100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Jon Jones - 92.9
2. Mitch Gagnon - 92.2
3. Vinny Magalhaes - 91.8
4. Cub Swanson - 90.7
5. T.J. Grant - 90.4
6. Demetrious Johnson - 90.3
7. Michael Bisping - 90.2
8. Vitor Belfort - 90.0
9. Sean Pierson - 89.7
10. Brian Stann - 89.7
UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort
Location: Ontario, Canada
Elevation: 1,000'
-Fight of the Night-
Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 90.8
TOTAL 89.8
     Normally I think these super fast fights are exciting, but this was kind of lame. Noke punched Brenneman a few times, the referee jumped in to stop the fight, Brennemen was in the middle of shooting for Noke when the referee stopped the fight, clearly he wasn't out, so I don't know what the referee was thinking. Definitely jumped the gun on this one. Noke looked solid, but lame fight overall.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was maybe the most exciting fight of the night (which going into it, I couldn't have cared less about). Gagnon showed solid striking at the start of the fight, knocked Walel down to the ground, he climbed on his back quickly, locked on a rear-naked choke, and Walel Watson was forced to submit. Excellent show by Mitch Gagnon.
      Seth who? Simeon who? These two guys sort of fought, Seth's lip got busted up early, he eventually poked Simeon in the eye, and then knocked him out with a punch. Decent fight I guess, but definitely undercard caliber, I don't see either guy making the main card anytime in the near future.
      Going into this fight, I didn't care at all, but it was pretty solid. The first round, Brimage won with better striking. The second round, Hettes pretty much dominated with superior grappling skills. The third round was close, and I personally gave it to Brimage, so I guess via UFC rules, he wins, but considering how badass Hettes was in the second round, I feel like Hettes should have MAYBE won the fight overall. But yeah, solid fight, both guys looked pretty good.
      This was another fight I couldn't have cared less for, but it was still a pretty decent scrap. Benoist looked solid early in the first round, but Pierson turned up the heat, and stole the first round from him. Pierson also won the second round pretty easily. The end of the third round consisted of Benoist going crazy, nearly knocking out Pierson with some WILD punching, but he was sloppy, and was unable to finish him. Pierson wins via unanimous decision.
      This fight ended up earning "Fight of the Night", which in my opinion should have gone to Bisping vs. Stann, or Jones vs. Belfort. With that being said, it was still a pretty excellent fight, both guys just fought & fought, until the final bell rang. Grant was able to cut Dunham's head open BADLY with a huge knee in the first round, and from that point forward, it was just a bloody scrap. Good show by both guys, and I agree with the judges, for giving the fight to Grant, but it was definitely a close call.
      This was a pretty great UFC return for Vinny Magalhaes. He pretty much prevented Pokrajac from doing anything offensive in the entire fight. The first round basically consisted of Magalhaes taking the fight to the ground, locking on an armbar, and somehow he let Pokrajac slip out. The second round, it basically happened again, this time Pokrajac took him to the ground, and fell directly into a triangle choke, which was then converted into an armbar, forcing Pokrajac to tapout, and I think he might have injured his arm in the process. Excellent fight.
      This was a weird fight. Not much worth noting for the first half of the fight, but Cub Swanson eventually threw a really solid punch to the body of Oliveira, followed shortly after with a huge punch to the side of the head. The weird part was, it took a few seconds after that punch, for Oliveira to kind of wobble down onto the floor, apparently he was knocked out? I don't know, it was just weird. Cub Swanson clearly wins though.
      I've never liked Matt Hamill, and this fight was a complete waste of my time. Not to mention, who the hell is Roger Hollett? Why was this fight on the PPV? Whatever... Matt Hamill wins via unanimous decision after beating Hollett's ass in the first round, and then basically just slopping his way to a boring decision after that. I don't see his rematch with Jon Jones coming anytime in the near future.
      I've been cheering for Michael Bisping ever since he got off The Ultimate Fighter, and I've been saying one day he will be a Champion. Most people didn't believe me, but I think he's well on his way. This was a solid fight against a really good fighter, Brian Stann. The first round I gave to Stann for nearly knocking out Bisping, but after that, Bisping won the final 2 rounds pretty clearly, using superior wrestling skills, and just pumping out a pace that Stann wasn't able to keep up with. Michael Bisping is really solid, but I feel like he should have at least one more fight before getting a title shot. Maybe Dan Henderson when he returns from his injury? Or maybe avenge his loss against Chael Sonnen? Either way, Michael Bisping in my opinion is stuck somewhere around #5 right now.
      Oh my God! First Flyweight Champion ever in the UFC! This was a huge historical event, it was a really solid fight that lasted 25 minutes, and I was actually surprised by how hard it was for me to pay attention to this. I guess maybe there is some truth to the idea that there comes a point where nobody wants to watch the fights, because the fighters are just too small. 125 pounds MIGHT just be that cutoff point. Still, this was a solid fight, and Johnson deserves a hand for his excellent performance. Yes, I just said that...
      Jon Jones is a beast. As usual, he kicked a lot of ass here. At one point in the first round, Vitor Belfort LOCKED ON an armbar, but Jones refused to tap, and he powered his way out of it. For the rest of the fight, I thought his arm might be broken though. The next 3 rounds had a lot of back & forth action, but primarily everything went in Jones's favor. He cut Vitor's eye open pretty badly in the first round with some ground & pound, and from that point forward, it was an uphill battle for Belfort. Great title fight overall, and I guess I'm not sure what's next for either fighter at this point, considering how strange the matchup was to begin with.