100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Jon Jones - 94.3
2. Volkan Oezdemir - 93.7
3. Cris Cyborg - 92.7
4. Ricardo Lamas - 92.7
5. Brian Ortega - 92.4
6. Drew Dober - 92.2
7. Robbie Lawler - 91.7
8. Aleksandra Albu - 91.4
9. Daniel Cormier - 91.4
10. Calvin Kattar - 91.3
UFC 214: Cormier vs. Jones 2
Location: Anaheim, California
Elevation: 157'
-Fight of the Night-
Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier
Fighters & Matches 90.2
Top 10 Fighters 92.4
TOTAL 91.3
     These guys traded a few strikes, Burkman shot for a takedown 45 seconds into the round, but the shot was stuffed easily, and Dober pressed him against the fence for some clinching. They split up 2 minutes into the round and traded some strikes at a decent pace, and then Dober shot for a takedown of his own halfway through the round, but Burkman was able to stuff the shot, so they split up and continued to trade. Dober rocked Burkman with some punches, but Burkman continued to move forward. Dober finally dropped Burkman with around 2 minutes left in the round with a big left hand, basically knocking out Burkman, forcing the referee to step in to stop the fight. That was a really solid performance by Drew Dober, against a guy that realistically shouldn't be in the UFC, as this is his fourth loss in a row.
      These guys traded a few decent strikes, and then Brooks took down Shelton a couple of minutes into the opening round. From there, Brooks smothered Shelton against the fence, while Shelton was kind of in a seated position, Brooks spent the entire round working for a guillotine choke, which he eventually slapped on with 15 seconds left in the round, flipping Shelton, allowing Brooks to end the round still cranking with the mounted guillotine choke. Round one goes to Brooks, based on his superior grappling.
     They traded some more strikes to start the second round, and Brooks shot for another takedown 2 minutes into the round, but Shelton was able to stuff the shot this time. They continued to trade strikes for another couple of minutes, and then Brooks threw a leg kick, and Shelton caught it and took him down with the quickness. Brooks locked on a guillotine choke while Shelton continued to press him against the fence with a minute left to work. Brooks used the choke to flip Shelton and stand back up. Brooks ducked under a punch and took down Shelton to finish the round. That late takedown (and the choke) MIGHT have been enough to steal the round for Brooks, but more than likely, this fight is all tied up going into the final round.
     They continued to trade strikes at a decent pace in the final round, until Shelton dropped Brooks with a big punch, but Brooks was able to recover, he stood back up, and they continued to dance around. Shelton was moving forward for the rest of the round, but neither fighter was really landing anything significant after that point. The final round probably goes to Shelton based on forward movement, and that one knockdown, the first round definitely goes to Brooks, and the second round is up in the air in my opinion. The judges were split as well, giving the win to Jarred Brooks.
      Albu caught a kick early, and blasted Curran with some hard strikes, but Curran was able to clinch and press her against the fence for a few seconds, before resetting back in the center of the cage. Albu continued to unload on Curran with some big strikes, and then she pulled guard one minute into the round. Curran blasted her with a hard punch on the ground, and Albu rolled for a possible kneebar, but Curran was able to slip her leg free, and she continued to beat up Albu on the ground with some decent punches & elbows. They eventually stood up, traded a few strikes, and then Albu took down Curran halfway through the round. They continued to scrap at a decent pace, they stood up, traded some more strikes, Albu threw down Curran, beat her up, Curran fought her way back to her feet, and continued to fire back with big shots. That was a wild round, that probably goes to Albu, but Curran is definitely making this a fight. I'm not really sure who won that round.
     Albu looked exhausted going into the second round, and Curran still looked quick & full of energy. They blasted each other with some hard punches, and then Albu grabbed Curran and threw her to the ground with a hard headlock takedown. Curran kicked her off, and threw her across the cage with the kick, and she popped back to her feet, but Albu took her back down with another big headlock throw. Curran threw an illegal upkick, and she sort of got a warning, but Albu didn't seem bothered by it, so the fight continued. They stood back up, and continued to brawl at close range, with a lot of strikes being thrown both ways inside the clinch. Albu landed a pair of hard body kicks, and then rocked Curran's head back with a big punch. Round two definitely goes to Albu, and she's probably ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Curran looked quick in the third round, as she chipped away at Albu with clean boxing, and then she chased her down as Albu ran away, and continued to blast her with big power strikes. They continued to brawl, and Curran was able to take Albu to the ground with a body lock, and she landed in side control 2 minutes into the round. Albu sort of went for a guillotine from her back (with Curran in side control), but that went nowhere, so Curran popped her head out, and continued to pound on Albu with big punches, now from inside Albu's guard. Albu eventually worked her way back to her feet and then took down Curran late in the round, but Curran stood back up and scored a final takedown with 5 seconds left in the fight. That was a fantastic performance by both fighters, with Albu probably winning the first two rounds, Curran clearly won the final round, and based on damage, Albu LOOKED like she got her ass kicked by the time the fight was over. All 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 for Albu, which makes sense, but DAMN man, for a girl with a 1-5 record in the UFC, Curran is a scrapper, and I hope she continues to get fights, I just don't know who she can beat at this point. She's definitely fun to watch though.
      These guys started this fight by trading strikes at a decent pace, with Fili working more combinations, as Kattar looked like he was mostly looking to land a counter of some sort. Whenever Kattar would fire back, he would miss by a few inches, having trouble getting inside the range of Fili. They started to brawl a little bit halfway through the round, with both guys landing some hard punch combinations. Kattar kind of rushed in with 30 seconds left in the round, and Fili destroyed him with some punches & knees, but Fili slipped, so Kattar was able to take him down in the final 10 seconds, and he hit him with a series of hard punches on the ground. I'm scoring that round for Fili, but Katter finished the round strong.
     The second round was a very back & forth striking match, with both guys landing some decent punches & kicks, but it was a pretty close round. Kattar probably landed the better strikes, and he rocked the4 shit out of Fili in the final 10 seconds, so Kattar wins the second round, but this fight is still looking pretty competitive. I have it all tied up going into the final round. Fili picked apart Kattar with some clean punch combinations to start the final round. Kattar continued to exchange with him at a decent pace, but Fili blasted him with a big combination of punches including some uppercuts with around 2 minutes left in the round. In the end, I'm scoring this fight 29-28 for Andre Fili, but I don't feel confident about that scorecard at all. Kattar caught a kick with a minute left in the fight, and took down Fili, so that might have been enough to steal the round for Kattar, but he let Fili stand back up with 30 seconds left in the round, which allowed Fili to work some more combinations before the end of the round. All 3 judges scored the fight 30-27 for Calvin Kattar, which I guess makes sense, but I'm still a LITTLE bit shocked by that.
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys both basically stood in the center of the cage and traded some big punch combinations. Ortega rocked Carneiro, but Carneiro fired back, and they continued to brawl at a steady pace. The fight was paused halfway through the round due to Ortega poking Carneiro's eye by accident. When the fight started back up, they continued to trade big punch combinations inside the pocket, with both guys landing with some serious heat, but by the end of the round, Carneiro's nose was busted up, and Ortega still looked fresh. I'm scoring the first round for Ortega, but it was a VERY competitive round of back & forth boxing.
     Carneiro started to score a lot of points early in the second round by picking apart Ortega, but halfway through the round, Ortega started firing back with some big shots of his own as well. Carneiro looked like he was running away with the round, but Ortega blasted him with some bombs in the last half of the round, especially the shots that were digging into his body, making the round a lot harder to score. As soon as I thought Ortega was going to steal the round with the bombs he was throwing, Carneiro scored a quick takedown with 10 seconds left in the round, which might have been enough to secure the round for Carneiro. I have no idea where the judges are going to be at with this fight, going into the final round.
     They both came out throwing fireballs at each other to start the final round. Ortega finally shot for a takedown 45 seconds into the round, but the shot was stuffed, so they continued to brawl. They continued to brawl wildly for most of the round, Carneiro scored a takedown with 2 minutes left in the fight, Ortega caught him with a tight guillotine choke on the way down, and finished the fight QUICKLY with a quick tap by Carneiro. Brian "T-City" Ortega is fucking LEGIT, and I always look forward to his fights.
      These guys traded a few random strikes, and then Sterling dove in for a flying kneebar or something, and Barao just kind of settled into it. It looked like it had the potential of being pretty dangerous for Barao. Barao finally escaped it 3 minutes into the round, and settled into Sterling's guard to work some ground & pound. Barao landed a few decent strikes, but wasn't doing a ton of damage, as Sterling did a good job tying him up with his guard. Sterling went for a triangle or armbar, with 45 seconds left in the round, but Barao shook free, and continued to pound on Sterling with light strikes. That was a close round, but I scored it for Barao.
     These guys traded some wild strikes to start the second round, as Sterling moved around the outside a bit, but Barao knocked him down with a leg kick, slapped on an Anaconda Choke, but let that go to stand back up and continue with the striking. Sterling clinched, landed some decent strikes, and then took down Barao, took his back, grabbed his leg, and cranked on an awkward "rear-naked kneebar" or some shit. Sterling worked some ground & pound, while clinging onto Barao's back with a body triangle. Sterling worked some decent ground & pound, Barao tried to catch him in a triangle, but that didn't work, so Sterling finished the round by pounding on Barao. The second round goes to Sterling, so I have this fight all tied up, going into the final round. That might have been a 10-8 round for Sterling.
     Sterling continued to beat the shit out of Barao on the feet to start the final round, as he rocked him with a few hard shots, and then shot for another takedown one minute into the round. The third round was basically a stalemate with Sterling pressing Barao against the fence, with Barao stuffing his shot, so the referee finally reset them with 90 seconds left in the round. Barao shot for a takedown with a minute left in the final round, and he took his back for some basic clinch stalling instead. Barao dumped Sterling to the ground with 10 seconds left, and he took Sterling's back, but he wasn't able to do anything with it. Sterling should more than likely win this fight 29-28, if not 29-27 or something. All 3 judges scored the fight 29-27 for Aljamain Sterling, for the biggest win of his career. Barao on the other hand, looks like he's pretty terrible compared to where he was a few years ago. What happened to the killer he used to be?
(Punches & Elbows)
      Lamas shot for a takedown early in the first round, Knight tested him with a possible guillotine choke, but Lamas was able to avoid the choke, and he brought Knight to the ground one minute into the round. Knight pulled guard, went to mission control, and hit Lamas with some heels to the side of his body, while Lamas threw some knees to Knight's butt. Lamas eventually stood up, and Knight threw some decent upkicks, before spinning around for a leg lock attempt, but Lamas was able to avoid any real danger, so he settled back into top position. Knight rolled for another leg lock, and he locked Lamas's leg up, cranked for a heel hook, but Lamas was able to barely pull himself free. Knight stood up with 90 seconds left in the round, and Lamas unloaded on him with big punches, rocking the shit out of Knight. Knight fired back, as they continued to brawl wildly, Knight looked like he was out on his feet, but the referee let him continue for another minute or so, as Lamas continued to tee off on him. That fight probably could have been stopped there, but the referee let them keep fighting. Lamas eventually took down Knight, dropped some big punches & elbows, and finished the fight by referee stoppage. That was a crazy fight while it lasted, and it was a big win for Ricardo Lamas.
      These guys clinched early, and Manuwa pressed Oezdemir against the fence. Oezdemir fought his way out of the clinch with some big punches, Manuwa was rocked, and started to stumble backwards, Oezdemir continued to unload on him, he pushed Manuwa hard, bouncing his head off the canvas, he punched him a few more times, and knocked Manuwa the fuck out. WHO THE FUCK IS VOLKAN OEZDEMIR!?! This guy is fucking KILLING people, and he seemingly came out of nowhere, and he's skyrocketing up the Light Heavyweight rankings. Volkan Oezdemir is fucking terrifying!
      This fight started, and Lawler came out throwing bombs immediately, rocking the shit out of Cerrone, while chasing him around the cage with brutal combinations. Cerrone fired back to show he's still in the fight, but Lawler did a ton of damage in that first minute of the round. They clinched, and traded some knees as the paced slowed down a bit. Cerrone threw a head kick, Lawler landed a brutal knee, and then Cerrone took down Lawler 3 minutes into the opening round. Cerrone passed to sort of a North-South position, and threw a few knees to his body, before trying to take his back, but Lawler quickly popped back up to his feet, and they went back to trading strikes in the center of the cage. Cerrone threw a big head kick, but Lawler just ate it. That was a wild first round. I'm giving it to Lawler based on his explosion in the first minute, but Cerrone probably won 3-4 minutes of that round, so I don't know how the judges will handle that one.
     They continued to trade punches & kicks at a steady pace in the second round, with Cerrone moving forward a little more than Lawler. Cerrone faked a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, and then blasted Lawler with a knee and some hard punches. I scored the second round for Cerrone, and have this fight all tied up going into the final round. It kind of sucks that this isn't a 5 round fight, because I feel like these guys could pound on each other for a solid 25 minutes.
     Lawler spent most of the third round walking down Cerrone, picking him apart with punches, but Cerrone was still firing back with heavy shots as well. They both landed some slick punch combinations to the head with 2 minutes left in the round. Lawler continued to stomp toward Cerrone for most of the round, but the actual striking was very competitive. This fight could definitely go either way, I just hope it doesn't end in a draw. I'm scoring it a solid 29-28 for Robbie Lawler, but I have no idea where the judges are at with this one. All 3 judges gave the fight to Robbie Lawler, 29-28. That fight was close though, and like I said earlier, I would have liked to see another 2 rounds between these guys.
(Knee & Punches)
      Evinger threw a few strikes, Cyborg dropped her with a punch, Evinger stood up, and they continued to trade some sloppy looking strikes. Evinger clinched 30 seconds into the round, after eating some heavy punches from Cyborg. Cyborg sort of took down Evinger, but she let her stand back up immediately. Cyborg opened up with some violent combinations, and Evinger just kind of jogged around, trying to figure out a new strategy, because "getting punched a lot" isn't working out very well for her. Cyborg blasted her with some more shots, and then Evinger shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, pressing Cyborg against the fence. She took down Cyborg halfway through the round, but wasn't able to hold her down for long. They continued to clinch, and Evinger took down Cyborg again, and then they stood up, traded a few strikes, and apparently Evinger poked Cyborg in the eye? Cyborg took a while to recover, clearly trying to get her second wind. When the fight started back up, Cyborg threw a few light strikes to test the distance, and then she rushed forward, but Evinger clinched, and tried to get her back under control. They traded a few more random sloppy strikes, and Evinger was doing a good job moving her head a lot, but Cyborg still looks like she's in control of this fight. Round one goes to Cyborg, but Evinger is hanging in there and making this an interesting fight.
     Cyborg started the second round by working some sharp jabs, and Evinger looked like she was having trouble getting inside Cyborg's range. Evinger ate some big shots, and then shot for a takedown, but Cyborg stuffed the shot, hit her with a knee to the body, and they reset still on their feet. Cyborg went in for the kill halfway through the round, throwing some big punches & kicks, but Evinger kept her distance, clearly hoping Cyborg would eventually gas out. Evinger pumped her jab a little bit, but Cyborg is still clearly in control of this fight. Cyborg was throwing power shots at a steady pace throughout the round, but she seems like she COULD be slowing down just a little bit going into the third round.
     Cyborg blasted Evinger with a huge punch that rocked her, followed it up with a head kick, and nearly finished the fight inside the first minute of the third round. She then knocked down Evinger, blasted her with some heavy leg kicks on the ground, and then told her to stand back up. Cyborg continued to chip away at Evinger, she blasted her with some big shots, she pinned her against the fence for some clinching, she dropped her with a huge knee to the face, and Evinger went down and waved off the fight. Tonya Evinger is fucking tough, but congrats to Cyborg for FINALLY becoming a long overdue UFC Featherweight Champion.
      Maia shot for a strong double leg 15 seconds into the first round, and Woodley stuffed the shot. Maia's left eye got fucked up by SOMETHING on his way in, almost swelling shut immediately. Maia continued to shoot for takedowns, and Woodley stuffed several shots, so Maia blasted him in the eye with a left hand. Maia shot for another takedown, Woodley grabbed the fence, and the referee gave him a stern warning. Maia blasted Woodley with another hard punch, shot for another takedown, and Woodley yanked his leg free, and reset. They continued to circle around each as if there were a giant ball of cotton between them, that neither of them felt like fighting through. Maia shot for another takedown with a minute left in the round, and Woodley sprawled all over him, and reset. Maia landed another straight left hand to the chin of Woodley, that caused Woodley to kind of wipe his chin off. I'm scoring that first round for Maia, based on forward movement, and "effort" to do SOMETHING. As usual, Woodley mostly just stood there, stuffing shots for most of the round. At least Maia threw some offense in his direction.
     Woodley threw a couple of punches to start the second round, Maia blasted him with a clean left hand, and then Woodley dropped Maia with a heavy punch, but told him to stand back up. They traded a few more punches, Maia shot for a few more takedowns, and Woodley continued to display some fantastic takedown defense. Maia threw another hard left hand, and shot for another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, and Woodley stuffed the shot with ease and slipped out to reset. Woodley won that second round, so I have this fight all tied up going into the third round, but I think most people probably have Woodley ahead 20-18 at this point.
     Woodley started the third round with a few big punches, and Maia failed at another takedown attempt. They continued to trade punches at a slow pace for the rest of the round, as Woodley stuffed a few more takedown attempts. This fight is going nowhere fast. At this point, Woodley stands a good chance of going down as the most boring ass Welterweigtht Champion in UFC history, which is really saying something. Let's just assume Woodley is ahead 30-27 going into the fourth round. This fight really sucks though.
     The first 90 seconds of the fourth round were more of the same, and then Maia shot for his deepest takedown so far, but Woodley was still able to stuff the shot, and they reset a few seconds later. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the judges are leaning in favor of Maia, based on forward movement, and "effort" to make something happen. Woodley is more than likely winning, with his takedown defense, and some damage to Maia's face, but ultimately, Maia is the only one really trying to make anything happen. There was one round that Woodley rocked the shit out of Maia, so Woodley CLEARLY won that round, but the other rounds could potentially be up in the air. I'm getting sick of Woodley's "defensive" strategy to defend his belt.
     Maia gave everything he had to another takedown attempt to start the fifth & final round, and Woodley stuffed the living shit out of it and continued to run away, trying to impersonate a 170 Mayweather. Maia continued to dig for takedowns for the remainder of the round, and Woodley continued to run away. Woodley's takedown defense is fucking AMAZING, but he's also really fucking boring. PLEASE SOMEBODY SCORE THIS FIGHT FOR MAIA JUST TO PROVE A POINT!!! Nope... All 3 judges gave the fight to Woodley, so that we can be treated to another 25 minute snooze fest the next time this belt is defended.
(Head Kick & Destruction)
      Jones threw a big leg kick, followed by some heavy punches, and Cormier knocked Jones's mouthpiece out with a series of uppercuts. Big John gave him his mouthpiece back, Jones punched Cormier, clinched, took him down, but they immediately scrambled back to their feet. From that point forward, they were both trading hard punches & kicks, elbows, all kinds of crazy shit being thrown in both directions. I thought Jones was a little more active, but Cormier might have landed the harder strikes. They both got clipped by some serious heat though. I'm not even going to bother scoring that round, I just want to enjoy this experience.
      The second round started with both guys throwing some aggressive strikes at each other, shit was hitting the fan, and then there was an accidental clash of heads that cut Cormier's right eye. Jones continued to chip away at Cormier with a lot of clean strikes, showing off his wide variety of options on the feet, and then they clinched with 2 minutes left in the round, and Cormier threw Jones, but fell flat on his face as Jones jumped up and took control of the clinch again. They continued to chop away at each other with some big strikes, all the way up until the buzzer. I have Jones ahead 20-18 going into the third round, but as with most fights on this card, I have no idea what to expect from the judges at this point.
      The third round was more of the same, until Jones blasted Cormier with a massive head kick, he wobbled Cormier, followed it up with a flying knee, some violent strikes, Cormier went down face first, Jones jumped on him, pounded on him with big punches, the referee gave him PLENTY of time to recover, and it simply wasn't happening, as Jones had knocked him the fuck out. The referee eventually jumped in to stop the fight, and by then, it was too late, as Cormier stayed on the ground well after the fight was stopped. Jones looked fantastic in this fight, and the way he finished Cormier on the ground with massive punches & elbows, was fucking brutal. Congratulations Jon Jones for REMAINING the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion. That fight was fucking intense!!!