100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Phil Davis - 93.4
2. Randy Couture - 92.4
3. Chael Sonnen - 92.4
4. Matt Serra - 92.2
5. Paulo Thiago - 91.0
6. Tim Hague - 90.2
7. Joey Beltran - 89.9
8. Nate Marquardt - 89.9
9. Mac Danzig - 89.7
10. Phillipe Nover - 89.7
UFC 109: Relentless
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Chael Sonnen vs. Nate Marquardt
Fighters & Matches 89.0
Top 10 Fighters 91.1
TOTAL 90.1
     Well then... Rolles Gracie moves like a zombie. With that being said, Joey Beltran mostly just looked confused in this fight, but he pretty much kicked Gracie's ass. Gracie just had ZERO energy the entire fight, and yeah, this was pretty lackluster. He practically took a nap in the middle of the fight. Other than his name, Gracie doesn't seem to have anything to show for himself.
      There is no fucking way that Hague lost this fight. I mean, it doesn't really matter, because neither of these guys really belongs in the UFC, but Hague got totally fucked in this fight. The first round probably went to Hague, the second round probably went to Tuchscherer, and the third round HANDS DOWN EASILY went to Hague, as he beat the living shit out of an exhausted Tuchscherer for the entire round, so by the end of the fight, I'd say that means Hague clearly won this fight, right? Somehow Tuchscherer stole the majority decision victory though. Fucking ridiculous.
      Phil Davis just made his UFC debut, and he completely dominated Brian Stann for 3 rounds, with wrestling skills that are second to none in the UFC. He was able to negate Stann's striking skills, and he controlled him on the ground for the entire fight, throwing big knees to the body & completely making Stann's wrestling look foolish. So yeah, Phil Davis is a big 205 fighter to keep an eye on, especially if he can get some better training with his striking & submission skills, because his wrestling is top notch.
      These judges are insane. I gave Nover the first & third rounds, and Emerson the second round, but for some reason, they all gave the fight to Emerson. Emerson did a decent job beating up Nover with some punches here & there, but I guess I thought Nover came closer to finishing the fight with a couple of guillotine choke attempts. Either way, it wasn't the best fight I've ever seen, so I don't really care that much who won. Moving on...
      Well, this fight was kind of disappointing. I was happy to see Guillard win the fight, but the fact that it went to decision sucks. Torres basically just took him down and controlled him for most of the fight, so PERSONALLY, I thought Torres won, but Guillard had a few noteworthy moments where his striking earned him some points, including a rush at the very end of the fight. Either way, I would have much rather seen Guillard finish this guy.
      Mac Danzig is cool and stuff, but he keeps going to decision! With that being said, this was a solid fight, I gave the first round to Buchholz, and the last 2 rounds to Danzig, and I guess the judges agreed. So yeah, good job and stuff, but how about we finish some fights Danzig!?!
      Frank Trigg was a cool commentator in Pride, but he has no business in the UFC at this point. Both guys kept the fight standing, and Matt Serra threw some HEAVY hands, knocking Trigg on his ass about halfway through the first round, leaving Matt Serra with the big brutal KO victory in the first round.
      This fight was kind of lame. Demian Maia is sort of the #2 Middleweight in the UFC in my opinion, and he just kind of coasted his way through to a victory in this fight. I thought at times, Dan Miller was more aggressive (I gave him the first round). In the end though, it was a pretty boring fight, and I don't think Demian Maia is ready for Anderson Silva yet, that's for sure.
Technical Submission
(Brabo Choke)
      Dangit Swick! Where were you at in this fight? The first round they both basically just tested the distance and stuff like that, and I declared the first round a draw. The second round, it looked like Swick had a moment for a second, but Thiago countered with a huge left hook, Swick fell to the ground, Paulo Thiago locked on a D'Arce choke, and Swick went unconscious. Thiago looked solid in this second round, but it just sucks, because I wanted Swick to win.
      This was a pretty badass fight, but it can be described in a few short words. Chael Sonnen took Marquardt to the ground, and he completely dominated him with his vastly superior wrestling skills, and his ability to throw hard punches while on the ground. Marquardt was able to cut him open pretty badly in the second round with an elbow, but overall, Sonnen dominated him all 3 rounds. Excellent fight!
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Two wrestling legends! One octagon! Randy Couture just whooped Coleman's ass! He came out in the first round, showed some much improved striking skills, boxing was crips & precise, and Coleman had nothing to defend himself with. The second round was more of the same, eventually Couture took Coleman to the ground, and he choked him out with a rear-naked choke, Coleman was unconscious. Excellent showing by Randy Couture.