100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Rick Glenn - 93.2
2. Sarah Moras - 93.0
3. Alex White - 92.8
4. Henry Cejudo - 92.8
5. Rafael dos Anjos - 92.7
6. Ketlen Vieira - 92.4
7. Jeremy Stephens - 92.3
8. Ilir Latifi - 91.2
9. Amanda Nunes - 90.8
10. Kajan Johnson - 90.2
UFC 215: Nunes vs. Shevchenko
Location: Alberta, Canada
Elevation: 2,772'
-Fight of the Night-
Rick Glenn vs. Gavin Tucker
Fighters & Matches 89.6
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 90.9
     Johnson spent most of the first round dancing around the outside edge of the cage, while Martins controlled the center of the cage, while picking apart Johnson with single shots. Johnson threw a few decent shots, but for the most part, he was just trying to avoid contact with Martins, so I scored the first round for Adriano Martins. Martins dropped Johnson with 15 seconds left in the round, and then finished the round with a guillotine choke attempt, so yeah, that little explosion definitely secured the round for Martins.
     The second round started the same way, but Martins was standing in the center of the cage a little more, instead of pressuring Johnson against the fence. That made it more apparent that Johnson was just trying to avoid contact by staying on the outside. The second round had both guys exchanging at a little bit more of an active pace, but neither fighter was really going for it. They both landed a few shots, but there was still a lot of dead space in between exchanges. That round probably could have gone either way, as Johnson probably landed the cleaner shots, but Martins looked more aggressive for most of the round.
     The second round started with both guys mixing it up a little bit, Martins was still rushing in, trying to get in close, while Johnson was keeping his distance with a lot of side kicks, and then Johnson blasted Martins with a clean right hand to the ear, that caused Martins to faceplant, 100% unconscious, and then Johnson finished him off with a handful of punches on the ground. That was a huge win for Johnson, as I think he was the biggest underdog on this card if I'm not mistaken.
      Both of these guys started the fight by jerking around a lot, throwing a lot of feints, and only exchanging a few times with actual strikes, but when they threw punches, it was clear that they both have a ton of power. Neither fighter really dominated that round at all. Bhullar was slightly more aggressive, and ended the round by pressing Henrique against the fence, so I'm assuming the first round will go to Bhullar, but it really wasn't a great round for either fighter.
     The second round was another slow round of circling each other, while trading a few punches here & there, until Bhullar dropped Henrique 2 minutes into the round, he swarmed him, they stood up, Bhullar picked up the massive Henrique over his shoulder, carried him across the cage, and then dumped him to the ground. From there, Bhullar smothered Henrique and beat him up with short punches until the end of the round. That was a strong round for Arjan Bhullar, and I think it was our first taste of what he's capable of, as this is his UFC debut, and the first round didn't really show much. I have Bhullar ahead, 20-18, going into the final round. Considering how slow the first round was, you could almost make an argument for a 10-8 round there, if we're being more lenient with the scorecards with the new rules & everything.
     They were both slowing down a bit in the final round, but they were still hammering each other with some big sloppy wet looking shots, while clinching a lot. In the end, that round probably could have gone either way, but Bhullar should still win this fight, at least 29-28, if not 30-27. This was supposed to be a huge debut for Bhullar, and he looked ok, especially considering how shallow the heavyweight division is, but yeah, I wasn't really that impressed with either fighter tonight. All 3 judges agreed with me, and gave the unanimous decision victory to Arjan Bhullar, with scores of 29-28 across the board.
      The first round had both of these guys trading punches & knees at a decent pace, with a lot of dirty boxing from inside the clinch. I felt like Clarke looked a little better inside the clinch, and White was doing a better job landing clean punches from range. That round could probably go either way. I would probably score it slightly in favor of White, but I'm expecting the Canadian judges to give that close round to Clarke.
     They both came out swinging with some pretty aggressive shots in the second round, and White looked like her hurt Clarke with some punches early on. Clarke continued to try to clinch a bit, but when damage was being done, I thought most of it had to do with White picking apart Clarke with his boxing. Clarke clinched 2 minutes into the round, and White unloaded on him with a barrage of BRUTAL elbows to the face, as he knocked Clarke's head back repeatedly while bloodying his face. Clarke finally clinched enough to slow down White halfway through the round, but that just allowed White to drop him with a knee to the body. White told Clarke to stand up. White continued to unload on him with crisp punch combinations, and Clarke continued to get sucked into what was starting to look like a 10-8 round for White. White dropped Clarke with 90 seconds left in the round with some brutal punch combinations. He told him to stand up again, White continued to destroy him with brutal punches & elbows, Clarke shot for a takedown, and White continued to chew him up with elbows to the side of the head. White dropped Clarke again with a kick, and then unloaded with some big punches, and the referee finally stepped in to stop the fight. Clarke is tough, and can take a beating, but Alex White looked fantastic in that second round, as he pretty much destroyed Clarke for the duration of the round, finishing him with 24 seconds remaining on the clock. Mitch Clarke retired after this fight.
      Tucker came out swinging, and he got sloppy, so Glenn went for a standing rear-naked choke 10 seconds into the round, but Tucker was able to spin out of it, and then they both started trading wild punches while chasing each other around the cage. Glenn clipped Tucker with a groin shot with 90 seconds left in the round, but Tucker told the referee he wanted to just fight through it. Glenn dropped Tucker with a clean left hand with a minute left in the round, but Tucker stood back up, and they continued to battle inside the clinch. That first round was competitive, but I scored it 10-9 for Rick Glenn, based mostly on that knockdown.
     Glenn started the second round by clipping Tucker with a head kick, Tucker ate it and taunted him, and then fired back with an emotional barrage of punches. Glenn then took down Tucker 45 seconds into the round. Tucker rolled for a leg lock, Glenn took his back, and punched him in the head repeatedly. Tucker worked his way back to the fence to stand up, and Glenn hammered him with some hard knees & elbows from the clinch. Tucker finally created some distance 90 seconds into the round, and Glenn continued to grind all over him, constantly coming forward, working for takedowns, while working him over with short punches against the fence. Tucker looks like he's pretty clearly gassing, and they still have half a fight to go. Glenn took his back with 2 minutes left in the round, took him down, Tucker turtled up, and Glenn continued to swarm him with punches. Tucker rolled for another leg lock, it looked like he was close to securing a heel hook, and Glenn punched his way out of it again. They stood up, Glenn continued to clinch heavily, and he took Tucker down again with a minute left in the round. Glenn smashed Tucker with some heavy elbows while pinning him in the center of the cage until the end of the round. Round one could have been split, but the second round was 100% Rick Glenn, maybe even close to a 10-8 round, as Tucker was barely able to walk back to his corner without an army of assistance.
     They both came out swinging to start the final round, they both landed some big shots, and then Glenn clinched and pressed Tucker against the fence again, to work some more elbows & knees. Tucker shot for a horrible takedown a minute into the round, and Glenn easily reversed him, threw him to the ground, and continued to beat the shit out of him with punches & elbows from a variety of top positions. Tucker swept Glenn 2 minutes into the round, but Glenn went for a heel hook, and then immediately swept Tucker. Glenn stood above Tucker, and dropped some heavy punches, while Tucker just flailed around on the ground. Tucker turtled up, the referee could have very easily stopped the fight, but he didn't, so Glenn continued to destroy him with big punches & elbows, as Tucker continued to bleed all over the place. This fight really should have been stopped in the third round, but it wasn't, so that was another 10-8 round for Glenn. I'm scoring this fight 30-25 for Rick Glenn, as he absolutely destroyed the previously undefeated fighter. Tucker's home country crowd was booing, like they WANTED the referee to stop the fight, someone should have thrown in a towel or something. They finally stood up with 10 seconds left in the round, Glenn blasted Tucker with a knee to the head, Tucker turned his back to Glenn and ran away, and the referee STILL didn't stop the fight. That referee is fucking terrible. But yeah, 30-25 amazingly dominant performance for Rick Glenn, as he got the huge underdog win, in Tucker's home country. All 3 judges agreed, giving Glenn the huge unanimous decision victory.
      Moras started this fight with some decent punches, they clinched, and Smith pressed her against the fence. Smith scored a takedown 30 seconds into the round, and landed in side control. Smith threw some decent short elbows, and then Moras pulled guard. Moras setup an armbar 90 seconds into the opening round, and Smith tried to break free by pressing her foot against the chin of Moras. Moras spun around a few times, she cranked on the armbar, and she broke Smith's arm, forcing her to submit halfway through the first round. That was a fantastic finish by Sarah Moras.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      McMann clinched hard 30 seconds into the opening round, and then she took down Vieira, and settled into her guard. McMann worked some ground & pound, while Vieira tried to set something up from her back. McMann worked her way into full mount, and worked some ground & pound with a minute or so left in the round, but Vieira used a slick reversal, which allowed her to slap on a kneebar, which had McMann in some trouble at the end of the round, but McMann was saved by the buzzer. I'm giving that round to McMann, but Vieira proved that she's still dangerous for sure.
     McMann threw some Ronda Rousey style punches to start the second round, and then she threw a brutal leg kick. They spent a minute or so circling around each other, and then McMann shot for another takedown, Vieira punched her a lot, threw some brutal elbows to the side of McMann's head, and then McMann just pressed her against the fence, until Vieira nearly threw her to the ground, but McMann was able to stay on her feet. Vieira took control of the clinch though, 90 seconds into the round. McMann took control of the clinch, threw a few short punches & elbows while pressing Vieira against the fence, and they basically just found themselves in a clinching stalemate. McMann looked like she was in control, the referee was ON HIS WAY to splitting them up, and Vieira executed a perfectly timed trip takedown, landing on top in half mount. Vieira locked on an arm-triangle choke, from the wrong side, and she still forced McMann to submit! That was a HUGE victory for Ketlen Vieira, as she continues her 9-0 undefeated streak, and she takes out a Top 5 Bantamweight. That was a HUGE win for Ketlen Vieira.
      The first round had both guys circling around each other, trading some decent punches, at a similar pace. Stephens CRUSHED Melendez's lead leg with kicks though, and it looked like he might have even broken his leg. Melendez fell down with around 90 seconds left in the round, as he was barely able to walk anymore. Stephens unloaded on him, but Melendez was able to power his way through the damage, even though it LOOKED like his shin was nearly poking through his skin. Round one has to go to Stephens, based mostly on the damage done to Melendez's leg. He dropped Melendez again with 30 seconds left, with another leg kick, and he finished the round with some big punches on the ground. I'm scoring that round 10-8 for Stephens. Before the second round started, the referee called a timeout to have the doctor check on Melendez's leg.
     Melendez came out swinging to start the second round, but Stephens worked his counters, and went back to kicking Melendez's legs. Melendez landed with a few hard straight punches, but for the most part, Stephens was still landing the harder shots. Stephens dropped Melendez again halfway through the round with another hard kick to his shin. Melendez landed some really clean punches in that round, but that has to be another 10-9 round for Stephens. I have Stephens ahead 20-17 going into the final round. Stephens dropped Melendez AGAIN with 15 seconds left, with another hard leg kick. Fuck it, I'm going to say Stephens is ahead 20-16, going into the final round. Melendez's leg is fucking jacked. I'm starting to feel really bad for him.
     At the start of the third round, the referee told Melendez that he will stop the fight if Melendez keeps dropping from those leg kicks. Stephens continued to pick apart Melendez with clean boxing, and some heavy kicks in the final round, including one kick to the body early in the round that would have killed most humans. I have no idea why Melendez didn't try for any takedowns, as he was barely able to stand, as both of his legs were chopped into pieces from those leg kicks. Stephens dropped Melendez with 2 minutes left in the fight, and Melendez rolled backward, and stood up, proving he wanted to continue, and Stephens asked the crowd to applaud for him, showing some clear respect for Melendez's toughness. Stephens dropped him again with another CRACKING leg kick with 40 seconds left in the final round. In the end, I'm scoring this fight 30-24 for Jeremy Stephens. Melendez deserves some credit for going the distance, but his legs seem to have caused him big problems in his last couple of fights, especially his last fight with Edson Barboza. Now that people have seen he has a clear weakness there, and he's on a 4-Fight losing streak, I'm not sure where Melendez goes from here to be honest.
      These guys traded a few random strikes to start the first round, and then Pedro dropped Latifi with a leg kick a minute into the round, and then scrambled to take his back, but that didn't work, so they stood back up, reset, and then Latifi shot for a takedown 90 seconds into the round. He dumped Pedro to the ground, and then passed to North-South position. Pedro scrambled out of that and stood back up halfway through the round. Pedro hammered Latifi with a hard kick to the body. Pedro threw a head kick with 2 minutes left in the round, Latifi caught his kick and took him down in the center of the cage. Latifi quickly passed to side control, and then North-South again, and then Pedro quickly scrambled back to his feet. Latifi pressed Pedro against the fence to grind from the clinch for the final 30 seconds. Pedro tried to setup a choke, but couldn't get it, so they reset with 10 seconds left. Round one probably goes to Latifi based on his wrestling, but I thought Pedro did more damage with his striking. Either way, that was a close round.
     They both circled around the center of the cage to start the second round, and they were both throwing some heavy punches, at a similar pace, so even halfway through the second round, I didn't think either fighter had taken a clear lead yet in this fight. Latifi threw some heavy punches halfway through the second round, and then ducked down for a takedown against the fence, but Pedro stuff his shot, and hit him with a few elbows to the side of his head. Latifi then picked up Pedro, and dumped him to the ground head first before settling into Pedro's guard. Latifi was mostly just grinding Pedro against the fence, and then he punched him with some heavy shots while Pedro tried to stand back up with a minute left to work. Latifi kept him pressed against the fence, and Pedro continued to chip away at the side of his head with short elbows. Latifi is more than likely ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Pedro threw some basic kicks to start the final round, but every time he would throw a kick, Latifi would fire back with a combination of heavy punches. They traded some basic strikes for the first half of the round, and then Latifi shot for another takedown, and dumped Pedro to the ground again with just over 2 minutes left in the fight. Latifi spent the rest of the fight on top, chipping away at Pedro with short punches, while basically just grinding his way to a decision. That wasn't a great fight, but it was a solid win for Latifi, as he becomes the first person to ever beat Tyson Pedro.
      Cejudo started the first round by throwing some FAST & HEAVY punches, and he clipped Reis with a lot of shots, and Cejudo also landed some big kicks as well. Reis landed a few solid kicks of his own, but he wasn't able to match the pace that Cejudo was throwing at him. Cejudo landed a knee, and then took down Reis halfway through the round, holding onto the back clinch. They reset with 2 minutes left in the round. Wilson attempted a single leg takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, but Cejudo was able to stuff the shot with ease. He blasted Reis with a head kick, and some more punches. Cejudo dropped Reis with a minute left in the round, but Reis popped back up, and tried to clinch. Cejudo scored a quick single leg takedown with 15 seconds left in the round. Round one clearly goes to Henry Cejudo.
     Reis threw a fast body kick to start the second round, and then Cejudo dropped him with a big right hand, he stood above him, unloaded with some big punches, and the fight was stopped. That was a fantastic one-sided performance by Henry Cejudo, and it might have been the best performance of his career. I wasn't really interested in seeing him fight for the title again before this fight, but after that performance, I think he deserves a shot more than Ray Borg does. BUT, then again, considering he was on a 2-Fight losing streak before this fight, I'm not really sure where this win puts him in the rankings. Either way, Henry Cejudo looked fucking amazing tonight.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Anjos tripped Magny 25 seconds into the opening round, and then he settled into side control. Anjos threw some short elbows, and Magny just kind of curled up into a ball. Anjos looked like he was considering setting up a choke of some sort, but he gave that up in favor of dropping a few more short elbows. Anjos passed to full mount with 2 minutes left in the opening round. He continued to chip away at Magny with some hard elbows, Anjos locked on a tight arm-triangle choke, and finished the fight by submission. That was a fantastic one-sided performance by Rafael dos Anjos, as he absolutely dominated Neil Magny, and finished him in the first round. Anjos hit a bit of a slump there, but now that he's at 170, Anjos is a fucking monster.
      The first round was basically a back & forth sparring match, where they were both chipping away at each other with some decent punches & kicks, but they were mostly throwing single shots, so neither fighter really dominated that round. I scored the round just slightly for Nunes, based mostly on controlling the center of the cage, and pressuring Shevchenko, but it was a close round.
      The second round was another slow round of sparring, with Nunes still controlling the center of the cage, while they were both exchanging single strikes. They both landed a few decent shots, but for the most part, they looked like they were just having a friendly boxing match, where they could have had a conversation with each other about their favorite music or whatever, while casually sparring. This fight hasn't been great so far, but I still have Nunes ahead 20-18 going into the third round, based almost entirely on cage control, as their striking appears to be dead even.
      They started to mix it up at a more aggressive pace in the third round, with Shevchenko throwing some slick counters, while Nunes was still controlling the center of the cage. Shevchenko's left shin was bleeding for some reason. Big John gave Nunes a stern warning for having her fingers out, and he warned her once in every round up until that point as well. He still hasn't taken any points for it yet, but he's clearly keeping an eye on her fingers. I have Nunes ahead 30-27 going into the fourth round, but this has been a very close fight so far, so I'm not sure what the judges' scorecards look like at this point.
      Shevchenko was throwing some explosive lunging strikes in the fourth round, and Nunes was still pressuring her, by picking her apart with jabs & front kicks, while still controlling the center of the cage. Shevchenko probably landed the cleaner strikes in the fourth round, and in my opinion, that was the first round that Shevchenko has won so far. I have Nunes ahead 39-37, going into the final round, but like I said before, I have no idea where the judges are going to be with their scorecards on this one.
      The final round started with both girls throwing some heavy combinations, clearly looking to do some damage, but that didn't work, so they went back to trading single shots. Nunes shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the final round, but Shevchenko stuffed the shot, so Nunes just pressed her against the fence for some clinching. They split up halfway through the round. Shevchenko tried to throw Nunes to the ground with a head & arm throw, but Nunes quickly reversed her, and she took her back with a little over 90 seconds left in the fight. They stood back up with a minute left, and Nunes pressed Shevchenko against the fence again. Nunes struggled for a few seconds, but she dumped Shevchenko to the ground with 50 seconds left in the fight. They traded a few punches on the ground, and the fight eventually ended. I scored this fight 49-46 for Amanda Nunes, but I don't feel super confident about that score. When the fight ended, Shevchenko kicked Nunes off her, making Shevchenko look like a poor sport. The judges were split, and gave the hard fought split-decision to Amanda Nunes.