100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Jeremy Stephens - 95.4
2. Jay Silva - 92.7
3. Ryan Jensen - 92.6
4. Nate Diaz - 92.2
5. C.B. Dollaway - 92.2
6. Mike Pyle - 91.7
7. Carlos Condit - 91.7
8. Justin Buchholz - 91.7
9. Nate Quarry - 91.2
10. Gray Maynard - 91.2
UFC Fight Night 19: Diaz vs. Guillard
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Elevation: 1,201'
-Fight of the Night-
Jeremy Stephens vs. Justin Buchholz
Fighters & Matches 90.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.4
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
     Oh man, that was a horrible stoppage. This fight was pretty good, both guys were scrapping, Jensen took the fight to the ground, they grappled for a few, they stood back up, Jensen locked on a tight guillotine choke, held it for a few, the referee grabbed Steinbeiss's hand to check to see if he was still alive, Steinbeiss gave the thumbs up, so the referee stopped the fight, and gave Jensen the win via technical submission. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?! Steinbeiss IMMEDIATELY stood up, and was like "DUDE! I GAVE THE THUMBS UP! CHECK THE MONITOR! I GAVE THE THUMBS UP!" So yeah, I'm kind of shocked this decision was never overturned, to a no contest, BUT... whatever... Jensen was clearly winning anyway.
      Oh man, outside of the UFC, I was blown away by Brock Larson, he fuckin' destroys people with his wrestling skills (sometimes). With that being said, Mike Pierce completely shut him down in this fight, winning all 3 rounds, WITH his wrestling, by taking Larson down, and completely controlling him. So yeah, I guess I'll assume Pierce is officially a great wrestler then, because Larson is tough. But yeah, good performance by Pierce.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      OH MY FUCKING FUCK! HOLY FUCK! At first, I thought this fight was stopped prematurely, but after seeing the cut on Justin's forehead, I almost puked. OH MY FUCKING FUCK FUCK. He had a gash that went from the top of his nose, all the way up to the top of his forehead, above his eye, he was super fucked up. (But still wanted to fight, so he's tough as shit). Buchholz looked awesome in this fight, with really fast & crisp striking skills. Stephens was from another planet though, his boxing was on point, beating the fuck out of Justin's face, and eventually, he chopped his forehead in half with a brutal knee. This fight was brutal, awesome, and amazing. HOLY FUCKING FUCK.
      Jay Silva looked pretty awesome in this fight, attacking Dollaway like a bat out of hell, throwing fast & hard punches, kicks, flying knees, all kinds of crazy shit, BUT... Dollaway was able to take him to the ground and control him for the first two rounds, winning both of those rounds, even though technically, Silva did WAY more damage. The third round, Silva looked like a fucking BEAST, and Dollaway looked like he was unconscious for most of the third round, so under Pride rules, Silva definitely would have dominated this fight, but under UFC rules, Dollaway was able to steal the decision, by staying in top position for most of the fight, and slowing down the pace enough to survive for 15 minutes. Jay Silva was a blast to watch though. Once the fight was over, Dollaway was laying on the ground, a bloody mess, and Silva looked like he was ready to fight another round, but Dollaway still got the decision, which makes me hate their scoring system. It's also worth noting, Dollaway's left eye had the entire top eyebrow hanging off his face, it was fucking disgusting. Silva nearly killed him.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight wasn't quite as exciting as some of Pyle's other fights have been, but he still proved to be the better fighter, once again. All of the shots Wilson threw at Pyle, seemed to just bounce off for the most part, and whenever the fight hit the ground, obviously Pyle had the advantage. In the end, after winning the first two rounds, Pyle was able to sink in a guillotine choke in the third round, forcing Wilson to submit. Another solid performance by Mike "Quicksand" Pyle.
      "I don't want to lose!" says Stann. "I don't want to lose either!" says Cantwell. So both guys play it safe, for 3 rounds, barely doing much of anything, throwing a few punches here or there, going for a few takedowns (and always failing), etc... You get the general idea... The crowd said "Booooooooo!" And the judges eventually gave the fight to Stann. I'm glad that they gave it to Stann, because I like him more than Cantwell, but really, this fight could have just as easily been a draw.
      This fight was badass. Nate Quarry is the striker, Tim Credeur is the Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. The first round started, Credeur knocked Quarry to the ground, and then he jumped on him, locked on a rear-naked choke, and eventually Quarry broke free. First round goes to Credeur. Second round kicks off, both guys were scrapping like their lives depended on it, and Quarry was able to knock Credeur to the ground, where he got in his guard, and beat him up a little bit. 2nd round goes to Quarry. The third round kicks off, Credeur started beating the shit out of Quarry, but Quarry caught him with a big punch sending him crashing to the ground, Quarry got in his guard again, and tried to spend the rest of the round regaining his breath, Credeur stayed busy. The referee stood them up, Credeur went crazy trying to finish the fight, but he barely had any gas left in his tank. Overall, I called the fight a draw, but all 3 judges gave the fight to Quarry, so I guess I'm fine with that, I was sort of pulling for Credeur though.
      This fight was basically just like the Quarry vs. Credeur fight. The first round went to Ellenberger, based on being more aggressive and showing better striking. The second round I gave to Condit, based on better striking and grappling overall. The third round I was going to give to Ellenberger during the first half of the round, but he eventually ran out of gas, and Condit picked up the pace finishing strong. The judges gave it to Condit via split-decision, and I think that is the most accurate decision that could have possibly happened.
      In my opinion, this was the biggest fight on the card, since I consider Gray Maynard to be close to the top of the Top 10 Lightweights list, and Roger Huerta is just a few steps below him. I was going to give the first round to Maynard, but Huerta came back with a fury near the end of that round, stealing the round. The second round wasn't very eventful, and I declared that one a draw. The third round was solid, and Maynard was able to take Huerta to the ground, where he nearly ripped Huerta's arm from his body with a Kimura, but he was able to defend it, but Maynard still controlled the fight in the third round, so I gave the fight to him. Ultimately, I think this fight should have been a draw, but it could have gone either way, and since I had Maynard ranked higher before the fight started, I'm happy to see him walk away with the split-decision victory.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was a pretty fun fight. I had Nate Diaz ranked as the #5 Lightweight in the world going into this fight, and Melvin Guillard wasn't even in the Top 20, so I'm not really clear on why this fight was booked. With that being said, I think Guillard has a reputation for "coming to fight", and that's exactly what he did. I gave the first round to Guillard for being more aggressive with his striking, and he unleashed a beautiful Judo throw, slamming Diaz to the ground. Even though Diaz had 2 "normal" takedowns in the first round, I still thought Guillard won that round. The second round started up, more back & forth action, eventually Guillard did some dumb "fall back against the cage, act hurt, and then pounce" move, which failed miserably, landing him in Diaz's guard, where he locked on a CRAZY ass guillotine choke, forcing Guillard to submit. Excellent fight overall.