100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Peter Sobotta - 92.3
2. Volkan Oezdemir - 92.3
3. Jack Hermansson - 92.0
4. Pedro Munhoz - 91.7
5. Omari Akhmedov - 91.7
6. Damir Hadzovic - 91.4
7. Bojan Velickovic - 91.3
8. Trevor Smith - 91.3
9. Joaquim Silva - 91.3
10. Alexander Gustafsson - 91.2
UFC Fight Night 109: Gustafsson vs. Teixeira
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Elevation: 171'
-Fight of the Night-
Volkan Oezdemir vs. Misha Cirkunov
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.3
     These guys both started the first round by trading some big punches, and Hadzovic kicked Held in the face with a clean kick one minute into the round. Held was able to work some hard uppercuts from inside the clinch, while Hadzovic was mostly trying to connect with strikes from the outside. Held shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, and landed in half mount. Held quickly passed to side control, and then went back to half mount. He dropped a few short strikes, but Hadzovic was doing a decent job avoiding damage by tying up Held's arms. Hadzovic pulled guard with 2 minutes left in the round. Held dropped some heavy elbows, and Hadzovic looked sort of lost, fighting from his back. Held dropped back for an ankle lock with a minute left in the round, but that didn't work, so he immediately popped back up and took Hadzovic's back after a brief scramble. Hadzovic was able to defend himself until the end of the round. Round one clearly goes to Marcin Held.
     Held started the second round with a spinning wheel kick, and then immediately took down Hadzovic again, pinning him against the fence. Hadzovic stood back up against the fence while throwing elbows at the body of Held. Held quickly took his back, and clamped on, riding Hadzovic like a backpack just 90 seconds into the second round. He locked on a rear-naked choke, but Hadzovic spun out of it, and pressed Held against the fence for some basic clinchwork. Hadzovic landed a big elbow from the clinch, and then threw a head kick, but it was slow, so Held easily caught it and took him to the ground in the center of the cage, landing back in half mount. They scrambled around for a few seconds, and Held locked on a tight choke of some sort, but Hadzovic was able to somehow roll out of it, but Held still maintained top control from north-south position. Hadzovic pulled guard, and Held spent the rest of the round trying to work some more ground & pound, and he even passed to full mount with 20 seconds left in the round, and then he took Hadzovic's back, but didn't have enough time to do anything with it before the horn sounded. Held is clearly ahead 20-18 going into the final round, if not 20-17.
     The second round started with Held throwing some big punches, Hadzovic crushed his skull with a BRUTAL knee to the face as Held was shooting for a takedown, it sounded like a baseball bat hitting a homerun, and Held was out cold. That was an INSANE KO victory for Hadzovic, after more or less getting dominated on the ground for nearly two full rounds. That is easily the biggest win of Damir Hadzovic's career, and that marks 3 losses in a row for Held, and it's the first time he's ever been knocked out, and only the second time he's been finished in his career (29 fights). That was a really solid fight, and a badass finish for Damir Hadzovic.
      Darren Till has been out of action for almost 20 months going into this fight with a shoulder injury, and he missed weight by 6 pounds, but he's looking pretty ripped, so I'm expecting big things out of him at this point. They traded a few punches, and Till blasted Ayari with a brutal left hand 90 seconds into the opening round, and it appeared to rock the shit out of him. Till followed that up with a series of big punches, a hard head kick, Ayari fired back with some big punches, and Till continued to stalk Ayari around the outside of the cage, blasting him with another heavy head kick, and then he dumped him to the ground around the halfway mark. He couldn't hold him down, but Till is showing a clear dominance so far in this fight. They clinched, and Till tripped Ayari, grabbed his back as he stood back up, he threw him to the ground again, and then they reset back on their feet. Till continued to stalk Ayari until the end of the round. Round one clearly goes to Darren Till.
     Ayari started the second round with some clean strikes, and then Till nearly dropped him with another big left hand, he followed it up with some more punches, rushed Ayari to the ground, Ayari tried to catch him in a triangle, but Till slammed him to escape, and then Ayari slapped on a tight armbar from his guard, and Till yanked his arm free, settling back into Ayari's guard. Till stood up 90 seconds into the round, and tried to throw a diving elbow, but missed by a few inches, as Ayari kind of defended with an upkick to the body of Till. Ayari finally kicked his way back to his feet with half the round left to work. They both launched some bombs at each other, and then Ayari shot for a sloppy takedown, Till stuffed the shot, and Ayari took his back from the clinch, and then threw Till to the ground, but Till stood back up immediately and reset. Till threw another big head kick, and then dropped Ayari with another big left hand, and Ayari immediately started flailing around, trying to setup a leg lock, and Till hammered him with a series of big elbows & hammerfists. I thought that round might go to Ayari based on his submission attempts, but it's hard to ignore the fact that Till dropped him, and basically ended the round on top. I have Till ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     They both traded some punches to start the third round, and Till rocked Ayari with a clean left hand, and a spinning backfist. Till landed another big head kick 2 minutes into the final round. Ayari tried to rush in to clinch, and Till threw him against the fence and backed out again. Ayari kept rushing forward, looking to land something big, but Till was staying just outside of range, while looking to land some counters. Ayari barely missed with a head kick with 90 seconds left in the round. Till poked Ayari in the eye, so the fight was paused for a few seconds. Once they continued, Till landed another big head kick, and started showing off with some fancy footwork. That round was a little more competitive, but in the end, this fight should be a pretty clear 30-27 for Darren Till. All 3 judges agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Darren Till.
      These guys both traded some big punches, and then Musoke clinched and took down Velickovic one minute into the opening round, pinning him up against the fence. Musoke did a good job wrapping up Velickovic against the fence, while he worked some big punches, but Velickovic worked his way back to his feet around the halfway mark of the first round. They spent the rest of the round trading strikes at a fairly even pace. I'm assuming the first round will go to Musoke?
     The second round was a competitive round of kickboxing, with Velickovic stepping it up a notch this round compared to the first. He even took down Musoke with 90 seconds left in the round. He couldn't hold down Musoke, but he still scored some points there. Musoke caught a kick and sort of tripped Velickovic with 45 seconds left in the round, but Velickovic stood back up immediately. Musoke finished the round pressing Velickovic against the fence for some basic clinch striking. The second round was competitive, but Musoke is more than likely ahead 20-18 going into the final round. It could be all tied up though.
     The final round started with 90 seconds of solid kickboxing, and then a wild scramble, which resulted in Velickovic trying to grab a guillotine choke of some sort, but Musoke stood back up, and then pressed Velickovic against the fence. They split up, traded a few more strikes, and then Velickovic tripped Musoke, but he stood back up immediately. They continued to box with each other for the rest of the round, until a wild exchange with 30 seconds left, where Velickovic rocked the shit out of Musoke, he did the chicken dance, and Velickovic followed it up with some punches on the ground, forcing the referee to stop the fight. That was a solid fight for both fighters, and a huge comeback victory for Bojan Velickovic after he was probably down two rounds to none. This was also a much needed win for Velickovic, considering he was on a 2 fight losing streak going into this fight. Musoke on the other hand hasn't fought in 28 months, so this was a disappointing way to return for him.
      These guys both looked VERY intense at the start of the fight, but they were both kind of slow to get started. Silva threw a few decent punches, and then Madadi took him down twice, the second time pinning him in the center of the cage 2 minutes into the opening round. Madadi was mostly just grinding from inside Silva's guard, while Silva was hitting him with elbows. Silva clinched tight, while Madadi hammered his body with some hard short punches to the ribs. Silva attempted a triangle choke, but Madadi passed it pretty easily and maintained his top control. I guess round one goes to Madadi, based on the fact that he spent most of the round on top, but it really was a fairly even round overall.
     Silva started the second round with a head kick that dropped Madadi, but he immediately stood back up. Madadi clipped Silva with a pair of heavy punches, and the second round is already looking like it's going to be more active than the first. Madadi scored another takedown one minute into the round, but Silva immediately snaked his way out and back to his feet. They both landed some heavy punches, and then Silva rocked Madadi with a clean head kick again, but Madadi just ate it and told him to keep coming. Silva landed a big kick to the body, some hard punches, and then Madadi fired back with a brutal spinning back elbow. Silva pressed Madadi against the fence, they reset, and continued to chip away at each other with hard strikes. Silva was doing a good job mixing up the body & head shots, as it was clearly causing Madadi to slow down a bit. Silva unloaded on Madadi with 90 seconds left in the round, and Madadi circled out to reset back in the center. They both stuffed a few takedowns, they both landed some bombs, and the round eventually ended with Silva stalking Madadi. Madadi was taunting Silva, and Silva kicked him in the head twice. I scored that round for Silva, and have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Silva came out in the final round like a chainsaw, unloading on Madadi with a variety of punches & kicks, forcing him to back up against the fence, where Silva was able to basically destroy him with combinations. Madadi scored a bit takedown 30 seconds into the round, and Silva caught him in a guillotine choke on the way down. He used that to stand back up, but then tried to pull guard with the guillotine, slipped off, and Madadi pinned him against the fence one minute into the round. They stood back up, and Madadi dumped Silva to the ground again, settling into his guard this time. He tried to scramble to pass the guard, and Silva stood back up, and they reset back in the center of the cage. Silva unloaded with some wild strikes, Madadi fired off a spinning back elbow, but got punched in the face while he was spinning around, and he was dropped, allowing Silva to take his back, but after another brief scramble, Madadi ended up back on top, so Silva climbed back to his feet against the fence. They continued to wrestle with each other, Silva scored another takedown with 90 seconds left in the fight, Madadi looked exhausted, and Silva continued to pound on him with wild punches, while Madadi just laid flat on his back. Madadi stood back up with 30 seconds left in the fight, attempted one last takedown, but Silva reversed him on the way down, and finished the fight on top in half mount. I think this should be a clear 29-28 decision for Joaquim Silva. The judges were split, giving the split-decision victory to Joaquim Silva, which I think is definitely the right decision, but the crowd was pissed due to Madadi being the hometown fighter.
      Smith started this fight with a clean leg kick, and then he took down Camozzi 30 seconds into the opening round. Camozzi slapped on an omoplata, and used it to tweak Smith's arm, but Smith eventually escaped by pressing a knee into Camozzi's face, pulling his arm free, and then he tried to take Camozzi's back against the fence, but Camozzi stood back up 2 minutes into the round. They clinched hard, Smith blasted Camozzi with some heavy knees to the body, and then he took him down again with a minute left in the round. Smith finished the round by dropping some elbows from half guard. Round one clearly goes to Smith.
     The second round started with Smith scoring another takedown, and pinning Camozzi against the fence. Smith threw some big looping punches to the body of Camozzi, and Camozzi just kind of sat there and waited for something magical to happen. Smith looked a bit like Patrick Cummins out there, as he just pinned Camozzi hard against the fence, and continued to grind away at him with punches & elbows at a steady pace. Smith opened up a cut on Camozzi's left eye, and Camozzi finally stared to scramble around a bit, but he still wasn't making any progress from his back. Smith is clearly ahead 20-18 going into the final round. Camozzi looks like he's lost interest in fighting at this point. I'm starting to get a heavy "It's time to go to Bellator" vibe from Chris Camozzi.
     Camozzi's corner gave him a hardcore war speach, telling him it's time to be unconquerable, and he came out swinging with a series of crisp punches, but it didn't take long for Smith to clinch, and press him against the fence again. Smith was clearly looking to yank Camozzi to the ground again, and when he tried a minute into the round, Camozzi stopped him, and stayed on his feet, which is a good sign for Camozzi. The referee reset them 90 seconds into the round due to a lack of activity. Smith immediately clinched again, and pressed Camozzi right back against the fence again. Smith took him down 2 minutes into the round, passed to half mount, and continued the grind. Smith spent some time trying to secure full mount, but Camozzi did a good job holding onto half guard. Smith finally mounted him with 45 seconds left in the fight. Smith dropped some short sharp elbows, continued to chop up Camozzi's face, and the round eventually ended. This fight should probably be a 30-26 decision for Smith, and like I said in the second round, I think it's time Camozzi heads to Bellator, with his 3-Fight losing streak.
      These guys both started the first round by trading some heavy kicks. Munhoz was really chipping away at the lead leg of Stasiak. Stasiak was mixing in some punches, while Munhoz was starting to mix up the levels of his kicks, throwing a few at the body & head of Stasiak. Stasiak shot for a takedown halfway through the round, but Munhoz caught him in a guillotine choke, so they both decided to just stand back up and reset. Munhoz blasted Stasiak with a clean punch to the jaw, as he backed him up toward the fence. Stasiak whiffed with a spinning back fist, and Munhoz ducked under it and then hammered Stasiak with a couple of hard kicks to the body. They continued to trade strikes aggressively until the end of the round, and Stasiak scored a last second takedown. I'm giving that round to Munhoz, but it really was a close round that could probably go either way.
     The second round was another solid round of back & forth kickboxing, until Munhoz latched on a guillotine choke halfway through the round, he yanked Stasiak to the ground, and then quickly spun around to take his back, but Stasiak stood back up, so Munhoz had the body lock from behind Stasiak. They reset with 2 minutes left in the round. They continued to trade strikes at a fairly even pace, with a SLIGHT advantage going toward the offense of Munhoz. Munhoz shot for a takedown, Stasiak stuffed the shot, Munhoz kicked him in the head, Stasiak caught the kick, almost secured a takedown of his own, but Munhoz stuffed that shot, and they reset again, finishing the round trading punches. I have Munhoz ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     They started the final round by trading a few strikes, Munhoz shot for a deep takedown, but Stasiak did a great job stuffing the shot. Munhoz shot for another takedown 30 seconds in, and Stasiak stuffed that shot as well. Munhoz blasted Stasiak with a knee, slapped on a standing guillotine choke, but they reset again a few seconds later. Munhoz finally took down Stasiak 90 seconds into the final round, settling into his closed guard. The referee stood them back up 30 seconds later after a stalemate on the ground. Stasiak threw some big punches, and Munhoz fired back with a pair of heavy knees from the clinch. Munhoz landed a right hand that seemed to rock Stasiak a bit, but they both kept coming forward. Munhoz continued to chop away at Stasiak's legs with heavy kicks, and they both continued to fire big punches at each other. Munhoz yanked Stasiak to the ground again with 90 seconds left in the fight, and he took his back this time. He pulled him back into a laying position, and Munhoz continued to control Stasiak's back, but Stasiak stood back up with a minute left in the round. Munhoz picked him up, and slammed the shit out of Stasiak, and he stood back up immediately again, but Munhoz was still clinging to his back. He slammed him again, and continued to hold that tight body lock. He dumped Stasiak to the ground again with 30 seconds left in the round. Stasiak finally stood up and reset with 20 seconds left in the fight. They both traded some wild strikes in the final seconds. I have Munhoz winning this fight 30-27 on my scorecard. I would be shocked if anyone scores the fight for Stasiak. All 3 judges agreed, with only one judge giving a single round to Stasiak. That was a solid win for Pedro Munhoz.
      Hermansson was dancing around the outside, he threw a few shots, and then took down NIcholson, and ran headfirst into a guillotine choke, but he passed to side control which allowed him to pull his head free. Hermansson threw a lot of short punches, as Nicholson was struggling to get back to his feet. Instead, Hermansson mounted him, took his back, unloaded with some big punches from back control, he flattened out Nicholson, the referee was hovering above them taking a close look, and he stopped the fight due to Nicholson taking too much unanswered blows. Nicholson was mad that they stopped the fight, but it was a decent stoppage, considering he wasn't making any progress to avoid the punishment. That was another solid finish by Jack Hermansson.
      I have no idea who Enkamp is, so I have no idea what to expect here. Both fighters started the fight by trading some random punches & kicks, with neither fighter showing a clear advantage early. Enkamp sort of reminds me of Stephen Thompson, with his karate stance. He shot for a takedown halfway through the opening round, but Taleb stuffed the shot up against the fence. Enkamp opened up with some wild knees from the clinch with a minute left in the round, but Taleb threw him to the ground, and then jumped into his guard, where Enkamp immediately started to look to setup an armbar. That round really could go either way, with Taleb on top, but I think I'm going to score that round for Enkamp, based on his submission attempts, and his wild knees from the clinch.
     Enkamp still looked good for the first 30 seconds of the second round, and then Taleb blasted him with a left hand to the jaw that knocked Enkamp's head back. He didn't really follow it up with anything significant though. Taleb was clearly pressuring Enkamp in the second round, pressuring him to back up with punches, while stuffing all of Enkamp's sloppy takedown attempts from way too far outside. There was a wild scramble with 2 minutes left in the round, that ended with Taleb on top in side control in the center of the cage. Enkamp tried to roll out of danger, and Taleb took his back in the process, as Enkamp turtled up. Taleb landed a hard punch, and then blasted Enkamp with a clean elbow to the face before settling into Enkamp's guard with 30 seconds left in the round. I scored that round for Taleb, and have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round was a fairly even competitive striking match, until Taleb scored a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but he ran headfirst into a guillotine attempt by Enkamp. Taleb passed through that, and worked his way into side control, where he was able to pound on Enkamp with some short elbows. Enkamp pulled guard, and started working his rubber guard. He tried to setup a gogoplata, but Taleb shrugged it aside, and continued to pound on Enkamp with short shots. Enkamp was still trying to find a triangle or SOMETHING from his guard, but I still think Taleb did enough from the top to win the round. I have this fight scored 29-28 in favor of Nordine Taleb, but wouldn't be shocked by a split-decision or something, especially since Enkamp is the hometown fighter. All 3 judges agreed, giving Taleb the unanimous decision victory. That was a solid debut by the unbeaten Enkamp though.
      Alhassan landed a big leg kick, and then Akhmedov quickly took Alhassan to the ground, and pinned him against the fence. Alhassan stuffed the first shot, but Akhmedov continued to follow through until he completed it. Alhassan quickly stood back up though and they reset one minute into the round. Alhassan threw some massive strikes, but failed to connect, and then Akhmedov took him down again, this time pinning him in the center of the cage. Alhassan quickly kicked him off, and stood back up. They both continued to trade some bombs, and Alhassan blasted Akhmedov with another hard leg kick. They both unloaded on each other with 30 seconds left in the round, with Alhassan pressuring Akhmedov to back up toward the fence. Akhmedov probably won that round with his takedowns, but the striking was fairly even for the most part. It's also worth noting that Alhassan has never gone past the first 90 seconds of the opening round, so we'll see how he looks in the next couple of rounds.
     They both continued to throw bombs at each other in the second round, clearly looking to make each other's heads explode. Alhassan rocked Akhmedov a bit, and Akhmedov immediately took him to the ground, to give himself a chance to recover. Akhmedov landed some decent elbows on the ground, but Alhassan quickly stood back up again. Akhmedov landed a clean overhand right, and Alhassan just ate it, and continued to come forward. Akhmedov shot for another takedown, and pinned Alhassan against the fence 2 minutes into the round. Alhassan stood back up again a few seconds later. He seems easy to takedown, but nearly impossible to keep pinned. Alhassan landed a pair of hard punches, and Akhmedov has a cut under his left eye. Alhassan continued to chop away at Akhmedov's head with those heavy punches, and then Akhmedov scored another strong power double with 90 seconds left in the round, pinning Alhassan again in the center of the cage. Akhmedov landed some decent punches from half mount, and then he secured the mounted crucifix. Akhmedov did zero damage from that position, but he at least showed a bit of grappling dominance, securing another round for Akhmedov. I have Akhmedov ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Alhassan was pressuring Akhmedov in the final round, but he wasn't throwing much offense. Instead, Akhmedov was just backing up, while throwing single shots. Akhmedov scored a takedown 90 seconds into the round, but he followed through too much, and Alhassan swept him quickly, and stood back up. Alhassan really started to unload halfway through the round, and Akhmedov finally scored another takedown with half a round left to work. He quickly passed to full mount, and Alhassan looked like he was basically giving up at this point. Akhmedov tried to work some short shots, but he wasn't really doing much damage for a guy in full mount sitting on top of someone that is clearly exhausted. Alhassan finally powered his way back to his feet with a minute left in the round, but at this point, I think he's pretty much out of time. Akhmedov pressed him against the fence again, and tried to take him down again, but Alhassan was able to stuff the shot and landed some hard elbows. Akhmedov still clearly won that round though, and should win this fight 30-27, handing Alhassan the first loss of his career. One crackheaded judge gave the fight to Alhassan, but the other two gave the split-decision victory to Omari Akhmedov.
(Knee & Punches)
      Sobotta dropped Saunders early in the first round, but he popped back up, and they reset. Saunders threw a nice combination capped off with a head kick 90 seconds into the round. These guys continued to chip away at each other with sloppy punches & kicks for most of the opening round. A small cut opened up under the left eye of Saunders, but it didn't seem to bother him too much. The fight was fairly even for the first 4 minutes, and then Sobotta dropped Saunders HARD with some brutal punches, but Saunders appeared to wake back up when his head hit the canvas. Saunders then immediately started working from his rubber guard, where he was able to land some elbows, while tying up Sobotta. I'm honestly shocked that Saunders survived that round, but he actually ended the round in a better position, as he had Sobotta locked up where he could hammer him with elbows from his rubber guard. Round one has to go to Sobotta for that brutal knockdown, but we still have a competitive fight going on here.
     They second round started with both guys trading single punches & kicks, while trying to find their range. Sobotta rocked Saunders again 90 seconds into the second round, and had Saunders running around on rubber chicken legs, but he SOMEHOW recovered again, and went back to firing back with single shots. Sobotta continued to work his jab, until eventually he knocked Saunders down again with a BRUTAL knee, he pounced on him, and the referee jumped in to stop the fight. You could make an argument that the fight was stopped a few seconds too early, since Saunders jumped back up immediately, but he was ALMOST knocked unconscious multiple times in this fight, so it was probably a good stoppage. Congrats to Sobotta for a solid win against a solid opponent. I'm really starting to lose faith in the chin of Saunders though. He gets rocked way too easily, and his base isn't strong enough to keep him standing when he gets hit.
      Cirkunov came out swinging, he blasted Oezdemir with some heavy strikes, he closed in for the kill, and then he randomly got dropped by some imaginary punch or something, that knocked Cirkunov the fuck out. What did he get hit with? I guess it was a right hand behind Cirkunov's left ear, followed by a short uppercut, and then once he flattened out, Oezdemir finished him of with some extra punches on the ground. That was kind of insane, as Oezdemir continues to climb the rankings, APPARENTLY propelling him into the Top 5 or some shit? That's insane.
      Gustafsson was dancing around the outside a bit, and then Glover clipped him with some inside punches, and then picked him up in the air and dumped him to the ground in Daniel Cormier fashion, but Gustafsson immediately stood back up. Gustafsson landed some fast punches, including a nice uppercut that he clipped Glover with. Gustafsson poked Glover in the eye halfway through the round, and the fight was stopped so the referee could look at his eye, but they rushed him through the process, so the fight continued before Glover had time to recover. Gustafsson landed a clean uppercut, Glover fired back, and Gustafsson turned and ran away. Gustafsson clearly has the "run away as much as possible" gameplan tonight. Gustafsson landed another uppercut, and then literally turned and ran away, as Glover was swinging big punches in his direction. Gustafsson clearly won that round with the few strikes he landed, but he poked Glover in the eye, AND he spent most of the round LITERALLY running away, so I'm tempted to give that round to Glover, but technically, I'm going to assume the first round goes to Gustafsson.
      Gustafsson used that same "throw long uppercuts and then run for dear life" gameplan in the second round, and Glover chased him down, hit him with some power punches, Gustafsson rocked Glover, knocked him down, Glover stood back up, his face a bloody mess, Gustafsson clinched, pressed him against the fence for a few seconds, and then reset back in the center. Gustafsson looks like a 205 pound Mayweather out there, and it's pissing me off. His boxing looks crisp, but he's running away WAY too much. In any other country, the crowd would be booing Gustafsson at this point. Gustafsson is probably ahead 20-18 going into the third round.
      The third round started the same way, Glover clipped Gustafsson with some big punches, Gustafsson dropped Glover, and then jumped into Glover's guard. Gustafsson started working his elbows, while Glover just tried to box with him while laying on his back. Glover scrambled out the back door, stood up, clinched with Gustafsson, pressed him against the fence 90 seconds into the round, but Gustafsson spun him around, and tripped him, landing back on top in half mount. Glover gave up his back, stood up, they clinched against the fence, and then reset halfway through the round. Gustafsson continued to chip away at Glover from range, while Glover was still clearly having trouble getting inside the reach of Gustafsson. Glover landed a few more hard punches, but in the end, Gustafsson is still ahead 30-27 going into the fourth round.
      The fourth round was more of the same, with Glover still looking to land those power shots, while Gustafsson was still picking him apart with uppercuts and long elbows. Gustafsson clinched 2 minutes into the round, and pressed Glover against the fence. Gustafsson landed some hard shots as they broke out of the clinch. Gustafsson continued to pick apart Glover with his boxing, while using his range to avoid taking any significant damage. Gustafsson is clearly so far ahead on the scorecards going into the final round, that victory is out of reach for Glover, unless he can somehow find a way to close the distance and finish Gustafsson.
      The final round looked like it was going to be more of the same, until Gustafsson unloaded on Glover with some massive punches, rocking his head back repeatedly, before eventually knocking him down for the KO finish. That was a fantastic performance by Alexander Gustafsson, even though I think his "turn and run away" defense is going to bit him in the ass as soon as he fights a more aggressive fighter. Glover was just a few steps behind Gustafsson for the duration of this fight, all the way up until the end. If he would have cut off the cage, and shot for a takedown while Gustafsson's back was to him, I think Glover could have made this more of a fight. I'm sort of starting to doubt whether Glover has much left in him. His chin is still insanely legit, and his recovery time is solid, but he seems like he's slowing down a bit too much to be able to compete with the top guys in the division. Gustafsson on the other hand, seems fast, and young, but his technique leaves a lot to be desired still.