100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Cynthia Calvillo - 93.2
2. Darren Elkins - 93.2
3. Tyson Pedro - 92.9
4. David Teymur - 92.7
5. Alistair Overeem - 92.2
6. Iuri Alcantara - 91.9
7. Luke Sanders - 91.9
8. Lando Vannata - 91.8
9. Mirsad Bektic - 91.8
10. Daniel Kelly - 91.6
UFC 209: Woodley vs. Thompson 2
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Darren Elkins vs. Mirsad Bektic
Fighters & Matches 89.9
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.1
     These guys traded a few strikes, with Morales blasting Soukhamthath with a series of really hard leg kicks. Soukhamthath landed a few decent punches, but for the most part, I thought Morales was landing the better shots, so I scored the first round for Morales. The second round was a slightly more even striking match, so Morales took down Soukhamthath 90 seconds into the round, but he wasn't able to hold him down, as Soukhamthath was able to keep his balance against the fence. Morales attempted a deep single leg takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but Soukhamthath stuffed the shot, and ended up on top in half mount. Morales tried to setup a Kimura from his back, but that didn't work, so Soukhamthath just unloaded on him with some punches while keeping him pinned. Soukhamthath stole that round in the final 2 minutes, so I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     They both came out in the final round hunting for jaws, with both guys landing some really hard shots. Soukhamthath changed it up some, and started working over the body of Morales with hard punches & knees. Morales looked exhausted, and they still had 4 minutes left in the round. Soukhamthath shot for a shitty takedown, and Morales stuffed it near the fence, and tried to take Soukhamthath's back. Soukhamthath turtled up against the fence, and Morales unloaded with some punches while riding his back. Morales locked on a rear-naked choke halfway through the round, but Soukhamthath was able to keep his chin free of the hold, so they just hung out near the fence while Morales continued to dig for the choke. The round eventually ended in that same position, with Soukhamthath throwing a lot of hard punches behind his head to connect with the cheek of Morales. Morales probably won that round, but you could argue that Soukhamthath was dealing more damage, even with Morales riding his back. I'll be interested to hear how the judges scored this one, but I have it 29-28 for Morales. The judges were split, which I'm fine with. Two judges gave the win to Morales, for the hard fought split-decision victory.
      These guys traded some decent strikes, and then Craig pressed Pedro against the fence for some clinching. Pedro spun him around, and pressed him against the fence, while Craig continued to work some short punches to the face of Pedro. Craig then threw Pedro to the ground with an overhook, but Pedro popped right back up and continued to press Craig against the fence. Pedro threw some nice knees, while he continued to grind Craig into the fence. Craig finally broke free with 2 minutes left in the round, and he landed some nice punches on the break. Pedro then knocked Craig on his ass with a clean right hand, but Craig was fine. He stood back up, and then Pedro unloaded with another big punches, and some heavy knees while pressing Craig into the fence again. Craig sort of took down Pedro with a bulldog choke, but he slipped, and Pedro took side control, and beat the shit out of Craig with some short elbows. He secured the mounted crucifix, unloaded with a series of hard elbows, and the referee decided to stop the fight. That was a really solid performance by Tyson Pedro, with his second stoppage in 2 UFC performances.
      Spitz is super tall, at 6'7", and he's making his UFC debut here against a guy I've never seen win a fight. The first round had both guys trading strikes, at a fairly even pace, with Godbeer probably landing the better shots, so I scored the first round slightly for Godbeer. The second round started with more strikes, and then Spits took down Godbeer 90 seconds into the round. They stood back up a few seconds later, and Spitz hit Godbeer with a heavy knee, but he looked tired. Godbeer unloaded with some heavy shots, and Spitz backed up against the fence, looking to take a break, while Godbeer continued to walk him down with punches. The second round goes to Godbeer for sure, as Spitz could barely even walk back to his corner due to exhaustion. Godbeer should be ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     These guys both came out looking like slugs in the final round. They traded some sloppy shots for most of the round, but with around 90 seconds left in the fight, Godbeer turned it up a notch and landed some brutal punches to the chin of Spitz, which had him rocked hard. This wasn't a great fight between two highly trained athletes, it was mostly just a heavyweight brawl between a couple of guys with poor cardio. Godbeer should pretty clearly win all 3 rounds, for a 30-27 decision. Yup, this is the third time I've seen Godbeer fight, and it's the first time I've seen him win, against a guy I've never heard of. Good win for Godbeer.
      Alcantara started this fight with a hard punch, followed immediately by throwing Sanders to the ground, where Alcantara tried to setup a quick armbar, but Sanders was able to stand back up and reset. Alcantara continued to unload with heavy punches, clipping Sanders with some serious shots. Sanders fired back with some wild punches, and they both battled for control of the center of the Octagon. Alcantara opened up a cut on the right eye of Sanders, they hit the ground quickly, Alcantara tried to setup something from his guard, but Sanders powered through it, Alcantara turtled up, Sanders unloaded with violent punches to the side of his head, as Alcantara tried to setup a Kimura, but Sanders was brutally beating on Alcantara, forcing the referee to warm him to defend himself. Sanders pressed him against the fence, and started mixing in some hard elbows. Sanders was well on his way to a stoppage or at the very least, a 10-8 round, but he blasted Alcantara with a blatantly illegal knee, so the referee took a point, so... I guess that makes it a 9-8 round for Luke Sanders?
     The second round had both guys trading strikes, Sanders rocked Alcantara and took him to the ground, Alcantara teased him with a leg lock, so they stood back up and reset again. Sanders dropped Alcantara again with a heavy knee to the body, he pounded on him with some more elbows, some more knees, and he continued to wrestle the shit out of Alcantara, while brutally beating him on the ground. The short arms of Sanders make it easy for him to land heavy strikes without a lot of movement. OH SHIT! Alcantara slapped on a kneebar, and finished the fight by submission, after getting his ass kicked for almost two full rounds. That was a fantastic performance by Sanders, and an amazing comeback submission for Alcantara.
(Punches & Head Kick)
      Oh shit, Bektic has fast hands, and he hits hard too. He started this fight by clipping Elkins in the jaw repeatedly, and then he scored a quick takedown 45 seconds into the first round. He passed to side control, blasted Elkins with some heavy elbows, and cut the shit out of his right eyebrow. Bektic tried to pass to a mounted crucifix, he locked it in, and he continued to unload with some short punches and brutal elbows. Elkins was drowning in his own blood, as Bektic continued to absolutely dominate him with his ground & pound. Elkins almost kicked him off, but Bektic did a fantastic job maintaining top control, as he continued to slaughter Elkins with brutal punches & elbows from a wide variety of directions. Elkins was hanging on for dear life, trying to avoid taking any more damage, while Bektic continued to scramble around on top, still dropping brutal elbows from all directions. That was a 10-8 round for Bektic, maybe even a 10-7 round depending on how highly you value "damage". OH GOD! I thought they had his cut under control in between rounds, but they zoomed in at one point, and I almost puked. That cut is fucking brutal.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, and Bektic took down Elkins 30 seconds into the round, but Elkins popped right back up this time. Bektic continued to press Elkins against the fence, working some quick shots, but Elkins was able to spin him around, he took Bektic down with a guillotine attempt, worked some ground & pound of his own, they stood back up, and Elkins pressed Bektic against the fence for a few seconds before resetting. There was a wild scramble for another takedown, and Bektic ended up in control of a back clinch, but Elkins spun around, landed a hard elbows, Bektic took him down again, Elkins sat up, and tried to setup an Anaconda choke, but he couldn't lock it on due to the fact he was sitting flat on his ass, so Bektic just drove through and ended up on half mount again. Elkins landed some decent elbows from his back, but you have to give that round to Bektic again based on top control, as well as the continued damage to the face of Elkins. That cut is grizzly, but GOD I HOPE THEY DON'T STOP THIS FIGHT DUE TO A CUT. Both guys look fantastic so far, even though Bektic is clearly ahead, probably 20-17 going into the final round.
     The third round started, and Elkins kicked Bektic in the groin. After watching the replay, it looked like it didn't even connect with the groin, it just slightly brushed the top corner of the cup, so... Fuck that... The fight continued, and they went back to trading punches. Bektic knocked the sweat off Darren's head with some fast combinations. Bektic shot for a takedown, but Elkins stuffed the shot and then jumped over his back to reset. Bektic shot for another takedown, Elkins almost stuffed it, but Bektic finally brought him to the ground again 2 minutes into the final round. After a wild scramble, Elkins almost locked on a heel hook, but he was too low, so he let it go and stood back up, and beat up Bektic with some punches against the fence while Bektic turtled up. Bektic tried to stand back up, Elkins unloaded with a series of punches that knocked Bektic out, Elkins landed a head kick on the way down, and finished the fight by knockout. The biggest underdog on the card, and the most heart in the UFC, Darren Elkins is the fucking man!!!
      These guys clinched early, and Henrique pressed Tybura against the fence. The referee split them up 2 minutes into the round due to stalling. Tybura threw a big kick to the body, they clashed hard, and Henrique took down Tybura, grabbing his back almost immediately, but the way they landed, it allowed Tybura a chance to stand back up, so Henrique just pressed him against the fence again. He then tried to throw down Tybura , but he failed, and then Tybura tripped Henrique, and tried to take his back once they hit the ground, but landed in half mount. Tybura pressed Henrique against the fence, and tried to work some ground & pound, but Henrique kept him tied up pretty well to avoid damage. After an awkward scramble, Henrique ended up on top, sort of with a back clinch, while Tybura was on his hands & knees. Tybura probably won that round.
     Tybura threw a body kick to start the second round, Henrique caught it and tried to take him to the ground, Tybura did a great job stuffing the shot, but Henrique finally threw him to the ground 30 seconds into the round, landing in side control. They stood back up, and Henrique blasted Tybura with a series of knees to the head from the clinch against the fence. Henrique continued to beat up Tybura with short shots against the fence, the referee split them up due to inactivity, and Henrique shot for another takedown, which just lead to him pressing Tybura against the fence in the clinch again. They split up again, Tybura kicked Henrique in the face, and then Henrique pressed him against the fence again. I scored that round for Henrique, so he could be ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but I have the scores all tied up.
     They both came out swinging in the final round, and Henrique clinched and pressed Tybura against the fence again. They traded a few decent strikes, and then Henrique nearly finished Tybura with a guillotine choke, while pressing him against the fence, but Tybura was able to break free, and he ended up in full mount somehow. Tybura then beat the shit out of Henrique with some heavy punches to the head, and the referee was forced to stop the fight. That fight was kind of boring, but it was a solid win & finish for Marcin Tybura.
      Mark Hunt started the fight with a couple of leg kicks, the second one was checked, and it opened up a massive gash on the right shin of Mark Hunt. The pace of this fight was slow, just like the thick stream of blood that was flowing from the shin of Hunt, covering the canvas, leaving a clear indicator of where Hunt was stepping. Overeem threw a few leg kicks, and Hunt tried to throw some power shots, but for the most part, both guys were kind of slow to engage. That was a slow round, but I scored it just slightly for Overeem.
     The second round was slow paced as well, but Overeem was beating up Hunt with some creative strikes, like spinning back elbows & some hard knees to the body from the clinch while pressing Hunt against the fence. Hunt broke free and landed a few hard punches that wobbled Overeem, but Overeem quickly took control of the clinch again and pressed Hunt back against the fence for some more knees to the body. Hunt landed some brutal elbows with his back pressed against the fence, wobbling Overeem a few times, but Overeem just kept pressing him against the fence, still working those short knees to the body. I have Overeem ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but this fight could be all over the place on the scorecards at this point.
     The third round had Overeem still pressing Hunt against the fence, working those short knees to the body, and then he switched them to target the head, and he knocked Hunt the fuck out. Hunt is NOT an easy guy to knockout, so that was a fantastic finish by Alistair Overeem, after a somewhat uneventful fight. You still have to worry about the chin of Overeem if you're a fan of his, but you can't really argue the fact that his striking offense is super dangerous, even when it doesn't LOOK like he's doing much. Congrats to Overeem for the big finish.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These girls started this fight with some nice boxing exchanges, with Cooper dealing the better combinations, but Calvillo took her down 90 seconds into the opening round. She let her back up, and Cooper blasted through her with a Goldberg spear, but Calvillo was able to roll with it, and she locked on an anaconda choke. She had that shit locked on tight, but Cooper rolled through it, and then Calvillo took her back with a slick transition. Calvillo locked on a tight rear-naked choke with 2 minutes left in the round, Cooper did a good job defending, but Calvillo had it locked on too tightly, so Cooper was forced to submit a few seconds later. That was a pretty solid UFC debut for Cynthia Calvillo, especially in regards to her submission grappling. That was some high level Jiu-Jitsu.
      These guys started off by trading some strikes at a slow pace. Rashad was trying to use his speed, while Kelly was mostly just looking for the big KO with his left hand. He rocked Evans halfway through the first round, and then Evans took him down, but Kelly stood back up immediately. Evans landed a few decent shots, but the round ended with Kelly beating up Evans with some dirty boxing from the clinch. I scored the first round for Kelly.
     Kelly continued to beat up Evans with his boxing in the second round, and he tried to throw him to the ground with a whizzer, but Evans did a good job "sort of" staying on his feet. Kelly rocked Evans again 90 seconds into the round. Evans was looking for a takedown, and Kelly fought him off by teasing a front choke. Kelly tried to throw Evans down again 2 minutes into the round, but he kind of fell flat on his face in the process, so they stood back up and reset again for some more boxing. Evans poked Kelly in the eye halfway through the round, so the fight was paused for a few seconds. Evans blasted Kelly with a hard body kick, but Kelly just ate it and continued to come forward. Kelly continued to beat up Evans on the feet, and then Evans scored a quick takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, but Kelly stood back up immediately again. Evans threw a head kick with 30 seconds left in the round, but Kelly caught it, and threw Evans into the fence. I have Kelly ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Kelly continued to outstrike Rashad in the third round, and he tried to trip him, but he wasn't able to get Rashad down. Evans poked Kelly in the eye again, but the referee didn't see it, so Kelly tripped Evans with a quick little sweep. The striking exchanges in the third round were a little more even than the rest of the fight, but I still thought Kelly was landing the better shots, and his forward movement seemed pretty significant to me. Rashad started to make a comeback later in the round, but Kelly was still hammering him with the heavier shots, and then Evans literally tried to rip Kelly's pants off (tearing off the left half of his shorts), so the referee had to give him a stern warning for grabbing his shorts. In the end, this fight should be a clear 30-27 for Daniel Kelly in my opinion. The judges were split, with two of them giving the split-decision victory to Daniel Kelly, the guy that is making a career out of being an underdog and beating everybody. Rashad Evans moved down to 185 for this fight, trying to restart his career, and in my opinion, he looked better physically, but his actual fighting didn't look any better than it used to be. I still have no faith anymore in Evans, but this was a pretty legit win for Kelly. I love this dude! Hahaha... He's tough as hell.
      Teymur spent most of the first round circling around the outside perimeter of the cage, while Vannata beat him up with random punches & kicks, while constantly moving forward. Vannata threw a badass head kick while standing on one hand, it landed flush, and then he went in for the kill and had Teymur rocked, but he was able to recover enough to turn the fight into a wild brawl for a few seconds. They continued to trade some wild strikes, with both guys landing some heavy punches & kicks, and then Vannata blasted Teymur to the floor with a fast takedown, he took his back, they scrambled around for a few seconds, and then stood back up. A cut opened up above Teymur's left eye before the end of the round. That was an awesome opening round for both fighters, but I scored the first round in favor of Lando Vannata.
     They both continued to exchange some really creative kicks & knees in the second round, with Teymur probably landing the harder shots, especially the combinations of hard knees he threw at one point, but Vannata had some WILD counter spinning kicks that were definitely earning him some points as well. Teymur blasted Vannata with a brutal superman punch, and then took him down with a surprise show of wrestling offense, but Vannata stood back up quickly. Teymur blasted Vannata with some BRUTAL knees again from the clinch near the end of the round. Those knees would put down most fighters, but Vannata didn't seem to even feel them. I gave that round to Teymur, and have this fight all tied up going into the final round. Both of these guys are eating some insane shots.
     The third round was a VERY even back & forth striking battle, with both guys landing some really violent strikes. Vannata at some clean shots to the chin, and then Teymur took him down again, but he wasn't able to hold him down for more than a couple of seconds. They continued to fight at a high pace all the way up until the end of the third round, with Teymur probably landing the harder shots throughout the round, and he also scored a couple of takedowns (but could never hold down Vannata at all). If I had to pick a winner, I would give this fight to Teymur, but I fully expect it to go to a split-decision. All 3 judges gave all 3 rounds to David Teymur which is pretty crazy, but he deserved to win this fight, so congrats to Teymur for the biggest win of his career.
      The first round was pretty uneventful, with Woodley circling around the outside the entire time, while Thompson threw (and landed) a few kicks here & there, but neither fighter really wanted to engage at all. Thompson also landed a couple of nice combinations of punches, so that should be enough to win the round for Thompson. I really hope they pick up the pace some in this fight, but that was a smart round for Thompson at least.
     The second round was more of the same, with Woodley circling around the outside, he threw a couple of punches, but for the most part, he was just waiting, and Thompson was kicking him every once in a great while. That round should go to Thompson as well, based on pressure, so I have Thompson ahead 2-0 going into the third round, but this fight sucks so far, and the crowd agrees.
     Woodley started the third round shooting for an aggressive takedown, but Thompson stuffed the shot, so Woodley pressed him against the fence, picked him up, and then tripped him to the ground, landing in half mount. Woodley had Thompson's right arm trapped behind his body, so Woodley was able to punch him in the head & body repeatedly, without Thompson having any way to defend himself. Thompson stood back up 2 minutes into the round, Woodley tried to hit him with some knees from the clinch, and Thompson spun him around, and pressed Woodley into the fence. Thompson worked some dirty boxing, and then broke free halfway through the round. Woodley looks like he's getting tired, as Thompson is pressuring him against the fence while working some punches & kicks, but still not throwing enough to steal the round. Thompson got a lot more aggressive in the final seconds of the round, and beat up Woodley a little bit, but I'm still giving that round to Woodley. I have Thompson ahead 29-28, going into the fourth round, but some of those first two rounds could potentially be scored as a draw, so this fight COULD be all tied up at this point. I really have no idea what's going on with the scores after round three.
     The fourth round was another slow round of striking, with Thompson throwing a few nice kicks here & there, but for the most part, Woodley was just circling around the outside, refusing to engage. Thompson landed a couple of nice head kicks in that round, so I feel like Thompson should win the fourth round, and I have him ahead 39-36. Even if one of the first two rounds was a draw, Thompson should be ahead on the scorecards at this point.
     The final round was another boring round, until the final 30 seconds, when Woodley knew he needed to do something amazing, so he unloaded on Thompson, tried to kill him, nearly knocked him unconscious, fucked him up all hardcore style with some heavy punches on the ground, Thompson stood back up, Woodley continued to beat him up, Thompson circled out, and was able to survive until the end of the round. You could argue (based on the way the rest of the fight went), this fight COULD be another draw, which will SERIOUSLY piss me off. Woodley had 2 rounds where he had Thompson in SERIOUS trouble, and Thompson had 3 rounds where he "barely beat Woodley" mostly due to Woodley not doing anything at all, so... I have a feeling the judges are going to make me puke here in a few seconds. Two judges gave the fight to Woodley, 48-47, and one judge scored the fight a draw, so Woodley retains his belt with a majority decision. As much as I was hyped for this fight, I never want to see these two fight again. I wanted Thompson to win this fight, but Woodley was the only one that even really TRIED to finish the fight, so I'm glad Woodley won. Thompson needs to get his killer instinct back.