100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Darren Uyenoyama - 93.4
2. Diego Nunes - 92.1
3. Antonio Silva - 92.0
4. Justin Edwards - 92.0
5. Jacob Volkmann - 91.5
6. Mike Pierce - 90.9
7. Michael Johnson - 90.7
8. Bart Palaszewski - 90.2
9. John Dodson - 89.9
10. Aaron Simpson - 89.7
UFC on FX 5: Browne vs. Bigfoot
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Elevation: 830'
-Fight of the Night-
Diego Nunes vs. Bart Palaszewski
Fighters & Matches 89.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 90.3
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     This fight was significant for me, because it's the first 125 pound fight I've seen in the UFC, that made me feel like these guys actually serve a purpose. Uyenoyama's ground game is FANTASTIC, and while standing, his striking comes straight out of an action movie or something, with flipping kicks, crane kicks, big crazy flying Kimuras, triangles, armbars, chokes, etc... Harris didn't have much to show, other than an ability to make it into the second round. Uyenoyama probably deserves Fighter of the Night in my opinion.
      This fight was badass, it had Fight of the Night written all over it. It was literally a 3 round war, nonstop action, lots of back & forth, but ultimately, Diego Nunes pretty much kicked Palaszewski's ass. He had superior wrestling, faster striking, he was just the better overall fighter in this fight. Palaszewski started to make a comeback in the third round, and almost knocked out Nunes (he was definitely on shaky legs) but Nunes was able to regain his composure, and he finished strong, completely destroying Palaszewski as the final buzzer hit. Excellent fight by both fighters, and Nunes is a clear Top 10 contender in my opinion at this point.
(Neck Crank)
      This was an impressive first round victory by Jacob Volkmann. The fight basically consisted of him throwing a few punches, powering Roller down onto the ground, he got on his back, and he locked on what I ASSUMED was a rear-naked choke, but apparently it was more of a neck crank, because he just tried to rip Roller's head off sideways. Great fight by Volkmann.
      I call shinanigans. I gave all 3 rounds to Prater, but somehow, LeVesseur won his UFC debut here with a split decision. He had a few good fluries, and a few weak takedowns, but Prater was REALLY active on the ground with submissions, holding guillotine chokes for several minutes in the fight. Also, Prater had a flying triangle attempt that I thought was pretty fun. In the end, the fight was pretty close, and neither fighter really did any damage, but since Prater had a more active ground game, I gave the fight to him, but whatever.
      This was a pretty badass fight. The first round started kind of slow, but Aaron Simpson started to go crazy during the last half of that round, punching the shit out of Pierce, and he even picked him up & slammed him down onto the ground. Simpson was the clear winner in the first round. The second round consisted of Simpson throwing a punch, Pierce dodged & countered, and knocked Simpson the fuck out. (and then followed it up with a few extra heavy punches just to be safe). Excellent comeback by Pierce.
      This was a pretty good fight. The first round started with Castillo blasting Johnson in the face with a huge punch, knocking him on his ass. From there, Castillo got the mount, and tried to lock on an arm triangle choke, but that didn't work, so he abandoned that idea, and basically just controlled the rest of that round. The second round, Johnson was pissed, and came out throw sharp punches & kicks, eventually knocking Castillo on his ass, and he finished him off with a few hard punches to Castillo's head on the ground. Johnson had a really impressive comeback in this fight!
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was a quick fight, and an exciting way to start off the televised card. Neer pinned Edwards up against the cage, Edwards jumped up in the sky, locked on a guillotine choke, Neer fell forward towards the ground, and fell asleep, and the referee had to stop the fight once he realized Neer was unconscious. Less than a minute? Not bad Edwards!
      This was a pretty uneventful two round fight for the most part. At the end of the second round, Dodson exploded like he usually does, and he destroyed Formiga with HUGE punches (for a 125 pound guy), but yeah, the first round & a half of this fight was pretty boring. It was still enough to get him a shot at the 125 pound title, but I still don't think anybody actually cares about this weight division at all.
      For a co-main event, this sure wasn't much of a matchup, not for me anyway. I gave Ellenberger the first two rounds for being slightly more aggressive, I gave the third round to Hieron, for picking up the pace a decent amount. In the end, neither fighter is a Top 20 Fighter in my opinion, so I'm not real sure why I should care about this fight. To be honest, I'm not sure why I'm supposed to care about ANY of the fights on this card, other than the main event?
      This was a pretty fun main event fight. I thought that this fight might be the one to put Travis Browne close to a Top 10 Spot, but Bigfoot Silva pretty much destroyed him here. Travis Browne started off looking strong, with some crazy kicks & energy, but he tweaked his knee early in the fight, and eventually, Bigfoot just smashed his face in, and crushed him into the ground. Bigfoot Silva looked really strong in this fight, which is important, since his last fight against Cain Velasquez made him look TERRIBLE.