100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Dan Hardy - 93.6
2. Jimi Manuwa - 93.4
3. Stefan Struve - 93.2
4. Che Mills - 92.4
5. Robbie Peralta - 92.2
6. Gunnar Nelson - 91.8
7. Brad Pickett - 91.6
8. Matt Wiman - 91.0
9. Amir Sadollah - 90.8
10. Stipe Miocic - 90.5
UFC on Fuel TV 5: Struve vs. Miocic
Location: Nottingham, England
Elevation: 200'
-Fight of the Night-
Dan Hardy vs. Amir Sadollah
Fighters & Matches 89.6
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 90.9
     I'm not really familiar with either of these guys, so like the announcers said, "This 23 second knockout was just what the doctor ordered!" Both fighters met in the center of the octagon, Peralta started swinging some hard punches, and Young got knocked the fuck out. Nice fast start to the show.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Gunnar Nelson makes his UFC debut, against a guy that took the fight on short notice (and showed up 8 pounds overweight). Gunner Nelson pretty much dominated Johnson. On his feet, Nelson looked a lot like Lyoto Machida with his Karate stance, but once he took Johnson to the ground, he basically schooled him with his Jiu-Jitsu skills for a couple of minutes, eventually forcing Johnson to submit to his rear-naked choke.
      This wasn't a BAD fight necessarily, but I had a hard time staying awake in it, since I didn't really care about either fighter. I was mostly cheering for Tavares because Watson kicked him in the balls twice in the first round, so I kind of started leaning in favor of Tavares. With that being said, it was a decent fight, decent back & forth action, I gave all 3 rounds to Tavares, and somehow ONE of the judges gave it to Watson, luckily, TWO of them gave it to Tavares.
      This was a close fight, and I'm ok with it being a split decision, but ultimately, I gave two of the rounds to Andy Ogle, and feel like he got robbed here by the judges. With that being said, the second round was VERY close, and I'm assuming one of the judges gave that round to Akira, so that's fine, whatever. Solid fight overall though, I just feel bad that Ogle lost in his own country.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Damn son! This Jimi Manuwa guy is a beast! Kingsbury looked solid at the start of the first round, taking Manuwa to the ground, and trying hard to lock on a D'Arce choke, but he was unable to finish it. After that, Manuwa started destroying Kingsbury with HUGE punches, HUGE knees, HUGE kicks to the face, he basically beat the living shit out of Kingsbury, as Kingsbury wobbled around the octagon with his eye swollen shut. The second round was pretty close to being a repeat of the first round, with Kingsbury's wrestling looking solid, but ultimately he got dominated by Manuwa's striking skills. Between the 2nd & 3rd rounds, the doctor checked on Kingsbury's eye, Kingsbury said "IS IT OPEN!?!" as you can see he was struggling to open his eye to prove that he could continue to fight, but everybody said "Uh, no... it's closed..." as the crowd gasped at the sight on the big screen monitors. In the end, Manuwa wins a very well deserved TKO stoppage in his UFC debut, and I'll DEFINITELY be looking forward to seeing him fight again in the near future.
(Knee Injury)
      Well, this was a disappointing fight for both guys I think, but it was still a good showing by Che Mills. He took Ludwig down to the ground early in the first round, and after hitting him in the face with some sharp elbows, Che Mills looked like he was well on his way to finishing Ludwig, but they eventually got back on their feet, Ludwig kind of collapsed, and quit the fight. Apparently he hurts his knee at some point in the fight, I'm not really clear what happened, or when it happened, but yeah, Che Mills looked good. Ludwig? Not so much.
      This was a relatively uneventful 15 minute sparring match. I gave all 3 rounds to John Hathaway, but I didn't care enough about anything that happened to really care who won. I think I gave the fight to Hathaway because he took Maguire down a couple of times, and Maguire only took him down once. I don't know, uneventful, like I said.
      After being gone for a year, Matt Wiman makes his return, coming to fight Sass on his home territory, and he beat Sass at his own game. The cool part was, this was a VERY back & forth fight, with Sass looking like the dominant grappler, schooling Wiman for a good part of the first round, but eventually, Wiman locked on a triangle choke, transitioned into an armbar, and BAM! Submission victory for Matt Wiman. To be honest, I'm glad that he's back, hopefully he can get some decent fights under his belt and get back into the rankings somewhere.
      Well then! Good fight overall, but the main props have to go to Brad Pickett for knocking out Yves Jabouin out in the first round, with a HUGE uppercut, followed by a couple of divebomb punches for good measure. Brad Pickett is becoming one of my favorite 135 pound fighters. Jabouin was put to sleep!
      This has to be fight of the night, this was a pretty great 15 minute brawl. Amir Sadollah looked pretty good early in the fight, but the longer the fight lasted, the more cuts he acquired all over his face, the more blood he lost, and the more he kind of got his ass kicked. Dan Hardy looked SUPER impressive in this fight, with nice clean crisp striking, solid wrestling skills taking Sadollah down several times, and in the end, Dan Hardy just absolutely outworked Amir Sadollah. Excellent show by both guys, definitely worth the time slot they got for this card.
      This ended up being a pretty badass main event. The first round consisted of Stefan Struve looking SUPER TALL, and it looked like there would be no way for Miocic to get inside on him, and the one time Miocic took him to the ground, it quickly became clear, that Miocic didn't want to get on the ground with Struve's submission game. The second round was more of a brawl, Miocic was able to find his range, and he landed a few quality strikes on Struve, but ultimately, Struve ended up chasing him around the Octagon, and eventually finished him off with some HUGE punches, after (I think?) scratching his eyeball. So yeah, Struve wins, pretty brutal TKO victory, and yeah, excellent heavyweight main event!