100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Georges St. Pierre - 95.8
2. Johny Hendricks - 95.5
3. Cyrille Diabate - 92.6
4. John Makdessi - 92.6
5. Pablo Garza - 92.6
6. Darren Elkins - 92.2
7. Carlos Condit - 92.1
8. Ivan Menjivar - 91.5
9. Alessio Sakara - 91.5
10. Rafael dos Anjos - 90.6
UFC 154: St. Pierre vs. Condit
Location: Quebec, Canada
Elevation: 322'
-Fight of the Night-
Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit
Fighters & Matches 90.6
Top 10 Fighters 92.7
TOTAL 91.7
     Normally, I hate watching these undercard fights that go to decision, but this was actually a pretty badass fight. I guess it wasn't really much of a FIGHT, but it was more just an ass beating, Darren Elkins is a beast! He took Siler down at will, in every round, controlled him 100%, bloodied up his face with punches, and locked on multiple submissions (mostly rear-naked chokes & guillotines). In the end, Darren Elkins deserves to get a promotion, and Siler is tough as nails, but I think he should stay on the undercard for a while. Great opening fight overall!
      Bam! Great fight! It started with Gashimov taking Menjivar to the ground, and showing that he was super strong, and a great wrestler, etc... He then tried to lock on an Ezekiel choke, but it didn't really do him any favors. In the end, about halfway through the first round, Menjivar locked on a BRUTAL armbar from his guard, which forced Gashimov to flip over, and he tapped pretty quickly (I think he injured his arm, he looked pretty rough). Both guys really brought their A games though, and it was a great fight overall. Congrats to Ivan Menjivar!
      Matt Riddle is a funny dude, and he's also an exciting fighter. He beat the shit out of Maguire in the first two rounds, showing some pretty wild & crazy striking skills, as well as controlling most of the fight with his wrestling defense, etc... Maguire had a few decent moments where he threw some decent counters, and tried for a guillotine choke at the very end of the fight, but Riddle was saved by the bell, and in the end, won the fight via unanimous decision. Riddle is a quality fighter!
      This was another really solid undercard fight, between two Jiu-Jitsu black belts, that NEVER took the fight to the ground. There was ONE burst in the second round where Carvalho slipped, Damm jumped on his back, they scrambled, and they got back to their feet quickly. Other than that, this entire fight was a kickboxing fight, where both guys ended up with BADLY bruised legs, but Damm's lead leg looked like it was about to fall off, it was actually bleeding from the kicks, BRUTAL!!! I love leg kicks, but the rest of the crowd seemed kind of bored. Either way, I thought Carvalho clearly won the first 2 rounds, so I gave the fight to him, and two of the judges gave it to him as well, but one judge gave it to Damm. Either way, both guys put on a really good show.
      That was beautiful! John Makdessi is like a 155 pound Anderson Silva, with his superhuman head movement & counter striking. Sam Stout attacked like an aggressive animal, and he just wasn't able to make contact with Makdessi at all. By the end of the fight, Sam Stout was clearly frustrated, and John Makdessi looked like a professional, 100% ready to move up in the ranks. I can't wait to see Makdessi fight again, but as usual, I couldn't care less about Sam Stout.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Ha, Chad Griggs is a VERY LOW rated fighter in my opinion, and Cyrille Diabate just made him look foolish. Griggs came running in like a bull, Diabate punched him in the face, Griggs went down, Diabate wrestled him for a few seconds, they got back up, Diabate slammed him to the ground, breaking the nose of Griggs, and the wrestled for a little while longer, until eventually Diabate locked on the rear-naked choke to finish the fight about halfway through the first round.
(Strikes to the Back of the Head)
      Well that was a disappointing DQ to end an otherwise pretty wild & crazy quick fight. Cote came out like a bull, throwing heavy punches, super aggressive, and it looked like he had Sakara in trouble. Sakara then landed some elbows, and some heavy punches, knocking Cote to the ground, at which point, Sakara started raining down huge punches DIRECTLY to the back of the head of Cote, I GUESS knocking him out? It was clearly controversial, and in the end, Cote wins via DQ. Both guys looked pretty badass though, and it was fun while it lasted.
      This fight was badass! Mark Hominick looked awesome in the first round, his striking was sharp, and he had Garza in trouble for most of the round, but the round ended with Garza going crazy on him, and Hominick ended up with a bunch of cuts on his eye. The rest of the fight was all Garza, dominating with his wrestling & submission skills, as well as constantly pounding on Hominick's face. Both guys looked awesome, but Garza is on another level. I look forward to seeing him fight again soon.
      Mark Bocek just got his ass BEAT in his own back yard. Rafael dos Anjos showed that he clearly had better wrestling skills than the wrestler Mark Bocek, he showed he had infinitely better striking skills, leaving Bocek's face a bloody mess, and overall, he just out hustled him 100%. Rafael dos Anjos looked terrific, and Bocek looked terrible. Rafael wins via unanimous decision.
      This fight could have gone either way. It was 3 rounds, all pretty close, and I didn't really care that much about the outcome. I personally gave the first round to Lawlor, second round to Carmont, and I called the third round a draw. I just simply didn't see a winner in this fight. The judges gave it to Carmont via split-decision. Whatevs! Let's move onto the main event fights!
      Oh my fucking God!!! I literally jumped out of my seat at the result of this fight! Both guys came out, they tested the distance, and about 45 seconds into the first round, Hendricks threw a right hook, followed by a GIGANTIC left punch to the fucking jaw of Kampmann, and Kampmann flew backwards across the octagon, as if he got hit by a character from DragonballZ or some shit. Johny Hendricks is a fucking maniac, and Joe Rogan said it best, Hendricks might be the biggest power puncher in all of MMA right now. He definitely deserves a title shot, this dude is legit.
      GSP is back! He completely dominated Condit with his wrestling & striking, he took Condit to school, and pretty much destroyed him. I was SO NERVOUS though, especially in the third round, where Condit kicked him in the head and almost knocked him out, and then followed it up with some serious ground & pound. Personally, I gave the fight 49-46 to GSP, and all 3 judges gave the fight to GSP as well, so BAM! He's back, and STILL the UFC Welterweight Champion!