100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Nik Lentz - 92.3
2. Tai Tuivasa - 92.3
3. Frank Camacho - 92.3
4. Ryan Benoit - 91.8
5. Alexander Volkanovski - 91.4
6. Nadia Kassem - 91.2
7. Eric Shelton - 90.8
8. Damien Brown - 90.8
9. Tim Means - 90.8
10. Belal Muhammad - 90.3
UFC Fight Night 121: Werdum vs. Tybura
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Elevation: 3,215'
-Fight of the Night-
Frank Camacho vs. Damien Brown
Fighters & Matches 88.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.4
TOTAL 89.8
     These guys traded a few jabs, and then Hamilton clinched, pressed Wieczorek against the fence, and then took him down a minute into the opening round. Hamilton beat him up with some basic ground & pound for a couple of minutes, but didn't really land much of anything significant. He stood up for a few seconds, Wieczorek stayed on the ground, so Hamilton jumped on him again, and went back to the grind. They finally stood back up with 50 seconds left in the round, but neither fighter did anything on the feet. Round one goes to Hamilton based on top control.
     They both looked sloppy at the start of the second round, and Wieczorek dropped Hamilton with an awkward head kick, and then pinned him down with an awkward looking half mount. Wieczorek basically just smothered Hamilton for a couple of minutes, and then Hamilton scrambled back to his feet halfway through the round. They clinched for a while, and then Hamilton took down Wieczorek with a body lock, and pressed him against the fence, but nothing really happened. I guess I would score that round for Wieczorek? This fight is kind of lame so far, but it's probably all tied up going into the final round.
     Hamilton clinched 45 seconds into the final round, and pressed Wieczorek against the fence for some basic stalling. The rest of the round basically just consisted of Hamilton hugging Wieczorek against the fence. I guess congrats to Hamilton for the 29-28 decision? BUT... This dude needs to be fired. That was a terrible UFC debut for Wieczorek, and as far as Hamilton is concerned, this is no way to secure your job, after a 3-Fight losing streak. HAHAHA... Wait a minute... What the fuck? I guess the judges gave the unanimous decision to Wieczorek. That's a bit silly. Congrats to him for a terrible win I guess, and yeah, Hamilton is now on a 4-Fight losing streak. Goodbye.
      These guys danced around for a while, trading some random strikes, but not really connecting with anything, and then Lausa shot in and took Shelton down 90 seconds into the opening round. Lausa landed inside Shelton's guard, and Shelton threw up some decent elbows from his back, before scrambling to his feet, and then he quickly clinched with Lausa's back halfway through the round, and then took him to the ground against the fence. Lausa popped back up 30 seconds later. They danced around for a few seconds, and then Shelton scored a takedown with 30 seconds left in the round, and stayed on top until the buzzer sounded. Round one goes to Shelton.
     Lausa landed a few solid punches to start the second round, and then Shelton took him down with a lightning fast double leg, but couldn't hold him down, as Lausa popped back up. Shelton tried to grind him against the fence, and Lausa slipped to the ground while trying to apply a Kimura, which failed, so Shelton mounted him, and then took his back 90 seconds into the round. Lausa eventually spun around to pull guard, and Shelton spent the rest of the round beating up Lausa against the fence. Round two clearly goes to Shelton, so he should be ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Shelton took down Lausa early in the final round, pinned him against the fence, and spent the duration of the round beating him down with punches. This fight should be a clear 30-27 decision for Shelton, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory after 3 rounds of grinding on the ground.
      These girls traded a few random strikes, and then Chambers clinched and pressed Kassem against the fence a minute into the opening round. Chambers tripped her to the ground 45 seconds later, landing in half mount near the fence, where Chambers tried to work some short range ground & pound. Kassem rolled to setup an inverted heel hook halfway through the round, but Chambers saw it coming, so she was able to defend against it, but Kassem still did a good job locking up Chambers so she couldn't fully escape. Chambers eventually resecured the dominant position, and finished the round on top. I'm giving that round to Chambers, but Kassem proved that she has some dangerous submissions from her back.
     Chambers came out swinging, she landed some bombs, and then she took Kassem down with a slick double leg takedown, but Kassem quickly worked her way back up the fence. Chambers tried to setup a standing arm-triangle choke, but Kassem didn't seem too concerned, as she was just peppering the body of Chambers with some short punches. They split up a minute into the round, and then traded some wild punches, while Chambers continued to chase Kassem around the cage. At the very least, Chambers deserves some credit for her aggressiveness. Kassem landed some big kicks, and then Chambers took her down again, 2 minutes into the round, landed inside Kassem's guard, and Kassem immediately tried to setup a triangle choke. She locked it on tight, and punched Chambers in the head repeatedly, but Chambers refused to surrender. Kassem thought about switching to an armbar, and she continued to crank on submissions, but Chambers has a ton of heart. That round definitely goes to Kassem based on coming REALLY CLOSE to finishing the fight with multiple submissions. Chambers really shouldn't take Kassem down again in the third round.
     The final round had Chambers still chasing Kassem, while Kassem just held her hands out to her side like Nate Diaz, taunting Chambers, but she wasn't really doing anything with it. Chambers took her down aggressively 2 minutes into the round, landing in her guard in the center of the cage. Kassem rolled for another heel hook with 90 seconds left in the round, but Chambers stood back up and continued to grind Kassem against the fence in the clinch. Kassem broke free and kicked Chambers in the head with a brutal head kick, but that didn't stop Chambers from stalking Kassem. Kassem finished the round with some solid strikes though, and Chambers looked like a zombie as she moved forward throwing random punches. That was a really solid fight, but I think it should go to Kassem, 29-28. All 3 judges agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Nadia Kassem in her UFC debut, with two judges even scoring it 29-27.
      These guys both came out trading bombs to start the first round, and then Brown shot for a single leg one minute into the round, but Camacho stuffed his shot, and threw him against the fence, where Camacho took control of the clinch. They traded some short strikes from the clinch, and then Camacho threw Brown to the ground, and landed in side control with 2 minutes left in the round, but Brown quickly worked his way back to his feet, and shot for another takedown of his own, which Camacho was able to stuff again. Brown finally took Camacho's back with a minute left in the round, and went for a rear-naked choke, but it turned into more of a neck crank. That was a close round, that I was going to give to Camacho, but I might give it to Brown, based on that rear-naked choke attempt at the end of the round.
     They both came out swinging in the second round, and they had a pretty good brawl going on for the first 90 seconds, and then Camacho poked Brown in the eye, but the referee didn't see it. Camacho was cool about it though, and voluntarily gave Brown a few seconds to recover, before they went back to trading big punches. They both conitnued to trade some bombs, and Camacho knocked Brown back a few times, but that didn't stop Brown from coming forward, and firing back with some big shots of his own, he just wasn't nearly as accurate as Camacho. The first round was close, maybe even a draw, but that second round was 100% Camacho, as he landed a ton of head strikes, compared to only a handful delivered by Brown.
     They continued their very aggressive boxing match for the duration of the final round, with both guys landing some MASSIVE punches, a few elbows, and some decent kicks from Brown. Brown put up a hell of a fight, and proved that he's tough, but I'm going to HAVE to give this fight to Camacho, based on the fact that he was landing punches in slick combinations, and landing most of his shots with a hard thud, whereas Brown was firing, but a lot of his shots were just hitting the wind, or slipping off the side of Camacho's head. The final 15 seconds was just an explosive brawl with both guys ending up a bloody mess. This was clearly the fight of the night, and an exciting split-decision win for Camacho, but it sucks that he missed weigh by 5 pounds, which kind of puts an asterisk on the fight.
(Flying Knee)
      This fight started with some heavy early clinching, they traded a few knees to the body, and then reset. Coulter then took down Tuivasa 90 seconds into the round, landing in side control. Tuivasa almost "pulled side control" as he yanked Coulter down on top of himself with a failed throw attempt. Tuivasa quickly stood back up 30 seconds later. They traded some big punches & kicks, and then Tuivasa plowed through Coulter, and threw him to the ground against the fence. Coulter tried to stand back up, and Tuivasa blasted him with some big punches against the fence. They reset again, Tuivasa dropped Coulter with a heavy leg kick, Coulter stood back up, Tuivasa dropped him with a flying knee against the fence, and then punched him a few times on the ground before the referee could stop the fight. That was a fantastic knockout by Tai Tuivasa in his UFC debut.
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys traded a few strikes back & forth, and then Brooks took down Lentz 2 minutes into the opening round, Lentz tried to catch him in a guillotine choke, couldn't quite get it, so they both stood back up and reset. They both blasted each other with some big punches, and Brooks looked like he was still interested in trying to take the fight to the ground again, but Lentz was keeping his distance by throwing bombs. Lentz grabbed the head of Brooks and blasted him with some heavy knees in the center of the cage. Lentz finished the round by clinching with the back of Brooks while pressing him against the fence, throwing knees to his thighs. Round one could probably go either way, but I'm going to score it just slightly in favor of Lentz.
     The second round had both guys trading some big strikes again, until Brooks took down Lentz 2 minutes into the round, Lentz caught him in a tight guillotine choke on the way down, he flipped him over into a mounted guillotine choke, and Brooks was forced to submit. That was a fantastic finish by Nik Lentz against a former Bellator Champion.
(Head Kick)
      These guys circled around each other for a minute or so, not a lot of action, and then Mokhtarian blasted Benoit with a massive overhand left that rocked the shit out of him, but Benoit was able to recover enough to defend himself inside the clinch for a few seconds, before creating some distance again. Mokhtarian circled around the outside a lot, without either fighter really throwing much offense for a couple of minutes. They threw some jabs, a few leg kicks, a few leaping punches, but neither fighter was really connecting with anything significant, as Mokhtarian literally just ran around the outside perimeter of the cage in circles. You could argue that Benoit was pressuring Mokhtarian more in that round, and he finished the final few seconds with some big combinations that landed. Mokhtarian nearly dropped him early with one punch, but beyond that, Mokhtarian didn't do anything, so I'm giving that round to Benoit. He also told his corner in between rounds that one of his hands was broken.
     Benoit clipped Mokhtarian with a pair of head kicks in the first minute of the second round. They traded a few solid punches, Mokhtarian landed some heavy leg kicks, Mokhtarian blasted Benoit with a big punch to the jaw, and they continued to circle around each other. Mokhtarian continued to run around in circles, avoiding Benoit by LITERALLY just running away, and his hometown crowd was actually booing him for not fighting. Benoit took down Mokhtarian at the end of the round, and punched him in the face a lot, and the Australian crowd cheered for Benoit. I'm giving that round to Benoit.
     Mokhtarian continued to run away in the final round, circling around the outside the entire time, while throwing a few single punches or kicks, but for the most part, Benoit was being a lot more aggressive, stalking him, chasing him, trying to take the fight to him, and Mokhtarian looked like he was just in an aerobics class or some shit. Considering that Benoit has a broken hand from the first round, and he's still the one trying to bring the fight to Mokhtarian, Benoit deserves some serious credit here. As soon as I said that, Benoit kicked Mokhtarian in the head and knocked him the fuck out. That was a solid performance by Benoit, especially considering that Mokhtarian was doing everything he could to avoid the fight.
      Shane Young accepted this fight on 8 days notice, making him one of the biggest underdogs on this card. Volkanovski threw a few strikes, and then clinched and pressed Young against the fence a minute into the opening round. Volkanovski threw a few more strikes, and then tried to take Young down, but Young was doing a good job stuffing his shots against the fence. Volkanovski grabbed his back 2 minutes into the round, and continued to try to drag Young to the ground, but Young kept scrambling back up to his feet against the fence. Volkanovski threw a few big punches around the halfway point, and then finally tripped Young to the ground with around 90 seconds left in the round. Volkanovski tried to setup an arm-triangle choke, but they were way too close to the fence, so Young just stood up again. Volkanovski continued to throw big punches & elbows while smothering Young against the fence. Round one clearly goes to Volkanovski.
     The second round was another round full of Volkanovski picking apart Young with strikes on the feet, and then he picked him up, dumped him to the round, passed to full mount, and beat up Young with some more ground & pound until the end of the round. Dan Hardy compared Volkanovski to Sean Sherk, and I think that's a fitting comparison. They both have very similar styles. Volkanovski is obviously ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round was another round of Volkanovski smothering Young against the fence, chipping away at him with elbows, punches, he took him down a few times, and Young tried to setup a Kimura or something, but Volkanovski ignored it and just slammed him again. Volkanovski stood above Young while dropping punches on him for a while, and Young just kind of laid there, waiting for the fight to eventually end. The only surprising thing about this fight, was that Volkanovski never really came close to finishing Shane Young, a no-name fighter with 8 days notice. Still, congrats to Volkanovski for another win, with a clear cut unanimous decision victory.
      These guys traded some sloppy punches & kicks, with Theodorou dancing around with his floofy posture, and Kelly was basically just plowing forward like an ogre. Kelly rocked Theodorou around the 90 second mark of the opening round, but Theodorou recovered, and slapped him back with those slap flapping Karate kicks or whatever. Theodorou attempted a Showtime kick or some shit off the cage, but Kelly just punched him, beat him up for a few seconds, and then they reset. Theodorou clearly wants to keep this fight long so he can work his flapping kicks, and Kelly clearly wants to work his dirty boxing from inside the clinch, and they're both scoring with their respective gameplans. Round one could probably go either way.
     The second round started with more of the same, but Theodorou got sloppy, so Kelly was able to push him forward, trip him, and then Kelly clinched with Theodorou's back. Theodorou tried to grab the cage to avoid a takedown, but the referee was on top of it. They still reset 2 minutes into the round though. Theodorou then kicked Kelly in the dick with an awkward slapping kick. When the fight continued a few seconds later, Kelly continued to plow forward, and Theodorou continued to dance around while working his slap happy Karate. Theodorou is probably winning this fight, but Kelly is the one pushing forward, so I feel like this fight should be all tied up going into the final round. More than likely though, Theodorou is probably ahead, 20-18.
     Kelly's legs looked like noodles at the start of the third round, which allowed Theodorou to pick him apart with some clean strikes, while running away still, and Kelly just didn't have the mobility to catch up with him. Kelly finally took down Theodorou 90 seconds into the final round, he locked on a rear-naked choke, but he was off to the side just a little bit, so he couldn't quite get the leverage he needed. Theodorou popped his head free a few seconds later, and pressed Kelly against the fence. They split up, traded some sloppy strikes for a while, with Kelly still plowing forward, and in the end, I'm going to give that round to Kelly. So, the final round goes to Kelly for the choke, Theodorou won the second round with his striking & movement, and the first round I have no idea what happened. Theodorou should probably win this fight, but I won't be mad if the judges give the fight to Kelly. All 3 judges scored the fight for Elias Theodorou with the clean sweep across the scorecards.
      Matthews came out early and shot for a takedown, which Velickovic stuffed against the fence. They both just kind of hung out against the fence, with Matthews pushing forward, and Velickovic was throwing some random elbows down to his side while stuffing the shots. Matthews finally took down Velickovic late in the round, and he kind of stood above Velickovic, as they both sort of battled for leg locks, with no real progress from either side. I guess I would give that round to Matthews based entirely on pressure?
     The second round had Matthews shooting for another takedown, Velickovic caught him in a guillotine, and flipped him, and from there, Velickovic dominated Matthews on the ground with a few choke attempts, but Matthews was able to scramble back to his feet with around 90 seconds left in the round. The second round clearly goes to Velickovic, as Matthews has been slowing down significantly ever since the end of the first round.
     Matthews FINALLY ducked under a punch and took down Velickovic to start the final round. Velickovic scrambled back to his feet 90 seconds into the round, and then took down Matthews again. From there, Velickovic took his back, tried to work a choke, he spent most of the round riding the back of Matthews, but Matthews eventually shook him off, ended up on top inside Velickovic's guard, he worked some ground & pound, and then Velickovic scrambled back into control with 30 seconds left in the round. That was a competitive back & forth fight, so it could go either way. The judges were split, with the decision going to Jake Matthews, as he earns a much needed win after a 2-Fight losing streak followed by a year long break. Congrats to Matthews, but that wasn't a great performance by any means.
      These guys both came out throwing crisp punches, and Means was cutting through the defense of Muhammad with fists like razor blades. Means was moving forward a lot, pressuring Muhammad, but Muhammad seemed to have the cleaner counter punching. Muhammad shot in for a takedown with 30 seconds left in the opening round, but Means stuffed it without any trouble at all, and continued to pressure Muhammad with forward movement and long punches. That first round could probably go either way.
     They traded some hard punches to start the second round, and then Muhammad shot in for a takedown, Means caught him in a guillotine choke on the way down, and almost rolled into a mounted guillotine, but they were too close to the fence, so Muhammad settled into side control for a few seconds, and then they stood back up and reset inside the first 90 seconds of the round. Means clipped Muhammad with some clean punches, and he dropped him with a big punch, but I think Muhammad was mostly just knocked off balance. Means was also working some nice leg kicks. This is a very close fight, Muhammad probably won the first round, and he might have won the second round with that takedown, but Means is slightly outstriking him overall, so I think this fight should be all tied up going into the final round.
     Means started the final round with a clean head kick, but it didn't seem to have much of an effect on Muhammad. Means also landed a nice leg kick that caused Muhammad to do a quick 360 to catch himself. Means then knocked out Muhammad's contact lense, so they paused the fight so he could put it back in. Means shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, but Muhammad was able to stuff the shot without much effort. Muhammad shot for a takedown with around 90 seconds left in the round, and Means stuffed his shot again. Overall, I think that Means was able to outstrike Muhammad in this fight, landing at a higher percentage, but it was honestly a really close fight that could probably go either way. I'm going to score it 29-28 for Tim Means. Two judges disagreed, giving the split-decision victory to Belal Muhammad.
      Rawlings came out looking aggressive, a lot of forward movement, she landed some bombs, and then she caught a kick and took Clark to the ground a minute into the opening round. Rawlings threw some big punches & elbows from inside Clark's guard, allowing her to pass to half mount, but Clark quickly swept her and ended up on top inside the guard of Rawlings. Rawlings threw up an armbar halfway through the round, but Clark was able to spin out of it, and she ended up in side control. Clark looked like she was looking to setup an arm-triangle choke, without the arm or something. She gave that up though, stood up, and they reset with 90 seconds left in the round. Rawlings immediately plowed forward, and came out swinging. Rawlings applied a lot of pressure, and Clark was backing up for the last 90 seconds, but Clark still landed a few solid counter strikes. Overall though, I'm giving that first round to Bec Rawlings. Clark also looked exhausted at the end of the first round, which makes sense, since she took this fight as a late replacement for Joanne Calderwood, with 11 days notice.
     Rawlings continued to pressure Clark at the start of the second round, walking her down, while throwing a lot of big punches. Clark was circling around the outside, like she just wanted to survive until the end of the fight or something. Rawlings clinched and pressed Clark against the fence a minute into the round. Clark spun her around 30 seconds later. It's becoming obvious that Rawlings is the better striker, and Clark might be the slightly better grappler, so I'm not sure why Rawlings is initiating clinches & takedowns. They split up 2 minutes into the round and went back to trading strikes. Clark came forward and threw some big punches & knees, and then Clark threw Rawlings to the ground, and setup an arm-triangle choke with 2 minutes left in the round. Rawlings did a good job defending against the choke, but 2 minutes of top control by Clark should be enough to win that round for Clark. She also landed a massive elbow with 30 seconds left in the round. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round, but Clark could be ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     They both came out brawling in the final round, and they both landed with some massive punch combinations. Rawlings cracked Clark's jaw with a hard right hand 90 seconds into the round, and she continued to plow forward, while Clark was still backing up for the most part. The striking exchanges were fairly even, but Rawlings clearly has forward momentum on her side. Rawlings cracked Clark's jaw again with another massive right hand with 2 minutes left in the round, and I thought that could be the end of it, but Clark clinched, and bought herself some time to recover. Rawlings threw Clark down with 90 seconds left in the round, pinning her against the fence. They stood back up, and Clark spun around to try to take the back of Rawlings while they continued to clinch against the fence, but Rawlings spun into her, and then Clark scored a final takedown with 30 seconds left in the fight. Clark finished strong, but I'm giving that round to Rawlings. I'm scoring thsi fight 29-28 for Bec Rawlings, but it was close. Clark also took this fight on short notice, and missed weight by 3 pounds. Two judges disagreed with me, giving the split-decision victory to Jessica-Rose Clark.
      These guys both came out swinging with some big punch combinations, and some decent leg kicks, but neither fighter was really showing much damage by the end of the round. Werdum shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, couldn't get it, so he clinched with Tybura's back for the rest of the round, but he wasn't really able to do anything with it. It should still be enough to secure the round for Fabricio Werdum though.
     The second round was another round of sloppy striking, with both guys looking a bit out of shape, throwing wet sloppy punches & kicks. It was a close round, but I would assume that Werdum probably won that round as well, especially with some of his offense in the final few seconds of the round. I have Werdum ahead, 20-18, going into the third round. The third round was more of the same. 30-27 for Werdum, going into the fourth round.
     The fourth round was more of the same, with Werdum slightly outstriking Tybura, until he finally took him down with 2 minutes left in the round, and then he blasted Tybura with a hard elbow on the ground, before working to setup a variety of submissions. Werdum worked some ground & pound from side control, and then Tybura scrambled back to his feet with 30 seconds left in the round. Tybura scored a takedown of his own in the final 10 seconds, but Werdum caught him with a guillotine choke on the way down, and then held on a second after the buzzer sounded. Werdum is clearly ahead 40-36 going into the final round.
     They came out trading strikes again to start the final round, and Tybura cracked Werdum with a massive head kick that wobbled Werdum, but he followed it up with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, giving Werdum plenty of time to recover. I think that might have been Tybura's one shot here, and he didn't follow through with it. Werdum continued to pick apart Tybura until the end of the round, leading to the clear cut unanimous decision victory for Fabricio Werdum, as he accepted this fight on short notice, after just fighting Walt Harris 6 weeks ago. Werdum just racked up two solid wins in a short period of time, but overall, he doesn't look good enough at 40 years old to work his way back up to another title shot. He says he wants the title again, but I can't imagine he's going to be able to get another shot at this point, even after taking out a couple of decent fighters, like Walt Harris & Marcin Tybura.