100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Kevin Lee - 93.2
2. Jeremy Kimball - 92.8
3. Felice Herrig - 92.1
4. Dominick Reyes - 92.0
5. Tim Boetsch - 91.9
6. Jared Gordon - 91.8
7. Clay Guida - 91.7
8. Carla Esparza - 90.7
9. Darrell Horcher - 90.3
10. Anthony Rocco Martin - 90.2
UFC Fight Night 112: Chiesa vs. Lee
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Elevation: 1,201'
-Fight of the Night-
Kevin Lee vs. Michael Chiesa
Fighters & Matches 88.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.1
     These guys both came out throwing some hard punches, with Stansbury clipping Kimball in the opening seconds. Stansbury dropped down for a takedown 30 seconds into the opening round, pressing Kimball against the fence, but Kimball stuffed the shot and punched Stansbury a few times as he broke out of the clinch. Kimball unloaded with some big punches a few seconds later, he dropped Stansbury, continued to swing wildly at his head, and the referee stopped the fight. That was a fantastic first round finish by Jeremy Kimball.
      These guys spent the first half of the round trading strikes at a fairly even pace, with neither fighter showing a clear advantage on the feet. Case picked up the pace a bit, and started to land halfway through the round, but by the end of the round, I didn't think either fighter had a significant lead on the scorecards, but if I had to pick, I'd probably score that round for Case.
     Tony Martin clipped Case early in the second round, and went for a standing guillotine, but that went nowhere, so they reset 30 seconds into the round. Martin opened up a cut under Case's left eye. They continued to trade strikes at a fairly even pace for the rest of the round, but Martin pretty clearly won that round by rocking Case early, and doing more damage overall, and he capped off the round with a brutal head kick. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round was another fairly even round of striking, but Martin seemed to be landing the heavier shots as he countered most of what Case threw at him. Case threw some big punches halfway through the round, and Martin blasted him with a huge knee. By the end of the fight, Case's face looked destroyed, and Martin still seemed full of energy. Martin scored a takedown with 20 seconds left in the fight, slapped on a tight Kimura, capping off a somewhat lopsided 29-28 decision win for Tony Martin.
      Gordon came out swinging with heavy punches, while basically chasing Quinones around the cage. Gordon ducked down for a takedown from the clinch 90 seconds into the round, and he quickly took the back of Quinones in the process. They scrambled around for a few seconds, and then stood back up halfway through the round. Quinones threw a few random kicks, and a nice spinning backfist, but for the most part, the first round goes to Gordon in my opinion. He was just more aggressive, and landed the heavier shots.
     They both came out swiinging in the second round, with both guys looking significantly more aggressive than they were in the first round. Quinones landed a nice spinning back kick, but Gordon quickly took him to the ground, and pinned him in half mount one minute into the round. Gordon continued to smother Quinones for a while, and he randomly postured up and landed some big punches every once in a while. Quinones finally stood back up halfway through the round, and Gordon unloaded on him, knocking him down with some big punches, they stood back up, and Gordon continued to swarm Quinones with wildly aggressive punches. Gordon took Quinones down again with 2 minutes left in the round. He worked some ground & pound from the mounted crucifix, Quinones pulled guard, and Gordon continued to swarm him with wild punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight with around 30 seconds left in the second round. That was a fantastic UFC debut for Jared "Flash" Gordon. It's worth noting that Gordon missed weight by 3 pounds though.
      Horcher came out throwing some big punches, and Powell was throwing mostly kicks, trying to keep his distance. They clinched halfway through the round, Powell tried to take Horcher to the ground, and Horcher swept him on the way down, as he ended up on top in half mount. Horcher continued to beat up Powell on the ground for the duration of the round. Round one clearly goes to Darrell Horcher.
     The second round started with more of the same, with Horcher throwing punches, and Powell trying to keep him back with kicks. Horcher unloaded a minute into the round, and it looked like he might have rocked Powell, before he tried to setup a guillotine choke against the fence. Powell pulled his head free, and Horcher continued to press him into the fence. When they broke apart, Horcher landed some nice punches, and he knocked down Powell with a random shot, and then jumped into his guard with half the round left to work. Horcher wasn't able to do much damage on the ground, as he was mostly just defending againsat Powell's submission attempts, but I still scored the round for Horcher, based on his striking while standing, and his top control.
     Horcher continued to beat up Powell on the feet to start the final round, and then he clinched halfway through the round, while digging for another takedown. Powell locked on an Anaconda choke, rolled with it, and ended up on top, working for a D'Arce choke with 2 minutes left to work. Powell continued to smother Horcher from half mount for a good portion of the round while looking for submissions, they stood back up with 45 seconds left in the round, Powell cranked with a standing guillotine, and Horcher took him to the ground. I scored that round for Powell, but Horcher should win this fight 29-28. Two judges agreed, giving Horcher the split decision victory. I have no idea what other round the other judge gave to Powell, but congrats to Horcher for his first UFC win.
      Esparza started this fight with a lot of bobbing & weaving, as she worked her way inside the reach of Moroz, and landed some decent punches. Moroz was mostly staying on the outside, and not really throwing any offense at all. Esparza shot for a takedown halfway through the round, and Moroz caught her in a guillotine choke. The choke looked tight for a few seconds, but Esparza punched her in the body a lot, forcing Moroz to eventually give up on the guillotine attempt. Esparza postured up with a minute left in the round, and worked some ground & pound. That was a competitive round, but I scored it in favor of Carla Esparza.
     They traded some random punches to start the second round, and I thought Moroz might have dropped Esparza with a punch, but Esparza might have just been shooting for a takedown, I'm not sure what happened, either way, the takedown attempt failed, so they continued to strike with each other. The same thing happened again halfway through the round, but this time Esparza followed through with it, and almost completed the takedown, but was stopped by the fence, as Moroz was able to stay standing. Esparza blasted through with a powerful takedown with 90 seconds left in the round. Esparza worked some basic ground & pound from inside Moroz's guard for the rest of the round. I have Esparza ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but the fight could possibly be all tied up depending on how the judges scored Moroz's guillotine attempt in the first round.
     Esparza caught a kick early in the final round, and she threw Moroz down, but she didn't go to the ground with her for some reason. Moroz was throwing a lot of punches, but she wasn't really connecting with anything at all, as she missed with all of her punches by an inch or so. Esparza shot for another takedown 90 seconds into the round, but Moroz called a timeout due to an accidental knee to her groin. When the fight started back up, Esparza shot for another takedown, and pinned Moroz 2 minutes into the round. Moroz grabbed Esparza's wrist, and held on tight, preventing Esparza from being able to work any significant ground & pound. Esparza landed a few decent shoulder strikes, but that's about it. The referee stood them back up with 90 seconds left in the round. Esparza took her down again, and finished out the round back on top. Esparza stood back up with 30 seconds left in the round, and kicked the shit out of Moroz, as Moroz stayed on the ground. Moroz stood up with 10 seconds left, and Esparza took her down again. Esparza should at least win the last 2 rounds, if not all 3 rounds. I scored this fight 30-27 for Esparza. All 3 judges agreed, giving Esparza the unanimous decision victory.
      The first round had both guys trading strikes at a somewhat even pace, but Vettori was being more aggressive, constantly moving forward, and he had a few moments where he unloaded on Miranda with some big combinations. He caught a kick and took down Miranda with 90 seconds left in the opening round. Miranda was able to stand back up with 45 seconds remaining in the round. Miranda landed some solid shots in the final seconds of the round, but round one goes to Vettori.
     Miranda looked more aggressive at the start of the second round, as he was walking down Vettori and landing more strikes. Vettori tried for a couple of takedowns from the clinch, but Miranda was doing a good job staying on his feet. Vettori landed a big body kick, and some nice punches, but for the most part, the second round was all about Miranda kicking Vettori's legs repeatedly, and he kicked him in the head as well. Vettori clinched with around 90 seconds left in the round, and he mostly just stalled against the fence. Miranda went for a Kimura from the clinch, and it just turned into a takedown by Vettori, as he landed in Miranda's guard. Miranda popped back up with 30 seconds left in the round. Miranda landed some nice strikes on the feet, and then Vettori took him down again in the final seconds of the round. Vettori probably stole that round with his takedowns, but I scored the round for Miranda, and have this fight all tied up.
     The final round had both guys still trading hard shots, but Vettori looked exhausted as Miranda was picking him apart with combinations, while chasing him around the cage. Miranda sort of went for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, and kind of tripped Vettori, but they both popped back up and continued to trade punches & kicks. Vettori shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left, and Miranda stuffed the shot, but Vettori pressed him against the fence, and just held him there for a few seconds. Vettori scored a final takedown with a body lock with a minute left in the round, and secured half mount. He didn't do anything at all with the takedown though, so I could see an argument for Miranda still winning that round. I wouldn't be shocked by a split-decision here, but more than likely, Vettori will win this fight by decision. All 3 judges gave the fight to Vettori for the unanimous decision victory, with only one judge giving a single round to Miranda.
      Nothing really happened in the first 90 seconds of this fight, and then Guida kicked Koch in the head. Guida shot in for a takedown halfway through the round, and pressed Koch against the fence, but Koch did a good job staying on his feet. Guida threw a weird scorpion kick, and then took down Koch with 90 seconds left in the round, but Koch quickly stood back up, and continued to clinch, this time with Koch pressing Guida into the fence. They split up with 20 seconds left in the round, and bounced around until the buzzer sounded. Round one should go to Guida.
     Guida clipped Koch early in the second round, and then took him down 30 seconds into the round. Guida smothered Koch, and beat on him with some shoulder strikes. Guida passed to full mount with 3 minutes left to work. Guida beat up Koch's body with punches, and Koch was holding on for dear life. Guida postured up a bit, and continued to pound on Koch with punches & elbows. Guida looked like he was kind of trying to setup an arm-triangle choke, but they were too close to the fence. Guida postured up with 30 seconds left in the round, and unloaded with big punches. Koch tried to buck him off, but Guida landed a LOT of punches before the buzzer sounded. That could potentially be a 10-8 round for Guida.
     Guida backed down Koch to start the third round, and then he shot for a takedown a minute into the round, but Koch stuffed the shot. Guida continued to grind him into the fence, until he was able to take him down again halfway through the round. Guida continued to smother Koch against the fence, while punching him in the head from full mount. Guida continued to beat the shit out of Koch until the end of the round. This will be an obvious unanimous decision for Clay Guida, who was a decent sized underdog going into this fight. Congrats to Guida for the much needed win.
      Penn landed some decent punches early, and then they clinched, and Siver tried to take him down, and Penn did the "standing on one foot" takedown defense that he's famous for. Penn continued to pick apart Siver with his boxing, and then worked some hard knees from the clinch before resetting again. Siver landed a hard spinning back kick to the body of Penn. Siver landed some hard punches, and Penn looked a little lost halfway through the round. They continued to trade strikes at a fairly even pace for the rest of the round. I have no idea who won that round. More than likely Siver won that round with his power striking.
     Siver looked like he was probably winning the second round by throwing the harder strikes again, but Penn clipped him a few times with some solid punches. Penn dropped Siver with an uppercut with 2 minutes left in the round, and then he jumped on him. Siver tried to grab an armbar from his guard, but Penn slipped out of that and passed to side control. Siver tied up Penn with sort of a bottom position crucifix, preventing Penn from really doing much damage, but I still think that knockdown will steal the round for Penn. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Siver started the third round with some aggressive striking, as Penn just backed up, looking exhausted. Siver clearly won the first 3 minutes of the round with his striking, as everyone waited patiently for Penn to get his second wind. Siver blasted Penn with a lot of hard inside leg kicks, and rocked him with a head kick. Siver continued to unload on Penn with 90 seconds left in the round, and the referee almost stepped in to stop it, as Penn was barely even defending himself. Penn basically quit after the second round. The third round was probably a 10-8 round for Siver, as Penn didn't even put an ounce of effort into that round. Penn still looks terrible, and he seriously needs to retire. I think that's going to be the consesus review of him, until he finally gives it up. Congrats to Siver for an "ok" majority decision victory, over a washed up legend. One crack headed judge scored the fight a draw for some reason.
      Garcia rocked Means with some brutal punches in the first minute of the opening round, and then he tried to take Means down against the fence, but Means was able to stay standing, so they reset. They continued to trade strikes for a while, and Garcia clipped Means again with a hard left hook with 90 seconds left in the round. Round one should go to Garcia for rocking Means a couple of times, but I would have liked to see him try a little harder for a finish or something.
     They traded some strikes to start the second round, and then Garcia shot in for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, but Means was able to stuff the shot. Garcia blasted him with a hard right hand as they broke out of the clinch. They continued to trade random strikes for the rest of the round, with neither fighter showing a clear advantage. Means probably won that round, but the crowd was getting restless by the end of the round.
     Garcia failed with an early takedown in the final round. They continued to circle each other for most of the round, with neither fighter really looking very aggressive at all. Means was working his jab, but not doing any damage. Garcia was throwing bombs, but not connecting very often. I scored that round for Garcia, based on throwing the harder shots, so I scored this fight 29-28 for Garcia. I wouldn't be shocked with a split-decision or something though. All 3 judges disagreed with me, and gave the unanimous decision victory to Tim Means after a lackluster performance by both fighters.
      Reyes started this fight by throwing some massive bombs, he knocked down Christensen early in the opening round, he continued to unload on him, and it looked like he was crushing Christensen's head with a sledgehammer until the referee stopped the fight. That was a fantastic UFC debut for Dominick Reyes.
      These girls started this fight aggressively, with both girls throwing some hard strikes, they clinched early, Kish tried to throw Herrig to the ground with a hip toss, and Herrig took her back in the opening 30 seconds, but Kish was able to stand back up. Herrig pressed Kish into the fence for some clinching, and Kish continued to try to throw Herrig to the ground, but Herrig ended up on top again, this time inside Kish's half guard. Herrig eventually mounted Kish halfway through the round, she unloaded with some punches, and then took Kish's back again. Herrig went back to mount, and worked some more ground & pound. Kish slipped out the back door, and ended up on top with 90 seconds left to work. They stood back up, Herrig shot for a takedown, and Kish flipped her to the side, and ended up on top. Herrig won most of that round, but Kish ended the round on top, so this could get interesting.
     Herrig looked exhausted after the first round, and Kish was kind of smiling, and she looked like she was still ready to go. Kish landed some solid strikes to start the second round. Herrig opened up a small cut on Kish's right eye, but Kish continued to blast her with big punch combinations. Herrig landed some big shots, but Kish seemed more aggressive. They clinched with 2 minutes left in the round, and Herrig was able to throw Kish to the ground. Kish tried to roll Herrig off of her, and gave up her back in the process, but quickly spun around and took top control inside Herrig's guard. Herrig slapped on an armbar, but Kish pulled her arm free and finished the round on top in full mount, dropping bombs. I scored that round for Kish, and have this fight all tied up going into the final round. I'm curious where the judges are at with this one.
     Herrig took down Kish early in the third round, and she took full mount one minute into the round, and then took her back. Kish stood up 90 seconds into the round, but Herrig jumped on her back and slapped on a rear-naked choke from the backpack position. Kish collapsed, that was one of the tighest rear-naked chokes I've ever seen, and SOMEHOW Kish was able to power her way out of it. That was insane. Herrig continued to control her from side control, and then full mount again. Herrig postured up, threw some big punches, and Kish continued to try to scramble around on the bottom. Herrig spent the rest of the round working her gorilla style ground & pound, and Kish showed a ton of heart, never giving up at all. This fight should go to Herrig 29-28, if not 30-27. All 3 judges agreed, giving Herrig the hard fought unanimous decision victory, as she hands Kish the first loss of her career.
(Head Kick & Punches)
      Boetsch spent the first round keeping Hendricks at bay with a lot of toe kicks to the belly of the overweight Hendricks. (He missed weight AGAIN, and this time at MIDDLEWEIGHT... RIDICULOUS JOHNY...) They traded a few punch combinations here & there, and when the "big shots" landed, they were generally being thrown by Boetsch at the head of Hendricks. I scored the first round for Boetsch. He seemed like he landed all of the good shots in the round. Hendricks just doesn't seem like he's in the fight yet.
     Boetsch started the second round with some nice punches, followed by a hard kick to the belly of Hendricks. Boetsch kicked Hendricks in the head, Hendricks dropped down to one knee, Boetsch unloaded on him with some big punches, Hendricks turtled up, and the hometown crowd of Hendricks cheered for the winner, Tim Boetsch. That was a fantastic win for Tim Boetsch. As for Hendricks, what the fuck is he going to do now? He looked SMALL compared to Boetsch, but he missed weight, so... Is he going to move up to Light Heavyweight? Where he'll look like a midget?
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Chiesa landed a head kick, and a big punch early in the first round. Chiesa took down Lee, but Lee got back up, Chiesa went for a guillotine choke, Lee picked him up, and slammed him, landing inside Chiesa's guard. Chiesa tried to setup a triangle choke, but Lee did a good job staying out of trouble. Lee took Chiesa's back halfway through the round after a brief scramble, and tried to setup a rear-naked choke. Lee locked on a tight body triangle, and pounded on Chiesa with some brutal punches from back control. Lee cut open the top of Chiesa's head with some hard elbows, and then locked on a tight rear-naked choke, and the referee just randomly stopped the fight, giving the submission victory to Kevin Lee. Chiesa did NOT tap though, and he did NOT go out. Mario Yamasaki is a fucking moron.