100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (10 Total):
1. A.J. McKee - 91.5
2. Kevin Ferguson Jr. - 91.2
3. Charlie Ward - 90.8
4. Sinead Kavanagh - 89.9
5. Brian Moore - 89.3
6. John Redmond - 87.5
7. Fred Freeman - 86.4
8. Maria Casanova - 83.7
9. Paul Redmond
10. Sergio de Jesus Santos
Bellator 187: McKee vs. Moore
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Elevation: 20'
-Fight of the Night-
A.J. McKee vs. Brian Moore
Fighters & Matches 87.4
Top 10 Fighters 88.8
TOTAL 88.1
      These guys traded a few random strikes, Redmond tried to pull guard, Ward pinned him against the fence and pounded on him with a few decent shots. They stood up, and battle inside the clinch against the fence, with Redmond in control. Redmond landed some nice knees to the body of Ward, and then Ward dropped him with some big punches, finishing the fight with only a second or two left in the first round. That was a much needed win for Charlie Ward, as he makes his Bellator debut. Conor McGregor ran into the cage for some reason after the fight ended, and he tried to beat up the referee or some shit. I have no idea what that was all about.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys traded some random strikes, and then Ferguson dumped Freeman to the ground a minute into the opening round. Ferguson took his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and forced the submission in under two minutes. That was a solid performance by Baby Slice, but... who the fuck is Fred Freeman?
      Kavanagh threw a few punches to start the opening round, Casanova dropped immediately, Kavanagh mounted her, punched her in the head a few more times, and the fight was stopped. Nice win for Kavanagh, but like I said earlier in the night, who the fuck is Casanova? Congrats to Kavanagh for a much needed win, but... WHO did she just beat?
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      McKee came out throwing some big kicks to the body of Moore. McKee locked on a tight guillotine choke at one point, but Moore was able to escape. McKee was pressing Moore against the fence, digging for a takedown, and he was slowing down, and Moore cut him open with some elbows to the head while stuffing his shot. That round still goes to McKee, but he's bleeding like crazy, covering Moore's thighs with his blood.
      Moore came out looking fresh in the second round, and started picking apart McKee with clean punches & kicks while bouncing around a lot. Meanwhile, Mckee looked like he was getting close to the point where he's ready to quit. He threw some wild strikes, but he was clearly getting sloppy. Moore clearly won that round, pretty much outstriking McKee for the entire 5 minutes.
      McKee dropped Moore with some punches as soon as the final round started. He swarmed him, punched him a lot on the ground, and took his back 30 seconds into the final round. He locked on a quick rear-naked choke, started to put Moore to sleep, and the referee had to stop the fight as Moore was going to sleep. That was a fantastic finish by A.J. McKee, after getting picked apart in that second round. He's really good, but he's clearly showing some holes as well.