100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Abel Trujillo - 95.8
2. Daron Cruickshank - 94.3
3. Matt Brown - 93.8
4. Scott Jorgensen - 93.2
5. Dennis Siver - 92.2
6. Benson Henderson - 92.0
7. Yves Edwards - 91.8
8. John Albert - 91.8
9. Rory MacDonald - 91.7
10. Alexander Gustafsson - 91.0
UFC on Fox 5: Henderson vs. Diaz
Location: Seattle, Washington
Elevation: 518'
-Fight of the Night-
Abel Trujillo vs. Marcus LeVesseur
Fighters & Matches 91.1
Top 10 Fighters 92.8
TOTAL 92.0
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Damn! This could be one of the best "Facebook" prelim fights I've ever seen. Both guys came out ready to destroy each other, the fight went to the ground quickly, and John Albert was showing all kinds of sick Jiu-Jitsu skills, at one point locking on a triangle choke, among other things, but Jorgensen was able to defend himself and stay calm the entire round. At the VERY LAST SECOND of the first round, Jorgensen locked on a rear-naked choke (after a CRAZY transition to get on Albert's back) and that's all she wrote. Jorgensen is legit, but Albert deserves a solid pat on the back for this fight as well. Way to start off an event!
      This was pretty much just an ass beating, delivered by Dennis Siver. He beat the living shit out of Nam Phan all 3 rounds, just constantly moving forward like a tank, with nonstop punches & kicks being thrown, and when they would start to slow down, Siver took Phan to the ground and controlled the fight there. Overall, Siver looked amazing, and Phan looked like he didn't show up to fight at all.
(Knees to the Body)
      Abel Trujillo is my hero! I've never really been a fan of LaVesseur at all, so when he started the fight by picking up Trujillo and slamming him, I thought I was in for a disappointing fight, and then all of the sudden Trujillo got pissed and just kicked the living shit out of LaVesseur with HARD punches, HARD knes, HARD elbows, he just completely fucked him up in the first round, and did more of the same in the second, until eventually the referee was forced to stop the fight, due to Trujillo throwing too many brutal knees at the side of the turtled up LaVesseur. Trujillo could potentially become my favorite fighter at 155.
(Head Kick)
      This was one of the best fights I've seen in a long time, it was very similar to the fight that just happened between Trujillo & LaVesseur. Daron Cruickshank is an animal, and Martinez is a gigantic punching bag that refuses to go down. Cruickshank was throwing wild & accurate kicks, and punches, and knees, and deadly strikes galore, for the entire 8 minutes or so that the fight lasted, and eventually he finished Martinez off with a huge kick to the head. Cruickshank impressed the hell out of me in this fight, but let's keep in mind that I don't think anybody knows who Martinez is, so who is next for Cruickshank?
      I never like to see these fights go to decision, but I have to admit, this was still a pretty good fight. I personally gave the first 2 rounds to Proctor for some reason, and the last round to Nijem. The judges kind of scored it the other way around (29-28, 29-28, and 30-27) to declare Nijem the unanimous decision winner. I'm ok with that, it could have sort of gone either way I guess, I think I just gave Proctor more points than they did for his submission attempts, but I guess Nijem deserves credit for being able to escape all of them. Good fight overall.
      I didn't really get anything out of this fight, to be honest, I had a hard time paying attention. Both guys fought, Easton looked pissed but didn't do much, Assuncao had solid counter striking. Other than that, I have no real opinion. Assuncao wins via unanimous decision.
(Punches & Elbows)
      I was looking forward to this fight, because both guys have some pretty crazy skills at times. With that being said, the first 1:30 of the fight was somewhat uneventful. The next few seconds left Yves with an opening to punch Stephens in the face, he knocked him to the ground, he pounced on him, punched him several times, and finished him with elbows. Great show by Yves Edwards, I still feel like he's far from being relevant in the 155 division though. Jeremy Stephens on the other hand, disappointed me with his lackluster return.
      First round, the fight went to the ground, and Brown started using some crazy Jiu-Jitsu skills, locking on a tight D'Arce choke, transitioning into a tight triangle, and then an armbar, Swick's defense was excellent, but Brown's offense was amazing. The second round started a little slower, but after controlling half of the round, Brown knocked Swick out with a series of punches. Matt Brown looked awesome in this fight.
      This fight was kind of embarassing for BJ. I never thought I would compare BJ Penn to Ken Shamrock, but this fight reminded me of the Shamrock vs. Franklin fight, out with the old, in with the new. Rory COMPLETELY dominated BJ for all 3 rounds, hitting him at least 6 times as many times, he took him down, he just completely outclassed BJ Penn. Sorry BJ, but your performance blew.
      It's almost always disappointing watching Shogun fight younger guys, because he never lives up to the legend he created for himself in Pride, this fight was no different. Shogun showed some decent submission attempts in the first round, but overall, Gustaffson beat him with his striking in the final two rounds, so Gusto walks away with the unanimous decision victory.
      Here we are with another Benson Henderson decision victory! That kind of sucks for me, since I wanted Nate Diaz to win, but whatever... I gave the third round to Diaz, other than that, he pretty much got dominated by the strength & athleticism of Benson Henderson. Benson had better striking, better wrestling, and better control of the pace overall. The only thing Diaz had going for him, was an active submission game, but since Benson was able to control the fight, he never really landed in much trouble. Benson is legit, I just don't like him.