100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Gunnar Nelson - 93.7
2. Marc Diakiese - 92.2
3. Jimi Manuwa - 92.1
4. Joseph Duffy - 91.4
5. Marlon Vera - 90.9
6. Arnold Allen - 90.8
7. Makwan Amirkhani - 90.6
8. Lucie Pudilova - 90.5
9. Lina Lansberg - 89.7
10. Francimar Barroso - 89.7
UFC Fight Night 107: Manuwa vs. Anderson
Location: Greater London, England
Elevation: 115'
-Fight of the Night-
Gunnar Nelson vs. Alan Jouban
Fighters & Matches 88.7
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 90.0
     These girls threw a few punches, closed the distance, clinched, and then Pudilova pressed Lansberg against the fence, but was quickly reversed, as Lansberg took control of the clinch. Lansberg threw a few knees to the body, as they continued to trade control of the clinch. The referee reset them 90 seconds into the first round. They traded a few more strikes, and then Pudilova beat up Lansberg inside the clinch for a few seconds. They continued to trade sloppy strikes until the end of the round, resulting in a close round, but I had Pudilova winning the round for the most part, but since Lansberg ended the round in control, I thought the round was close enough that I ended up scoring it in favor of Lansberg, but it really could have gone either way.
     They traded some random strikes while hopping around to start the second round, until Lansberg clinched and pressed Pudilova against the fence again, mostly just stalling for a while. They reset 90 seconds into the round again. Pudilova clinched, beat up Lansberg for a few seconds, and then they split up again. I had Pudilova winning most of that round, as she was beating up Lansberg with some random exchanges, until Lansberg took her to the ground with 90 seconds remaining in the round. Lansberg landed inside Pudilova's guard, and then beat her up with some decent shots from the top, which left me scoring the round for Lansberg. This has been a really close fight so far, and I'm leaning toward Lansberg at this point, but I feel like either fighter could still win with a good performance in the final round.
     The final round was more of the same for the most part, with Pudilova beating up Lansberg on the feet, until Lansberg shot for a takedown a minute into the round, the shot was stuffed, Pudilova shredded the side of Lansberg's head with sharp elbows, they split apart, and Pudilova beat the shit out of Lansberg with some really solid striking on the feet. Lansberg shot for another takedown, and the shot was stuffed against the fence. Pudilova spent the rest of the round destroying Lansberg's face. By the end of the round, it was pretty obvious that Lansberg got her ass kicked, but for some reason the judges still scored the fight 29-28 for Lanbserg, for the unanimous decision victory.
      These guys traded a few random strikes, and Scott knocked down Askham 90 seconds into the first round. He stood back up, and they continued to trade random punches & kicks. Scott pressed Askham against the fence for a while in the clinch, and they traded some random knees. That wasn't a great first round, but I would score it slightly for Scott.
     The second round had Scott chasing Askham around the cage, stalking him, looking to land a big right hand or something, while Askham kept moving back. Askham finally fired back 90 seconds into the round, he dropped Scott, beat him up on the ground for a few seconds, and then they stood back up. That round was basically the same as the first, but with Askham scoring the knockdown this time. I have the fight all tied up going into the final round, but you could make an argument for Scott to be ahead 2-0 going into the final round, since other than the knockdown, he was moving forward a lot more, and seemed to control the round for the most part.
     The final round was a pretty decent kickboxing match, with both guys basically just standing & trading punches & kicks the entire time. Scott's face was busted up a little bit, and the leg of Askham was bruised. That was a fairly even round, with both guys landing some solid shots, and neither fighter retreating at all, so this fight really should be a toss up on the scorecards. I'm giving the fight to Scott, 29-28, but I wouldn't be shocked if the judges disagree. Two judges gave the fight to Scott for the split-decision victory.
      Diakiese started this fight with a hard leg kick, followed by some crazy spinning kicks, Packalan tried to move in on him to close the distance, Diakiese punched him in the chin, Packalan was paralyzed, and he fell down like a tree, resulting in a 30 seconds knockout victory for Marc Diakiese in his third UFC fight. This guy is someone to keep an eye on for sure.
      The first round started kind of slowly, with both guys clinching and just pressing each other against the fence for the first half of the round. They eventually split up, Edwards threw some decent strikes, and then Luque took him down, landing inside his guard, where he beat him up with some basic ground & pound until the end of the round. I scored the first round 10-9 in favor of Vicente Luque.
     Luque tried to take Edwards to the ground early in the second round, but Edwards ended up controlling him with a front choke, which he was almost able to turn into an Anaconda, but Luque was able to pull his head free and press Edwards back against the fence again. Edwards broke free, beat up Luque with some strikes, and then took him down with a body lock, landing in half mount. Edwards beat up Luque for the rest of the round, with the referee standing them up with a minute left, but Edwards continued to work over Luque on the feet from the clinch until the end of the round. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round started with some slow paced clinching, but it didn't take long for Edwards to break free, find his range, and unload on Luque with some crisp boxing. The round ended with some more clinching, with Edwards pressing Luque against the fence. Luque fired back with some decent shots in the final seconds of the fight, but it was too little too late in my opinion. In the end, I thought this was a clear 29-28 decision for Edwards, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      This fight started with some sloppy strikes being thrown both ways, but it quickly turned into another clinchfest, with Johnson pressing Omielanczuk against the fence for most of the first round. The referee eventually split them up and tried to reset them, but Johnson just went back to clinching almost immediately. Round one goes to Johnson I guess, based on clinch control.
     Johnson threw some big sloppy strikes to start the second round, and then quickly turned the fight into another battle from inside the clinch, as he pressed all of his weight against Omielanczuk to keep him pinned against the fence. Omielanczuk was able to break free eventually, but only long enough to have Johnson press him against the fence again for some more clinching. Johnson is winning this fight, but this has been a pretty lame fight so far.
     The final round started with Johnson pressing Omielanczuk against the fence almost immediately. Omielanczuk spun him around and tried to take down Johnson, but failed, so the referee split them up and reset them back in the center of the cage. A few punches were thrown, and then Johnson pressed Omielanczuk against the fence for the rest of the round. That was a shitty fight. Congrats to Johnson for the split-decision victory. I have no idea how one judge can justify scoring the fight for Omielanczuk, but whatever. Neither fighter deserves to fight in the UFC at this point.
      These guys traded some wild strikes in the first round, with both guys clashing like two bulls, throwing each other around in the clinch, while throwing heavy punches whenever they would split up. That was a close round, but I scored it slightly for Darren Stewart, based mostly on clinch control. This entire card has had way too much clinching so far though, so I hope they add some more variety to the last two rounds.
     Barroso started the second round by smothering Stewart in the clinch, as he was able to throw him to the ground a few times, while trying to ride his back from a variety of positions. Stewart tried to stand back up, but Barroso did a good job putting his weight on him, forcing Stewart to be in a constant state of defense, not allowing him to have any sort of offense whatsoever. Barroso finally let up on the pressure in the final 90 seconds, but Stewart didn't really do anything with it. That round clearly goes to Barroso, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round started with some sloppy back & forth striking exchanges, as both guys looked pretty worn out. The round ended with Stewart plowing forward, throwing some big punches, as Barroso looked like he was basically done fighting for the night. That was a really close fight that could probably go either way, but I'm tempted to score the fight 29-28 for Stewart, even though the only really dominant round was the second, which definitely goes to Barroso. All 3 judges disagreed with me, giving the unanimous decision victory to Francimar Barroso.
      This fight started with some pretty action packed exchanges of punches & kicks, until Madadi took down Duffy around the one minute mark. Madadi picked up Duffy off the ground to try to slam him again, but Duffy was able to reverse the slam, which allowed him to end up on top in half mount. Duffy spent the rest of the round smothering Madadi against the fence. Madadi sort of went for a guillotine choke at one point, but Duffy's pressure was too much for him, as he split Madadi's head open with some sharp elbows near the end of the round. Round one goes to Joe Duffy.
     The second round featured some great striking by Joe Duffy, as he basically beat the shit out of Madadi on the feet, as Madadi's forehead was pouring blood out of the bullet hole Duffy opened up with his elbows in the first round. Madadi kind of scored a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, but Duffy never settled on the ground, and he was able to stand back up almost immediately. Duffy spent the final minute of the round picking apart Madadi with his boxing. Duffy is clearly winning this fight, 20-18, going into the final round.
     The final round started with Duffy still working his slick boxing, until he eventually clinched and pressed Madadi against the fence for a while. They split up, Duffy continued to beat up Madadi, and Madadi did some sort of weird dancing taunt that just made him look like an idiot. Duffy spent the rest of the round slaughtering Madadi on the feet with crazy punch combinations, as he chewed up the head & body of Madadi. That was a very clear 30-27 decision for Duffy, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the hard fought unanimous decision victory.
      Amirkhani started the fight by flying across the cage, he grabbed Allen, slammed him to the ground, and then slapped on a wild D'Arce choke or something, but Allen was able to scramble out of it. Amirkhani continued to dig for a brutal looking choke, while Allen struggled to stay alive. They eventually stood back up, and Allen pressed Amirkhani against the fence in the clinch, but he didn't do enough to steal the round. Allen unloaded with some wild strikes in the final 10 seconds, and Amirkhani looks pretty tired, but I'm still scoring round one for Makwan Amirkhani.
     The second round started with Amirkhani grabbing Allen, and powering him to the ground, as he tried to setup another choke of some sort. Amirkhani locked on an Anaconda Choke, and flipped backwards with it, but Allen was able to escape, and secure half mount one minute into the round. Allen passed to full mount 90 seconds into the round, and then unloaded with some punches & short elbows while pressing Amirkhani against the fence. They stood back up with 2 minutes left in the round, but Amirkhani looked exhausted, and Allen still looked fresh. Amirkhani shot for a terrible takedown, Allen tried to catch him in a choke, but Amirkhani was able to secure half mount after a brief scramble. That was a competitive round, but Allen probably won that round.
     They both came out and traded some tired looking strikes to start the final round. Amirkhani shot for some sloppy takedowns, and Allen did a good job stuffing the shots, while controlling Amirkhani both on the feet and on the ground. Allen clipped Amirkhani with a hard overhand left, but he didn't really follow it up with anything. They clinched for a few seconds halfway through the round, and then Allen threw Amirkhani to the ground with a nice hip toss, but he couldn't hold him down. Amirkhani fought for a takedown, and Allen scrambled all over the place, as they traded top control a few times. Amirkhani secured half mount with 2 minutes left in the round. They stood back up, and Allen controlled Amirkhani against the fence in the clinch for the final minute of the round. That was a pretty great back & forth battle, with some insane scrambling, and some solid striking on display from both fighters. The fight ended with Allen taking Amirkhani to the ground, grabbing his back and locking on a rear-naked choke, but he didn't have enough time to finish it before the buzzer sounded. I scored this fight 29-28 for Arnold Allen, even though I WANTED Amirkhani to win this fight. Two judges agreed, giving the split-decision victory to Arnold Allen.
(Head Kick and Punches)
      These guys clinched early after throwing a few punches, and Pickett dumped Vera to the ground one minute into the opening round. They stood back up 30 seconds later, Vera threw some kicks, and Pickett threw some punches. Vera's kicks looked clean, but they were no match for the punches that had Vera rocked with around 90 seconds left in the round. They both looked aggressive all the way up until the end of the first round, but I'm leaning slightly in favor of Pickett going into the second round.
      The second round started, and Vera continued to fire a lot of kicks, while Pickett was chewing him up with his boxing. Pickett shot for another takedown one minute into the round, but Vera did a good job staying on his feet against the fence. Pickett finally dumped him to the ground again a few seconds later. Pickett spent a couple of minutes on the ground chipping away at Vera with punches & elbows from inside his guard. They stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round. The final seconds of the round had Pickett beating up Vera with his boxing against the fence. I have Pickett ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
      The final round was basically a brawl, with Pickett working his boxing, while Vera was working more of a Muay Thai offense. The round was a very competitive back & forth striking match, which ended with just over a minute left in the fight, when Vera blasted Pickett with a massive head kick, knocking him to the ground, he jumped on him, punched him a few times, and the referee stopped the fight. The referee probably should have given him a few more seconds considering it was his last fight, but that was a pretty big win for Marlon Vera, as he retires Brad Pickett in his home country.
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys traded some pretty solid strikes to start the first round, and then Nelson shot in for a takedown around the one minute mark, but the shot was stuffed, so he just pressed Jouban against the fence for a few seconds and then reset. They continued to trade strikes at a decent pace, until Nelson shot for another takedown, this time he was able to complete it with around 2 minutes left to work. Nelson immediately passed to side control. Nelson passed to full mount, and completely smothered Jouban on the ground. Nelson's top position Jiu-Jitsu is SUPER fucking slick. Nelson beat up Jouban on the ground until the end of the round. Round one obviously goes to Nelson.
     Jouban came out swinging in the second round, knowing he needed to get an early finish if he wanted to survive, but Nelson rocked the shit out of Jouban with a hard straight right to the chin, followed by a head kick, followed by a tight mounted guillotine choke which forced the submission victory in under a minute. That was another fantastic performance by Gunnar Nelson. It's going to be hard for most fighters to match his combination of high level striking & submission grappling.
      Corey Anderson was moving around a LOT at the start of the first round, bouncing around, moving his head, teasing Manuwa with leg kicks, etc... Manuwa was just slowly closing in on Anderson, waiting for that perfect moment to strike. Manuwa threw a few random strikes, but for the most part, Anderson looked WAY more active out there. Anderson tried to take Manuwa to the ground, but failed with a few attempts. Manuwa clipped Anderson with a left hand that dropped him to one knee around the 3 minute mark, but Anderson recovered, only to get punched again with another left hand that knocked him the fuck out. That was a fantastic knockout victory for Manuwa.