...? Who knows? Neither fighter looks very good tonight though.
     Trujillo popped Vick's head back with a left hand to start the second round. They bounced around for a few seconds, and Trujillo blasted Vick with another clean left hand. Vick threw a flying knee 90 seconds into the round, and Trujillo caught him with a counter right hand. Vick tried to work his jab a little bit, and then Trujillo shot for a takedown, but was easily stuffed against the fence. Trujillo threw some big punches, but Vick was staying just outside of range. They clinched, and Vick took down Trujillo, immediately setting up a D'Arce choke with 2 minutes left in the round. That choke looked tight, but Trujillo stayed calm and tried to wrestle his way out of it, but Vick repositioned himself for more leverage, and really cranked, before eventually giving up the choke, and securing side control with a minute left in the round. Trujillo turned into him, allowing Vick to easily setup another D'Arce choke, but Vick gave that up too easily, and they stood up instead. Vick is more than likely ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Vick started the final round with a flying knee, Trujillo was rocked, Vick rushed in, Trujillo threw some wild punches, and then shot for a takedown, and found himself caught in another D'Arce choke. Trujillo tapped, mostly because he sucks, and was gassed. That choke didn't even look tight at all, but congrats to Vick for getting back on the winning side of things, with a submission over a guy who always loses by submission.
      These girls started the first round by trading a few random strikes, and then Grasso threw a flying head kick, slipped, fell to the ground, slapped on a heel hook, and Herrig escaped, and Grasso immediately scrambled back to her feet. That was a wild exchange, but I think it should score some points for Grasso. Grasso spent some time working some leg kicks, while Herrig was mostly throwing big punches. Herrig is throwing some solid punch combinations in this fight, but the round ended with Grasso blasting her with a knee to the body that caused Herrig to yell out as the buzzer sounded. I scored that round for Grasso, but wouldn't be shocked if the judges give it to Herrig.
     They showed the total strikes at the start of the second round, and they both landed the exact same number of strikes, but Grasso was throwing half as often, so her accuracy was a lot higher in the first round, but Herrig appeared to be more active. The second round had both girls trading punches, at the same pace as the first round for the most part. They continued to box with each other for most of the second round, with Herrig chewing up Grasso with her punch combinations. Grasso was firing back, but Herrig's power seemed to be making Grasso a bit too timid. Herrig scored a takedown in the final 15 seconds to make sure she secured the round in case there was any question, but Grasso stood up immediately, and then Herrig took her down again as the buzzer sounded. Realistically, Herrig is probably ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but I have the score all tied up.
     Herrig continued to beat up Grasso on the feet in the final round, Herrig scored a takedown, went to full mount, and Grasso went for a Kimura (while mounted), that didn't work (obviously), but it was enough to allow her to scramble back to her feet almost immediately. Grasso finally started to score with some decent strikes in the final 90 seconds, and then she stuffed a takedown attempt from Herrig. The round ended with Grasso opening up with wild strikes, they both started brawling, and Herrig was nearly dropped as the buzzer sounded. I scored that round for Grasso, and I'm personally giving the fight to Grasso, 29-28, but I fully expect at least one judge to give the fight to Herrig. Nope, I was wrong, all 3 judges gave the fight to Felice Herrig. I'm not going to argue, I'm just disappointed to see Grasso's undefeated streak come to an unfortunate end.
      These guys traded some strikes, Bermudez kind of shot for a takedown, but was punched in the face on the way in. Jung clinched him, sort of tried to take him down, but it didn't work. Bermudez then blasted Jung with a hard overhand punch to the head. Jung continued to chip away at Bermudez with punches, Bermudez shot for another takedown attempt, and Jung stuffed the shot with ease. The Korean Zombie then blasted Bermudez with a punch to the chin, knocked him down, and finished the fight with a first round knockout. His takedown defense looked outstanding, he hasn't fought in nearly 43 months, he took out a top 10 fighter with a beautiful uppercut, and some quick ground & pound, and he should position himself comfortably back in the Top 10 immediately, after his extended abscence due to his military service. I'm pretty stoked that the Korean Zombie is back in the UFC, I've always been a fan of this guy, and I'm happy for him that he got this win.