100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Hector Sandoval - 92.4
2. Bryan Barberena - 92.3
3. Mike Perry - 92.1
4. Brandon Moreno - 92.0
5. Al Iaquinta - 91.7
6. Cub Swanson - 91.7
7. Alexis Davis - 91.6
8. Scott Holtzman - 91.4
9. John Dodson - 91.3
10. Steven Ray - 91.3
UFC Fight Night 108: Swanson vs. Lobov
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Elevation: 597'
-Fight of the Night-
Cub Swanson vs. Artem Lobov
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.6
     These guys traded a few hard strikes, Sandoval rocked Schnell with a wild barrage of punches one minute into the opening round, they continued to brawl at a decent pace, and then finally slowed down 90 seconds into the round to set up some sort of strategy. Sandoval rushed in, got blasted in the face with a big punch, and then took down Schnell with 2 minutes left in the round, but Schnell scared him off with a triangle attempt, so they stood back up, and exchanged some hard punches with some dirty boxing from the clinch. Schnell slapped on a brutal looking guillotine choke as Sandoval shot for a takedown with a minute left in the round, and it looked like the fight was going to end, but he slammed the shit out of Schnell, pulled his head free, still stuck in Schnell's guard, Schnell tried to throw up a triangle choke, and Sandoval punched him with a series of short punches to the chin that knocked Schnell the fuck out. That fight was pretty insane, and that was a big win for Hector Sandoval, as he earns his second UFC win in a row.
(Punches & Knees)
      These guys traded a few decent punches & kicks, while bouncing around at a decent pace. They really started to pick up the pace halfway through the round, and then Barberena clipped Proctor with a right hand that dropped him, he followed it up with some big punches & knees against the fence, Proctor dropped again, Barberena's punches were relentless, and the referee was forced to step in to stop the fight. That was another fantastic finish by Bryan Barberena.
      Dandois has super clunky striking, and it was obvious at the start, so she shot in for a sloppy takedown, and found herself inside Davis's guard inside the first 30 seconds of the fight. They basically just tied each other up for a while, and then Davis threw up an armbar from her guard 2 minutes into the round, she used that to sweep Dandois, and then ended up in an awkward double scissor pretzel thing, with Davis holding onto the armbar, and Dandois had Davis's head in a leg scissor hold. They continued to scramble around, until Davis passed to full mount with 2 minutes left in the round, where she opened up with some punches & elbows. Dandois threw her legs up, almost knocked off Davis, and then she went for a leg lock attempt, but Davis dropped back, and went for a leg lock of her own. They continued to battle from a variety of wild scrambling positions, and they continued to dig for submissions, and continued to pound on each other with punches. I have NO IDEA who won that round, so I'm calling that one a draw.
     The second round started with some awkward striking exchanges, with Davis probably scoring the better shots, especially with her body kicks, and then Dandois attempted a Judo throw halfway through the round, but Davis reversed her on the way down, and ended up back on top inside the guard of Dandois. They stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round. They traded a few more strikes, and then Dandois shot for a clunky looking takedown, landing back inside Davis's guard. That was another close round, and I'm still not sure what's going on with the scorecards, so I"m just going to watch the final round, enjoy it, and hope the judges have a better grasp on what's going on than I do going into the final round.
     The final round started with 20 seconds of clunky strikes, and then Dandois scored another clunky looking takedown, landing back inside Davis's guard again. They stood back up 90 seconds into the round, traded some clunky strikes again, Dandois clinched, pressed Davis against the fence, and started working for another throw, while she worked some knees to the body from the clinch. Dandois used the same head & arm takedown, completed it this time, but Davis quickly swept her and stood back up with 2 minutes left in the fight. Davis tried to setup some decent strikes, but Dandois took her down again with a minute left in the round, landing back inside Davis's guard. Davis locked on a tight triangle choke with 30 seconds left in the fight, she converted it to an armbar, Dandois punched her in the stomach a few times, and the round eventually ended. That was a pretty wild back & forth fight, and I have no idea who won. Dandois could win with her takedowns, Davis could win with her reversals and the triangle attempt at the end? I have no idea. If I had to pick, I think I would lean slightly in favor of Alexis Davis. All 3 judges agreed, giving the 29-28 unanimous decision victory to Alexis Davis. The crowd disagreed, but I think the decision was solid.
      The first round had both girls circling around each other, while trading punches randomly, with Taylor mostly working her counters, and most of the solid shots that landed were delivered by Taylor, so I scored the first round slightly for Danielle Taylor.
     The second round was more of the same, but this time Taylor plowed forward a little more like a tank, while throwing punches, and Penne tried to counter her with knees from the clinch. I thought Penne MIGHT be walking away with that round, just slightly, but Taylor blasted her with a series of big punches late in the round that I think probably stole the round for Taylor. Penne still finished the round with some decent knees, but I have Taylor ahead 2-0 going into the final round. It could be all tied up at this point though.
     The final round was more of the same, with Taylor moving around a lot, Penne controlled the center of the cage, and Taylor blasted her with some heavy shots 2 minutes into the round, but Penne was still chipping away at her with some decent shots of her own. Penne scored a takedown halfway through the round, but Taylor immediately stood back up, resulting in Penne clinching with her against the fence. Penne tried to do the backpack thing, but Taylor refused to let her take her back, and eventually broke free with 2 minutes left in the round. Penne continued to use her range for the rest of the round, and Taylor continued to work her counterstriking. This fight has split-decision written all over it. Right as I said that though, Penne scored a takedown in the final 5 seconds of the round, so that might have been enough to win the fight for Penne? I have no idea. I'm curious how the judges will score this one. All 3 judges scored the 29-28 unanimous decision for Danielle Taylor, which I agree with, but I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to complain about this one (if anyone actually cared about this fight).
      Holtzman nearly knocked McBride's head off with a huge punch to start the fight, and then they clinched, and he pressed McBride against the fence. They eventually split up, Holtzman threw a leg kick followed by some big punches, and he dropped McBride. He let him stand back up, he blasted him with some big shots, and then dropped him again with a shot to the groin. When the fight started back up, Holtzman continued to blast McBride with huge punches, and decent kicks to open him up. Something opened up a small cut under Holtzman's left eye, but he continued to pound on McBride, until a wild scramble resulted in McBride taking Holtzman to the ground. McBride looked sloppy on the ground, so Holtzman was able to end up on top, but McBride swept him with a Kimura attempt in the final seconds. Round one should still go to Holtzman though.
     Holtzman continued to beat up McBride with punches in the second round, until McBride dropped down for a heel hook or something, that LOOKED like McBride was knocked out or something the way he collapsed, but I guess it was an offensive move by McBride? He's an awkward fighter for sure. Holtzman continued to beat up McBride, while McBride continued to dig for some awkward submissions from his back, including a potential calf slicer. Holtzman finally stood back up with around 2 minutes left in the round, and McBride grabbed his back from the clinch, yanked him to the ground again, and then Holtzman spun around to take top control inside McBride's guard. Holtzman dropped some elbows, and pressured McBride up against the fence, where he continued to hammer on him with punches & elbows. Holtzman stood back up with a minute left in the round, and continued to chip away at McBride on the feet until the end of the round. I have Holtzman ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Holtzman continued to beat up McBride in the final round, McBride looked rocked, as he was wobbling around, falling down, sort of doing the Drunken' Kung Fu Master thing or whatever, but his offense was next to nonexistent. Holtzman took down McBride halfway through the round, and McBride gave up his back to try to setup another Kimura, and it looked like he might have it, but Holtzman did a good job spinning around to escape, and then he dropped some heavy elbows from side control. The rest of the round had Holtzman beating up McBride on the ground. That should be a solid 30-27 decision for Scott Holtzman in his hometown. All 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight started with Ortiz clinching immediately, and pressing Moreno up against the fence, trying to work for a takedown. Moreno looked like he was trying to setup a standing Kimura. That didn't really work out for him, so Ortiz was eventually able to take him down 90 seconds into the opening round, but he was having a hard time controlling Moreno on the ground, even though he was clinging to his back. They split up and reset on their feet halfway through the round. Ortiz scored another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, and Moreno immediately started scrambling to get back to his feet again. Moreno stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round, and Ortiz continued to cling to his back, and he took him down again with a minute left in the round. Moreno was still digging for a Kimura, and he used that to sweep Ortiz, landing in full mount. Ortiz quickly swept Moreno, they stood back up, and Ortiz continued to cling to his back, while Moreno continued to dig for a Kimura. Ortiz won that round with his wrestling, but Moreno still looked dangerous the entire time.
     Moreno started the second round by chewing up Ortiz's legs with heavy kicks, while he also hit him with some hard punches as well. Ortiz scored another takedown 2 minutes into the second round. Moreno stood back up halfway through the round. Moreno blasted Ortiz with a head kick, nearly knocked him unconscious, he followed it up with some punches, and then he took Ortiz's back with 2 minutes left in the round. Moreno tried to dig for a rear-naked choke, while he controlled Ortiz with a tight body triangle. He finally locked on the rear-naked choke with a minute left in the round, and he put Ortiz to sleep. That was a fantastic submission victory for Brandon Moreno against another ranked guy. Brandon Moreno is legit!
      Leites started this fight with a leg kick that nearly dropped Alvey. He followed that up with a pair of high kicks, followed by another hard leg kick. Alvey looked lost in the first 30 seconds of the fight, as Leites blasted him with a brutal kick to the body. Another head kick by Leites, followed by another hard leg kick. The kicks from Leites are fucking brutal tonight, and Alvey hasn't had any real offense yet 90 seconds into the opening round. Alvey threw a few decent punches in the round, but for the most part, Leites was slaughtering him with kicks for the duration of the round. Alvey stuffed a takedown in the final 30 seconds of the round, and landed a knee, but Leites went right back to throwing kicks. Alvey looked defeated as he went back to his corner in between rounds.
     Leites continued to kick Alvey in the second round, Alvey tried to fire back with single punches, but he was having trouble closing the distance, and his leg was clearly bothering him still. He rushed in for an awkward clinch halfway through the round, but Leites quickly spun him around and pressed Alvey into the fence. They split up, traded a few strikes, and Alvey rocked Leites with a punch, and he tried to close in for the kill, but he's having some clear trouble with his mobility, so Leites had enough time to recover, clinch, and press Alvey against the fence for a takedown with 35 seconds left in the round. The round ended with Leites holding onto the back clinch while pressing Alvey against the fence. Round two was more competitive, but Leites still probably won that round with the takedown, so Alvey needs to finish this fight if he wants to win.
     The final round started, Leites kicked Alvey in the balls, and we took a brief timeout one minute into the round. Alvey threw a big punch, and Leites fired back with a pair of brutal kicks. Leites threw another kick, Alvey checked it, fired back with a couple of hard punches, and Leites looked in trouble for a second. Every time Alvey lands, Leites looks in trouble, but Alvey just isn't throwing often enough to make a difference. Leites poked Alvey in the eye halfway through the round, and we took another brief timeout. Leites did a good job staying on the outside, circling toward Alvey's injured lead leg, which made it almost impossible for Alvey to lineup a decent punch, but he still landed a few decent shots. In my opinion, Leites was SO evasive in that last round, the second round was close, and Leites clearly won the first round, I'm tempted to give this fight to Alvey, if not declare it a draw. The crowd definitely didn't seem too excited when Leites raised his hand in the air after the final buzzer. All 3 judges gave all 3 rounds to Leites, and the crowd was pissed. Congrats to Leites for a great first round, but he might be the worst 3rd round fighter I've ever seen.
      Perry threw a couple of hard strikes, and Ellenberger took him down almost immediately, landing in half mount. Perry was able to work his way back to his feet 30 seconds into the round. Perry spent the next 3 minutes or so beating up Ellenberger with hard punches & kicks, chopping up his face a little bit in the process. Ellenberger sort of scored another takedown with 30 seconds left in the round, but Perry popped back up immediately. I'm giving that round to Perry for his striking offense, since Ellenberger wasn't able to do anything with his two takedowns.
     Ellenberger looked aggressive at the start of the second round. Perry then dropped Ellenberger with a massive left hand, but Ellenberger sort of recovered and stood back up, and then Perry knocked him the fuck out with a massive right elbow. That was another fantastic finish by Platinum Mike Perry. He nose was bleeding all over the place after the knockout, but he still got the win, so congrats to Mike Perry. This dude is legit!
      Ray landed a few strikes, and then Lauzon caught a kick and took down Ray against the fence, but he popped back up immediately. Lauzon whipped Ray to the ground and tried to take his back one minute into the round, and Ray started digging for a leg lock. Lauzon took his back in the process, and slapped on a rear-naked choke. He didn't quite have it though, so he spun around and passed to full mount, where he dropped some elbows. Ray was able to secure half guard, but Lauzon was still blasting him with some brutal elbows. Ray continued to scramble around, and Lauzon continued to drop big elbows. They continued to scramble, and Lauzon continued to beat up Ray on the ground. You could almost make an argument for a 10-8 round for Lauzon here, under the new rules, but Tennessee doesn't use the new rules, so I'm calling it 10-9 for Lauzon. Lauzon landed a brutal elbow to finish the round that made a huge thud/crack sound that sounded like a tree being chopped down by a rock. That very well could be 10-8 for Lauzon.
     The second round was basically a boxing match, with Lauzon looking a little sluggish, which allowed Ray to crack his head with some hard combinations. Lauzon shot for another takedown 2 minutes into the round, and Ray stuffed the shot and reset back in the center of the cage. Lauzon landed a few decent shots, but Ray was landing at will, with punches, elbows, and a few knees. Ray threw a kick (which his corner told him to avoid), and Lauzon caught it and took him down halfway through the round. Lauzon wasn't as effective from the top this round, but he was still able to smother Ray for half of the round, so... I'm giving that round to Ray for the strikes in the first half of the round, but I can see a lot of people scoring the round for Lauzon's top control. Ray dropped back for an ankle lock with 30 seconds left in the round, but Lauzon didn't seem too concerned. I have the score 19-18 for Lauzon going into the final round, but the scorecards could be all over the place at this point.
     Ray continued to beat up Lauzon on the feet in the third round, while stuffing Lauzon's takedown attempts. Lauzon finally took him down again halfway through the round, and tried to work some basic ground & pound, but Ray was chopping up Lauzon's head with hard elbows, and he was landing a LOT of elbows, so in my opinion, even though Lauzon was on top, Ray was winning from the bottom with those elbows. They stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round, and Ray pressed Lauzon against the fence, and beat him up from inside the clinch. Ray opened up with some big punch combinations in the final 45 seconds of the round, as he was clearly looking for the finish, while Lauzon just covered up and prayed for the buzzer to sound. I have a feeling this fight will be a draw, but I'm tempted to give the win to Ray. Two judges agreed with me, and one called it a draw, giving the majority decision to Stevie Ray.
      These guys spent the first round circling around each other, while exchanging random punch & kick combinations, with neither fighter really pulling ahead with any sort of clear advantage. I was going to say that round could go either way, but Dodson landed a few hard punches that caught my attention, so I'm giving that round slightly to Dodson.
     The second round had both guys trading punches still, while circling around each other, not really throwing as often as people would like, so the crowd was getting restless. Wineland's nose was busted open, and Dodson opened up with a fast combination of punches with a minute left in the round, that might have been the best combination of the fight so far. By the end of the round, Wineland's face was all chopped up, and Dodson was barely getting touched. Apparently a cut above Wineland's left eye was due to a headbutt, but I'm still going to say Dodson is head 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round was more of the same, with Dodson beating up Wineland with his lightning fast strikes, and Wineland was having trouble keeping up with his speed. Meanwhile, Wineland had multiple cuts all over his face that were pouring blood down his face & chest. By the end of the fight, Dodson had barely been touched, and Wineland's face was a mess, even though it didn't SEEM like much was happening during the 15 minute fight, due to the speed of Dodson, it's hard to catch all of the details of his offense. I scored this fight 30-27 for Dodson, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
(Von Flue Choke)
      The first round had Lima blasting OSP with brutal kicks, to the legs & body, and he also landed some really heavy punches. OSP started to fire back late in the round, but for the most part, all of the really hard shots in that round were delivered by Rogerio de Lima. It's also worth noting that he missed weight by 4 pounds though. Round one goes to Lima.
     OSP landed a big punch to start the second round, and then caught a kick which he used to take down de Lima. OSP pinned him against the fence, and unloaded with some sharp elbows, chopping up the face of Lima. Lima tried to stand back up a minute into the round, but OSP just pulled him back down and continued to pressure him against the fence. Lima sort of grabbed a guillotine, OSP almost had side control, so he pressed his shoulder into Lima's throat, and got the submission victory with the second Von Flue choke of his career. That was a big comeback victory for OSP, as he earns a win in his hometown, breaking his 3-Fight losing streak, and possibly saving his UFC career. I was tempted to talk retirement after his lack of effort in the first round, but I guess he's back at it with another finish eh?
      These guys circled around each other for a minute or so, Sanchez clipped Iaquinta with a hard shot, but he just ate it. They continued to test the distance, they threw a few punches but were just out of range, and then Iaquinta dropped Sanchez with a big right hand, Sanchez scrambled back to his feet, Iaquinta dropped him again, and the referee stopped the fight. That was a fantastic KO finish by Al Iaquinta, after a full two years outside of the sport working as a Real Estate Agent. I'm really excited to see him back in the octagon.
      These guys traded a few hard strikes early, they clinched, and then Lobov threw Swanson to the ground aggressively, and pinned him against the fence, where Lobov was able to work some basic ground & pound. Swanson quickly stood back up, and they reset 90 seconds into the opening round. The rest of the round was spent trading hard punches & kicks at a moderate pace, with Lobov probably landing the better shots, especially with his counters. Swanson seems like he has the speed advantage, but Lobov is still landing the better shots.
      Lobov hit Swanson with some hard punch combinations to start the second round, and then Swanson fired back with a big head kick. Lobov spent another minute or so beating up Swanson with big punches & kicks, and then they clinched, and Lobov tried to throw Swanson around, as they traded short knees to the body. Swanson threw Lobov to the ground with 90 seconds left in the round, and landed on top in half mount. Lobov scrambled for a leg lock, and Swanson passed to full mount. Lobov gave up his back, and turlted up. Swanson tried to flatten him out, but Lobov did a good job turning himself into a ball, tucking his neck into his chest. Swanson struggled to find a rear-naked choke, and Lobov just stood up, with Swanson still riding his back, and he broke free with a reset, with 15 seconds left in the round. Lobov WAS winning that round, but Swanson probably stole the round with his grappling. The scorecards reset going into the third round.
      The third round mostly had Lobov blasting Swanson with heavy punch combinations and leg kicks, but Swanson fired back with some heavy counters, and he opened a cut on Lobov's left eyelid halfway through the round, which caused Herb Dean to call a timeout to have the doctor look at it, but it's fine, so the fight continues. Swanson rocked Lobov a few times, and then finished the round with a cartwheel kick attempt, which Lobov caught, and then Lobov scored a takedown right before the buzzer. I'm giving that round to Lobov, but I think the judges will probably give it to Swanson, so I'm just going to say it's still all tied up going into the fourth round.
      Lobov blasted Swanson with some hard shots to start the fourth round, he clinched, and then pressed Swanson against the fence to clinch for a few seconds, before resetting one minute into the round. Lobov beat up Swanson with some hard shots, they clinched, and then Swanson broke free with a spinning back elbow that landed flush, but Lobov just ate it and kept coming forward with his awkward upright stance. Lobov blasted Swanson with some HEAVY punch combinations, and then shot for a terrible takedown attempt, they clinched for a few seconds, and then Swanson popped Lobov with some slick punches. This is a VERY close fight, that I feel should still be tied up going into the final round. A strong final round for either fighter could be the decision maker.
      Lobov continued to throw those big powerful punch combinations to start the final round, and he dropped Swanson for a second in the first minute, but Swanson stood back up, clinched, and pressed Lobov against the fence. They reset 90 seconds into the round. Lobov continued to launch power strikes, Swanson continued to work fast counters, and Lobov pressed Swanson against the fence for some clinching halfway through the round. I was going to give the round to Lobov, but Swanson unleashed an awesome Judo throw with 30 seconds left in the round, flinging Lobov to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Lobov popped right back up, and they both unloaded on each other in the final 10 seconds of the fight. That was a fantastic fight that will more than likely go to Cub Swanson, but I think Lobov proved that the oddsmakers were a bit off with their 5 to 1 odds in favor of Swanson, since this fight was a LOT closer than that, and I wouldn't be shocked if some judges give the win to Lobov even. All 3 judges gave the fight to Swanson, and didn't seem to think the fight was close at all.