100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Joanna Jedrzejczyk - 93.7
2. Frankie Edgar - 93.4
3. Chase Sherman - 93.3
4. James Vick - 93.1
5. Jason Knight - 92.4
6. Gadzhimurad Antigulov - 92.2
7. Stipe Miocic - 92.2
8. Cortney Casey-Sanchez - 92.0
9. Eddie Alvarez - 91.9
10. Demian Maia - 91.8
UFC 211: Miocic vs. Dos Santos 2
Location: Dallas, Texas
Elevation: 430'
-Fight of the Night-
Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Jessica Andrade
Fighters & Matches 90.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.6
TOTAL 91.6
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Antigulov came out swinging, blasted Christensen with some hard punches, and then took him to the ground against the fence. Christensen tried to take his back with an awkward guard position, but Antigulov did a good job squashing him against the fence, which allowed him to take Christensen's back a minute into the round, as Christensen sort of turtled up. He setup a rear-naked choke 90 seconds into the opening round, punched Christensen in the head a few times to loosen him up, and then he finished the fight by submission halfway through the round. That was a fantastic performance by Gadzhimurad Antigulov in his second UFC appearance. Two first round submission victories in two UFC fights.
      Benitez spent the first 90 seconds beating up Barzola on the feet, and then Barzola scored a strong takedown, but Benitez quickly stood back up a few seconds later. Benitez continued to chew up Barzola with his punches & kicks, and then Barzola dumped him to the ground again with 90 seconds left in the round, but Benitez stood back up immediately again. Benitez landed some more strikes, and then Barzola landed some big punches, and scored another big takedown at the end of the round. I scored that round for Benitez, based on the strikes landed, but you have to give Barzola some credit for landing some hard strikes, and scoring a few takedowns as well.
     The second round was more of the same, with Benitez working his boxing, but Barzola was firing back with more strikes this round, and he scored a takedown 2 minutes into the round, and was finally able to keep Benitez down for a few seconds this time. After a brief scramble and a guillotine attempt by Barzola, Benitez was able to stand back up and reset around the halfway mark. Barzola ducked under a punch and scored another takedown, but Benitez stood back up immediately again. They traded a few more strikes, and Barzola continued to score with additional takedowns. I scored that round for Barzola, because he kept the striking competitive, and he scored with a lot of takedowns. I have the fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Barzola scored an early takedown in the third round, and he took Benitez's back. He slapped on a rear-naked choke, that shit looked tight, he cranked on it, and Benitez somehow spun out of it and stood back up with 3 minutes left in the round. Benitez went back to working some basic boxing, and Barzola continued to dig for takedowns, but he was starting to run out of steam. He still brought Benitez to the ground again with a minute left in the round though. They stood back up a few seconds later, they traded a few more strikes, and then Benitez knocked down Barzola with a clean left hand that nearly knocked him out as the bell sounded. Barzola was barely able to stand back up. I thought Barzola clearly won that round, but since Benitez BASICALLY knocked him out, I thought Benitez stole that round with that final punch. All 3 judges disagreed, and gave the win to Barzola, which I won't argue with. If the fight would have gone on another 5 seconds though, he would have been knocked out.
      These girls traded some wild strikes to start the first round, Casey landed some hard shots, and then Aguilar dropped her with a hard leg kick, and then jumped on her, landing a lot of big punches, while fighting her way through a series of upkicks. Casey grabbed her ankle to trip her, and used that moment to stand back up, one minute into the round. Aguilar dropped her again and threw some hard leg kicks while Casey was laying on her back. Aguilar settled into Casey's guard with around 2 minutes left in the round. They stood back up with a minute left in the round. Casey threw some big punch combinations, and Aguilar was having some trouble getting inside Casey's reach advantage. Casey chewed her up with some hard punches at the end of the round, and then Aguilar knocked her down with a big punch as the buzzer sounded. That was a close round, but Casey probably won the round by scoring with those big punch combinations.
     The second round started with Casey throwing some big strikes, she blasted Aguilar with a huge knee, Aguilar just ate it, and then took her to the ground. Aguilar threw some hard leg kicks while standing above Casey, but Casey was doing a fantastic job throwing upkicks to the knees of Aguilar, so that exchange ended up being a bit of a stalemate. They stood back up a couple of minutes into the round, and Casey continued to throw a ton of punches with a lot of speed. Aguilar eventually caught another kick, took Casey down again, and went back to throwing leg kicks, while Casey was firing big upkicks at her from her back. Casey rolled for a kneebar with a minute left in the round, and that gave Aguilar space to settle into half mount. Casey is more than likely ahead 2-0 going into the final round, even though Aguilar has spent a decent amount of time on top, while Casey has been firing upkicks. You could make an argument for an even scorecard going into the final round, but Casey is more than likely ahead 2-0.
     They exchanged some big punches to start the final round, they clinched for a while, and then reset a minute into the round. Casey beat the shit out of Aguilar for a while, leaving her face a bloody mess, but Aguilar continued to come forward and fight, but she was clearly getting outclassed on the feet. Aguilar landed some decent strikes from the clinch, but not enough to make up for the way that Casey basically slaughtered her for 15 minutes. This fight should be a 30-27 decision for Cortney Casey. All 3 judges agreed, giving Casey the unanimous decision victory.
      These guys traded some hard punches & kicks, Vick worked some strikes from the clinch, they continued to trade back & forth, and then Vick dropped Reyes with a bit right hand, he unloaded with a series of hammerfists, and Reyes just kind of curled up, and the referee stopped the fight. That was another outstanding finish by James Vick, in his home state of Texas.
      These guys traded some big punches & kicks to start the first round, with Sherman moving around a lot more, as he was picking apart Coulter from a variety of angles. Coulter landed some big punches, but Sherman mostly just ate them and kept swinging with big punches & leg kicks. Sherman chewed up Coulter's lead leg to the point where Coulter nearly collapsed with a minute left in the round. Round one clearly goes to Sherman.
     The second round had Sherman beating the shit out of an exhausted Coulter, as Coulter was barely able to stay standing. As soon as the commentators started talking about how the fight should be stopped, Coulter fired back with some big punches and he rocked Sherman. Halfway through the second round and they both just unloaded on each other, as they both looked unconscious on their feet, but they kept swinging, and the crowd was exploding. Sherman finally landed one big massive clean right elbow, and Coulter collapsed against the fence like an old school UFC highlight reel KO. That fight was fucking nuts, both of these guys showed a ton of heart, and that was a big highlight reel finish for Chase Sherman.
      These guys both came out, circled around each other, and traded some hard punches. Knight had the speed, Skelly had the power, and Skelly took down Knight a minute into the first round, landing inside Knight's rubber guard. Knight tried to setup a Gogoplata, but Skelly stood up out of it, and tried to pass to side control. Knight nearly locked on a triangle choke, and then he used an Omoplata to sweep Skelly, but Skelly stood back up immediately, and continued to dig for another takedown. Knight went for another Gogoplata, he swept Skelly again, they continued to roll around wildly, and Knight went for a Kimura, and Skelly switched it to an armbar, and then Knight stood back up, and they reset with a minute left in the round. That was a wild round of grappling transitions. Knight scored a takedown at the end of the round, as the buzzer sounded. That round probably has to go to Knight based on his submission attempts.
     Skelly threw a kick in the second round, Knight caught it and tripped him, but let him stand back up. Skelly clipped him with a hard shot to the chin, and Knight fired back. Skelly kicked Knight in the body 2 minutes into the round and dropped him, but I think Knight partially just tripped himself. Skelly shot for a takedown halfway through the round, and Knight sprawled all over him, and threw some punches & elbows, while Skelly wasted a ton of energy trying to press him against the fence. They threw some strikes from the clinch, and then Skelly went for a standing guillotine, so Knight just dumped him to the ground, landed in side control, and started pounding on Skelly, but blood started randomly pouring from Knight's right cheek. Skelly stood back up with 10 seconds left in the round, and landed a head kick and some big punches in the final seconds of the round. Knight should be ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but he's bleeding all over the place, so if Skelly can work that cut, he might be able to make something happen.
     Knight dropped Skelly with a big uppercut early in the third round, he followed it up with some big punches, Skelly's head bounced off an invisible wall repeatedly as Knight continued to drill him with big punches, and a little while later the referee finally realized he was out, so he stopped the fight. That was another fantastic finish by Jason Knight, this time due to strikes. Jason Knight is an outstanding fighter.
(Accidental Knee to Head of Grounded Fighter)
      The first round was basically a boxing match, with both guys dancing around and trading punches, with a few kicks mixed in. For the most part, Poirier appeared to be throwing more strikes overall, so I scored that first round for Poirier, but neither fighter really dominated the round or anything. The second round started with Alvarez throwing some big punches, he pressed Poirier against the fence, and Poirier went for a standing guillotine choke, but Alvarez pulled his head free, and continued to pressure Poirier against the fence. They eventually split up, and started exchanging punches, and Poirier rocked the living shit out of Alvarez, blasting him with bombs while Alvarez just wobbled around the fence. Poirier hit him with a head kick, some big punch combinations, it looked like the fight was over, and then Alvarez rocked Poirier with 2 minutes left in the round, and he started to unload on Poirier. Poirier grabbed another standing guillotine choke, but Alvarez pulled his head free and took down Poirier. He then went for a guillotine choke of his own with 90 seconds left in the round. That didn't quite work, so Alvarez unloaded with some big illegal knees, as Poirier was on the ground, and the referee let him unload on him for a few seconds, and then he finally told him to stop, and then controversy happened, as Poirier was unable to continue. The fight was declared a no contest, but since I don't generally do no contests when passing out victory points, I'm going to give this fight to Alvarez, since as far as I'm concerned, knees on the ground SHOULD be legal, and Alvarez basically knocked out Poirier, so... I'm giving that fight to Alvarez, even though it's officially a no contest.
      These guys traded some solid strikes, and then Branch executed a perfectly timed takedown one minute into the round, landing inside Jotko's guard in the center of the cage. Branch beat him up a little bit, while Jotko slowly moved toward the fence, which he used to wall walk back to his feet. Branch blasted him with a hard elbow to the head from the clinch that sounded like he was splitting a coconut, and he continued to pressure Jotko against the fence. Jotko scored a random takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, but Branch stood back up immediately. Jotko threw a knee to Branch's groin, but Branch just ate it and kept pressuring him. Round one clearly goes to Branch.
     The second round had Jotko looking aggressive, but Branch kicked him in the dick, so that slowed things down significantly. When the fight started back up, they exchanged strikes at a fairly even pace, Branch scored a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but Jotko stood back up immediately, and they went back to trading random strikes, mostly consisting of jabs from both fighters. Branch scored another takedown with 30 seconds left in the round, but Jotko stood back up immediately again. That was a close round, that you could argue goes to Jotko. I personally have Branch winning this fight still, going into the final round, but it could be all tied up on the scorecards at this point.
     The final round had both guys trading some random strikes, and then they spent a lot of time just hugging against the fence, and the crowd was clearly bored at this point. Branch was controlling Jotko against the fence, but he wasn't really doing much of anything significant. Branch blasted Jotko with a hard punch halfway through the round, and then took him down with 2 minutes left in the fight, landing back inside his guard again. Jotko tried to stand back up, and Branch tried to setup a choke, but Jotko was able to escape, and they went back to clinching against the fence, with Branch pressing Jotko against the fence. The referee reset them with a minute left in the fight, and Jotko blasted Branch with a knee, but for the most part, neither fighter really did much of anything in the final round. I'm scoring this fight 29-28 for Branch, based on his combinations of takedowns & strikes, whereas Jotko was only striking with him, and complaining to the referee about the clinching, even though he wasn't able to escape, so... Branch SHOULD win this fight in my opinion. Two judges agreed with me, giving the split-decision victory to David Branch, in his UFC return after becoming the two dividision champion of WSOF.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Edgar threw some solid punches, Rodriguez chewed him up with some fast hands and some slick kicks, and then Edgar shot for a takedown a minute into the round, and he dumped Rodriguez to the ground 90 seconds into the round, landing inside his guard. Edgar started landing some big punches & elbows, while Rodriguez was scrambling around like crazy from his back. Rodriguez was looking to setup an armbar or a triangle, while Edgar continued to pound on him with big punches & elbows. The longer the round lasted, the more Edgar chewed him up with brutal ground & pound. Rodriguez was able to survive until the end of the round, but that was probably a 10-8 round for Edgar.
     Rodriguez started the second round with a spinning wheel kick, Edgar took him down again, and Rodriguez started working for a kneebar, but Edgar was able to fight his way out of it, and he started pounding on him again 2 minutes into the round, and even passed to full mount in the center of the cage. Rodriguez turtled up, Edgar sort of grabbed his back, and Rodriguez spun around for a Kimura attempt, but Edgar escaped, and continued to pound on Rodriguez with big elbows. Rodriguez regained full guard, and threw some elbows up, but nothing compared to the monster elbows Edgar was dropping on him. Rodriguez continued to look for submissions from his back, but Edgar is probably ahead 20-16 going into the final round. In between rounds, Rodriguez's left eye was 100% swollen shut, and he said he wanted to continue, but the doctor stopped the fight. That was a huge win for Frankie Edgar, as he took out a guy that seemed absolutely unstoppable coming into this fight. Every time I think Edgar's career is winding down, he pulls out some shit like this.
      Maia was stalking Masvidal to start this fight, he shot for a takedown 30 seconds in, and he wrapped him up, working for the big trip, but Masvidal showed some really solid takedown defense. Maia took his back 90 seconds into the round, and started riding him like a backpack with the body triangle locked on. Masvidal tried to tie up Maia's hands, but Maia had one arm free, which he used to punch Masvidal in the side of the head repeatedly, while Masvidal was leaning back against the fence. Masvidal finally shook him off with 20 seconds left in the round, and Masvidal unloaded with some big punches, trying to steal the round in the final seconds. I thought that round was going to Maia for sure, but... I have no idea how to score that round to be honest.
     Maia shot for an early takedown in the second round, but Masvidal easily stuffed the shot, and hammered him with a hard leg kick. Masvidal landed a few hard shots, and then Maia shot for another takedown, tried to pull half guard, and Masvidal continued to stuff the shots, while beating up Maia with strikes. Maia finally took him down again halfway through the round, pinning Masvidal against the fence. Masvidal tried to lock on an Anaconda choke, but Maia just kind of plowed through it, and pinned Masvidal against the fence some more, while he tried to pass Masvidal's half guard. Masvidal tried to stand back up, and Maia took his back again on the way up. Maia really started to dig into back control with a minute left in the round. Maia spent that final minute pounding on Masvidal with short punches on the ground. They both looked tired after the second round. I have Maia ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but the scorecards could be all over the place at this point.
     Masvidal started the third round with some head kicks, and leg kicks, as Maia circled around him like a shark, looking for his opening for another takedown. By the halfway mark of the final round, Masvidal had landed a few solid kicks, and Maia didn't do anything at all, but right at the halfway point, Maia threw Masvidal to the ground, and took his back again, trying to pin him against the fence. He sort of went for a rear-naked choke, but he was too close to the fence to have room to work. He secured the body triangle again with 90 seconds left in the round, and continued to try to open up Masvidal for the choke opportunity, while Masvidal threw elbows behind his head, but he only made contact with the fence, as Maia's head was tucked into a safe spot. The round ended with Maia still chipping away at Masvidal from a strong back control. I'm giving this fight to Maia for sure, IN MY OPINION, it was 30-27 for Maia. I won't be shocked if one of the judges score it in favor of Masvidal, but I WILL be shocked if Maia loses this fight. Two judges agreed with me, giving the close split-decision victory to Demian Maia.
      Jedrzejczyk started this fight with a minute of solid technical striking, and then Andrade exploded, clipped Jedrzejczyk, and then backed off enough for Jedrzejczyk to work some technical striking again. Andrade plowed into her again, picked her up in the air, and dumped Jedrzejczyk to the ground in the center of the cage 2 minutes into the round, but Jedrzejczyk quickly worked her way back to her feet and blasted Andrade with a big elbow, followed by a hard knee from the clinch. Jedrzejczyk clipped her with another big elbows and then they reset. Jedrzejczyk went back to working her technical striking, while backing up & picking apart Andrade with jabs & leg kicks, as well as a nice kick to the face. Andrade threw a few more nice strikes, but it really looks like Andrade is conserving her energy for the later rounds. Andrade picked up Jedrzejczyk and threw her to the ground again, but Jedrzejczyk sort of landed on her feet, so they went right back to striking again. I'm scoring the first round for Jedrzejczyk based on the way she picked apart Andrade with her strikes, and stood up immediately from the takedown attempts.
     Jedrzejczyk started the second round with a series of clean leg kicks. Andrade was constantly moving forward, but she wasn't throwing very many strikes, and when she did throw strikes, she was too far outside of Jedrzejczyk's range. Meanwhile, Jedrzejczyk was picking her apart with counter strikes, leg kicks, and jabs. Jedrzejczyk really started to unload on the face of Andrade with some serious heat with 90 seconds left in the second round, and that was enough to cause Andrade to shoot for another takedown, but it was a waste of energy, as Jedrzejczyk was able to land on her feet again. Jedrzejczyk blasted Andrade with some hard shots in the final 20 seconds, and rocked the shit out of her with a head kick, but Andrade ran right through it and tried to take Jedrzejczyk down in the final seconds. I have Jedrzejczyk ahead 2-0 going into the third round, but Andrade is still moving forward, she's just not throwing much offense, beyond "pick you up in the air" takedown attempts, which are mostly just draining her energy.
     Jedrzejczyk started the third round working some excellent combinations, bouncing between punches to the head, heavy leg kicks, and nice clean head kicks. Andrade has a hell of a chin, but she's getting handled by Jedrzejczyk on the feet, and the fight is halfway through the third round already. The rest of the round was more of the same, with Jedrzejczyk beating the shit out of Andrade with a LOT of hard punches & kicks, while displaying excellent movement. Andrade is STILL rushing forward, trying to get into the fight, but she's always a few steps behind Jedrzejczyk. Jedrzejczyk is clearly ahead 30-27 going into the fourth round.
     Jedrzejczyk continued to absolutely dominate Andrade on the feet for the first half of the fourth round, and then Andrade clinched, and pressed her against the fence, but that went nowhere. They just traded control of the clinch a few times, while Andrade was digging for another takedown attempt. She sort of scored a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, but Jedrzejczyk landed on her feet again. Jedrzejczyk continued to beat up Andrade with her chainsaw style combinations for the rest of the round. Jedrzejczyk blasted Andrade with a few head kicks that would have killed most fully grown men, and Andrade just kept eating them, while rushing forward, trying to find her range. Jedrzejczyk is well on her way to a clean sweep here, going into the final round.
     The final round was more of the same, with Jedrzejczyk picking apart Andrade on the feet, while Andrade rushed forward. She was still landing some big shots here & there, but Jedrzejczyk appeared to be landing 10x's the number of strikes Andrade was landing, and Andrade pretty much gave up the wrestling offense after the second round. The fight turned into a bit of a brawl late in the final round, but overall, Jedrzejczyk clearly won all 5 rounds, and you could make an argument that a few of those rounds could be 10-8 rounds. Joanna Jedrzejczyk is one of the most legit fighters in the world, and she's hands down the best female fighter on the planet.
      Dos Santos started this fight by throwing some hard leg kicks, as he nearly kicked Miocic's lead calf across the arena like a soccer ball, causing MIocic some serious trouble, as he was barely even able to walk properly after the first minute or so. Dos Santos looked like he was well on his way to ending Miocic's night early, and then Dos Santos decided to just lean back against the fence for no apparent reason, Miocic dropped him with a big right hand, Dos Santos turtled up, Miocic unloaded on him with some big punches on the ground, and Dos Santos showed a complete lack of heart, as he basically just turtled up, waiting for the referee to stop the fight. Congrats to Miocic for another solid title defense.